Noelle woke up from the sound of her alarm going off and her phone ringing. She immediately knew something was wrong. She answered the phone after turning her alarm off with a flick of her hand. "Yes?"

"Noelle Caron?" It was an unknown voice, but he sounded tired and sad.

Noelle closed her eyes, mentally and emotionally preparing herself. "This is she. What's wrong?"

The man took a deep breath, making Noelle cringe. "Ma'am, at approximately 0800 Paris, France time, your parents, sister, and nieces were murdered."

There were few words to describe what she felt. Gut wrenching, headache inducing, and mind numbing were some. She barely heard the man apologise for her lost, barely realised she said thank you in a cold and detached voice.

Noelle allowed her phone to fall to the ground. She could feel the magic swelling inside her. It had only happened a few times in her life, but each time had been severe. Stumbling out onto her balcony, Noelle took a deep breath before launching herself into the air.

A dark grey mist surrounded her as she flew through the night sky. She needed to get away from people; she needed out of Rio. It took all the strength she had to not let the power escape. She couldn't tell how long it took her to reach the jungle that surrounded the city of Rio. And just to be safe, she flew a couple more miles.

Landing the middle of a dark clearing with a loud thump, the magic escaped her in bright white waves. A scream tore itself out of her throat, pain of the magic and losing her family making it almost too much to take.

Flashes of her family seemed to appear in front of her. Her father and mother smiling at her when she had gotten her acceptance letter to Beauxbatons. Her newborn nieces grinning at her for the first time. Her older sister hugging her close when she had gotten married.

Noelle sobbed. Ugly cries echoing throughout the jungle. She had tried so hard to keep herself away from her family, not wanting to hurt them. She permitted herself to only visit once a year. Her mother and father had understood, despite them saying it didn't have to be that way.

Her magic slowly drained out of her, leaving only a miniscule amount. It would be just enough to cast the simplest of spells. Noelle collapsed on the ground. She knew she would be muddy. She didn't care.

She watched her family, ghost white and glowing, smile and wave before fading away.

"Come back," she croaked out, reaching her arm out toward where they had been. "Please."

Noelle finally realised what her magic had done. Trees had been knocked over, it had overturned an enormous boulder several times; it looked like a comet had landed where she was sitting.

And she realised whose fault this was. The murder. Hatred and anger as dark as Lord Voldemort's infiltrated her entire body. She needed to make the killer pay. She needed to torture him. She decided it would take an army to stop her from getting her revenge.

A sharp intake of breath made her shoot up from the ground. Dark ebony eyes met ones just as dark. He knew. He knew she knew what he was. He knew she was a witch. He knew how powerful she was. And he knew how pissed off she was.

It tempted Noelle to throw her shield again. No one had ever known that much about her.

"Don't," Edward whispered, his voice seemingly too loud for the silent jungle.

"Don't what?" Noelle bit out, brushing herself off harshly.

"Throw your shield up. I'll help you."

Noelle met his eyes again. They had turned back to the liquid gold colour. She was sure hers was still black. A scoff escaped her mouth. "You're going to help me find my family's murder? Oh sure, like it's not at all dangerous to have a vampire on a hunt for human blood."

She went to walk past him, to make a point. Edward blocked her with a pale, muscular arm. She started up at him, noticing the bits of red liquid on his shirt and neck. With a glance into his eyes, she saw him hunting a deer. He must have been quenching his thirst.

"Look, I can read your mind, you can read mine. We'd make the perfect team."

Noelle looked away from him. "You just want my help to hunt Victoria. Aaand you're bored without your Bella." She said the girlfriend's name in a mocking tone, already irritated with the fact that Bella was all Edward could think about.

Edward grabbed Noelle's shoulders. Without thinking, she manoeuvred him over her shoulder and onto the ground. She looked down at him. "Don't touch me."

Unfortunately, her saying that made him aware of what happened to her at Beauxbatons. She cursed this awful predicament she had found herself in.

Noelle stepped over the vampire, mentally trying to figure out how she would get back to her flat. She made it only a few feet before he called out to her.

"Please, Noelle. I need to do something. I need this."

She turned back and knew she couldn't say no. How could she? He was pleading with her. She knew he never pleaded.

Noelle didn't have to say anything. He just smiled and nodded his head once. A silent deal.

Thank Merlin she still had some of her thoughts to herself. She really didn't feel like letting Edward know she was already head over heels in love with him.

A/N: Alright, chapter two, whoop whoop! Gotta be honest, she is gonna be a little bit Mary Sue (I believe that is the correct term?). I'm not ashamed, Noelle is gonna be badass. I hope you all enjoy this chapter!