Screen Title: Sam and Cat Get Bunk'd with Tori and Trina

At Apartment #22, Sam and Cat are in their room and are packing their bags up to head out to a camp for the summer

Cat: Oh Sam, I can't wait to get to summer camp.

Sam: Me either. This is my first time ever going to camp.

Cat: It is?

Sam: Yeah. After spending most of my life working on iCarly, and with me being in prison most of my life, I've never really been to camp before.

Cat: Oh, okay.

Sam: Where's the camp at again?

Cat: It's all the way in Moose Rump, Maine.

Sam: Wow that's far. Who's all coming with us?

Cat: It's just me, you, and Tori going.

Sam: I thought Dice was going to come with us.

Cat: He was but he got sick.

Sam: That's awful.

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: How'd he get sick?

Cat: I think it's the flu.

Sam: Well who's watching him?

Cat: Goomer is taking care of him.

Sam: Oh. Well I hope he feels better soon.

Cat: Me too. Well I'm done packing.

Sam: So am I.

Cat: Now all we have to do is wait for Tori to pick us up.

We now cut to Tori's house

Tori: I'm going to have so much fun at camp.

Holly: Where's the camp at?

Tori: In Maine. Cat, Sam, and I are going there for 4 weeks.

David: Oh that's fun.

Tori: Yeah.

Holly: You're taking Trina.

Tori: What?

David: Yeah she's coming with.

Tori: Why do you always have to make me take her with me everywhere I go?

Holly: Because we're the parents.

David: Trina come down here!

Trina: What is it? Is something here for me?

Holly: You're going to camp with Tori.

Trina: I am?

Tori: Uh...

Trina: Sweet. I'm going to pack.

David: Have fun.

Tori: Now I have to 48 hours in the car with her.

Holly: Tough.

Tori: It was bad enough for you to make me take care of her when she got her wisdom teem out or when I had to take her to Yerba with me but now this.

David: You take her to camp or you don't go at all!

Tori: Fine.

Trina walks down with her suitcase

Trina: I'm done packing.

Tori: Let's go.

Tori and Trina walk out into Tori's car

Holly: Have fun girls.

Tori drives off as we cut back to Sam & Cat

Cat: Tori just texted me.

Sam: What did she say?

Cat: She's bringing Trina now.

Sam: Trina? Is that the girl that goes to school with you who is the ridiculous want to be star?

Cat: Yep that's the one.

Sam: Why is Tori bringing her?

Cat: Her parents are forcing her too.

Sam: Why are they forcing her?

Cat: They said Tori has to bring Trina or none of us can go.

Sam: That's dumb.

Cat: Yeah.

Car horn honks

Cat: Oh it looks like they're here.

Sam: Let's go.

They walk out as Sam locks the door and they get in the car

Tori: Hi guys.

Cat: Hi Tori. Hi Trina.

Trina: Hi Cat.

Sam: This is going to be the best summer ever.

Tori: I got the GPS plugged in.

Trina: Let's go.

Tori drives off as we now cut to Maine at Camp Kikiwaka

Lou: Did you guys here we're getting some new campers today?

Emma: Yeah they're coming all the way from Los Angeles.

Destiny: Oh Los Angeles.

Matteo: The home of celebrities.

Finn: Do you know who they are?

Ravi: Yeah I photocopied their pictures.

Ravi shows them the picture of Tori, Trina, Sam, and Cat

Lou: Hey that blonde girl looks like Sam from iCarly.

Zuri: That's because that is Sam from iCarly.

Destiny: I loved that webshow.

Finn: It was so funny.

Emma: Wow so an iCarly star is coming to camp.

Ravi: First time for everything.

Finn: That redhead girl looks like Ariana Grande.

Zuri: You wish.

Destiny: Yeah Ariana has brown hair.

Ravi: Well she does look similar to her.

Lou: If she had red hair then they would look the same.

Emma: Yeah. How long will they arrive?

Matteo: Well they live in Los Angeles so it'll be awhile.

We now cut back to Sam, Cat, Tori, and Trina

Sam: How long until we get to camp?

Tori: Not for awhile.

Trina: What camp are we staying at?

Cat: Camp Kikiwaka.

Sam: What the hell is a Kikiwaka?

Tori: It's an unknown species.

Cat: I hope we make some new friends.

Trina: I'm sure we will.

Sam: Yeah. You'll especially make new friends.

Tori: You're funny.

Trina: You're nice.

Sam: You're cool. Almost anyone will want to be friends with you.

Cat: Aw thanks you guys.

Tori: You're welcome.

Sam: Anytime.

Trina: How long are we staying at camp for?

Cat: 4 weeks.

Tori: Hey I thought your little friend Dice was going to come?

Sam: He got sick.

Trina: That's terrible.

Tori: I hope he feels better soon.

Trina: How'd he get sick?

Cat: The flu.

Sam: Goomer is taking care of him.

Tori: Who's Goomer?

Cat: An MMA fighter we know.

Trina: Why is he taking care of Dice?

Cat: Dice is his manager.

Sam: Maybe we should check in.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Cat video calls Goomer

Goomer: Hi.

Cat: Hi Goomer.

Goomer: Are you at camp yet?

Sam: Not for another 25 hours.

Cat: Meet my friends Tori and Trina.

Tori: Hi.

Trina: Hey.

Sam: How's Dice?

Goomer: See for yourself.

Dice: Hey. (coughs)

Cat: Hi Dice.

Sam: Sorry you can't come to camp with us.

Dice: It's fine.

Tori: Hope you feel better soon.

Trina: Eat some soup and drink clear soda.

Dice: I am.

Cat: Okay we'll let you go.

Sam: Get some sleep.

Cat: Bye.

Sam: Bye Dice. Bye Gooms.

Dice: Bye. (Coughs)

Goomer: Bye.

Video ends

Tori: Poor Dice.

Trina: He's lucky to have friends to take care of him.

Sam: We should get him something.

Cat: I was just going to say that.

Tori: You guys want to stop to eat.

Cat: I can eat.

Trina: My stomach is growing.

Sam: I need some food.

They drive up to a MacDonald's (a parody of McDonald's)

We now cut back to Camp Kikiwaka

Finn: Hey Lou check out what I made out of clay.

Finn shows Lou a coffee mug

Lou: Wow it's amazing.

Emma: You made that all by yourself?

Finn: Well Matteo and Destiny helped.

Destiny: I love helping.

Matteo: It's nice to help out.

Zuri: How much longer until our guests arrive?

Ravi: Patiences Zuri.

Emma: It's a long drive from California to Maine.

Lou: Yeah I'm sure they're on their way.

We now cut a day

Tori: We're almost there.

Trina: Just 3 miles away.

Sam: Finally.

Cat: We should have went by plane.

Tori: Yeah I think we should have.

Trina: I see the camp.

Cat: Pull in.

Tori: Pulling in.

GPS: You have arrived.

They walk to the camp

Sam: Where's the owner at?

Lou: Hi can I help you?

Cat: Hi my friends and I are wondering where the owner is.

Lou: Emma it's for you.

Emma: Hi you must be the new campers.

Cat: Yes. I'm Cat Valentine. These are my friends Tori Vega, Trina Vega, and Sam Puckel.

Sam: It's Puckett.

Emma: Welcome to camp. Lou help our guest with their bags.

Lou: You got it.

Trina: Where are we staying at?

Emma: You'll be with us in Woodchuck cabin.

Destiny: I can't believe an iCarly star is here.

Sam: You watched iCarly?

Destiny: Duh it's the number one webshow in the world. I'm such a big fan of the show.

Matteo: You were amazing.

Lou: Spencer is cute.

Finn: Carly's hot.

Sam: Glad you liked the show.

Ravi: How long are you staying here for?

Trina: 4 weeks.

Tori: Why do you have an accent?

Ravi: I'm from India.

Trina: Oh.

Ravi: I was in an orphanage for 10 years until August of 2011.

Emma: That's when our mom and dad adopted him.

Zuri: He can be annoying with his nerd talk but we love him.

Ravi: We have one other sibling but he's in summer school.

Cat: Aw that sucks.

Ravi: I miss him. Luke is more than our brother. He's my best friend.

Tori: Aww.

In Woodchuck cabin

Cat: Nice Cabin.

Sam: Eh it could be better.

Lou: You're going to love it here at camp. I've been here most of my life.

Emma: It's true.

Zuri: She has.

Tori: This is a very nice cabin.

Destiny: We decorated it ourselves.

Lou: Sam you and Cat can take the bunk beds.

Cat: Sweet.

Emma: Tori you can take this bed.

Tori: Alright.

Trina: Where can I sleep?

Lou: You can sleep on the hammock.

In Grizzly cabin

Finn: Why don't we ever have girls in Grizzly cabin?

Matteo: A girl can't be a grizzly.

Ravi: Yeah. A grizzly is a boy.

Finn: That Tori girl has nice cheekbones.

Ravi: She's cute.

Matteo: I bet they're making great friends with the girls.

Finn: I want to ask one of them out but they're too old for us.

Matteo: Yeah they look like they're in their 20s.

Ravi: You'll find a girl someday.

Finn: Really?

Ravi: Yeah.

Finn: Thanks Ravi.

Ravi: What are friends for.

We now cut a couple days in the future

Lou: Are you girls liking camp so far?

Tori: This place is amazing.

Trina: Though the food is not so good.

Emma: Tell me about it.

Sam: Better than prison food.

Matteo: You've been arrested?

Sam: Yep. I have warrants for all my arrests.

Destiny: What did you do?

Sam: You don't want to know.

Cat: The food does need to be better.

Ravi: I've done the best I can do.

Zuri: Well I don't think cooking isn't your thing.

Emma: Stick to science.

Lou: Science is way better for you.

Trina: Not everyone has a thing.

Tori: Singing is not your thing.

Trina: I've been trying.

Cat: Well you are good at karate so stick to that.

Sam: When I was younger I had to compete in beauty pageants.

Finn: Oh did you like it?

Sam: Yeah but I got banned for 7 years but came back to defeat this one girl named LeAnn Carter who claims that I pushed her down a flight of stairs which I did not do.

Tori: I think I saw a blog about that on iCarly.

Cat: So did I.

Lou: Well I think you're too old for them now.

Sam: I'm not so sure.

Trina: Why is this place called Camp Kikiwaka?

Emma: The Kikiwaka is the mascot.

Zuri: The species is unknown.

Ravi: I know about it and so does our old friend Tiffany but we didn't get footage. We thought we did but we had the camera the wrong way.

Cat: That sucks.

Emma: Maybe it wasn't to be shown.

Sam: Is it like Bigfoot?

Ravi: Kind of.

Destiny: Hey Cat is it?

Cat: Yes.

Destiny: I made you a friendship bracelet.

Cat: Aw thank you.

Destiny: I made some for you girls too.

Tori: How nice.

Trina: Thank you.

Sam: Thanks.

Zuri: Now we're all friends.

Trina: These bracelets are beautiful, Destiny.

Tori: Yeah did you make them yourself?

Destiny: Well Zuri helped me.

Zuri: Guilty.

Sam: See Cat I told you that you were going to make some new friends.

Trina: I'm glad I finally have a few friends.

Tori: You'll have friends if you stop gloating on how "talented" you are.

Cat: And if you actually sing better.

Trina: Whatever.

We now cut to their final day

Tori: This has been the best 4 weeks ever.

Cat: I'm going to miss all of you.

Lou: We're going to miss you guys too.

Destiny: Bye.

Emma: Bye.

Trina: Later.

Sam: See ya.

Cat: Bye.

Tori: Bye.

They get in Tori's car and begins to drive off

Cat: Camp was so much fun.

Sam: I never thought I'd say this but my first year of camp was amazing.

Trina: Destiny was very sweet and nice.

Tori's car starts buffering

Tori: Aw crud.

Cat: What's wrong?

Tori: My car broke down.

Sam: What?

Trina: What do you mean it broke down?

Tori: The engine died.

Cat: I'll get Lou.

Sam: I'll come with.

Back at the camp

Zuri: I wish they didn't have to leave.

Finn: Yeah they should have stayed longer.

Sam and Cat find Lou

Lou: Hey you're back.

Cat: We have a problem.

Emma: What's wrong?

Sam: Our car broke down.

Ravi: It did?

Cat: Yeah.

Lou: That's terrible.

Matteo: How did it break down?

Cat: Engine died.

Lou: Emma call your mom and see if she can come fix it.

Emma: On it.

Emma gets on her phone and dials Christina's number

Christina: Hello?

Emma: Mom it's Emma.

Christina: Hey sweetie what's up?

Emma: We had some new campers this week. They were about to leave but their car broke down.

Christina: That's terrible.

Emma: Can you and dad come down and try to fix it?

Christina: Sure we'll be there soon.

Emma: Sweet thanks.

Christina: Bye.

Emma: Bye.

Call ends

Cat: Your mom is Christina Ross?

Zuri: Yep.

Trina: She's awesome.

Tori: I love all the movies Morgan makes.

Ravi: Yeah they're amazing.

Destiny: Well Finn it looks like they are staying a while longer.

Finn: Sweet.

Sam: I guess we better go back to our cabin.

Cat: These shirts are nice though.

Trina: I love these shirts.

Tori: They're cool.

Lou: Well in until your car gets fixed, make yourself at home.

Cat: Thanks for letting us stay here, Lou.

Lou: You're welcome, Cat.

Matteo: It's funny that you're named after the animal.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Matteo: Nothing I love cats.

Cat: Me too. They're so cute?

Matteo: Is there something wrong with her?

Trina: She's always like this.

Sam: It's her personality.

Matteo: Ahh.

Finn: Why is your hair red?

Cat: One time when I walked in my house before I moved in with my Nona, my brother threw a vase at me.

Emma: Why would he do that?

Cat: He thought I was an intruder.

Emma: Ah.

Ravi: What happened next?

Cat: Well my head started to bleed and I liked the color so I dyed my hair red. My brother is very messed up. He got sent to a special hospital in Idaho. He was supposed to come back 2 years ago, but it got extended for a few more years.

Zuri: How messed up is he?

Cat: Very messed up. I almost had nowhere to live but mu friends Jade and Robbie convinced me to live with my Nona.

Finn: What's a Nona?

Ravi: It's Italian for grandma.

Finn: Oh.

Cat: After that she got sick and tired of the kids treating her like garbage when she babysat them so she moved to Elderly Acres.

Sam: And I became her roommate.

Cat: We have our own babysitting service.

Destiny: That's fun.

Tori: Hey Cat when Jade and Robbie convinced you to live with your grandma, that's when I sang the National Anthem.

Trina: And you got dragged by a dog.

Tori: Shut up about that.

Emma: Well you're more than welcome to stay here until your car gets fixed.

Tori: Thanks.

Morgan and Christina arrive

Christina: Hello.

Morgan: We're here.

Emma: Mom dad glad your here.

Tori: This is my car.

Christina: Open it up.

Tori: Okay.

Tori opens the hatch and Christina takes a look at it

Trina: Do you think you can get it fixed?

Christina: Oh yeah we can get it fixed.

Morgan: It'll take a few days.

Emma: Give me a call when you get it fixed.

Christina: Will do.

Sam: I'm going to call Dice.

Cat: Let me chat with him.

Sam video calls Dice

Dice: Hey are you back yet?

Sam: We were but Tori's call broke down.

Cat: That Emma girl called her parents to get it fixed.

Trina: Their parents are Morgan and Christina.

Gommer: I've heard of them.

Sam: We might be stuck here a little while longer.

Cat: Are you starting to feel better?

Dice: A little.

Sam: Get some sleep.

Dice: I will. Bye.

Cat: Bye.

Call ends

Zuri: Poor kid.

Emma: I hope he feels better soon.

Trina: Flu season sucks.

Cat: It does.

Sam: I hope your car gets fixed soon.

Tori: Me too.

Destiny: Why don't you just spend the rest of the summer here?

Finn: Yeah.

Matteo: It's only for another 5 weeks.

Sam: We didn't bring enough clothes.

Cat: Plus we only wanted to stay for 4 weeks.

Ravi: Finn never washes his clothes.

Finn: It's true.

Trina: So that's why you stink.

Tori: Trina don't be rude.

Finn: No it's fine.

Lou: You do need to clean yourself once in a while cuz.

Cat: You two are cousins?

Lou: Yeah.

Sam: I can see a little resemblance.

Tori: I think we can make a little more fun.

Emma: We were just going to make some s'mores. You guys want some?

Sam: I'll take a s'more.

Cat: S'more me up.

Trina: I want s'mores.

Emma: Ravi go start a fire.

Ravi: On it.

Emma: Zuri, Destiny get some chocolate bars, some graham crackers and some marshmallows.

Destiny: Got it.

Zuri: Fine.

Finn: What can we do?

Matteo: You got a task for us?

Emma: Yes it's the most important part.

Finn: What is it?

Matteo: We'll do it.

Lou: Get some paper plates.

Finn: You got it.

Matteo: How is that important?

Sam: Well how else are you supposed to eat s'mores?

Lou: Yeah what Sam said.

Finn hands them paper plates

Finn: Here you go.

Lou: Thanks Finn.

Ravi: Matteo help me start the fire.

Matteo: Okay.

Destiny and Zuri come back with the chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers

Destiny: Here's the stuff.

Emma: Thank you.

Trina: At least one food will be great here to eat.

Zuri: Not unless you burn it.

Tori: How can you burn s'mores?

Ravi: By leaving it in the fire for too long.

Sam: Who would be stupid enough to do that?

Finn's s'more is now overcooked

Finn: I guess I overcooked mine.

Sam: I stand corrected.

They begin to eat their s'mores

Cat: Yummy.

Tori: These s'mores taste better than microwaved.

Destiny: Who microwaves s'mores?

Trina: That is one way to heat them up.

Finn: Wait you can microwave s'mores?

Lou: I guess you can.

Emma: We have our own s'more machine.

Cat: How?

Zuri: Our parents are loaded with cash.

Ravi: We're very wish.

Emma: We even bought this place when the ex owner Gladys ran off with all the money when the cabins accidentally got burned down.

Emma shows a pic of Gladys

Sam: She looks like my boyfriend's mom.

Tori: How did the cabins burn down?

Zuri: This girl named Hazel supposedly knocked down a candle which burst into flames so we all helped restore the camp.

Ravi: And when Gladys ran off with the repair money, we officially became the new owners.

Trina: She sounds like a freak.

Lou: She is.

Zuri: She has a major crush on our dad.

Sam: I would hate to be her.

Emma: Everyone does.

Ravi: Camp has been a lot better since she left.

Finn: Is she the one you told me about, Lou?

Lou: Yes.

Finn: Yikes.

Emma: You 3 do not want to meet her.

Zuri: She's a creep.

Sam: Most of my family are creeps.

Cat: I thought they were criminals.

Sam: They're creeps and criminals.

Destiny: What do you mean most of your family are criminals?

Tori: Almost everyone in her family has a criminal record.

Sam: It's true.

Lou: Why is your family criminals?

Sam: It runs in the family. Only one person doesn't have one and it's my twin sister Melanie.

Trina: You have a sister?

Sam: Unfortunately yes.

Cat: She's the polar opposite of Sam.

Emma: So if everyone in your family has a criminal record, hos come she doesn't have one?

Sam: She's all sweet and nice.

Trina: I guess you rude and sassy girls?

Sam: I like Cat and she's not rude or sassy.

Cat: Sometimes I can be. I think our personalities are rubbing off on each other.

Tori: I bet Jade wouldn't like your sister.

Sam: She would murdered her.

Finn: Who's Jade again?

Cat: A friend that goes to school with me, Tori, and Trina.

Destiny: Don't you go to school?

Sam: No I graduated.

Matteo: How old are you?

Sam: I'm 20.

Lou: You look like you're 25.

Sam: Well I'm not.

Ravi: What school do you go to?

Tori: Hollywood Arts.

Zuri; The school for want to be's?

Trina: That's the one.

Emma: Zuri don't be rude about it.

Zuri: Sorry.

Sam: If I was a couple years younger, then I would attend the school.

Cat: You can always come to visit.

Trina: Yeah.

Tori: Jade would like that.

Sam: I'll think about it.

Emma: Are you in college, Sam?

Sam: No I didn't go to college, Emma.

Lou: Why not?

Sam: I'm not really a fan of school. It's lame and boring. Plus at my old school we had 2 very mean teachers who always ruined everything for me, Carly, Freddie, and Gibby.

Matteo: But school helps you get a job.

Sam: I do have a job. I do a babysitting service with Cat.

Destiny: I don't think that counts.

Cat: We get paid a lot of money.

Matteo: When did you start this babysitting service?

Sam: A few years ago.

Trina: So Cat is that why you always blew us off back then?

Cat: Yes I'm sorry.

Tori: Cat it's cool. We're proud you have a job.

Trina: Why didn't you want us to meet Sam back then?

Sam: She thought I was going to kill you all.

Tori: You would never do that.

Sam: Well.

Cat: Sam.

Sam: I'm kidding.

Destiny: It's actually fun having you guys here.

Cat: Camp has been so much fun.

Emma: Yeah this place is awesome.

Tori: We've made so many new friends.

Lou: That's the best part of camp.

Ravi: It's always fun making new friends.

Lou: I think I have the most friends here to date.

Finn: Well you have been here longer than us.

Emma's phone begins to ring

Emma: Hello?

Christina: Emma it's mom.

Emma: Hey mom.

Christina: Are your guests still there?

Emma: Yeah.

Christina: Okay good. Morgan got their car fixed.

Morgan: We're coming there now to drop it off.

Emma: That's great. I'll let them know.

Christina: Okay see you soon.

Emma: Bye.

Call ends

Cat: Who was it?

Emma: Mom and dad.

Tori: What did they say?

Trina: Is our car fixed?

Emma: Yep. They're bringing it here now.

Tori: Sweet.

Finn: How are they driving the car when Tori has the keys?

Zuri: Maybe they got a tow truck.

Destiny: Or they hooked up Tori's car to their car.

Matteo: I'm going with Destiny.

Ravi: It would be smart to hook her car up to their car.

Lou: It would be stupid not too.

Sam: Do you know when they'll be here.

Emma: She said they'll be here soon.

Morgan and Christina arrive

Christina: We're here.

Tori: Thank you so much for fixing my car. How much do I owe you?

Morgan: You don't have to pay us.

Tori: I don't?

Christina: No you don't have to pay us.

Tori: Okay.

Cat: Thanks for having us here.

Emma: You're welcome.

Lou: You can come here anytime.

Cat: Okay. Bye.

Sam: See ya.

Tori: Bye.

Trina: Later.

Destiny: Bye.

Finn: Get home safe.

Matteo: See ya.

Emma: Bye.

Zuri: Bye.

Ravi: Peace.

Lou: Bye.

Sam, Cat, Tori, and Trina get in Tori's car and they drive off

Morgan: This place brings back so many memories.

Christina: I know right.

Lou: Hi again Christina.

Christina: Hey Lou.

Lou: Long time no see.

Emma: Thanks for the help mom and dad.

Morgan: We're always here to help.

Christina: Alright well Morgan and I are going back to New York.

Ravi: Tell Bertram we said hi.

Morgan: We will.

Christina: Bye kids.

Lou: Can I get one more hug?

Christina: Uh sure.

Lou gives Christina a tight hug

Emma: Okay Lou you can let go.

Lou: Sorry.

Morgan and Christina get in their car and leaves

We now cut to Sam and the others who are on their way home

Cat: Camp was so much fun.

Tori: Yeah.

Sam: I can't believe I'm saying this but I had so much fun.

Trina: We should do it again next year.

Cat: I'll have to think about it.

Sam: My first year of camp was amazing.

Tori: I just wish my car didn't had to break down.

Trina: Well at least they got the great Morgan and Christina Ross to help you.

Cat: It was so cool we got to meet them.

Sam: Their movies are amazing.

Tori: A toast to the best camp adventure ever.

Sam, Cat, Tori, and Trina: To the best camp adventure ever!

We now cut back to camp one last time

Emma: Alright well that was a great adventue.

Destiny: Aw man I forgot to get a selfie with Sam.

Zuri: Why did you want a selfie with her?

Ravi: Uh she is a celebrity after all.

Matteo: Who wouldn't want to get a selfie with a celebrity.

Lou: I got a few selfies with Christina.

Finn: Oh yeah you posted them on social media.

Emma: You posted them?

Lou: Yeah why wouldn't I?

Zuri: This has been a great camp adventure.

Emma: Yeah it was wasn't it?

Lou: It's great to have new campers.

Ravi: I hope we get more guest crossovers.

Matteo: That'll be nice.

The End

Note: This is a 3 way crossover between Sam & Cat, Victorious, and Bunk'd

Note #2: This crossover is between 60 to 90 minutes

Note #3: Mr. and Mrs. Vega from Victorious briefly appear in this crossover where they force Tori to bring Trina with

Note #4: Tori mentions the events of the Victorious episodes Freak the Freak Out and Locked Up!

Note #5: The original title was going to be called Bunk'n with Sam and Cat but I decided to add in Tori and Trina to make it a 3 way crossover so I changed the title to Sam and Cat Get Bunk'd with Tori and Trina

Note #6: Ravi mentions the time where he grew up in an orphanage in India until August 2011 which is a reference to the first episode of Jessie which aired in September 2011

Note #7: Morgan and Christina Ross from Jessie appear in this crossover

Note #8: Luke Ross from Jessie is mentioned as he is still in summer school

Note #9: Bertram Winkle from Jessie is also mentioned

Note #10: The iCarly webshow is mentioned a few times and Destiny is shown to be a huge fan of iCarly

Note #11: Carly Shay, Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, Pam Puckett, Melanie Puckett, Freddie Benson and Marissa Benson from iCarly are mentioned

Note #12: Sam mentions the events the iCarly episode iWas a Pageant Girl where she had to compete in pageants and was accused of pushing LeAnn Carter down the stairs

Note #13: Ravi mentions the time where he and Tiffany tried to get footage of the Kikiwaka but failed which happened in the Bunk'd episode Waka, Waka, Waka

Note #14: Jade and Robbie from Victorious are mentioned by Cat as she mentions the subplot to the Victorious episode Star Spangled Tori

Note #15: Tori mentions the time she sang the National Anthem and Trina mentions her being dragged by a dog which also happened in the Victorious episode Star Spangled Tori

Note #16: Cat mentions her messed up brother liked she did many times throughout Victorious and Sam & Cat

Note #17: Gladys and Hazel are mentioned and Emma and Zuri mention the cabins burning down by Hazel's candle which happened in the Bunk'd episode We Didn't Start The Fire

Note #18: Sam saying that Mrs. Benson and Gladys look exactly like each other is a reference to the fact that Mary Scheer played both characters

Note #19: Hollywood Arts High School is mentioned by Cat and Zuri describes it as the school for want to be's

Note #20: Ridgeway High School from iCarly is mentioned by Sam

Note #21: Sam also mentions Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard by saying how they are mean and ruined everything for her, Freddie, Carly, and Gibby

Note #22: Ravi breaks the 4th wall by saying on how he wishes the camp could get more guest crossovers

Note #23: Endurance obilo, I just saw your replies to my other stories. I'm not sure if I'll bring Chuck and Chip from iCarly back for revenge. I think they've had enough. Also I don't think I'll bring Vance Anderson back in my Sam & Cat fanfics since he was a creep towards Sam. And I'm not sure how to use Del DeVille from Sam & Cat in my fanfics since he's a singer. I might do a fanfic for Levi's birthday in Raven's Home but it won't be for a little while