Percy's point of view

Sitting on a beach, listening to the waves lap at the shoreline, a man is enjoying the peace. This man just got done fighting in a war, a war that decided the fate of the earth itself, maybe even the universe. The giant war, a war against mother earth, Gaia, herself, as well as that of her younger children, the giants. These giants weren't like there dumber brethren, that lived in the mountains, nor were they like the laistrygonians. No these giants were born to oppose the Olympian gods and goddesses, and could only be slain by the combined forces of a divine, and mortal hero.

This battle was bloody, and heavy in losses. Out of the several hundreds of demigods, amazons, spirits, and hunters of Artemis, their numbers were significantly lowered. Less than three dozen amazons remained, out of the close to two hundred there had been. Artemis' hunters went from three dozen down to a measly ten hunters, and even then she only had one hunter over the age of twelve, and that was Thalia daughter of Zeus.

The nature spirits, satyrs and nymphs, suffered quite an amount of heavy losses, hundreds lie on the battlefield, in various states of death. However, it is the demigods who suffered the most, there had been, between the Greeks and Romans, about three hundred demigods, yet now there was only, combining the two, ninety, altogether, forty Greek, and fifty romans, and that's not even discounting all those who are of at least age twelve. Of course the biggest reason as to why so many survived, is because those younger than fourteen did not fight.

A beautiful woman could be seen approaching the mystery man, she had long black hair that fell down to just past her mid back, a very lovely shade of amethyst colored eyes, she had a nice smooth, unblemished tan complexion. Her face was sharp, and angular. She was very tall, standing at five foot and nine inches, she was dressed in a very appealing black dress that hugged her curves nicely. She wore diamond earrings, and a nice emerald pendant. On her lips, she had nice ruby lipstick, and to top off her look, she wore black studded high heels. This woman is Hecate, the Greek titaness goddess of witchcraft, magic, the moon, necromancy, crossroads, the mist, and ghosts.

Hecate walked over to the man, and just as she was about to speak, the man beat her to it, he looked over at her and said "Hecate, have you come here to ask me a question, or have you come here to seduce me?"

"I have a quest I wish for you to under take for me, Perseus, I promise you it will be worth your while." Hecate said, and her eyes held a pleading look in them.

"very well, I'm listening." I told her. I wonder what she wants, we just got out of the giant war, and before that it was the titan war. I hope it isn't anything to big, or bad, although knowing my luck it will be another war. Shit, I think I just jinxed myself.

"okay, well over in Europe, mostly Britain, a group of wizards, and witches, who are the people of magic deities, such as myself, or Loki, or Isis, among others, I have a grandaughter, who is the subject of a prophecy, I want you to go over there, and give the prophesied girl some training, so that she may defeat the dark lord again when the time comes. You will have a bout a decade to train her. She must be the one to defeat him. She is three years old now, but when he returns, she will be about seventeen, when he fell the first time, she was only a year and a half old. The girl's mother is my daughter, the mother is lily potter, and the daughter is Eleni potter. She is quite powerful, and I know you can train her, just like I trained you. You may take Annabeth with you, if you wish." she told me.

"okay, that's bad and all, but why me, I mean yes you did teach me some magic, but why not ask one of your children to go? For that matter, these are wand wavers, why does this require a demigod to begin with, I can't see Zeus being happy with the idea of humans finding out about us." I told her, because I honestly did not see how this was our business. She looked at me and told me, "because voldemort, the dark lord, will have the aid of our enemies, the enemies that were once vanquished, however I'm afraid that's all I can tell you, and you know as well as I do, that they won't be able to handle these enemies."

I could hear the pleading and begging in her voice. I knew right then and there, whether or not Annabeth went with me, I was going, this little girl needed help, I looked at Hecate, debating internally to myself, 'why should I go? This has nothing to do with me. I could enjoy my life peacefully. However, the enemies who are aiding Voldemort, this dark lord, could very well set their sights on us, whether or not this dork lord wins or loses. Not to mention, that all of the mortals who would be slaughtered at the very least, can I really live with that on my conscious? Fuck! No, no I can't. Okay Perseus, be the man your mother wants you to be. Think of mom, what would she say? What would she want and expect you to do? Do your duty.'

"alright, I will speak to Annabeth, my mother, and my father, after letting them know where I am going, and whether or not Annabeth chooses to come with me, I will pray to you and let you know, is that okay?" I asked her. She just nodded, and then after telling me to close my eyes, she flashed away. I then got up and headed over to the Athena cabin, I had a very wise girl to talk to. After knocking on the door, it was answered by Malcolm, one of her half brothers.

Malcolm, like all Athenian kids, had the blonde hair, and gray eyes. He, much like the rest of his siblings, was both athletic, and had a very high IQ. I looked at him and inquired about Annabeth's whereabouts. Turns out I didn't need to, she walked right over to the door, and smiled at me, after Malcolm quickly left, seeing as he didn't want to see me shoving my tongue down his sister's throat, even if she was pretty hot, we then had a quick discussion as to what Hecate told me.

"well, as much as I hate to admit it, especially considering we just got out of two wars ourselves, we have to help them Percy." Annabeth told me. So we then made the decision to tell both my father and mother, as well as Athena herself, who is the mother of my amazingly, sexy as hell, beautiful fiance, Annabeth chase.

I made an iris call, and asked for my father, "hey dad, Hecate asked me for help pertaining to the little wand wavers, and I hate to do this, but I have to go. I wanted to let you know, since I'm not sure if you would be able to find me or talk to me while I'm over there, it's in great Britain." I told him. He understood, and then we talked a bit about under the ocean, and how things were going down there. I then let him know I had to speak to my mom, he nodded, and then called her over, (Poseidon and Amphitrite divorced after the war) and I told her much the same. After making a promise to be careful, as if I never am, honestly you would think I am always in danger, or trouble with the way everyone acts around me or talks to me, I disconnected the call. We then contacted Athena, and after giving her a rundown of everything, she swiped her hand through the watery message.

I iris messaged Hecate, and told her Annabeth decided to come with me. She thanked us happily, and then flashed back to the camp, because there were some more things we had to go over.

"okay now, I'm going to give you a crash course in wizarding politics, beliefs, law, ethics, money, and society." she said rather giddily. Annabeth and I just traded looks, what did we get ourselves into, I wondered? The discussion was the most boring four hours of my life, although, what happened next was a very welcome surprise.

Annabeth smirked while looking at me, before walking over and grabbing Hecate, and slamming her lips onto the beautiful goddess' own lips. My mouth gaped. I could not believe what she just did. Hecate after pulling back, had a look of sly amusement in her eyes, she snapped her fingers, the world spinning around me in myriad of colors.