A Gamers rise in Marvel

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel or any other work of fiction.

Chapter 1: New Game

Another boring day in mundane life. She barely cared for the daily grind that was her job.

Her only form of Respite these days came in her love for many forms of media which held the interest of many. Comics, Manga, Movies, and Anime

These things made her life a little brighter, yet still leaving her wanting something more.

Opening the door to her apartment and immediately flopping down onto her bed, she started thinking about her life. She never had much success in dating. not because of a lack of trying, but more because she tended to be more self-serving and manipulative than most people would like.

It usually ended the same way, her boyfriend, or girlfriend depending on her ever-changing preference, would either have enough and break it off or be figuratively running for the hills to avoid her reaction.

Her Job was currently also being jeopardized. She works in the IT Department of a decently sized advertising firm. While the pay was good, it was utterly boring. Most of the time she was being used as meager tech support. This left her with a lot of time on her hands.

In her lack of foresight, she decided to spy on her co-workers and find out what dirty little secrets they had. The problem came up when one of her exes came forward creating rumors of corporate espionage. Now she was probably being investigated because someone had a grudge. Could her life get any worse?

That was probably not the right thing to ask of the universe, but oh well.

Getting up from her bed and heading off to the kitchen, she sees that the lights are on.

Huh. She could have sworn that she turned them off this morning. Moving to investigate she came across something rather unpleasant.

A married Co-worker whom she once briefly slept with. You see he was rather rude, letting out the regular sexist remark questioning her competence and right to her salary. He was rather easy to seduce and the recording she made of that evening made him shut up completely while also reducing him to her personal gopher.

Eventually, she got bored with him and released the Video anyway,(blurring her face of course). Last she heard he lost his job and was going through a nasty divorce.

In hindsight, she should have done that more carefully. He quickly got out after finishing the deed, cursing how she ruined his life and all that. She had greater concerns at the moment. Mainly, the kitchen knife poking out of her ribcage and the blood spilling onto the floor. That would be a bitch to clean.

Now laying on the ground with her senses slowly fading, she thinks about how crappy this all turned out.

Should she have been a kinder person?

Nah her life may have been rather short but it did have its moments.

As she pondered her life in the growing darkness a small sound startles her fading consciousness.

You have been selected as a user of the GAME

Do you accept?


God... if you're messing with me, then please piss off. If not then thank you to ever-loving heaven.

Is this actually real?

Yes, I'm real, nor was I sent by any entity known as god

oh cool, it talks... well no time like the present and if this is a type of gamer system as she is imagining, then she is taking it. Yes, I accept.

Congratulations user. You are now the Gamer

Skills acquired:

Gamer's body(passive) LV=max

Gamer's mind(passive)LV=max


ID create LV=1

ID escape LV=1

Skills transferred from previous build:

Programming LV=62

Hacking LV=36

Lying LV=30

Acting LV=34

Cooking LV=2

Please select a class

Warrior, Mage, Rogue

A class system? I didn't see that coming. And who are you to judge my cooking?! It may not be the tastiest or healthiest but it gets me all the required nutrients. I think at least.

Anyway moving on!

What benefits and limitations does a class give me?

Classes decide which ability and stats will primarily be developed. While all stats and abilities can be developed, a level up will boost those related to the chosen class. Classes can be maximized, after which other classes and specializations become available.

The benefits of this are rather great. I do have to choose carefully though. I'm going to need something suitable to fit my personality. I've never been that athletic or sneaky though I would have preferred it somewhat differently. Intelligence is my strength so it would make sense for me to go with mage then. Maybe if that maxes out I can choose rogue for something stealthier.

Mage class selected.

Please select a corresponding magic system:

Harry Potter

Fate stay/night



Fairy tail

this goes deeper than I thought. I have a fair understanding of all of them but only know the finer details of Harry Potter and Fate. The possibility of servants, Reality marbles, and True magic is far too great to give up, I'm going with fate.

Thaumaturgy of the Nasuverse selected

Notice: Only thaumaturgy and magic generated by the game SYSTEM are now available

Character creation:

name/appearance/starting world

Character creation? shouldn't this have come earlier?

Everyone makes mistakes, don't rub it in.

Didn't mean to hurt your feelings, besides if possible I'd rather we have a good relationship.

You are giving me a second chance at life after all.

Relationship with SYSTEM +5 (05) because you showed some gratitude.

You're welcome... I guess?

We should continue

oh right sorry. So I personally want a clean slate and will be taking my connection to the nasuverse a bit further.

Name: Jeanne

Appearance: Jeanne dárc (alter)

Please select starting world



One piece


Game of thrones.

Interesting selection. I thought I'd be getting the same worlds as my magic selection.

I thought we could spice things up. Can't have something too simple now can we?

Are you secretly planning to torment me System?

Not at all ;)

Sure you aren't. Well then, I personally want a world where my knowledge is most useful and can't disrupt canon to much as such things do get noticed. The optimal choices here would be DC or marvel. Tough choice. Though I love batman, he does have his flaws. Not to mention my personality and potential will most certainly make us enemies and cause the league to set their eyes on me.

My biggest issue with DC characters is that their power levels can range drastically depending on the current universe. In some universes, Superman can be taken down by a cyborg or average Meta-human with super-strength. In others, he's capable of punching galaxies to oblivion.

Though this issue appears in marvel as well with some of the more cosmic entities, it isn't as often. Marvels universe here I come. Let's get this party started.

Not so fast, we aren't done yet.

What could still be missing?

Background customization and Perks

oh.. that's important. I definitely want that.




Sooo what are my choices?

You don't choose. You get to roll for it.

Please tell me you're joking!? You aren't are you, this way too important to joke about.

I'm dead serious. You have your rolls, better make them count.

You really are going to torment me ….. Fine, let's get this over with.

Relationship with SYSTEM +10 (15) for going along with her "fun"

I'll pretend I didn't see that.


well here are your results.

believe me, it's not as bad as you expected.

if I selected these instead of being random, you would definitely have a more "fun" time

Background acquired :

Child of greatness: Your parents are special in this world. They could be heroes, villains, gods, or monsters. You will have to find out yourself what they are and what relationship you build with them.

Orphan: whether you were abandoned or stolen from your parents is unknown. You have lived most of your life in the orphanage, growing up in impoverished conditions. (Relationship gains with members of lower social classes doubled)

Slither of darkness: you've done the odd crime here and there to make your life somewhat easier while gaining the attention of certain underworld elements. (connections to your city's criminal elements, minor reputation for smuggling, distraction, and theft among them)

Perks gained:

Sin of Gluttony(devour) LV 1: you have the ability to gain stats and abilities by killing your enemies. Comes with the disadvantage of increasing hunger rates at higher levels (can be negated through other means)

World of wildcards: Your version of the marvel universe will be different from the ones you know taking many aspects of parallel reality's and even other franchises

I admit I can work with this, especially devour. The last perk however seems to throw my marvel knowledge slightly out the window. Is there a chance I could take a different world?

No take-backs.

Thought so. Well, I guess we are good to go. Let's see how this new life turns out.


Authors Note: hi there everyone. This is my first time writing any kind of fiction and I definitely hope that this story turns out as I want it to. English isn't my first language and although I haven't written anything in it for a few years I will try to improve over the course of this story. So please bear with me. I was inspired to write this story by a myriad of gamer based fiction, but mainly by the works of the dark lord Shiro whose works I most certainly can recommend. That's all for now. I don't know how frequent I will be updating but I do hope some of you enjoy this start. I Welcome any critique you might have so I could improve my writing

Edit: For those wondering Jeanne will be using primarily Game Magic and Nasuverce Magic. anything else will frizz out. (as seen when tries to acquire wands later on)

PS. this is a marvel centric story. so as it would have been more intelligent to travel to Game of thrones o the beginning, it won't happen as this is meant to be a MARVEL FIC!