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"Kind of small, but I like it."

"I don't like it, what if you get lonely at night?"

Naruko and Menma decided they would tag along when Naruto moved his stuff into the dorms, since his father was busy with the business and his mother was busy at home. He would have been very happy to do it by himself, but his siblings insisted that they come along to help him out.

"You two didn't need to come ya know." Naruto stated as he looked out the window, but because all the new students were like him and moving into the dorms, he didn't have nearly as much to worry about. Apparently there were two more human students at the school according to what he had heard teachers talking about among each other, and they were both students in his year.

The first humans would would have ever met in his life, because other than his father he had never even seen another human before. He had no grandparents on his father's side, and both of his mother's parents were foxes as well.

"Oh come on Menma, don't be so scared. Naruto would never... you don't get lonely... do you?" Naruko was suddenly very worried about Naruto when she considered what she was saying. She wiggled in place as he tail curled between her legs. Her facial features were extremely easy for him to read.

He had the exact same face after all.

Naruko was several years older than him, but they both inheritted their mother's beautiful face. Naruko even was born with the same whisker marks as him, a small mutation due to them having mixed blood. If you shaved all of the fur off of Menma's body, then it was possible that he would have the whisker marks as well.

"You know... if you get picked on by any large predators, you can just call me and I'll be right here... or you can call me if you just want to talk... or just need to hang out." Menma stated as he scratched the side of his snout with his claw. He looked up at Naruto's eyes, since Naruto was a great deal taller than him, and a smaller amount taller than Naruko.

Naruto was the tallest and youngest of the siblings, being the only human he was the only one that wasn't nearly as restricted in his growth. He was starting to take after their father in height, and had started to hit another growth spurt.

"Of course he won't get picked on, Naruto is human! He's in heat all year round, so he's going to be really popular with females, especially when they are in heat." Naruko stated with a knowing nod.


"Humans aren't in heat all year round, humans don't go into heat!" Menma bonked Naruko on the head for her comment. "Anyway, you need to find yourself a nice fox to mate with, and not some other animal. Find a nice girl like Mom, who has sharp fangs and sharper claws. A woman needs to be strong to protect the territory, and have good birthing hips." Menma tried his best to act like a good older brother, and give his younger brother relationship advice.

"Says the single male who has never mated with a female."

"Says the SINGLE female who keeps scaring away potential mates!"

"You two... can you just go away already, I have to unpack my stuff before class starts. I won't get anything done with you two here." Naruto deadpanned at his two idiotic siblings. He wasn't all that smart, Naruko was an actual genius for that matter despite how stupid she was, but he had way more common sense than the two of his siblings combined.

"Wan wan!"


"Great, they started barking at each other." Naruto stated as Naruko and Menma started to literally make fox noises at one another. Naruto reached up and started to scratch Menma behind the ears, while he got Naruko behind her tail. The two of them calmed down instantly and were brought down to their knees by the scratching.

Naruto made them goo in his hands.

Canidae developed their skeletal structure in such a way that the spots on their bodies that feel the best to be scratched are the belly, nape of the neck, tailbone, and behind the ears. To scratch these spots or allow these spots to be scratched can be a sign of submission or affection.

Naruto spent the next two minutes scratching his siblings, before he stood up and clapped his hands together. He pointed down the hallway, and he sent them a very stern look. They stood up with with effort after having their bodies manipulated so expertly.

"But he/she-"

"No buts, get out of here, you two are busy! I can handle this by myself!" Naruto pointed more sternly, because with these two worrying over him he wasn't going to be able to get anything done with these two around.

His siblings walked away, dejected.


"Yes, and now my room is complete... and with some time to spare." Naruto stated as he looked at his dorm room. He had a weight bench, a punching bag, some posters of ramen, some books on gardening, and some potted plants in the room. That was about it for what he had to pack and unpack, everything else was just school related thing she didn't need to worry about for the most part.

Naruto smiled and looked at the clock he put on the wall.

He still had 30 minutes before class started, which made the fact that nobody was in the dorms anymore or in the hallways of the dorms kind of odd. Naruto looked at his phone after a moment.


"Ah... the clock on the wall is wrong." Naruto deadpanned to himself, before his eyes started to slowly widen upon realization that he was extremely late for class. "Ah... I think the sensei for my class was a T-Rex..."


Naruto jumped out of the window.

-Even Later-

"I'm really I'm late, I got hurt falling out a window and needed to visit the medic." Naruto stated as he rubbed the back of his head. He had jumped out of the second story, and made sure he landed in such a way that he would hurt his arm enough to put a sling on it. He even made sure that it was his left arm.

Not broken, just sprained.

"If you don't want to go extinct, then be careful around windows Uzumaki-kun! You're mother was exactly the same way when she was in school!" Terano shouted out with a roar. He looked at his tiny clipboard as he put his glasses back on, and he looked at the seating chart. "Since you're a human, would you like to sit next to Hitomi Hino the female and Jin Mazama the male, since they are humans too." Terano stated in a much more calm voice.

There was a moment of silence as Naruto looked at the only two humans, other than himself, in the classroom with him.

'A... a... another human boy!' A taller, short brown haired boy thought as Naruto sat down next to him. A smile spread across his face when he saw that there wasn't just one other human in his class, but a while TWO more humans than he thought he would have. Jin Mazama, your perfectly average in most ways human.

When Naruto looked at him and sent him a grin, he forced himself to hold back his excitement and sent a silent nod of his head back.

Humans were a nearly extinct species, to the point that it was not uncommon for a school to only have 1 human attending the school at all. He had no hopes at all for any non-beast students to come into the school, and he was so happy that there were two humans in the SAME class as him. Not just the same school, but the very same class, and not only that but a fine example of a human as well.

A finely tuned athletic body for starters, and confidence to walk with his back firm even amonst beasts.

The girl, Hitomi Hino, smiled and waved at Naruto more excitedly, her cheeks a happy pink at the unexpected surprise.

"NOW PAY ATTENTION IF YOU DON'T WANT (your future exams results) TO GO EXTINCT!"

Terano-sensei was a no non-sense teacher.

-In The Hallway-

"Are you sure you're not a fox... you smell just like one of us."

"I promise you, I'm human." Naruto stated to the male foxes who were sniffing at him. Naruto had a switching face, since between class, each and every class, he was approached by foxes who were sniffing him and smelling his fox scent. Since he spent so much time with his siblings, it was hard for his human scent to come through.

A female fox came up to Naruto and put her face up next to his.

"... Are you sure you're a male human, and not just a female fox... we have the exact same face." The female fox asked as she pointed at their reflection in the window. Most species had very little differences among most facial features, to the point that Naruto's face looked near identical to that of a female fox since he inheritted his mother's face.

Father's colors, but mother's face.

"OH! No, he IS human, look he has human ears!" The male fox pointed out as he noticed the ears on the side of Naruto's head.

Naruto sighed in relief.

Naruto felt a massive paw on his head.

"Human, this guy just looks like a weak female to-"

"I AM A MAN!" Naruto grabbed the trashcan and slammed it into the head of the person who had grabbed him. Naruto looked and saw that it was a polar bear that had grabbed his head, but Naruto didn't stop as he swung the trashcan once more.

Humans are a unique species in that they are the only species that uses tools to kill other animals, and will invent new ways to use those tools.

'So cool...' Jin thought as he followed after Naruto.

This was his first time ever talking to another human boy his own age, so he didn't know how to approach Naruto. Instead, he was being treated to the site of Naruto using one hand to lift a trashcan off the ground and slam it into a polar bear's face.

Naruto let go of the trashcan and punched the bear's snout.

"Listen here, and listen good! I was born with my Mom's face, but I'm just as manly as any one of you bastard! Actually, I'm twice the man any of you are!" Naruto grabbed the bear's neck with his legs and used his leg muscles to squeeze. With one hand, he forced the bear to keep his jaws closed and covered the front of his snout.

On average, animals with snouts have a weaker jaw opening strength, despite having overwhelming bite force. To hold an animals jaw closed is to take away one of it's weapons.

'So... so amazingly cool... he's human, but he's got a polar bear on the ground.' Jin thought, starstruck as Naruto went into a blind rage. Now he HAD to say hi to Naruto and get to know his fellow man. He couldn't NOT be friends with such a perfect example of human dominance over beasts.

"Raaaaaaah!" Naruto roared as he pulled his other arm out of the sling it was in and he leaned down.

Naruto bit the polar bear's ear.

"Day one, and already fighting... I understand that tensions are running high-"

Naruto and the polar bear froze in place when they noticed a large shadow, and saw a Triceratops teacher standing behind them. Naruto jumped off of the polar bear and quickly put his arm back in the sling it was suppose to be in. Naruto spat a chunk of fur out of his mouth, and the polar bear started to whistle innocently.

"Sorry sensei... we won't do it again." Naruto and the Polar Bear stated together.

"Good, next time I might have to impale you."

Naruto sighed.

Not a great first day.

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