He moved in late at night, within just a couple hours. Noelle could hear him through the thin walls. At one point, he must have accidentally dropped something because there was a loud thud.

Noelle groaned, rolling over in her bed. She grabbed her phone, looked at the time, cursed her new neighbour. She had to wake up at five for work. It was three.

She had gone to sleep late that night after going dancing with her co-workers. It was the first time she had done it, and definitely the last. Rio de Janeiro was amazing at night, but she enjoyed getting her sleep.

"That's it," she muttered, climbing out of bed and throwing her robe on. She opened her flat door and stood in front of his. Noelle knocked loudly.

The door swung open. Noelle's breath got caught in her throat. This man was gorgeous. There was no doubt about that. Bronze hair, liquid gold eyes - if that were even possible - pale skin. Noelle wanted to know who he was.

Using her Legilimency, Noelle quickly searched through his mind, finding many things she would never have guessed. He was a vampire; he wanted to kill her so badly at the moment. Noelle kept a smirk hidden. She knew she had good blood, but not that good.

He could read minds. Thank goodness she was just as skilled at Occlumency as she was at Legilimency.

Edward Cullen was his name. It fit him.

He was trying to gage her mind. She allowed a few thoughts to filter out. That she was annoyed with him was a loud thought in her mind, with a side of how attractive he was.

"Can I help you?" he asked, leaning against the door frame.

Noelle scoffed. He acted so arrogant. How? His mind told her he was one of the sweetest men in the world - despite him being a vampire.

Noelle folded her arms. "You're so loud. I have work at six in the morning. You need to be quiet."

Edward smirked, holding his hand out. "I'm Edward."

He found her amusing. She wanted to scoff again. All the things she had done were not at all amusing. But, she mused, the things he had done were not all light and fluffy. Noelle shook his hand. "Noelle. Nice to meet you."

"You as well. I apologise for being loud. You won't have to worry anymore, I'll be heading to bed in a few."

It was a lie. Vampires never slept. She tilted her head, looking into those gold eyes. In fact, he would hunt for another vampire. Victoria. For his love, Bella. From what Noelle could see, Bella was a very puny woman.

Why would he love her?

Noelle looked away from his eyes. She was making him suspicious. "Thank you. Goodnight."

Edward smiled, making Noelle's knees weak. Well, she knew why Bella loved him. "Goodnight, Noelle."

Making her way back into her apartment, she cursed herself. It was always hard to not fall for men who were so pure and sweet like that. They were always taken, and so was Edward. It irritated her to no end, but what could she do? All the men who were attracted to her were so nasty, so revolting. She didn't need to date men like that. And so she didn't.

Crawling back into her bed, she relished in the silence, not realising it would be the last time she would get a good night's sleep in months.

A/N: Alright, people! This is my first fic that has to do with Twilight! In my defense I have only watched the movies, but wiki is my friend, and I will try hard to make it as accurate as I can! This is a slight AU because it is a crossover and stuff. I am sorry it is a short first chapter, but the next one will be a lot longer. I hope you enjoy this!