(Phoebe looking out the window to see Coop and Fiona hanging out together and she was mad)

Phoebe: Cooper Dooper don't deserve to be with her! I have to make him be with me! But How?

(Phoebe was think for a second, then she came up with a plan)

Phoebe: I got it! I'm going to make a potion that makes Coop loves me and him hates Fiona.

(Phoebe went outside and went to look for a place to make her potion until she came across a lab)

Phoebe: Perfect!

(She went inside to see a Lab scientist)

Phoebe: Hello.

Scientist: Hello. What's your name little girl?

Phoebe: I'm Phoebe.

Scientist: What can I help you for?

(Phoebe explain everything to the scientist about Coop not loving her and him loving Fiona and she needs to find the way to make him love her and hate Fiona)

Scientist: Don't worry, I'll make it for you.

(It took 3 hours to make the potion, the potion was completed)

Scientist: Their you go.

Phoebe: Thank you.

(Phoebe left the lab and found Coop, who was drinking soda, Coop left and this is Phoebe chance, She poor the potion into his drink and left as fast as she can, Coop came back)

Coop: I'm so thirsty.

(Coop drank the entire sofa)

(Phoebe then came out)

Phoebe: Hi Coop!

Coop:h...Hi Phoebe.

(Phoebe thinking to herself that it worked)

To be continued