(Coop and Phoebe were at a park, sitting on a bench, Fiona and the others spying on them, waiting for their chance to make Coop normal again)

Fiona: Let's wait until we get a chance.

(They waited until Phoebe left and Coop had a drink new to him)

Millie: We have to make a distraction.

Burt: I got this.

(Burt came over to Coop)

Burt: Hey sport.

Coop: Hi dad.

(Burt pull out his phone and showed him pictures, while Fiona put the antidote in his drink, Fiona ran away as fast as she can)

Burt: Are you thirsty?

Coop: I think so.

(Burt handed over the drink to Coop and Coop drank the entire soda)

(Fiona came over)

Fiona: Hi Coop.

Coop: Hi Fiona. I'm sorry for yelling at you. I don't know what got into me.

Fiona: I forgive you.

(Phoebe came over and saw Coop and Fiona)

Phoebe: Cooper Dooper!

(Coop looked at Phoebe)


(Fiona explains everything to Coop about what Phoebe did)

Coop: WHAT!

(Coop looked at Phoebe with a angry look)

Coop: I can't believe you made that potion that makes me love you and me hate Fiona! I will never hate Fiona! And you lying to me about Fiona cheating on me with Kyle Dustin! Not Cool Phoebe! I'm Done!

(Coop walked away angrily)

Burt: I'll be Calling your father about this. He will be disappointed in you.

Millie: You don't deserve to have Coop, He only loves Fiona and not you and I was never your friend!

Lorne: Yeah Phoebe!

Harley: Agreed!

(Phoebe then hove the Phoebe eye, making everyone cover their eyes)

(Dennis pulled out a mirror and Phoebe sees her reflection and she scream and ran away)

(Everyone now looked at Dennis)

Fiona: Thanks.

Dennis: No problem.

(They went back Home)

The End