Inspired by one of my favourite songs. Love Lost – The Temper Trap.

Our love was lost

But now we've found it

Our love was lost

And hope was gone

"You're free to go, Mr Scofield."

Michael let out a huge sigh he had been holding in deep inside. He felt a lot of relief, it was as if a huge boulder rolled off his shoulders as he mulled over the six words spoken before him. It was finally over. For the first time in seven years, he felt a genuine smile grace his face. He can finally return home. To Sara and Mike.

Michael's body shook as he choked up, "You don't know how long I've waited to hear someone call me that."

When he finally stood up, he got the courage to ask for two favours from the institution that indirectly kept him away from his family. The first being for Jacob Anton Ness, AKA Poseidon, to be transferred to Fox River. The bastard kept Michael away from his wife and son and had the balls to try marrying Sara. The person who tried to steal the life that Michael should have had for the last seven years instead of being kept on a leash by Poseidon. Sure, Michael had agreed to it in a heartbeat to protect the people that mattered the most to him. But three years ago, when he found out Poseidon's real name and the fact that he was the one named in the engagement announcement engaged to Sara, his Sara, Michael started to plot his way out of Poseidon's grasp. He was glad that Sara didn't end up marrying the guy. Thank god for that! It took him three years to finally muster all the right things and wait for it to fall into the right pair of hands. And here it was, his freedom had been given to him.

The second favour being where could he find Sara and Mike. When Michael came back to the States two weeks prior, he went straight to Ithaca, New York, Sara's last listed address. He waited till someone came home, as hours passed, he realised no one had come home. The CIA had been willing to do Michael Scofield any favour he wanted, hoping that they could recruit such a brilliant intellectual who they would rather have on their side rather than on his cross list, so Michael took advantage of this. Within a few minutes, he was given an address by the Director himself. An address in Panama was scrawled on the paper.

"There's a private plane waiting at JFK ready to take you to Panama." The Director held out his hand, "I hope everything works out for you, Mr Scofield."

Michael timidly smiled at him and shook his hand. "Thank you."

I know it's hard

But I can still hear it beating

So if you flash your heart

I won't mistreat it

I promise

Before he knew it, his plane had landed in Panama. Michael felt his heart racing faster than he can remember as he stepped out of the plane. Finally, he was going to see his family. Not that he told them he was coming, maybe he should have called but he didn't want to do this over the phone. He bit the corner of his bottom lip, mustering all the courage he could to give him that final push in this journey to be reunited with his family. Finally, he decided to just firm it. As he reached the bottom of the staircase, he was met by a driver holding up his name. The CIA had really gone all out.

"Mr Scofield." The driver greeted him, extending his hand to take the hand carry Michael had. "The Director had sent me to pick you up and drop you at the specified location."

Michael thanked him as he let himself into the car. Thank goodness for the AC, Michael thought.

"ETA is 30 minutes, sir."

Michael smiled, so he had half hour to prepare for himself but as they started to drive away from the airport, his mind had been filled of Sara. He was finally going to see her. Meet his son. Hopefully see his brother and nephew. Michael closed his eyes, where would he even begin. He let out a sigh, he just had to see them and hoped that he could answer their questions to the best of his ability. As they drove away from the airport, Michael took out the photograph he took of Sara and Mike and held it against his chest. This is it.

"It's him, isn't it?" Mike softly spoke, breaking the silence between his uncle and mom. He could see his mother's eyes brimming with tears she tried to hold down while his uncle cried. He'd never seen his uncle cry, ever.

Sara had engulfed Mike in her arms, kissing the crown of his head. "I don't know, baby."

In that moment, the three were oblivious to the car that had come to stop outside their bungalow. As Mike hugged his mother, comforting each other, he noticed a person step out of the car carrying a bag in one hand and the other taking off their shades. Mike's eyes widened in disbelief and amazement. It's him. Mike had never met the person but had been shown plenty of pictures and one particular video, Mike knew that face anywhere. His little mouth dried up as a nervous flutter graced his stomach.

In the softest tone, he called out for his mom's attention.

Sara cradled her son's head between her hands, "What's that baby?"

Mike could only point outside as he was still speechless. Sara followed her son's outstretched arm and saw him. It's real! The picture is real.

Our love was lost

But now we've found it

And if you flash your heart

I won't deny it

I promise

Without thinking, she let go of her son and sprinted towards the front door. Sara was on fire. Her hand reached for the doorknob but for some reason her hand trembled and couldn't open the door. What if this was a mirage? Throughout her pregnancy, she'd imagined Michael was right beside her, reading to their unborn child, hugging her as tight as possible, kissing her and amongst other things. Please let it be real, she prayed. Finally, she mustered as much courage as she could and slowly opened the door. Sara stepped out on her front porch as tears started to gather in her eyes. She slowly made her way to the man in front of her. There he was, stood in front of her. As she reached him, she brought her hand up, just hovering over him scared shitless that he will disappear, vaporise in thin air as soon as her hand makes contact.

She doesn't say anything, she couldn't bear to. Tears streamed down her face as she continued to inspect the person in font of him.

"Sara." He gently greeted her.

He'd waited seven years for this, and he wasn't going to waste a second longer pondering whether his actions are justified. He knew she wouldn't touch him in case it was a mirage, it was the same for him. Finally, she stood in front of him. he slowly lifted his hand, his fingertips slightly grazing her hair the was out of the ponytail. Gently, he wrapped one arm around her waist while the other cradled her head. He hugged her as close to him as possible, burying his nose in her hair. After all these years, she still smelt the same. In this very moment, he didn't care if he was stepping out of line. That's the magic between them. No matter what line was drawn in front of them, they both dared to step out of it.

Sara couldn't believe it. He was standing in front of her, he was hugging him. As she cried into his chest, she wrapped both her arms around his waist as tightly as she could not let the moment fleet.

Our love was lost

In the rubble are all the things

That you've, you've been dreaming of

Keep me in mind

When you're ready

I am here

To take you every time

Time stood still, everyone around them had vanished. But Lincoln and Mike were there, witnessing the still powerful connection between Michael and Sara as they hugged it out. For years, Lincoln had watched his sister in law cry, yearn and ache for his brother. They both deserved this. Lincoln couldn't help the tears that escaped his eyes as he looked down at his nephew who was on the brink of tears. No matter how elated Lincoln felt in this very moment, he couldn't even begin to imagine what they young man is thinking or feeling. He brought himself down on his knees next to Mike, "Do you know who that is?" he softly whispered into Mike's ears.

Of course, he did. "It's my… dad."

Lincoln smiled; his heart full of joy. The four of them stood outside the bungalow had no idea how much time had passed when Michael and Sara let go from their hug, but Sara held on to Michael's hand. She couldn't bear to let him go ever again. This was it, right? She slowly led him to the front porch where her son and Lincoln stood. She smiled at her son who looked on in disbelief.

"Linc." Lincoln stood up and embraced his brother in the tightest bear hug he has ever given anyone.

"Mike!" Lincoln exclaimed, kissing his brother's temple. "How? What the… what happened?" Lincoln couldn't believe it. His brother hadn't vaporised in thin air as he hugged him. "This is unbelievable but only Michael Scofield." Lincoln smirked.

"I've missed you too Linc."

Sara had left his side and stood next to their son holding his hand as they watched the brothers reunite. Lincoln and Michael turned to Sara and Mike; Lincoln patted his brother on his shoulder reassuring him. Michael slowly walked closer to

"Mike, there's someone I would like you to officially meet." Sara told Mike.

Michael slowly walked closer to Sara and Mike and fell to his knees. "It's nice to finally meet you Mike." Michael pondered whether to give his son a hug, god knows he could only pray and dream of being able to do this, but he could now. But for now, he settled on stretching his arm out so maybe they could shake hands.

After a moment had pass, Mike threw himself into his father's arms, wrapping his arms around his father's neck. Mike cried into the crook of his father's neck, of course he knew who this man is. there was not a second in his life where his mother didn't tell him something about his father. This might be their first time meeting each other but to Mike it didn't matter. He knew who his father is and that's all that mattered.

Lincoln wrapped his arm around Sara's shoulder as they watched the father and son embrace each other, Sara sobbing her only wish was granted. Seven years ago, when Michael had whispered into the phone that it was real, it is real, only now did she believe it was. He finally made his way back to them.

Our love was lost

But now it's found