"Dude! You cut me out of that shot?" Otto asked in disbelief as he watched the footage. "I nailed that one!"

The three guys had been sitting in the living room watching tapes from earlier that week. It was all the raw footage, which Twister noticed included a lot of shots of Reggie.

"Um, sorry Otto man. I, uh, wanted to get some footage of them cheering you on," he responded sounding uncertain.

"Of Reggie cheering him on," Sam smirked.

"You were in the shot too, Squid," Twister defended himself.

"What are you so happy about?" Otto asked seeing Sam's grin.

"Come on, Otto, isn't it obvious?" Sam laughed.

"Uh, no!" Otto replied, clearly wanting to know what was going on.

"What's obvious?" Twister asked nervously.

"Twister likes Reggie," Sam answered plainly.

"What?" Otto exclaimed in shock at the same time that Twister shouted, "no, I don't!"

"Oh, you don't?" Sam teased, nodding to the TV, "then why is there footage of her laughing right now?"

"She, uh," Twister sounded panicked, "she just has a nice laugh! The camera loves it."

"More like you love it," Otto smirked.

"Shut up; I do not," Twister defended, unable to escape Otto and Sam's mocking.

"That explains why you have only footage of Reggie on here," Otto laughed.

"Stop saying her name! She'll hear you!"

"She's not even here," Sam replied.

"Well, she could've come back and we didn't hear her," Twister argued.

"She's at a sleepover, moron," Otto joked. "Man, I can't remember the last time I saw you get this red."

Otto and Sam continued to laugh as Twister shouted, "I am not! You guys don't know what you're talking about!"

As they saw him getting more upset, they stopped teasing him as much.

"Chill bro, we're just messing with you," Otto said.

"Yeah, relax Twist," Sam agreed

"So," Twister hesitated, looking at Otto, "you're not mad?"

"Dude, no, why would I be mad?"

"Well, she is your sister," Sam pointed out.

"Look," Otto stared, "you're my best bro. I know you'd take care of her. She'd have a hard time doing better than you."

"Really?" Twister sighed in relief.

"Yeah, man. Now you just have to ask her out."

"No way!" Twister protested. "I don't even know if she likes me!"

"We can find out! I'll just go grab her diary," Otto said starting to walk out.

Twister pulled him back. "You can't read her diary! That's like a total invasion of privacy!"

"I'm with Twister on this one," Sam said. "We should just ask her."

"No offense, Squid, but you know nothing about women," Otto laughed.

"Yeah. We should just forget it," Twister said quickly. " She would never be into me like that."

"That's stupid, she hangs out with you all the time," Otto responded.

"She hangs out with all of us all the time," Twister said with a skeptical look.

"Yeah, you're just the only one she checks out," Otto laughed, making Twister blush again.

"What we need is a plan," Sam suggested.

"Yeah, we can come up with a way for you two to get together without you having to ask her out."

"I don't know about this," Twister said looking uncertain.

"I've got it," Otto said ignoring Twister. "You should totally ignore her! It drives girls crazy when they think you're not into them, then they want you to want them, so they end up liking you!"

"I don't know. We're like super tight. Won't it be weird if I start ignoring her all of the sudden?"

"Trust me, I've used this move a million times, it's totally full proof!" Otto assured him.

"Reggie's way too smart to fall for that," Sam said. "What we need is a long-term plan. She would want to see Twister cares about her. He can start doing thoughtful things, like complimenting her or opening the door for her, then after a few months-"

"A few months!" Otto interrupted. "No way, Squid! Reggie doesn't want to date some boring lame-o!"

"I don't know... Girls like compliments, right?" Twister shrugged.

"Whatever. Even if she was into that, there's no way I can keep this secret for a couple of months."

"Okay. New plan," Sam said, starting to think. "Why don't we talk to Trish and Sherry and see if Reggie's mentioned you?"

"No! No one else can know about this!" Twister exclaimed.

"I got it!" announced Otto. "Tomorrow night, we can say we're all hitting the pier, then me and Sam will bail and you and Reggie can go together!"

"That's not a bad idea," Sam agreed. "You can buy her cotton candy or win her a prize or something. Girls like that kind of stuff."

"Are you guys sure?" Twister asked, but Sam and Otto were already giving each other more ideas.

"Hey," Ramundo said, walking in with a pizza, "thought you kids might want some dinner."

"Awesome!" Otto said, taking the pizza from his hands.

"Thanks, Raymundo," Twister said, taking a slice.

"Yeah, thanks!" Sam repeated.

"What are you all up to?" Raymundo asked.

"Twister likes Reggie so we're planning on how to get them together," Otto mumbled, his mouth filled with pizza.

"Otto!" Twister exclaimed in frustration.

"Oh, right, sorry Twist," Otto said, remembering it was supposed to be a secret.