How not to drive a new SUV?


Castle named Kate a co-contributor to his latest book, she got a big check. Not wanting the money, but stuck with it she bought a luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles for spite, and took time off to think about her and Castle



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I fought hard for her and it seems for nothing She just goes back to her

old times that made her happy? It is always without me so I will send

the info to you and I will call you sometime later, by Lanie"

Lanie: "Rick, Rick, Rick,"

All Lanie could heat was a dial sound Rick was gone.


Three months later Lanie is sitting in her apartment with Lex, who

is working as her apprentice in the lab.

"How is Rick, I tried to call him several him twice last week, but he did not


"He in LA working on the movie. He does not have much time to himself."

"OK he healthy, yes."

"Tina keeps him in good health, OOPS You were not supposed to hear that.

Well I know Kate is sleeping with Josh again so why should my dad not

have someone to have some fun with. He said they are not sleeping

together, but that may change, who knows."

"Lex She still suffering from the accident."

"Lanie! that a lot of BS, she stopped going to the PSY, he is living with her,

my dad paid all her medical bills. He has paid ever bill for any med she

needed. And she has never ever sent a thank not once, or even answered a text

message asking if she needed anything.

Up until a week ago he called every Sunday to tell her he loves her, and she

refused the calls.

I think he has reached the end of his rope. By the way, one of the medications

Kate is not taking is birth control. I was doing a med round on Kates unit

when she was being discharged her OB/Gyn told her to be careful that the

meds she was on were up could be setting her hormones and Birth Control pill

that she should be taken in a weeks after discharge to avoid complication. I

heard her said she was not into sex anymore.

So Lanie if she and Josh are just cuddling it fine if not, so be it. I once love

her now I think she just a whore."

"That very harsh Lex, you may regret that statement later."

"Maybe but it is what it is now. When you talk to her do not ever tell what

I told you or I will not talk to you ever again, and I will make it so my dad

will never talk to either"

Turning Lex walked away with without another word ,leaving Lanie startled.

Miles, and miles away Rick was running on the beach in the early morning.

Running beside him was a tall well-tanned, well-shaped beautiful woman,

quite a few years younger than Rick.

"OK, Tina five miles that enough for this morning I still have that meeting

with Bob and Gina to live thru this morning, so lets walk back to the house

and clean up."

"Can we shower together today Rick?"

"God Tina oh how I would love to do that, but I have told you that is

Something that may happen but not yet. I have things I have to work out."

"I know Lex told me its Kate. Until you can get her out of your heart, and

your head, their no room for anyone else. I know Rick but I still love you, and

I will wait a while,"

"Just so you know I am not at that level of my thoughts to commit to

someone till I can get Kate out of my system."

"I will wait a while and till then it will be a no strings attached affair Rick. I

just need you, so, so much please help me?"

"Tina , I have no commitment from Kate so if you and can keep it a no strings

attached I would love to make love to you. Can we keep it on the QT?"

"That works for me. Lets try out our deal now and see if we fit."

An hour later they hurried to make the meeting they were already late for.

They both had a glow and the people at the meeting saw it when they entered.

"Rick, Tina glad you could make time for this meeting, the story writer has

some new ideas on plot changes."

"STOP! The last time a story writer got an idea to change a plot the movie

went to shit. That why I have the final say on any changes in plot lines, so you

ask me before he comes to you. If you try to pull any funny shit my lawyers

will shut down this movie and sue you and the company. Do you


"Rick it was only an idea to make the flow more interesting."

"That was the same god damn line that you former producer used. He now

unemployed do you want to join him?"

The screen writer spoke up.

"I, we wanted to make it sexier."

"What XXX."


"More nude scene."

"No, no, no if you do, I'm shutting this farce down that my last word."

"Ours will take you to court to stop you."

"Court is one way; you will lose in the end. I am sure you will keep going on

making the movie, delaying every court date we get. But it will be hard to

make the movie without money, and I have the key to turn it off in 12 hours.

That how long you have to vacate this set along with your scriptwriter, good


"Rick, I have never seen anyone do that to one of the top producer in my life.

Do you really hold the keys to the movies money?"

"Tina in business I never make a statement that I can not back up, so yes I do.

Let us go for lunch and search for a new producer."

"I know just the place. I just need to drop a word and see who interested."

They went to a well-known eating spot that actors, and producers went

socialize with the trades. Tina went socializing with some of her 'friends and

told them how Rick blew up at a famous producer and fired him on the spot,

along with his pet script writer for trying to change the plot, after sighing a

contract saying that only the author could approve that.

Ten minutes after Tina trip Gina call screaming into the phone. She wants to if it

was true that he fired the producer and the script writer. He told her it was.

After having a fit and saving he was going to sue them, and the book

Company. Rick told her his lawyer were already on it and to relax. She asks

him to hold, then came back and said she would call him back later.

"What up with Gina Rick?"

"She found out I fired the producer."

"She mad?"

"She does not know the whole story. I told her my lawyer were on it."

"Your lawyer is on it so soon, since when?"

"You were socializing so I made a few calls."

"You do not let any grass grow under your feet MR Castle."

"You have to be always on alert, or the good things pass you by."

"I hope I'm one of those good things?"

"Yes, you are."

Back in New York City

Josh and Kate have been going at hot and heavy since the doctors gave

her the ok to have normal relations, that did not cause excess pain. Kate still

on pain me excess pain was a nonstarter. Thing had to hard for her to feel

anything. Due to the miss formed leg and foot Kate was still on medical leave,

and she refused to have anymore operation till she felt right. All she did was

to hang around her apartment in the daytime, and have sex with Josh at night

this is had been going on for almost three months since she was discharged

from the rehab – hospital. She was due to have a recheck with her MD on

Monday, Josh was working, so Lanie was taking her.

Monday morning Lanie was early for the pick-up time she caught Kate still in

her bedroom getting dressed.

"Hi, Kate I'm early, can I help you?"

"I'm just slow today and my gut is upset. My bra does not fit right, I have not

Been whareing one since the accident. Maybe the surgery on my shoulder is

causing the problem. Can you help?"

"Sure, just turn a little ok its hooked, but it does look smack, too much of Josh

playing with the girls?"

"Lanie! TMI."

"OK Kate here a T- shirt and a yoga-pants and we are off."

The trip to the doctor office was quiet and Kate ask Lanie to come in to the

exam room to help her.

The exam went well the girl took her blood and a urine test and they

both were taken into the MD private office.

"Kate you have improver over the three months since I last saw you. Your,

white blood cell count is up a bit that may be explained by your condition."

"Myra What condition?"

"Kate, I am disappointed in you, what did I warm you about your medication

and sex."

"I'm not clear. You said it may infer with 'Birth Control pills', and to use


"Kate what I sad and I wrote on your med sheet was that the meds would

effect your Birth Control pills'. And that you must use condoms also. You are

now two plus months pregnant. In you current medical condition you could

not survive abortion."

"OMG what have I done.

"Myra would a medical doctor who knew the meds Kate was on realize the

dangers she would be in?"

"What kind of a doctor?"

"A cardiac surgent."

"Yes, unless he was a complete fool."

"That fucken Josh is trying to kill you Kate, all he wants is sex from you. You

dumped Rick for a sex nut. You do need help."

Lanie helped Kate out of the office after she made an appointment to a special

OB GYN for the next day. She took Kate to her home not to Kates. She calls

Josh cell and left a message that he needed to get his shit out of her place by

tomorrow or the police would be coming for him. She told him she knew what

he did and if he were not gone, she would be calling the medical malpractice


Espo was at Lanie's when she got home, after getting her settled she went to

Talk to him. She explained Kates problems and what she was going to do

He wanted to find Josh and make him disappear, after a large amount of pain.

She calms him down and explained her plan and made him promise if it failed

then he could do his and she would make the body disappear forever. Lanie

never told him or Kate what she was going to do later that night.

Midnight New York nine pm CA time. Lanie dials a number only she knows.

"Helo Lanie this has to be important as this is the number we agreed as an

emergency number only."

"Rick hear me out please. Our girl in in trouble, bad trouble. When the

doctors Discharged her rehab they told her that she had to be extremely

careful with sex. She was 'Birth Control Pills', but med could screw up that

med, they told her, and wrote it on her med sheet, and discharge sheets

that she could only have sex using a condom only. She and Josh have been

having sex, Josh told her it was not necessary for a condom as she was on the

pill, he read her med sheet and the warnings. He trying to kill her thru sex. I

know their nothing you can do but I thought you needed to know. Sorry Rick

hanging up someone coming."

Left in shock Rick sits down on the floor and cries.