Monday morning, in Percy's opinion, came far too quickly. Having spent all weekend, getting himself into an impressive training regiment, and spending his free time with Wanda and Cordelia, he was mentally drained.

'I wonder how much money Tony had to spend, and how long it took him bending the mist, in order for me to be accepted back at the school?' Percy mused to himself.

"Cordelia, it's time to wake up, it's almost seven o'clock." Pepper was in Cordelia's room, trying to wake her up. Girl slept like the dead. Pepper was getting exasperated, trying to get the girl up. Cordelia grabbed the blankets and pulled them up and over her head, burrowing underneath them. Incoherently grumbling.

"Cordelia! Get up right now, or you will be grounded for a month!" Pepper had finally reached her limit with the girl. Huffing, Cordelia pulled the blankets off of her, and glared at Pepper, though given how tired she was, and how young she was, the glare was more adorable than it was frightening. Pepper just raised an eyebrow, daring the girl to cop an attitude. Cordelia puffed out her cheeks and pouted.

"Moooooom. I hate school! I don't wanna go!" she told her mother figure.

"I don't care. You need an education, I am the adult here. You are going to school. End of discussion. Now hurry up, go to the bathroom, wash yourself up, brush your teeth, and get dressed. Percy and Wanda are already downstairs and ready to go." with that being said, Pepper turned around and walked out of the room.

Cordelia rolled her eyes, before climbing out of the bed. Going through her morning routine, she managed to get it all done in about twenty minutes. Heading downstairs, she grabbed an orange and ate it, actually eating very little, for once in the morning.

"So, are you all looking forward to your last couple of months of school?" Susan Storm asked them. She was visiting the kids, while Reed Richards was working with Tony on something in the lab. Johnny was grumbling in the corner, in his opinion, it was far to early to be up. Ben, decided to remain at the Baxter building. (1)

"I thought cruel and unusual punishment was a crime? If so, how is school even legal?" Percy asked. Pepper was not amused. "You need to set a better example for your sister. You are her older brother, she looks to you for guidance, and reassurance."

"Well, here's to one of our last months in the penitentiary, at least for a few months." Wanda joked out loud. Apparently, all three of them had decided to drive Pepper nuts this morning. She was far from impressed.

"Wanda!" Pepper shrieked. Johnny was sitting on the couch, barely snuffling his sniggering. These kids were amusing. Susan was trying to hide her own amusement. She couldn't exactly blame them, after all, school was not meant to be fun.

"Hey look at the bright side Percy, in about a year, or a year and half, you will be going to high school. High school is fun. There's parties, and cheerleaders. Two of the best things in life. Trust me, you will enjoy it." Johnny offered his own advice. Pepper narrowed her eyes.

"No he will not!" Pepper denied, before looking at Percy, and telling him, "If you don't behave, then this weekend, you will not be visiting Charles Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, instead you will be spending all day in your room, and I will take out all video games, the TV, the DVD player, the guitar, any and everything that you enjoy yourself with, do I make myself clear?!"

"Crystal." Percy answered her, he could tell she was not joking around. Looking at the clock, he saw they were going to be late if they didn't get a move on, so he called out to the other two kids, "Alright, let's go."

The trio headed out the door, and walked down the street, off to the prison…..i mean school. After dropping off Cordelia at her class, he and Wanda walked over to their own school. (2)

Sitting in the classroom, listening to yet another boring ass lecture, Percy rolled his eyes. He honestly didn't know why he couldn't have just dropped out and been home schooled by Tony. 'Really, anything these schmucks could teach me, Tony could have as well. Would have saved time, money, air, and energy. So why exactly am I here? Oh yeah, Pepper said, and I quote, "You need to go to school to socialize and make friends. Being cooped up in a lab all day, every day, is no life for a child." Ugh, she does realize, that I am not a normal human, right? I don't need or want friends.' the young child of the sea thought to himself, he was so zoned out, that he failed in seeing the principal walk in the classroom.

Shaking his head, to pull himself out of his thoughts, he caught the last bit of the principal's sentence. "I expect you all to welcome these young ladies, and show them some respect and kindness. They are new here, and so will need some help being shown around, Perseus, you will be their guide."

'It can't be!' his eyes went wide with shock, he felt two auras that he recognized. The teacher called out, "Come on in, and introduce yourselves." the six students walked in. The first one had long, beautiful black hair, a creamy white skin tone, she was about average height, and she had pale green eyes. "my names Heaven Víkingr-Dauði, it's nice to meet you." she said. She wore a purple shirt, and black jeans as well.

The second girl, one of the two he had recognized, had long and beautiful black hair as well, though hers almost seemed to shine, she too had milky skin, creamy with no blemishes, she was slightly above average in terms of height, and she wore gorgeous blue eyes. "my name is Nyla Night. Nice to meet you all." she spoke with a small smile. Wearing a black skirt, and a black t-shirt.

The third girl, was pretty similar to the second one, she had long, glossy black hair, and brilliant blue eyes, but her skin tone was tanned, and she had a nice muscular frame. She stood relatively tall. She radiated a confidence, that seemed to intimidate some of the other students, "Hello, my name's Diana Prince. I hope to make some friends here." she called out, not seemingly bothered with being a center of attention. Clothed in a red shirt and white jeans. (3)

The fourth girl, had a skin tone like the first two, long red hair, emerald colored eyes, with a decently muscled frame. "my n..n..nam. .e is Mera Curry." she meekly said, 'huh, cute.' Percy thought to himself, her shyness was adorable. Her clothes were a blue shirt and black jeans. (4)

The second to last girl introduced herself, "My name is Atlanna Curry." She was tall, with white, creamy, unblemished skin, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wore a green shirt and blue jeans. All in all? She would grow up to be a lot of teenage boys' fantasy. (4)

Finally, the last girl introduced herself. "My name's Zatanna Zatara." She was about average height, she had long, loose, wavy black hair, that fell down her back. Her eyes were an icy blue. She was creamy skinned, with no blemishes. She wore black jeans, and a black t-shirt. (5)

'Okay, this is an interesting development. Why are they here? Also, three of the rest of them feel familiar as well. Why is that? Two of those three feel like long lost friends. Though I am confident I have never met them before. I don't like this. Something is coming, and I am not sure if that is a good thing. I guess all I can do is be ready for it, once it gets here.' Percy thought to himself, before focusing on the teacher talking. 'this is going to be a long day. A very long day.' the young sea child thought.

The end of the class couldn't come fast enough for Percy, he practically flew out of the room, as soon as the bell rang. He waited by the door, for the six girls to come out, after all he had to show them around. He wasn't waiting for too long however. One by one they appeared.

"Here you go Perseus, I got a note from the teacher, this way the teachers don't give you trouble for being late for showing us around." Nyla said, before handing him the note.

"Thank you. I hadn't even thought of that. Slipped my mind, to be perfectly honest with you." Percy told her.

"So where to first?" Heaven asked out loud. Percy decided, after looking at their schedules, to take them all over the school. He had Study Hall for his second class, so he could afford to be late. Going from their lockers, he showed them to the cafeteria, the restrooms, all of the classrooms, everything the gym, the pool, the track, as well as the parking lot, where the buses and the cars would park, even the rec room, where the students would sometimes mess around after eating their lunch, or not eating for the day.

After he walked them around a bit, he stopped by his Study Hall, and showed the teacher his note, telling her that he was going to be showing students around all hour, and that he wasn't just skipping his class. Making sure that the girls knew their classes, their locker combos, and how to open them, as well as how to get to them, he walked back to his class, determined to get through the rest of the day as quickly as possible.

The day went by slowly, but surely. He waited by the entrance, for Wanda to get her books and homework, so they could go home. Turns out, she made friends with the new students, and having called Pepper and Tony, she invited them all to the house for a little while, which they accepted, after having called and talking to their parents. (6)

Percy then made a quick detour by Cordelia's school, in order to pick her up. The nine of them then walked home. Percy being subjected to girl talk, thanks to being surrounded by the eight women. Internally, Percy was cursing his life, 'Seriously, who and what did I piss off this badly?! Surely this has to be against some cosmic and universal law right?' (oh Percy, just wait a few years, lol)

So what do you all think? Who are all of these women? Don't get me wrong, we should know who they are, but Percy doesn't. Why does Percy feel like he knows some of them? As in their auras feel familiar to him.

1.) What are Tony and Reed working on? I did say I was going to try and incorporate more marvel stuff in here, didn't I?

2.) I don't know if I was clear on this, but Percy and Wanda are the same age.

3.) We should all know who this is. Sorry about her outfit if you all don't like it.

4.) Was struggling on last names for them, and clothes.

5.) What can I say? I like interesting twists and turns.

6.) I skipped the rest of the day, because it wasn't important, and as soon as classes were over, Wanda called Tony and Pepper, and the girls called their parents, and discussing it, Wanda is having her girlfriends over. Percy thinks it's bad now? Wait until this weekend or summer, when Wanda can flat out have slumber parties and sleep overs, lol