An Angel at Hogwarts

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***Chapter 1: The transformation and a strange book***

iOnce upon a time, there was a feud between two great and powerful wizards. They fought endless battles with dangerous magic, thus threatening to tear the world apart with their tremendous powers. Desperately angered, the Queen of Gods at that time...Hera, went down to the mortal realms where these wizards were disputing and, infuriated by their actions of endangering the entire planet with their dark, magical forces, cast a curse on them.

However, there was no harm done to the wizards, but only to their descendants, who, as Hera said, would risk their lives for each other in the name of love. The two wizards were furious, but endless searches for the counter curse was in vain, as they died never knowing that although it had not come true the generation after them, the curse would stay until one day the two feuding mages would have undying love for each other.

These two wizards were none other than Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin./i

Hermione closed the book with a thump and sighed. It was such a beautiful story. But she shook her head. Of course it was not true, there were no other written facts about the curse except for this one book about it she found in a second hand magic book store. She had gone to Diagon Alley a few weeks back to collect a few things she ordered at Flourish and Blotts, there she met Ron, who right now, was downstairs, obviously loading his stomach with food.

Wiping away the thought that one day Slytherin and Gryffindor would fall in love and, she bounded downstairs to the screams and laughter of the Weasley clan.

"Hermione, come on over, we were just going to call you down for breakfast!" Ronald Weasley called to her. She smiled broadly and sat down next to him.

Fred snorted. "Yeah, like after he stuffed himself with all the food." He gave Ron a grin. Only to have a glare shot back at him. Ron turned back to his best friend to continue a conversation that had not even yet started.

"As I was saying-"

"Pity Harry can't be here, I can't believe his bloody relatives would treat him like that. Bloody relatives..." Ron gave another piercing glare for interrupting his to-be conversation, one that said 'don't-you-know-I'm-talking-to-HERMIONE!' Of course, George purposefully ignored his younger brother.

"George! Don't use that language. Especially when guests are present." Molly Weasley scolded. She was holding a frying pan, waving it in the air like it was her finger. She had decidedly tried to cook sausages while telling George off.

Arthur Weasley slammed the door at the very moment his son, Percy Weasley apparated into a chair next to the beans.

"Percy, I've told you many times before; no apparating at the the table, it's rude." Molly told him while kissing her husband. Percy nodded curtly and started to pour himself some juice, not noticing that his hair had been turned blue, a thing the twins had wanted to try out all summer.

"So, I've heard that your research about the Cauldron Bottoms finally paid off, hey?" Fred asked, pretending to be fascinated.

Percy seemed quite please at this.

"Well, of course. I've been promoted and moved to a different department." He puffed out his chest, looking around for congratulations - none came.

"So what are you doing in this 'different' and 'higher ranking' department?" George asked, eyeing Ron and Hermione, who had both gone beet red over something they'd said.

"It's the department of books. It's for when ministry workers want to research about a particular thing, then they ask me and I hand them a very informative book."

"So, it's basically a library."

"No, very much differen't."


The twins continued eating, trying not to laugh. Percy however, didn't notice.

The air was comfortable if not a bit rowdy at the Weasley's burrow. It was Hermione's fourth time there and she was not even a bit surprised when the ghoul from upstairs started to rattle the drain pipes. Hermione and Harry had been invited to the burrow for the last two weeks of the summer holidays. Hermione, of course, readily agreed, she missed Ron and his family and wanted to see Harry as well.

But Harry, being the orphan that he was, could not go. He supposedly had gotten a job at the cheese factory. But Hermione and Ron knew that he was actually doing slave duty at the factory and giving all his wages to the Dursleys. They shuddered, imagining how Harry was being under-fed and completely alone with his over-fed cousin Dudley. Poor - poor Harry. He must be dying of boredom...

Harry Potter strode down the dark alley. He had just gotten off from 'work' at the cheese factory and was heading back to Privet Drive. He kicked one of the lone pebbles on the stone cobbles and sighed. Ron and Hermione had guessed right, he was bored out of his mind. Flipping ruddy sliced cheese over and over and over again was not what he called a relaxing summer holiday. But it wasn't like he ever had any relaxing summer holidays. Harry wondered why he always got the worst of things, and to make it worse, his two best friends weren't even here to support him. Oh the torture!

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise in one of the houses (more like shacks), he swiftly turned his head, jet black hair flipping over to give him a good view of his surroundings. The narrow cobble-stoned street had just a few houses and was completely deserted, he shivered, sensing something wrong and unnatural.

There was music coming from one of the rooms. Loud, thumping music radiating out. Harry began to walk faster. It was nearly ten o'clock, the Dursley's would have a right fit when they found him late home. Harry began to take long strides, striving to get to the end of the dark alley and onto one of the main streets. But before he could even think of getting anywhere near the glowing lights of that of the main street, a manicured hand shot out from the door of the house and reeled him in.

Harry gave a gasp and flung himself sideways so that his hand could grab something. He stopped himself falling backwards just before the hand's harsh grip could pull him to the ground. He heard an ecstatic cry and felt a great force push him to the ground. Dropping his glasses, he was near blind, but even so, he could make out the figures of young women all around. They swayed to the music, and he felt entranced. Shaking his head, he looked up to see what had made him fall. Up close, he was enraptured by the beauty beholded before him. Her hair was of the silver of a unicorn, eyes were bright blue and lips were tinted red. She smiled down at him, eyes glinting mischeivously.

"What do you want?" Harry shook her off, pulling himself up. The beautiful creature gripped his waist nearly painfully and started to dance. He froze.

"Who aaare y-you?" He stuttered, trying not to look at her glistening eyes.

"I am the best dream you ever had."

Only fifteen minutes later was Harry able to get away from the hold of the many creatures. His mind reeled with flashes of what just happened and he raggedly tried to breath. Shakily, his hand rose to his neck, finding two small, round holes in his flesh at the side. Blood dripped from the wound, and Harry tried to walk further away.

He had his glasses back again, but he couldn't make out much. His arms waved around, getting support from a brick wall and he half crawled, half walked to the end of the alleyway, where, with a soft thud, the boy-who-lived dropped down onto the ground.

Remus Lupin, ex-defence against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts, sat on his couch, sipping a cup of tea. He had been waiting patiently for two days for Harry to wake up. (Of course, this is the bit where Harry groans, like what happens in most stories when a person has been unconscious.) Harry groaned and with his sharp hearing, Remus knew that Harry had woken.

Getting to his feet, the werewolf strode hurriedly to his bedroom, where the sixteen year old boy had been sleeping. Looking once at the contorted expression of pain, he knew that Harry had been bitten - but not by a werewolf, by something different and Remus was going to have to explain it all to him.

Stirring a little bit more, Harry rubbed his eyes and let loose the suffocated pillow in his arms.

"Uhhh, Professor Lupin, is that you?" Harry tried to get up but still being exhausted, collasped back onto the bed again.

"Yes Harry, don't try to get up, it will make the pain worse."

"What-what happened to me? All I-I re-remember were those strangely beautiful women and-and..." Harry's hand rubbed the tender spot on his neck, the wound had begun to heal, but he knew that another scar would be remaining on him soon.

"Yes, I figured out what happened. Would you like me explain?" Remus prayed that Harry would say no and fall back to sleep, it would save him all the grief of knowing. But knowing Harry, that would have been the most impossible miracle!

"Nope. Later." Harry yawned, but pressed harshly at the side of his neck when he felt a sharp jab of pain flow through when he stretched. The boy fell back on the pillow and started to snore softly.

Remus stared, half startled at the response and half amused. Well, that was unexspected. He smiled to himself, even though Harry had avoided knowing what had happened to him, he would soon find out.

The next day, Remus found it quite hard to fall asleep on the couch while listening to Harry's thrashing and anguished sounds. Remus knew what kind of pain Harry was suffering, he had also had experience with something alike.

He dozed off after a few hours of pondering how to explain. But before he could drift off to happy land, he jerked fully awake again when he heard bare feet running on his carpet.

"Professor Lupin! What happened to me! What the FUCK happened to me!?"

Remus seemed extremely surprised at the vision before him. Even the professor had not been predicting that the process would happen so quickly. Firstly: Harry Potter had swore. Secondly: The boy was only in PJ bottoms and thirdly: Harry Potter looked quite the bit different from the last time Remus inspected him. Shocks of silver hair lined the jet black tresses, his eyes were the same emerald colours, but their shape had widened and were framed with dark lashes. Primrose lips replaced the ones that were once quite normal. And his once, quite gangly frame, had turned to be a lean, tanned body with defined lines that would have turned any girl on. A magical aura surrounded the boy, one that had been enhanced dramatically the past few days and this startled Remus a lot.

Remus Lupin could not help but stare.

Although some things had stayed the same, for example, Harry's glasses and his scar, there was no doubt that something strange had occured. When he looked at you, you felt this sharp electric current pass through you and a thing that you called 'attraction' took place. Fortunately, Remus was a werewolf, which meant that he could block out most of the vibes protuding from Harry. He shook his dark grey head.

"Harry, sit down. I'll explain."

"But Professor, I look like a bloody man-whore!" Harry shouted hysterically, he look like he was near to prancing about in the room in a fit of anger.

"Please calm down. You don't look like 'a bloody man-whore' as you quite unrightly put it." Remus persuaded and ushered the boy into one of the armchairs in his cosy living-room.

Harry tried to breath in and out, and exspected he would just turn back to normal again after the few breaths. He ran over to the decorative mirror and nearly screamed in fustration when he saw his appearance to be the same as when he first saw it in the mirror when he had woken up.

"Explain to me just what happened!" Harry ordered.

"Harry, I'm very sorry to tell you, but you've been bitten."

"Bitten! What do you mean bitten! Don't tell me that you turned into a transvestite as well. I know what you felt."

"Harry, listen, it wasn't - "

"So it means that I'm going to turn back to my normal self, right? Yesss!" Harry hissed in bliss, happy that he would be changed back soon and not listening to a word Remus was saying.

"HARRY! Don't do that and listen to me! You were not bitten by a werewolf. And there is nothing good to celebrate about even if you were."

Harry's face crumpled. "Oh, th-then what was it that bit me. Is that why I have two holes in my neck?" The professor nodded in reply. He looked around the room, trying to avoid Harry's intent gaze, how awful this was to him. He just wanted to hug the boy and tell him everything was alright, but of course, it wasn't.

"Harry, you have to understand, this um, state that you are in right now is permanent." Harry didn't take it very well. It looked like he was to pass out again. He shook his head sadly, like he had just heard someone's death sentence.

Professor Lupin patted Harry's shoulder. "Harry, you do know that you look fantastic, don't look so glum."

"But-but it's not me. I don't feel right."

"Harry, I'll tell you something, that creature that bit you was no ordinary vampire, as you might think. It was a Venenum Locuta. More commonly known as the poison speaker or veela vamp." Remus stated, looking at Harry square in the face, trying to make the young man understand.

"Uhhh? What's that?"

"Well, I am sure that you saw those veela in the Quidditch world cup. The creatures that you encountered were of the same family, but much more powerful. They are cross-specied with vampires, which make them suspects of many injuries caused to wizards. They feed off the human, and once finished, the cruel species either leaves the victim to die or make them one of their own. But unlike the pure veela vamps, these victims are much more luckier, they only become veela and do not need to feed on fresh blood, not only fresh blood, but magic blood."

Harry gave a slow intake on breath. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. All this nonsense! It didn't make sense at all. He wanted to curl up and turn back time to when he was walking back from the cheese factory. His face broke when he realised that this was really it, that he would have to stay the same, strange form as he had transformed into in only a night. He wanted to close his eyes and imagine that he was hullucinating or this was all a dream. Ha! Yes, it was all a dream...

"Harry, I know it's not easy, but try to relax, it's not too much of a change."

Harry ran a hand through his hair, but stopped right in the middle of it, he could feel the fine silk locks sliding through the gaps of his hand, they had never been so soft before, usually, his hair was coarse from not having any condition or good shampoo. But, he remembered, he had changed, everything had changed.

"It's okay professor. Can I just have a walk. I need to think." Harry asked, but not really asking as he stepped out of the living room and into the hallway, where his old coat hung. Ignoring it, he opened the door and started to walk out, only to hear a voice.

"Harry, don't come back too late and be careful. School starts tomorrow, if you have forgotten." Remus called back from the hallway. Harry nodded absently and slowly walked down the near deserted street, thoughts flashing in his head and completely unaware of his surroundings.

Although many people were giving his second and third looks at the lost looking, beautiful wonder that they beholded, Harry continued walking, brushing past people that seemed to have stopped in their tracks to stare. He didn't even wonder why their mouths hung open like fish lips and their eyes travelling up and down his form, taking in all they could of the angel before them. No, he never wanted this, adding to all the attention of what he had already. It just wasn't fair.

Harry kept on walking, and walking. Never stopping.

Professor Lupin had kindly dropped Harry of at Diagon Alley to get his school supplies. He had instructed Harry to meet him back at the Leaky Couldron, a dreary looking pub, at five o'clock when he had finished buying them. Harry had agreed and was now walking along the bright street full of wonderful, magical things, with a jangling pouch of galleons, sickles and knuts at his side. His hands itched to explore the street that he had done exactly a year before but he decided to stop off at Flourish and Blotts first to get his new school books.

The bookstore was quite dusty and Harry had had to look a little before he found the necessary books he needed. With 'The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 6' and 'The Handbook to Herbs and Magical Plants' and 'Book 6: Potent potions', the young wizard headed towards the counter of Flourish and Botts and was greeted by the most strangest sight in the world. A whole crowd of people had gathered inbetween the shelves saying 'Magical creatures' and 'How to please your mate with magic!' They seem to be fixated on Harry, not taking their eyes of him. Some of them were staring at the scar on his face and other parts showing that he was none other than the Boy-who-lived. Others were whispering, with often glances at Harry and then back to giggling with their friends.

Harry squirmed uncomfortably on their gaze and abruptly walked to the counter and dropped all the books, where the bookstore assistant had looked dumbfounded that he had walked straight towards her. He waited a few seconds, and when he figured that the woman was too shocked to say anything, he cleared his throat:

"Excuse me, miss. Could I please pay for these? I'm kinda in a hurry."

The assistant snapped out of her gaze and with shaking hands, took his books and put them in a bag.

"Th-that'll be-be four ga-galleons, p-please." She stuttered out, cheeks flushed red. Harry raised an eyebrow and gave her the money. He quickly snatched the books out of her near motionless hands and said a hurried thank you. The crowd was still there, now with quite a few more members. Harry avoided their peircing stares and nearly ran to the entrance of the bookstore, closing the door behind him with a loud bang.

After he left, the crowd began to talk.

"Did you see his scar?" A man of thirty asked another.

"That couldn't have been 'The Harry Potter', I mean, everyone knows that he looks nothing like that!" A middle-aged woman exclaimed curiously. Some teenage girls giggled behind her.

"I can't believe it, looks and fame! What more can you want!?" The blond one, Susan Bone squealed excitedly.

"He was a total sex god. I mean, look at that body, and his lips, didn't you just want to kiss him silly!" Hannah Abbot asked, licking her lips in a manner that her mother had to drag her out of the bookstore and give her a lecture, although the older woman seemed nearly as intent on doing so to Harry.

In a corner of the dusty bookstore, a pointy faced woman with horn-rimmed spectacles and an ugly flurocesant green dress smiled to herself.

"This is the jackpot."

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