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Last Chapter: Draco gives Harry a veiled compliment but while he's at it, he also hires some thugs. I wonder why?

An Angel at Hogwarts – chapter 5

The dimly lit Slytherin common room was surrounded by a musky, damp smell. Light from the candles flickered softly; whilst their glow is absorbed into the dark grey stonewalls whilst the drip of dirty water from bad pipes echoed through the low-ceilinged space. The students were in a somewhat dark mood; playing their own twisted games of Exploding Snap and magically stripping Poker. One young man was sitting there tapping his pen on the blank piece of parchment, staring into space with a soft furrow on his blonde brow.

Draco Malfoy was having a hard time concentrating. He kept remembering the boy with the large green eyes, tousled hair, and ivory complexion that turned a beautiful pink when embarrassed. He wanted to touch the skin gently and…

Kick his damn head in! Who would want to touch that little bastard? With his too innocent face and, and…well, It won't be long before he learns his lesson. Being good-looking has a price to pay. He thought bitterly, and cackling slightly to himself, tried to bend over and concentrate on the yellow parchment, and not on a certain someone's face.

Many floors above Draco, the other boy was also having a hard time himself. It was the middle of the night now, and everyone, finished with his or her first day of school, were fast asleep in exhaust, except the boy-who-lived, who was slumped in the corner of the room, convinced that he was away from prying eyes. Apparently, he was wrong, as at that moment, Seamus trotted down the stairs of the boy's dormitory, and scanning the near deserted area, walked to Harry. Harry sighed. He had wanted to read quietly to himself, without having people ogling at him. Well, at least it was Seamus; Harry had always liked him.

"Why are you up so late? You okay?" Harry asked.

"I'm good." He answered, eyes setting on Harry properly. "So Harry, how's everything been goin', mate? That's one nice rack you've gotten yourself." Seamus stated with a warm grin, sitting himself on the sofa's arm, very close to Harry. Harry blushed at Seamus's choice of wording, choosing to ignore it.

"How was your summer, Seamus?" Harry inquired timidly, as Seamus slid himself even closer.

"Meh' Ma and me' Pa were off in Majorca, so I was alone most of the time - same old boring story." He fixed his gaze on Harry. "What's more interesting is how your summer was, Harry?" He said, mesmerized by Harry's eyes. Harry shifted uncomfortably as Seamus slipped next to Harry. He slowly pushing himself closer and closer to the other boy, and Harry, in slight shock, found himself being impelled gently onto his back.

"It's a bad idea to come so near. Things happen." Harry whispered, as he thought back to when Ginny had attacked him on the Hogwart's express.

"S'kay, I could get used to it." Seamus smiled back, sandy hair sweeping over his blue eyes, which were almost gleaming in the near darkness. The moon's rays filtered past the windows and reaching Harry's face, made it seem even more ethereal. Placing a hand on Harry's chin, Seamus lightly tilted it up. Harry's eyes widened, long, midnight black lashes framing the stunning ovals.

"God, you are beautiful." Seamus whispered, and not letting the moment escape, caught Harry's lips with his own, gently pinning Harry's arms onto the couch. Electric bolts ran through Seamus as his mouth connected with the other's soft flesh, and he pressed himself down as tenderly as he could, marvelling at how delicate Harry's body really was.

Meanwhile, Harry didn't know how to react. Lying limp on the couch, he knew he didn't have the strength to unfasten himself from Seamus's gentle, but firm hold. But after a while he broke away from the other boy's lips, gasping for breath. Seamus only continued with his slender neck, planting kisses from top to bottom. Harry tried prying himself away, but Seamus was too caught up with how the other boy tasted.

"Please stop, Seamus." Harry gasped, biting his swollen lip. Seamus raised his head, eyes glittering.

"Don't say it like that Harry, it just makes me wanna go on."

"Seamus, I…" He was stopped short when Seamus slid his tongue down Harry's neck to the collarbone. He was loving how Harry flushed when he hit the right spots.

"Please…I can't." Harry's shaken voice replied. Looking up pleadingly at Seamus, his fear shown clearly on the startled face. Seamus stopped abruptly, seeing the glistening eyes, like they were about to cry. Seamus could only respond with a frustrated growl and suddenly getting off the other boy, quickly strode to the bottom of the staircase. Without turning around, he said, "Damn it, why did you have to come back like this?" And jogged up the stairs.

The next morning, the great hall was in a buzz. Ron and Hermione had gone down to breakfast early and were shocked to hear why the student atmosphere was so very busy.

"What? Harry's gay? How'd that happen?" Ron exclaimed, conferring with Hermione.

"Well, I heard Parvati and Lavender chatting, and he was supposedly having a late rendezvous with someone when a third year went down to the common room to get her essentials which she had left down there by accidentally." Hermione answered, looking both worried and amused at the same time.

"That's utter rubbish." Ron said, stabbing a sausage with his knife whilst Hermione muttered, "use a fork."

"Harry's not gay, he hasn't even had a girlfriend yet; how would he know which he preferred." Ron said, in horror.

"According to the gossip queens of the century, Harry and his significant other were actually doing the deed when she found them." Hermione whispered. Ron dropped his knife and sausage with a clatter, eyes widening like saucepans. He was going red.

"Don't say things like that!" He yelled, horrified by the images concocted.

At that moment, Harry entered the room. All fell silent. Harry stopped in his step and looked around inquisitively. His gaze fell on a red Ron and a confused looking Hermione. He himself started to blush. He ducked his head and as quickly as possible, got to his seat next to Hermione.

"It's frightening, they're all looking at me." Harry muttered, burying his plate with food.

"They have a right to be. What have you been doing this last day of school." Hermione retorted. Ron was still red and not looking in Harry's direction.


Ron suddenly turning to face his anxious friend: "Um? Is that all you ca-"

"Everything you hear is untrue." Harry promptly answered, tightening his mouth stubbornly.

"You said that way too fast for it to be plausible." Ron scoffed, taking a bite out of the fallen sausage distraughtly.

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