Heading back into the city, via taxi cab, gave Percy a little bit of time to think. As the young, demigod pondered his recent troubles. All the while, he was preparing himself for the tongue lashing Pepper was no doubt harnessing to unleash on him.

'things really seem to be heating up. In the past day alone, I have fought the Minotaur and the Manticore. Something seems to be starting. I have a bad feeling. Something more than just mythology is coming. I don't know what. Maybe uncle Tony might know?' the young warrior in training mused to himself. He felt his thoughts drifting towards the two beauties he met at the beach.

'who or rather what were those two women? They had an aura of power. Not like a monster, no their power was much greater, and their beauty was out of this world. Perhaps something about their names could be revealing? I will have to see if Tony could find something out about them, they weren't human, that much was for sure. Though, they weren't human, why did they not do anything to the Minotaur With the amount of power I could sense in them, the Minotaur would have been easy pickings. Did they have an ulterior motive of some kind? If so, what?' brought out of his musings by the taxi coming to a stop, he glanced up and out of the window. A dark, foreboding feeling came over him. He could just imagine Pepper standing in the living room, her arms crossed, tapping her foot, while having a look of death in her eyes. He gulped.

"Well, might as well get this over with. At least if she murders me, Wanda can have my guitar." he joked to himself, before telling the driver, "thanks for the ride." (1)

Walking into the room, he noticed, just like he predicted, Pepper was standing in the room, tapping her foot on the ground while holding her arms crossed underneath her breasts, glaring daggers at him. Tony was sitting on the couch, sipping on a bottle of lemonade, while his sisters, Cordelia, and Wanda, were peeking around the corner, watching on with wide eyes.

"So Percy, would you like to explain yourself? This is your only chance." Pepper warned him. Percy took a deep breath, before beginning.

"Okay. So here's what happened. I was sitting in my science class, when the teacher started oozing murder vibes, wearing a look of intense hunger, directed at me. I am still not sure how or why I failed to notice the classroom had emptied, but it was just myself and the teacher, well monster I suppose really. We fought, but once the fight started, he spouted off some nonsense about me being the son of some sea god, and a titan lord? Who had sent him to pick me up. By the way, what the hell was that all about? Gods, and titans don't exist, do they? Well I thought they didn't, but considering I was attacked by two monsters straight from Greek mythology, I guess nothing is out of the realm of possibility now, is it?" The young demigod told his aunt and uncle.

"Oh, is that all? Wait, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN TWO MONSTERS?! WHERE AND WHEN THE HELL DID YOU MEET ANOTHER ONE?! WHAT MONSTER WAS IT?! ARE YOU HURT?! HOW DID YOU GET AWAY?!" Pepper began calmly, before screaming, slightly hysterically, one might think.

"It was the Minotaur. I killed it at the beach, where mom and I use to go, before Cordelia was born. Technically, the Minotaur wasn't actually after me, I don't think. It was chasing two girls, well women actually, kind of, and for some reason, they seem to be familiar, I just can't place where I know them from, or how I know them." Percy spoke, although we he got to the end about the girls, he blushed a bit. Seeing her brother's reaction, Cordelia narrowed her eyes, feeling a little jealousy. He was her brother, dammit

Wanda, meanwhile, was also not to happy with Percy, due to his reactions about the girls. He was her best friend, and she would be damned, before she lost him to two no named hussies! Tony however, just smirked, 'so my nephew has become aware of the beauty that is known as the young woman.'

"Since all is well, Percy, you're grounded. For a month!" Pepper stated, before she grabbed the demigod into a hug, and squeezing him softly. Percy's eyes softened, before he hugged her back.

"I'm sorry aunt Pepper, but I was thinking straight. I didn't want to come back and take a chance of putting anyone else in this house in danger. I guess I just subconsciously went to the beach due to the memories of my mom that I have there." Percy said.

"I'm just glad that you're okay. Though once the girls go to bed, Tony and I have somethings to tell you. It's time you found out the truth. Though I don't know what you are going to do about school now. I don't know if even paying them enough would get you back into a school." She spoke out seriously, before trailing off teasingly.

"Hey, in my defense, that damn overgrown hybrid pussy cat was going to eat me! That would have been a crime against humanity!" Percy cried out in mock rage, causing all of the others to laugh and chuckle amused.

After Percy and Wanda helped Cordelia with some of her harder homework, the five of them sat down and ate dinner. Being a Friday night, they didn't have school tomorrow, so the two girls went up to Cordelia's room, to watch a movie, while Percy, Pepper, and Tony all retired to one of the offices Tony and Pepper had, for private meetings that they couldn't have at the tower.

"J.A.R.V.I.S, do me a favor, lock the door will you? Make it sound proof as well please." Tony called out to his AI.

"Will do, sir." the AI responded back.

"Alright Percy, I am going to explain somethings about you, and probably Cordelia as well, and I want you to remain quiet while I am talking okay? We will answer your questions at the end." Tony told his nephew, who seeing and feeling the seriousness in his uncle's face and the air, nodded his head.

"Okay, as you know, monsters are real. I am not sure which religions are real, but I do know the Greek and Roman gods, monsters, and titans exist. In fact, the realm of Olympus is above the empire state building, here in New York, veiled by magic. Monsters walk amongst the humans every day, looking for demigods to devour, and even mortals if they are hungry enough. The gods repeat their history, they come down to earth and have kids. I know you are a demigod, the son of Poseidon, in fact, and I suspect Cordelia is the daughter of Poseidon, but I am not entirely sure yet. Because of you being a son of, arguably, the strongest Olympian, you are in grave danger, from immortals, be they god or monster. Especially from gods or titans, due to your father being the sea god. Any questions so far?" Tony asked his nephew.

"Tony, you've had better jokes in the past. Or if this is about the time Wanda and I tricked you into thinking you had a couple of kids out there, I'm sorry. Gods don't exist. These monsters were probably just created in a lab or something. I thought you stopped drinking a while ago." Percy denied, shaking his head, not willing to accept this so easily.

"I'm sorry Percy, but it's true."Pepper told him sadly.

"That's impossible. That can't all be real." Percy was shaking his head in denial. Tony sadly shook his own head, before telling his nephew, "Well Percy, if that is impossible, then explain this. Where did you get your powers from? All of them? Because they all match what Poseidon can do, if you remember from the myths you read on him, as well as that paper you wrote, explaining how, arguably, he could be considered the strongest Olympian, brother, and a god of destruction. (2)

"I thought I might just be a mutant, not all mutants look different than normal humans." Percy said.

"Nope kid, you're a demigod. If it makes you feel better, Tony and I are legacies, well actually I am a legacy of Psyche, and a daughter of Apollo, Tony is just a distant legacy of Hephaestus, Athena, and Aphrodite." Pepper told him.

"If monsters are real, and walk among humans, then how come the humans don't react to them? Why don't they try to kill them or something? If my 'father' is a god, then why did he never do anything about Gabe?! Why did he leave my mom after she got pregnant and had me?! Gods are supposed to be all powerful, all knowing, right?! So where was he?! Where is he?!" Percy was angry and growing angrier by the minute.

"Honestly? I don't know what his reasons were. Though he's a god, so the truth of the matter is, he may just not have cared about your mother other than her being a source of entertainment. As for the monsters, well there's this, I guess you could call it like a force field or a barrier, a veil, called the mist, that shields the supernatural from the eyes of normal mortals." Tony told him bluntly.

"Percy, we are telling you this, so that you know. We didn't want to hide it from you anymore, and you need to be prepared. Also, you now have a choice to make. There are two camps we could send you, if you wanted to go. In San Francisco, there is a camp for roman demigods and their legacies, called camp Jupiter, and on long island, there's a camp given the name, camp half blood, home to the Greek demigods. If you wanted, and it's your choice entirely, we could send you to either one of them, where you would be forced to train as if your life depended on it. However, you need to know, if you went to one of them, there's a high chance you could die." Pepper told him sadly, wishing she didn't have to tell him this.

"Wait, why could I die, for going to a camp?" Percy asked confused.

"Shit, I knew we forgot something. Okay, so here's the basic breakdown. Back in world war II, what the normal mortals know about the war, is really only like a third of it. See, that battle, like almost all of humanity's other battles, was actually influenced and started by the gods themselves. Ares, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon, in particular for this one. When the allied powers won, mostly the children of Poseidon and Zeus, Hades was forced to swear into an agreement, a pact on the Styx, to father no more demigod children, due to how horrific the war was. Zeus claimed that their children, because they were so powerful, influenced and shaped the world to great. Well about seventeen years ago, when Zeus fathered a child, she was attacked and killed by a group of monsters. Hades was blamed. Now given who your father is, and that it went against their oath, you would be targeted by both the ruler of the skies and the underworld. So you see Percy, you would be in a lot of danger if you went to either camp." Tony explained to Percy. (3)

"Okay, so what's my other option? Because I am not going to lie, but the idea of going to a camp, and potentially dying sounds like a terrible ordeal." Percy said dryly.

"Well the only other option that you really have, is to stay here and train, I will contact some of my distant relatives, and have them come and build an underground training facility, one that could contain a demigod of your caliber. Once that is done, you and I will be down there training long and hard, day in and day out. I will warn you the training won't be easy or light. I will be training you to fight and survive." Tony warned his nephew.

"Challenge accepted. Percy grinned at his uncle. Tony just smirked at him, while Pepper rolled her eyes fondly.

The three then decided to head out into the living room, to watch a movie, before going to their rooms.

Well that's it for this one guys. Whatcha think?

1.) Wanda Maximoff living with them will be explained, this is MCU Wanda by the way. I have a, IMO, decent idea as to why she lives with them. Not sure what to do with pietro though, might just kill him off.

2.) just some of my thoughts on Poseidon, as a god.

3.) just because they haven't been to the camps, (at all in Tony's case, and a while in Pepper's case), doesn't mean they are ignorant of what goes on their, or the camp 'politics'

so harem ideas, not sure on them, just kind of brainstorming right now.





Silena Beauregard

Piper McLean

Annabeth chase


Zoe nightshade





Wanda Maximoff

Jean Grey






lady Loki

Jane Foster

Darcy Lewis

Carol Danvers


Hope Van Dyne

Proxima Midnight

Peggy Carter

Sharon Carter

Maria Hill


Shadow Cat



X 23

Wonder Woman (not gonna lie, I have an idea on this one, if I did it)

Zatana (same as wonder woman)












She Hulk

Red She Hulk


Morgan Stark (meh)

Sadie Kane



Kali the Destroyer












Black Cat

Invisible Woman

Spider Woman

Mary Jane



Emma Frost

Black Queen

Aunt May (MCU)

as I said, not even sure on these, just brainstorming.

Interested in any other crossover characters potentially showing up? Let me know who and how, lol

for example, if you want Padmé from star wars, or Azula from avatar, or even Gabriel from high school DxD, Prue from charmed, or Boa Hancock from one piece, tell me how Percy could meet her, why he would meet her, how they would fall in love, etc.

for those interested in these type of fics, I am debating on and considering writing fics of the following, just have to do more research on some of them, and rewatch some of them, lol

PJO/HOO x the inheritance cycle crossover

PJO/HOO x inuyasha crossover

PJO/HOO x avatar the last air bender/the legend of korra crossover

PJO/HOO x the rangers apprentice crossover

PJO/HOO x mortal kombat crossover

PJO/HOO x naruto crossover

PJO/HOO x bleach crossover

PJO/HOO x charmed crossover

PJO/HOO x fairy tail crossover

PJO/HOO x diablo crossover

PJO/HOO x one piece crossover

PJO/HOO x final fantasy crossover