Authors Comment: Before I begin allow me to rant, bare with me ok? Once again another sports series end and it ends in such a what's the fucking point way? Hear me out, the ending was pretty good (speaking from only seeing the ending and having some knowledge about Haikyuu but won't read or get into it until I know the anime is completely finished.) The two problems I have are that A. It kinda follows the same trope again and again.

What I mean by that is the main character ending up alone only with the sport. And to me that's a concept that needs to die in Japan, Hell in any media for that matter.

First Sakuragi got disrespected at the end of his story, AND didn't end up with Haruko the girl he's liked since day 1! Are you kidding me? For Kuroko I'm willing to give him a pass since he's the type to not show much emotions reaction unless he's REALLY into something. I'd wager he's asexual at best but I like to think he had that pink haired girl got together. However it's a trope that's been beat into the dirt again and again.

And now Haikyuu... While it's less toxic compared to MHA the fandom is toxic at times, most of it is the series own fault for having 90% guys ffs. And Hinata falls victim to this cliché as well. He ends up with no one but volleyball. Which in my mind makes the ending kinda trash in all honesty. What's the point of playing if you're not going to have someone to be with? KageHina is pretty much Canon at this point since these two are gonna be playing with balls for the rest of their lives. And poor yachi too! She's so cute and the HinaYachi is like 1% of the cesspool that is the Haikyuu fandom of yaoi. So to Furudate fuck you, you had all the right tools and you fucked up. To the HinaYachi fans Imma make this one-shot out of tribute to that ass of a final chapter and somehow I hope you can find solace in the fact that it'll be a hell of a better than a professional who's too far up his ass to see that you've doomed your MC for loneliness.

This is a Hinata x Hitoka lemon Fanfic. Only a one-shot. Takes place after the final chapter but with a better ending.

The long awaited battle between Hinata and Kageyama came to a dramatic conclusion. Years leading up to that very moment, they started as enemies, then teammates, then friends, and now rivals seeking to go even further. And all is well right? Well normally, but there was someone he had to meet with no matter what. Someone who meant arguably more to him then volleyball itself. Hitoka Yachi. When Hinata was leaving the stadium Yachi had already tackled him into the ground. She was weeping in joy, happy that Hinata was finally back. For how long? She didn't care, all she needed was that moment they were sharing together.

The night had began everyone practically went their separate ways once again. Leaving the blonde and orange haired adults to themselves. "So how long do you think you'll stay for?" Yacht asked worried he would leave so soon. "For a while at the very least, my schedule is completely cleared." Hinata said making Yachi smile. "What a relief, if you disappeared so soon I'd be lonely again." Yachi said with a sorrowful smile. "I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't exactly the best at this sort of thing." Hinata said looking down at Yachi. "No it's alright, besides you have volleyball and i have my own job." Yachi said playfully punching Hinata on the arm. "I know, but Yachi-San. You why haven't you found anyone yet?" Hinata asked with worry in his voice. "I was waiting for a certain dummy to come back." Yachi said still walking ahead. "Ouch I guess I earned that one." Hinata said holding his chest in a playful manner. "I don't want to have any regrets on the path I've chosen. And I don't want to kick myself when your within arms reach of me. Yachi-San you've been waiting for me... It was you who always gave me hope, always by my side, you gave me wings to actually fly-" Hinata was saying.

"Jeez Hinata-Kun you really have to work on dealing with girls, after all.." Yachi was saying as she turned around smiling with tears forming in her eyes. "How exactly are you going to make them happy if they're crying?" Yachi asked the Orange haired man. Hinata held Hitoka in a warm embrace, she was so small but hugging her made him feel happy inside. "Don't worry I'll take responsibility." Hinata said to Yachi. "funny you would say that, I was just thinking that the two of us as adults could ummm well you know." Hitoka was saying becoming increasingly embarrassed just at the thought. Hinata not bring dense and taking the hint gave a furious nod.

The two adults made it to where hitoka was staying. "It's not like home but it was all I could work with just so I can watch your match." Yachi said. "Oh no no it's all good." Hinata replied. "Ah right music! We have to set the mood and all!" Yachi said in a flustered way opening the door to get room. "Music? What kinda song did you have in mind?" Hinata asked in a curious way. Hitoka pulled out her phone and found the perfect one, setting her phone on the dresser the song began to play. Immediately as Hinata heard it he knew what the song was.

Lemon Begins Now: Haikyuu stans better dip cause it's about to get spicy.

Hinata knelt down bringing his face closer to Yachi's pressing his lips against hers. Yachi's face began to turn red from Hinata's Boldness, but she soon returned the kiss with the same about of love. The song in the background was slow bad a peaceful melody, the kiss between the two was just as slow. When they kissed Hinata was more aggressive while Yachi followed his lead. Not wanting to be left behind she licked against Hinata's bottom lip wanting access to his mouth. Not one for backing down from a challenge Hinata opened his mouth slightly giving Hitoka ample time to sneak her tongue inside Hinata's mouth. Now it was going in Yachi's favor, her tongue was licking inside the Orange haired man's mouth causing him to muffle a moan in the kiss. Yachi tastes sweet like a peace of fruit, which made kissing the blonde woman all the more intimate.

The music began to pick up in volume and the lyrics became a bit faster. Yachi took the liberty of taking Hinata's shirt off and got a lot of eye candy to look at, his physique became a lot more tone over the years. "W-wow your nothing like how you were back then." Yachi said with a blush forming on her face as she calls back watching Hinata changing into his volleyball uniform whenever they had practice. Hinata was taking off her shirt and saw how much she developed herself. Her boobs now at a DD size and just looking at her bra he wondered how it was containing all of it. "D-don't stare too much Hinata-Kun." Yachi said meekly as she threw her arms to her chest to hide herself from his gaze.

He could only smile after that, no matter how many years pass Yachi would always be Yachi. Hinata kisses Hitoka's neck, licking circles around it and kept placing more of them as he traveled down south. The blonde woman had her mouth closed not wanting to moan out despite how damn good his kisses felt. Suddenly she felt her hands pinned by the side of her head, Hinata's warm hands holding her own. He licked his lips as he lowered her bra, taking in all of her boobs burning it into his eyes. "I-its embarrassing if you just s-stare at them without saying anything!" Hitoka exclaimed, she was so embarrassed she could die and the song playing wasn't exactly helping her case either.

"Gomen, I won't stare then." Hinata said opening his mouth latching onto Yachi's Boobs. She could feel every lick, nibble, and suction on her mounds. Hitoka isn't exactly the type to "play" with herself, so the idea of Hinata sucking on her boobs was foreign, but it felt good nonetheless. Hinata wanting to please Yachi even more rubbed his fingers against her panties slowly. "W-wait dummy don't touch there.." She whimpered out, she was feeling butterflies forming in her stomach as her face became more flush. Hinata seeing his actions being successful decided to kick things up a notch. He stopped his sucking much to Yachi's dissatisfaction, and took her panties and saw her glistening wet pussy in full glory. "N-no fair, you still have your pants on." Hitoka muttered out silently but loud enough for him to hear. "Hehe sorry about that got carried away." Hinata said laughing. "Jeez since you took the lead first I'll do it too." Yachi told him as she began to unbuckle his pants. It couldn't be that big could it.

It was that big. She saw Hinata's Meat Stick at full length with a whopping 7 inches. "I'll die." Hitoka thought to herself with the reddest blush she's had yet. Hinata lied on the bed and brought Yachi naked form towards him. "Before we start I want us to taste each other." Hinata said to Yachi. " A-alright just don't do anything weird to my butt ok? " Yachi pleaded and Hinata nodded in agreement. Yachi positioned herself over Hinata's Face her Pussy now within mere inches away from his mouth. "I-Ill start first." Yachi said eyeing his cock in front of her face.

Yachi wrapped her fingers around the shaft and traced her tongue over it. Hinata seeing Yachi going to work began his own mission as well, he opened his mouth holding Yachi's waist and began to lick her core slowly, tasting her overflowing juices and drinking it. The blonde could feel herself getting devoured by her orange lover, she didn't want to be the only one to feel good so she became more assertive. She opened her mouth and Swallowed all of Hinata's cock in her mouth until it was incased in her throat. "W-wait Yachi-San that's dangerous." Hinata moaned out feeling his cock now in a way and warm place. To Hitoka dangerous meant it was working. Her arms snaked around his legs and began to Bob her head back and forth at a fast pace, literally deep-throating the Orange haired man beneath her. Hinata was at her mercy for the moment but didn't want to be left in the dust either. He slid his tongue inside her pussy and began to swirl his tongue inside at a fast food. He also grabbed a handful of Yachi's ass causing her to squeak in surprise.

Their mouths were beginning to tire and they were both st their limits after several minutes of licking and sucking each other. It was Yachi's first time so Hinata was going to take the lead. Yachi spread herself opened before her lover ready to accept all of him. Hinata a little nervous looked at Yachi and she gave s smile saying "go ahead". Hinata and Hitoka kisses once more as Hinata slowly began to enter Hitoka. After sheathing himself inside Yachi he held his hand against her cheek and looked at her with worry. "Are you ok Yachi-San? Your not hurt?" Hinata asked with worry. Yachi smiled at her lovers concern and brought one if his hands against her boobs. "I'm good, don't hold back." Yachi told him.

Don't hold back is what she told him so that's exactly what he won't do. Hinata groped the blonde woman beneath him as he began to thrust his length in and out of her pussy at rapid speed. Yachi could only cry out in pleasure, she was having sex with the man she loved more than anyone and she felt connected to him. Hinata could feel Yachi sucking him back in whenever he thrusted, she was tight and hot, plus the fact it was Yachi was sending him over the edge.

She wanted more. Hitoka flipped Hinata until he was on his back and lowered herself on his cock taking all of it inside. "This time I'll move." Yachi said as her hands began to roam Hinata's chiseled body, her hips bucking up and down riding him like a rodeo. Hinata bit his bottom lip suppressing his moan as best he could. Yachi was trying her best, so he would too. Hinata's Hands made their way towards Hitoka's waist and began to thrust his length upwards guiding her hips up and down at a faster pace than before. They were close, just about there. "H-Hinata I feel weird. Something is coming." Hitoka moaned out as her bouncing had not decreased in the slightest, as her hand was placed on his cheek. "M-me Too Yachi-San, I can feel it." Hinata said moaning his hands now placed on Hitoka's ass. Hinata feeling his cock reaching his breaking point came inside Yachi, releasing rope after rope of White fluid inside the blonde. Yachi climaxed as well, her love juice now leaking as she struggled to catch her breathe.

The two adults were now nuzzled against each other, their bodies sweaty and clung together. "Yachi-San is today a safe day?" Hinata asked. "Yeah it is no worries. I don't want you to disappear anymore though." Hitoka said with somber in her eyes. "I love playing volleyball, but your way more important to me than that silly." Hinata said with a grin. Yachi could do nothing but smile and hold him in his arms. She had no worries anymore. She wasn't going to let him slip away ever again. Wherever he goes she'll follow. "So umm Yachi-San can I use your butt next?" Hinata asked innocently. She then felt him getting hard once more. "Marriage first then yes." Hitoka said covering her face in embarrassment.

Authors Comment: well everyone that's the end to this one-shot! I'm not great at lemons unfortunately but I try my best either way. And fyi this is the TRUE Ending of haikyuu. Hinata bad Hitoka got together just as you see.

Funny how a scrub like me can do relationships better than the author if haikyuu. If the anime doesn't make their relationship Canon at the very least then Imma be pissed. Good day everyone have a nice night.

P.S. Might do a sequel.

P.S.S The song playing was the star ocean 3: Till the end of time theme song at the start of the game