I'm a big fan of TS – been obsessed with exile (ft. Bon Iver) and this fic came to mind. Might do a second part but we'll see.


I can see you standin', honey

With his arms around your body

Laughin' but the jokes not funny at all

Michael felt as if the ground was about to swallow him as he gaped at Sara's picture on his computer screen. Sara was getting remarried. It hurt like hell and he's gone there and back. Michael closed his eyes burning with tears he tried to hold back. Was he surprised? Yes. He never thought it would happen but at the same time, he couldn't blame the lucky man. It was inevitable, it is simply not that hard to fall in love with Sara. From the very first moment he laid his eyes on her, he wanted to throw the plan away. But he couldn't, he had to save his brother. Linc's life was on the line so he tried so hard to bury his feelings for Sara. The longer he was in Fox River a part of him kept wanting to back out of the plan as it involved manipulating Sara. But for him, it was beyond that. He loved, love, her. But now he was dead. Or at least that is what Sara, Mike, Lincoln and LJ thought.

You're not my homeland anymore

So what am I defendin' now?

You were my town

Now I'm in exile seein' you out

As he thought of Sara and his child, the one he is yet to meet, Michael swallowed the lump that formed in his throat as his tears escaped the ocean in his eyes. Sara was getting remarried. Jacob Anton Ness. The little announcement only had a picture of Sara probably because she was more of a high profile than her fiancé. He prayed that the man would be a better husband than he ever was and a good stepfather to his child. He inhaled deeply; he was doing this for them. He would do anything to protect his family and if they decide to move on that is just the way it is. But he would continue to protect them, at whatever cost.

He pulled out the picture of Sara and Mike he was lucky enough to quickly snap at the Zoo that Sara takes Mike to. He traced their silhouettes with his forefinger and hugged the snapshot close to his heart. They are worth it.


I think I've seen this film before

And I didn't like the ending

Sara stared at herself in the mirror, she wore a simple satin white gown. She could not help the tears that pooled in her eyes, she could not believe that she was doing this again. Since Jacob's initial proposal a year ago, she had been one foot in, one foot out. But was she such a masochist that she wouldn't let herself move on with this great man who wholly accepted her, her flaws and her son without a question and stayed with her despite everything she has gone through?

She wiped the tears with her thumb as she focused on her breathing, she had to calm down. This was happening. She grabbed the bouquet of yellow carnations that Jacob requested and exhaled. This was it. She stepped out of the room and was met by Jacob's father who kindly offered to walk her down the aisle in the absence of her father.

"Are you ready darling?" Tom asked.

Sara timidly smiled, "Yeah." She snaked her arm around his as he led her in front of the church. Suddenly, she was hit by a series of flashbacks of the last time she did this. She closed her eyes as her mind flashed back to her standing on the beach with a minister as Michael, Lincoln and Sucre walked towards her.

"You look beautiful." Michael whispered, flashing that damn knee-weakening smile.

Sara tucked a strand of hair behind her ears, "Thank you." She handed her flower, a calla lily that she and Michael picked together, to Linc and took Michael's hands in hers. This was it.

"It's my understanding you'd like to keep this simple?"

Sara looked up at Michael, "We've never actually managed to keep anything simple." Sara and Michael chuckled. "You can try."

All this time

We always walked a very thin line

The minister smiled. "Well, let's begin then shall we. Family and friends, we gather here to celebrate the union between Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi."

Forever and some. That's what they had promised each other.

Then the minister announced, "Michael and Sara Scofield."

Sara Scofield. Always and forever she promised Michael.

Sara opened her eyes. What the fuck am I doing? Michael was it. He was, he is, and he will always be the one. Sara stopped in her tracks leaving Tom confused.

"Sara, what's wrong dear?"

Sara couldn't stop the flood of tears that ensued. She shook her head, "I'm so sorry. I can't do this." She snaked her arm and walked through the doors and ran to Jacob standing at the top of the aisle.

Jacob had no idea what was happening, but this was not the way he envisioned marrying Sara.

When Sara reached Jacob, she was breathless. She took his hand and looked deeply into his eyes. "I'm sorry Jacob, I can't do this. I can't do this to Michael…" She held up her hand, she knew what he was going to say that he is gone, dead. "I know what you're going to say, it doesn't matter that he's dead. I still love him, and it will always be him. That's not fair to you or to me." She removed the engagement ring he had given her and placed it in his hand. "I hope you find what you're looking for." She gently kissed his cheek; this man had been kind to her and Mike, but she couldn't love him the way he wanted her to nor the way she does Michael. "Bye Jacob."

She turned to the 24 guests that they had invited, "I'm really sorry everyone." And she was. She didn't know what else to say, they didn't have to know it was because of her devoted, undying love to Michael is the reason as to why she couldn't go through with this. She walked away from Jacob and towards her son who was in his Uncle Linc's arms. She smiled at Lincoln as she took her son from him. when it came to Michael, Lincoln and Sara did not have to say a word to each other. They both knew how much the other is devoted and love Michael.

Sara walked away with her son, kissing his cheek. She looked at her baby boy and all she could see is the love of her life. Her son was enough for her.

While the guests looked around in bewilderment, everyone missed the very angry man in the church. He clenched his fingers in a tight grip and bit down very hard. She left because of him. He would pay. He would make sure of it.