A/N: First of all, the story's gonna start slow with not much happening, but you gotta bear with me bc I'm getting to the climax. I have a feeling this is gonna be pretty long.

But before this story begins, I just wanted to give a couple shout outs.

A part of this story was inspired by the fanfic Quicksand by FutureMrsStabler. If you are a House, M.D. fan, then you have to check this story out because it is soooo good. The writing is great, and the story is so damn suspenseful, and if you're a Wilson fan like me, well you are about to go on the craziest ride of your life! If you like really suspenseful, action-packed stories full of suspense like me, then you HAVE to check this out. I highly recommend it. It's amazing.

Second! I got the story idea by listening to the song Wolves by Selena Gomez and Marshmellow:

"I've been running through the jungle

I've been running with the wolves

To get to you

To get to you

I've been down the darkest alleys

Saw the dark side of the moon

To get to you

To get to you"

It's a really great song, check it out if you haven't heard it!

But now, finally, without further ado, here is the story.


Stowed away from Seattle's overwhelming heat of the summer day, Martin Crane laid back in his comfortable recliner chair as he watched replays of Rockford on the television. However, that distraction did little to quell his ever-growing excitement for the reunion of his old platoon buddies at Rattlesnake Ridge. He had only obtained the letter the day before, but he knew that the upcoming weekend would be one to never forget.

The only problem was the fact that he couldn't drive so far because of how his hip stiffened up. Incidentally, his mind meandered to the wondering of who would take him to the reunion. He would make sure to cut through their initial reluctance; he wasn't missing Rattlesnake Ridge for the world.

Almost as if on cue, Frasier and Daphne entered the apartment, apparently arguing over something petty. It always was.

"I'm sorry Daphne but an eighty-five is entirely different than the eighty-eight, the more exquisite taste of the eighty-eight being more suitable for a potential date!"

"Oh, yes, 85 and 88, so different, like that hoity-toity crap you eat! Can you tell the difference between different types of your pretentious caviar too!?"

"Well thank god it's not whatever god-awful english food you're cooking up!"

At this point the argument got so loud it became hard for Martin to enjoy his Rockford. After a couple of minutes of straining to hear his favorite show, he finally had it.


At the sound of his commanding voice both sides grew silent.

"Now, you guys are gonna stop fighting and listen to what I have to say." His tone suddenly shifted to a more upbeat one. "Just yesterday I found in the mail an invitation to go up to Rattlesnake Ridge with the 'ol platoon! Problem is, I can't drive that far, but I can bring a guest! So! who's the lucky one?"

Daphne broke the deafening silence lasting for a couple seconds. "Well, I can't, because I am visiting me old friends from England for the weekend. They're staying in Portland, so that's where I'll be!" She smiled as she thought about the wonderful memories she gained in childhood with those people. "And yes, I know I'm only telling you this now," she added, glancing at Frasier. "But apparently, I won't be needed here. Since you, Dr. Crane, will be taking Mr. Crane to Rattlesnake Ridge." She giggled as she headed into the kitchen.

"Please, Dad!?" Frasier begged. "I can't do this, I don't fit into the crowd! Ask Niles!"

"Aw, Fras, you know that Niles will give me the same answer, not to mention the fact that he took me last year. Also, I know you're free, so there's no reason why you can't drive me up there."

"But dad!"


"I'm not gonna be spending my weekend in the middle of nowhere with Budweiser, Boilermaker and their liver-damaged friend seltzer. That is my final word on this matter."

"But c'mon, you'd love these guys! And yeah, their nicknames are what beer they like to drink! Plus, the reunion is really fun."

"First of all, it may be fun for you, but I would be a complete outcast, and I would probably hate what you guys would do. Second: what would your nickname be? Ballantine?" Frasier chuckled.

"Yes, in fact, except they don't make fun of it," Martin replied agitatedly. "Plus, we don't know if Jim'll make it next year. I heard he just had his second bypass. Please, Frasier?"


"C'mon, you have to!"

"No, I don't," Frasier adamantly responded as he walked into the kitchen.

Martin smiled. He had a feeling this would happen, so he had a trick up his sleeve.

He pulled the wine bottle from under his chair and laughed at how easy it was to win Frasier over.

"Hey Fras, I got something here for you!" Martin shouted. He could hear Frasier mutter under his breath, "ughhh, what is it now-" as he came out of the kitchen until he eyed the bottle of wine in Martin's hand.

"What is that?"

"I think it's an expensive wine, Morrie gave it to me. It's called… Shatow Petris?"

Frasier gasped. "Oh my god Dad, that's one of the rarest bottles in the world!" As he reached for it, Martin pulled it just out of reach. "Nonono, you get it if you drive me to Rattlesnake Ridge."

At this Frasier sighed in exasperation. He weighed his options. "Going with Dad to Rattlesnake Ridge sucks, but I would get to brag to Niles, and all of our friends about the precious bottle of wine I am getting out of it…" he whispered to himself. He finally conceded with a huff. "Fine, I'll take you to your stupid reunion!"

"Thanks, son!" Martin said gratefully as Frasier headed to his room. He then turned to the television. His episode of Rockford had just ended. He sighed. "Welp, there'll be other episodes," he reminded himself as he turned the TV off, and went to his room to begin packing for his weekend at Rattlesnake Ridge.