Screen Title: #NickyRickyDickyDawn

Cat is sitting on the couch watching Drake and Josh. Doorbell rings

Cat: Ding, Dong! Hi, i'm Cat Valentine, tee hee! How are you on this fine day?

Mr. Harper: I'm Tom is this "Sam and Cat's Super Rockin' Fun-Time Babysitting Service"?

Cat: Why, yes!

Sam: Why are you bald?

Tom: Are you sure you can handle them?

Dice: How many are there?

Tom: Four, quadruplets. Meet Ricky, Dawn, Nicky, and Dicky! Do you allow dog's?

Dice: That's what it says in the commercial!

Tom: Meet Gary-Chip-Tiny Elvis-Squishy Paws

Cat: Can we call him GCTESP?

Tom: Sure, can you do the whole weekend?

Cat: Uhhh...

Tom: I'll pay $10,000

Sam: DEAL!

Sam & Cat intro

Dice: Hey, Guys

Dawn: Who's that? He's cute!

Cat: He's Dice

Dicky: Well, looks like Dawn finally has her first crush

Sam: Grody!

Dice: Uh, hi, Dawn

Dawn: H-Hey

Dicky: Kiss him!

Dice/Dawn: Eww!

Rickey: I'm bored.

Sam: Nice to meet you, bored. I'm Sam


Dawn: Who's that?

Dice: My dog, Opee

Dawn: Opee?

Dice: I got him from the streets. He looked like an Opee!

Dicky: Ha, O-Pee!

Nicky: Ha!

Dawn: Immature!

Dice: You can say that again!

Goomer: Knock Knock

Dice: No, Goomer, you're supposed to knock like this (knocks on table)

Goomer: Oooh (Knock's on table)

Dawn: Who's that?

Dice: Is that your catchphrase?

Cat: He's Goomer!

Dawn: Goomer?

Goomer: Heh, y-yes?

Dawn: We're you dropped on your head as a baby?

Goomer: Yes

Dicky: So, Goomer's actually your name

Goomer: Actually, It's Gieux Merr

Cat: Oh I gotta go!

Sam: Whoa-oh-oh-oh

Cat: Wh-a-a-t?!

Sam: Where are you going?

Cat: To see Nona at Elderly Acres

Sam: We're babysitting

Cat: You, Dice and Goomer can handle them.

Sam: We're babysitting

Cat: Fine, they can all come

Later, at Elderly Acres

Cat: NONA!

Nona: Cat! These today's charges?

Sam: No, there Santa Clauses elves!

Goomer: Really? Why didn't you give me the toy truck I asked for last year

Dice: Calm down, Goomer!


Nicky: I'm hungry. Can we go to Inside Out Burger?

Sam/Cat: NO!

Dicky: I'm hungry, too!

Sam:Go eat a sandwhich

Cat: Ooh, PB&J

All: Mmm, PB&J!

Back at the apartment


Dawn: Mornin'

Sam snores

Dawn: Where is everyone?

Dawn spots a note on the table

Dear Dawn/Sam,

We decided to head back home, since we heard Dad and Mom went home early. Sorry we didn't wake you. See you at Get Sporty! Bye


Nicky, Ricky, Dicky

Dawn: Sam, wake up! Read this note!

Sam: Oh, well, I guess it's just us

Dawn: Take me home

Sam: Fine, but your Dad owes me

Dawn: How much?

Sam: $10,000

Dawn: Yeah, like he'd ever offer that much!

Cat: Hi!

Sam: Quiet, Cat

(Knock on door)

Jade: Ready, Cat?

Sam: Hey, where you going

Jade: School, doy

Sam: what about Dawn?

Cat: Take here home. The address is on the fridge

Sam: (Huffs) Fine!

Dice: Hello

Sam: Do you ever knock?

Dice: Do you ever know how to be nice?

Sam: Touche

Dawn: Bye, Dice!

Dice: Dawn, wait!

Dice runs to Dawn and kisses her on thelips

Dawn: That was... awkward!

Dice: Not for me

Sam: Okay, time to go Dawn

Dice: See ya!

Sam: you're coming, too

Dice: MAN!

Door closes and screen goes black

Get Sporty!

Tom: What are you kids doing here? where's Dawn?

Dicky: Look, we can expla-

Dawn: Hi!

Tom: Where have you been? I'm not paying Sam & Cat, in fact, i'm leaving them a bad review on

Dawn: ".net"?

cell phone rings

Cat: .com was taken

Dawn: See you

Tom: No, you won't

Dawn: Yes, I will. They were the best babysitters ever! I had fun for the first time. Yeah, Nicky, Ricky and Dicky snuck out, but us girls were asleep.

Tom: Sam, wit. Here's $10,000, like I promised

Sam: I thought you said $20,000

Tom: Don't push your luck!

Sam & Cat cast

Jennette McCurdy - Sam

Ariana Grande - Cat

Cameron Ocasio - Dice

Zoran Korach - Gieux "Goomer" Murr

Maree Cheatham - Nona

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn cast

Lizzy Greene - Dawn

Mace Coronel - Dicky

Aiden Galligher - Nicky

Casey Simpson - Ricky

Brian Stepanek - Tom