A child no older than five is seen running down the streets of new York, in the dead of the night. When passing a street lamp, one could see the bruises and scars on the boy. He was dragging his little three year old sister behind him, and she to had scars and bruises on her body. They had been running and hiding from their "stepfather" if that thing could be called human that is. These two children were not ordinary humans however, they were demigods, the children of a human and an immortal being. Their father was Poseidon the Greek god of the sea, floods, droughts, horses, father of pegasus, cyclops, storm bringer, earth shaker, and the mortal woman sally stark, who took her mother's maiden name of Jackson, to protect herself and her children from her father and brother's enemies.

"come on, Cordelia, we have to keep moving, we need to get someplace safe." Perseus told his younger sister, and she shook her head, terrified. She was afraid of the dark. Perseus looked at his little sister, and told her "don't worry, uncle Tony's tower is right up ahead, if we can make it there, we can rest, at least for the night." he tried to soothe her. Cordelia looked up and said "okay".

"big brother, do...do you think uncle tony is nice, or… or that he will accept or even….like us?" Cordelia stuttered shyly. Perseus honestly didn't know what to say, truth be told, he had never met tony, and all he knew was from what his mother mentioned in passing about tony. He simply had no choice but to lie to his little sister, and even though he hated to do it, it was necessary.

"he will love us, you especially." Percy told her with a grin. Finally they had made it to the tower, and Percy started banging on the front door. "hey let us in, please it's an emergency."

In the lab, Tony was working on his suit, making some modifications, when J.A.R.V.I.S, his AI, let him know about the little menaces, I mean children, banging on the front door, "sir, there are two children pounding on the front door, claiming there to be some kind of emergency." Tony didn't move his eyes away from the suit, and just said to "redirect them to the proper authorities."

"we are the children of sally stark, or sally Jackson if you prefer, please let us in, we need help, and you are our only hope, please uncle let us in, at least just for tonight." Percy kept slamming his fist on the door, he slammed his fist so hard it bled.

Now that caught Tony's attention, because of three reasons, one being that no one should know of sally's relation to him, another being that of sally's name, either of her names, and the third reason being, that as far as he knew, sally had no children. He decided to put this to rest, he got up and walked to the front door, and opened it, good thing he did to, because the children looked like they were about to faint, well the boy looked like he was about to grab the girl and run, and the girl, poor thing, looked like she was about to fall over. He then got a good look at the two, the boy had tan skin, like he was used to being at a beach, he had dark raven colored hair, and beautiful sea green eyes, and the girl was like looking at a three year old sally, she had the same short wavy hair, only difference being that hers was black instead of brown like sally's, she had eyes like the sea too, only hers were more of a sea green and sea blue, and her skin was tan as well. Although what drew his attention even more were all the scars on their skin, along with the bruises. He growled, he hated abuse, especially towards children.

"come in, are you guys hungry?" Tony asked, hey he didn't know neither kid looked like they weighed that much or like they've ate lately. The girl shook her head no, while the boy shook his yes, and when prompted he claimed "we haven't had anything to eat for a few days, we considered digging through a dumpster, but we wanted to know if you had somewhere we could go, we would be willing to work, and earn our keep?" Percy said hopefully. Tony was getting angrier by the second.

"okay first off, I am not in the business of making children work or earn anything, second off, you guys are my nephew and niece, you need or want anything let me know, and I will get it for you. Now what's going to happen is I will order some pizza, you two will eat, and then I will have happy drive the two of you and myself to a hotel for the night, there we will sleep, and then once we wake up in the morning, we will talk about your future living conditions, your past living conditions, and your mother, as well as what will happen to the two of you, okay?" Tony said. The two kids nodded. The gratefulness shined in their eyes, and after eating, happy drove the four of them to a hotel, tony got the kids a shower each, and while he did that, happy went and bought each kid a pair of pajamas, and an outfit for in the morning, pretty soon, after getting out of the shower, dressing into their pajamas, and brushing their teeth, the kids fell asleep, and for the first time in a long while, they had good dreams, indeed they even allowed themselves to hope, hope for a better future. Tony just looked at the two children, and had anyone been around to see it, they might have had a heart attack, and Tony would have denied it, but on his face there was a smile, proof that Tony stark, had a heart.