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"Did you have a nice time?" Sirius asked when Ron and Harry landed in the sitting room.

"The best." Harry beamed. "Where's mum?"

"Behind you." Severus replied. "I know you just returned but I have news to share with you."

Harry moved to sit next to her bearer. "What is it?"

"Sirius, Voldemort, and I are expecting a baby in just five months." Severus smiled. He had of course told Sirius and Voldemort after Harry and Ron left for their honeymoon.

"I didn't know Uncle Marvolo was involved in your and Sirius' relationship. But nevertheless I'm happy for you three." Harry smiled at her family. "Wow, two babies at the same time."

Ron chuckled at the looks on his fathers-in-law's faces.

"What?" Voldemort spoke from the doorway.

Harry giggles. "Ron and I got pregnant the first time we had sex."

"You just got bonded." Sirius gawped.

"It was a mutual decision." Ron's voice was firm and serious. "Harry and I agreed to start our family right away."

"I really want this baby, mum." Harry declared firmly.

"Severus, the charm." Voldemort ordered.

Severus pulled his wand out and pointed it at his daughter. Ron pulled Harry up and behind him, he then moved to grip Severus' wrist.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" He growled at the other man.

"Just a simple reveal charm. Unhand me now before they castrate you." Severus' voice was deadly.

Ron looked and saw both Voldemort and Sirius look furious as they had their wands pointed at him.

"I'm sorry, but none of you seem happy about our news." Though Ron didn't look sorry.

The adults just continued to glare at Ron. Harry moved to look at everyone.

"That is enough. This is suppose to be a happy day. Just let it go and do the damn charm." Harry was now angry at the four of them. After a few seconds she changed her mind. "Better yet don't. I don't want any of you to ruin my happy moment. I'm going to Longbottom Manor." Harry apparated out without another word.

"Fucking great." Ron muttered as he stormed out of the room.

Severus sighed. "She's pregnant. They were telling the truth. I shouldn't have questioned it. James and I knew the moment Harry was conceived. We felt the core forming right away. I felt it with this baby."

Sirius looked at his husband. The three of them bonded in secret a week ago. "Conceiving the first time shouldn't be possible."

"They are magic blessed. Didn't you feel that extra spike during their bonding?" Severus looked at both men.

Sirius shook his head. "I just thought it was Harry's magic."

Voldemort let out a snort. "You thought wrong. Ron's action was justified. He was protecting his unborn child. I should have seen the truth, because James moved that fast when Severus was pregnant with Harry and backhanded Walburga for insulting Harry."

Sirius looked surprised. He didn't know that his late lover hit his mother. "What happened?"

Severus chuckled. "You were away on an assignment for the Aurors. It was during a meeting to announce Harry's conception. Your mother had been standing next to me at the time. She was quick to voice her disapproval of James impregnanting a half-blood and tainting the pure blood of both the Potters and Blacks. She then went on to say that Harry would be nothing but a half-blood whore." Severus sneered. "James carefully pulled me aside and backhanded her, quite hard I might add. He told her that if she couldn't keep her mouth shut he was going to cut her tongue out the next time she insulted me or his child again."

"I would have killed her right there." Sirius looked murderous. He had always hated his mother.

After a moment Severus groaned. "I was hoping they would want to wait a few years. Now he is going to take Harry and move her into Prewett Manor. I just got her back a few years ago. I'm not ready to be separated from her."

"She's not going to leave you." Sirius assured. "Harry's not ready either. Ron won't take her away if she doesn't want to leave."

"I hope you are right." Severus dejectedly replied. Hormones was the one thing he did not miss.

Harry didn't come back home until later that night. She reluctantly sat next to Ron per Sirius' order.

"First the three of us would like to apologize." Severus started. "I let my worries guide my actions. I was afraid that you two, mostly Harry, would leave me after we only had a few years together."

"Ron and I wouldn't leave just because we are having a baby. Ron understands that I'm not ready to leave yet." Harry replied looking at her bearer.

"You have nothing to worry about, Severus. I'm not taking Harry anywhere. I promise. Unless of course its a vacation." Ron added. "I know and understand that Harry needs her family. Just because we're expanding doesn't mean we're going to cut you out; any of you. You all are my family as well, apart from Aunt Muriel."

"Thank you." Severus smiled at his son-in-law. "On a more happier I am happy that you are pregnant and can't wait to hold my grandchild."

Ron leaned down and kissed his wife softly. He was ecstatic that he was going to get his little girl. Oh he knew Harry wanted a little redheaded boy, but Ron wanted a dark hair green eyed girl who will be as pretty as her mother.

"We're going to have two children in the house." Sirius groaned. "I need to tell Remus that he needs to move in."

Harry giggled. "Uncle Remus will run far away and quickly as soon as you mention children."

"I suppose you're right." Sirius grumbled, pouting like a toddler.

Harry shook her head before snuggling into Ron's side. She smiled when his large hand laid on her belly again. She knew that his hand was going to be there on a semi-permanent basis.

She didn't know just how right she was.


Ron absolutely loved watching his child grow. Pregnancy made Harry gorgeous, not that she wasn't before but that glow made her shine. Ron also couldn't stop touching Harry's belly and his wife never seem to mind.

If Ron had his way she would always be pregnant. The first time he had that thought he knew right then that he had a pregnancy kink. Harry knew and took full advantage of it when they were alone. For his devious wife took to wearing nothing but muggle sports bras and her naughty panties. Ron also had a lactation kink and thanked Merlin that Harry loves having her nipples sucked.

They sometimes didn't leave the room until midday.

When Harry was five months along. Severus gave birth to a boy. Right away they knew Voldemort was the father. The burgundy eyes were a dead giveaway. They named him Salazar Regulus Prince-Riddle. Salazar shared a birthday with his father.

Apart from the baby's parents, Harry was always holding her brother. Ron would always sit and watch her and imagine that it was their child she was holding.

Late at night in the middle of March Harry woke Ron when the first contraction hit.

"Go get my mother!" Harry yelled trying to breathe through pain.

Ron ran out of the room as fast as he could. He barged into the other room, waking everyone including Salazar. He even managed to dodge the three different hexes.

"Severus, Harry is in labor." Ron shouted before running back to his wife. He was at her side in an instant, letting her break his hand as he used the other to rub soothing circles on her back. "Remember, love, breathe through it like you are panting."

"I see my grandchild is as impatient as you were." Severus walked through the door. "Narcissa is on her way."

Another contraction hit Harry in that moment. "I'm never letting you get me pregnant again!" She yelled at her husband.

Ron chuckled. "You know you'll be asking for another soon."

"No, I won't. Mother, castrate him." Harry bit out. Then she sighed in relief when her water broke.

"Oh shite!" Ron yelled. "Where the hell is Narcissa?!"

"Right here." The blonde announced walking into the room.

"He's ready to come out." Harry smiled through her pain. She can feel it.

Narcissa laughed softly. "Well then, lets get him out."

Severus and Ron held Harry's leg open for Narcissa. It had been Harry's decision to give birth this way. At home with Narcissa as her midwife.

"It seems that you were right, Harry. I see a shock of red hair. On the next contraction I want you to push until I tell you to stop."

In the next moment Harry was yelling as she pushed her baby out. It hurt worse than any of the beatings she received from Vernon. She yelled a lot of threats at Ron. What felt like hours, but was really minutes Narcissa was telling her to stop. Then in the next heartbeat she was holding her baby. He was beautiful, red hair and blue eyes and he looked exactly like Ron.

"Ronnie, you need to take him." She bit out when another contraction hit. None of her scans showed twins. "Narcissa, another is coming."

"What?!" Ron exclaimed as he took his son.

"She's right. The twin is pushing out." Narcissa announced. "Big push Harry."

This time it was easier. And in a blink she was holding her daughter. The little girl was beautiful as well with a shock of black hair. Harry knew she was going to have green eyes. She smiled at her husband, he was staring at the twins in shock. She herself was a little stunned, but still happy.

"Do you have names?" Narcissa asked after she finished with Harry. She had also seen Voldemort and Sirius slip into the room.

"We decided if it was a girl she would be called Summer Lily Prewett." Ron answered.

"For a boy we decided on Gideon Ronald Prewett." Harry added.

"Those are fine names." Voldemort commented. "Gideon and Lily would be happy to share their names with these two."

"Thank you, Father." Harry smiled.

"Let's give the new family time to bond. Harry, I'll be back later this afternoon."

"Thank you, Cissy."

"This was unexpected. Good, but unexpected." Ron replied once they were alone. "How are you feeling, sweetheart?"

"Sore and tired. I'm happy we finally get to hold them."

Ron kissed his wife softly. "Thank you. Get some rest, Harry."

Ron stayed up with the twins a little while longer before putting them in the cot. Then he carefully curled up behind his wife. He kissed her neck before going to sleep. Their new adventure was just starting.

Who knew the boy who grew up invisible to his family would marry a beautiful girl and they would have a dozen children.

Ron never dreamed it, but he wouldn't change it for anything.