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Story Start!

Humans were not the dominant species anymore.

Actually, humans had stopped being the dominant species quite a long time ago to the point that they were a somewhat endangered species to the level that humans weren't nearly as common as the humanoid animals that now existed all around the planet. Nobody knew what caused animals to take a humanoid form, but it was so common that now many people forgot that animals and humans used to not look anything alike at all.


A young woman's loud barking could be heard as she was laying on top of birthing table with her legs spread, and one of her hands was holding onto the hand of her husband. The woman herself had long red hair that would go to her ankles if she were standing up, while she had red fox ears on her head and a red tail that was swishing around happily despite the large amounts of pain that she is in.

"It huuuuurts wow-wow-wow... my child is being born, I love and hate this wow-wow!" The woman kept barking out animal noises as pained tears gathered in her eyes. She couldn't stop herself from screaming everything that she was currently feeling.

Between her legs was the doctor.

A nice young man with his entire body covered in fur, a humanoid cheetah male with several nurses and another doctor that were standing around watching and learning from the demonstration on the birthing process and how to help with it.

"Now, everyone, do not be surprised by the outcome... when a human and animal breed together, there is a small chance of a human being born."

"Doctor, my wife?" The young man with the fox-woman spoke up, getting the attention of the man he was speaking with. He was a tall man with peach skin and blond hair, with bright blue eyes, but he lacked any animal features in the slightest nor was his body covered in fur.

He kind of needed the doctor to perform this birthing for them, otherwise there was no point to taking his woman to a hospital at all.

"Oh, we doctors here don't actually deliver babies, animals don't use doctors for something like that, isn't that right Kushina-san?"

"R-right, listen to the doc Minato... but pain killers wow-wow would be great... I like it, but I really hate it." Kushina stated as a nurse clicked a button, and Kushina relaxed more, but was still visibly pained.

In 3 hours and 27 minutes, a baby was born.

Minato wasn't sure how to feel about his first born child being a male fox, but he held the baby carefully and he smiled at Kushina.

"... Menma... I like that name." Kushina was given her firstborn son, a small black furred fox that was sleeping peacefully in her arms. They planned to name their child Menma if it was a male fox, Naruko if it was a female fox, Naruto if it was a human male or female. She was panting and exhausted, but she smiled. "He has your eyes Minato... he has them. Wow-wow... the drugs are kicking in really hard, and I like that." Kushina really liked how all of the pain was gone now, and she was holding her son.

"Menma Namikaze-"

"Menma Uzumaki, I want a child with my name... since I won't take your last name." Kushina groaned, and Minato whispered to the doctor.

"... It's Menma Namikaze, we can give the Uzumaki name to one of our next children the next time she goes into Heat." Minato whispered to the doctor, knowing that he was going to be having another child the next time that Kushina actually got pregnant while in Heat. The chances of a human and animal having a child at all were pretty low, but it wasn't uncommon either since female animals could breed with humans.

The doctor sent him a thumbs up.

-4 Years Later-

"WOW-WOW! This one hurts a LOT more, it hurts a LOT, the drugs are NOT working the way they should be!" Kushina was giving birth to her second child, after 3 years of an unsuccessful Heat she had finally managed to get pregnant again with her second child. It honestly hurt a lot more this time around, and she had no clue what was the matter with that one.

"Kushina-san, we haven't injected the medicine yet-"

"DO IT!" Kushina roared out.

She relaxed when she got the drug, and Minato held a hand over his heart in relief, since her being in pain caused him a lot of stress.

"Is Kaa-chan going to be okay?" A slightly older Menma stated as he looked at his other with worry, his black fur having gotten even thicker and darker as his body aged. He was wearing a pre-school uniform, since they decided to send him to school early to see if that could increase his chances of a successful future. The only part of him that looked similar to Minato, was the fact that they both had bright blue eyes.

He still loved his son very much, even if sometimes he didn't understand why his son did the things that he did.

"Yeah, she will be fine... she did this before when she had you, though you wouldn't remember it. People don't have memories from that time of their lives." Minato spoke more calmly to his son.

This was his second time in this room.

Menma was bored waiting for his younger sibling to be born, and he covered his ears so that he didn't have to hear it anymore as over 3 hours passed. Sometimes having a child didn't make having a second child easier.

"It's Naruko... Naruko Uzu-"

"This time it's Naruko Namikaze, since she looks so much like me I want her to have your name." Kushina stated as she held her daughter. She had bright red hair and fox ears just like her, and a small little bushy tail. She had her skin color, but she had bright blue eyes just like her father had. "... We can keep trying though, though... I think next child will be the last one I have. I don't think my heart can do this more than one more time... or maybe it can?" Kushina didn't know what to say.

Menma looked at his younger sister with a tilted head, but he was allowed to hold her with Minato showing her how to properly hold a baby.

-5 Years Later-

"Last time... this is the last time I'm doing this, I am starting to get too used to these drugs, they aren't working as good." Kushina groaned as she broke a real sweat again, only worse since even though the drugs had kicked in she was still feeling some intense pain. Her daughter was a great mixture of her and Minato's looks, having grown and having her skin darken a little to look more like Minato's skin.

She had her personality though all the way.

Menma was now 9 years old and starting his big growth spurts, to the point that he came up to his father's stomach in height now.

"Oh... OH it's a human baby boy!"

"..." Minato didn't know what to say when the doctor pronounced that out loud. His sucked in his breath, since with humans on an even more downward trend with people dying of disease and age, and less babies being born, the human species was officially an endangered species. The fact that his current child was a human child was something that took his breath away on an emotional level.

He loved his other children, but this was something that included the survival of his own species, not just his family line survival.

"Minato... he's got your hair and eyes... but my face... look at him Minato. Look at Naruto... Naruto Uzumaki..." Kushina was happy that her family name could also continue on into further generations. She didn't mind that the one to carry her name was her human son. "Also, Minato this is the last one we're having, I'm getting the surgery after this so that we don't risk anymore and I don't go into Heat anymore." Kushina informed her lover as she handed him his son.

Minato held Naruto, and he smiled.

"He's... got whisker marks..." Minato noted, since neither of his other children... well actually Menma had actual whiskers so even he didn't count.

"Ah, even though he is human, he might show a couple of animal traits here and there, humans being born to animal-human couples aren't really well documented. I would say watch his growth, and don't expose him to unusual conditions that might affect his growth in the way it affects animal growth. Don't keep him too cool in Summer or too warm in Winter, or it might affect how big he grows." The doctor, the same cheetah doctor who had "delivered" Menma and Naruko spoke as he chimed in.

Animals sometimes gained stunted growth or grew differently depending on the climate or conditions that they were raised in, and modern day animals were far more sensative to this rule than animals of the previous generations that took many years to evolve certain traits.

"He's... got no claws or fangs..." Menma whispered as Minato handed his little brother to him.

"... He's like... a defenseless little bird." Naruko whispered as well as she looked at Naruto, not understanding how a creature that wasn't as large as her father could exist without some kind of battle attributes to it. He had no horns, claws, fangs, nothing that could keep him safe from other creatures of the animal kingdom.

"Protect." Menma whispered and he looked at Naruko.

"Protect." She agreed with him.

It was their job as older siblings after all.

Chapter End!
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