Perseus' point of view

"She's your daughter." the beautiful red haired woman said.

Many thoughts raced through my head at once. 'how? Where? When? Who? Why? What?!' I was shocked and confused. My thoughts must have registered on my face, because Lily looked at me and said softly.

"Eleni was born three years ago. Not long after the battle at camp half blood, when the titans' army came out of the labyrinth. You were angry and hurt about Annabeth defending Luke and continuing to stick up for him." she explained a small bit.

My eyes widened, now I remembered. "I remember now. Annabeth and I had gotten in a huge fight. We both said somethings we regret, I left the camp. I was so angry I wasn't even thinking straight. I vapor traveled to a bar in New York. I got in, thanks to the mist and the bartender being a son of Dionysus, he gave me free drinks."


'Dam Castellan, that fucking traitor. So many demigods are dead. So many mortals died. So many nature spirits were completely destroyed, just because he is a whiny little bitch with daddy issues. He didn't get any hugs from his father or ever got told he was loved? So fucking what?! That's everyone in that camp. You don't see all of us going and bending over for Kronos, do you?! No, but of course, Annabeth has to make excuses for him, 'oh you're just jealous of him Percy. He's not evil. Kronos manipulated him and twisted his mind.'

Heading down the street, he noticed a bar, which is odd, considering he was just outside of the camp's border. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked over to the door, noticing a big man standing outside the door, he snapped his fingers, and upon seeing the man's slightly glazed look, he told him, "I already showed you my ID, remember? I'm good to go." after hearing it repeated, I slipped inside.

After walking into the main entrance, I walked away from the doors, I wouldn't need to worry about being hit or in anyone's way. I made my way to the bartender. Sitting down, I asked for the strongest stuff he had. He raised a skeptical eyebrow at me, before just shrugging his shoulders, "your body, your the one drinking it." he then grabbed a bottle and pour me a glass, before telling me, "cheers."

Barely managing a thank you, I grabbed the glass, tilting my head back, I threw the alcohol down my throat. Didn't even notice a beautiful woman sitting down next to me. She had long red hair, stunning emerald eyes, a nice pair of large breasts, she had creamy skin, and wore a pair of faded black jeans, and a sleevless green top. Her eyes were red rimmed, while etched with a look of sadness. Feeling bad for the woman, I asked the bartender, "can I get another one over here? Put it on my tab."

Looking up, she said, "thank you." before copying my action from earlier, tossing it down her throat. She let out a harsh coughing fit. I laughed a little at that.

"first time? It usually burns on the first time going down, takes a while before one can become accustomed to drinking." the man behind the bar spoke knowledgeably.

"tell you what, the both of you look like you need it, so tonight anything the two of you get is on the house." the man spoke out sympathetically.

"Thanks." I told him. Staring at the sexy woman next to me, I looked at her, something telling me she was in just as much pain as myself. She looked up at me, and then turned back to the bottle the man left.

Hours had passed at that point. We were both becoming more drunk as time passed on, well she was becoming more drunk, I was using my control over the liquid and causing it to evaporate from my system, but it didn't seem to help, we must have been drinking some of the hardest hitting stuff. She seemed to mentally struggle with something, before grabbing my hand, and walking out of the bar. She pulled something out from her pocket, a small vial of something. She uncorked it and threw it down her throat. Shaking her head for a moment. She smiled at me, and then the world span around.

I woke up in a hotel after that, with the woman, who was laying in bed with me.

Flashback end

"We drank and stayed in a hotel that night. You were drunk, and I took advantage you! Why would you even want us here?! Why allow us to come here?!" I was angry. I became something I never wanted to. My mother would be ashamed of me.

Lily looked at me, and told me, "you didn't rape me, Perseus. I was drunk, but when leaving the bar, I took a small hangover potion, it cleared out some of the alcohol. You didn't force me to do anything I didn't already want to do that night."

"but yes, Eleni was conceived that night." the sexy MILF told me.

"Fine, but explain this to me. If she is my daughter, why not tell me about her before now? Did I not have a right to know about her and see her? I missed her first steps. Her first words. I had no part in naming her. Why does she not have my last name? Why is she going by potter, when she is my daughter?" I asked while angry, but not sure what all I should be feeling right now. I was angry that I had a child I hadn't known about. I was also upset. I did to her exactly what was done to me, growing up without a father, the only difference is that she is much younger than I was when I found out about my heritage.

"When exactly was I supposed to tell you, Perseus? You were preparing to fight Kronos, I thought it would be an inopportune time to tell you about her. I would never keep you from her Perseus, you know that. Please don't be angry. I can share the memories of her walking and talking, with you later, if you want. I love you Perseus, I always have, even when we were younger and both going to the camp. The only reason I didn't say anything was because I lived here in Britain, and because of how you felt for Annabeth. Eleni herself doesn't know she's your daughter either. As for why she's going by potter, that's because I was adopted by the potters when I was in my fourth year of schooling at Hogwarts. They wanted a daughter, and my parents, who were muggles, wanted me to have someone I could talk to about the magical world, with any problems, so I was blood adopted. I was in the bar that night, because I had planned to go to the camp anyways, to ask you a question, but I heard terrible news. My parents were dead, along with Charlus potter, my adoptive father. I wanted to drink and forget the pain, when I saw you though, well I said fuck it and decided to be selfish. I'm sorry." she was crying by this point.

I couldn't help it, I hated seeing a beautiful woman cry, especially if they were a friend or loved one. I sighed, and held out my arms. She walked over and grabbed me into a hug, we stayed there for several moments, basking in the presence of one another.

"So what happens now? Where do we go from here?" I asked her.

Before any flamers happen, yes what happened was screwed up, but at the time neither Lily nor Percy were in the right state of mind, and neither regret what happened. Personally I hate Luke, and I can't stand it when someone claims he's a hero. He really isn't, and I can explain why that is.

For everyone who guessed that Eleni was percy's daughter, good job. I hope the explanation of how and why was satisfactory, if not, oh well.

Should Annabeth be angry, upset, or jealous? Lol

The potters adopting Lily is something I have never seen before, and is honestly kind of weird, but as the magical world is weird I don't care.

Let me know thoughts on what you feel or how you feel. Any women you want Percy to fuck? Or Annabeth to fuck? Any kinks or fetishes? I will keep all in mind.