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Chapter 25: Peter Parker

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Voices... I couldn't understand what they were saying... it all sounding like jibberish. My eyes were blinded by a brilliant white light when I tried to open them the first time. The pain of the light died away... but something was different. The familiar weight of my glasses was gone, yet when I took in the room, everything was clear... crystal clear. Not only was everything not blurry for a change, but I could make out every single chip of paint on the walls, each brushstroke plain as day.

Every particle of dust in the air didn't escape my sight, and it looked like snow falling. And the sounds... they all were very loud... louder than they've should've been. I could hear people's conversations from rooms far down the hall. A hand resting on my arm made me jump. I grabbed ahold of the hand, and I looked up, meeting a pair of hazel eyes. I had no idea where I was, and my grip increased.

"Pete... you're hurting me, let go." Zoey's voice caused me to let go immediately, and I threw off the thin blanket.

'I'm in a hospital.' I glanced over all the equipment, only stopping when I passed my reflection in the glass door. I was taller... almost two inches, and the hospital gown seemed a little snug. I stepped closer to the glass, pulling the sleeves up. My arms were much more toned, the muscles and veins standing out.

"What happened to me?." Zoey leaned out into the hallway.

"May!. Ben!." She grabbed ahold of my hands.

"You were bitten by that spider. You've been here in the hospital for a week."

"I remember... Otto!. What happened with the trial!?."

"Otto pleaded guilty. He's rotting in a prison cell now." It was like a flood gate opened, and I fell into Zoey, tears flooding down my face.

"I don't think you should be up and moving right now; come on; you need to lie back down." May and Ben burst into the room, and a sob escaped her lips.

"Peter!." My aunt rushed forward, enveloping her arms around me. Taking my face in her hands, she repeatedly kissed my forehead.

"I thought we lost you." I hugged her back, my own sobs starting to build in my chest.

"I'm ok, Aunt May." Uncle Ben pulled us both into a bear hug, sniffling.

"Don't ever do that again, ok?." I nodded, and with Ben's hands supporting me, I sat down onto the bed. Zoey stepped in front of me, and I saw a bruise starting on her hand.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Zoey. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I'm just glad you're awake." I was happy to be awake too... but something in me had changed. I noticed it now that I'd calmed down. My breathing was coming in and out stronger, and I didn't feel a wheeze coming.

'My asthma is gone.' I looked down at my hands in my lap, feeling a newfound strength in my fingers.

"Pete, are you okay?." Aunt May's eyes were filled with worry again.

"I feel fine. I guess I've just been off of my feet too long." There was a knocking on the door, and a doctor stepped inside.

"Mr. Parker, it's good to see you responsive." The doctor, Wirth, took my arm, his hands cold as ice.

"I'm just going to take a bit of blood and test your reflexes, alright?."

"Uh, yeah." Wirth pulled out a small orange hammer from a drawer and tapped my knee. As soon as he did it, my foreleg kicked out, connecting with a stool. The stool lifted off of the ground and rocketed across the room, colliding with the wall. Ben and May's eyes were wide in shock, and I nervously bit my lip. Wirth's brow was furrowed, and he just stared at my reflex point.

"Uh... well. I'll mark it down that your reflexes are good." He was playing it off, but that had no doubt scared him. Wirth stepped back away from my leg and jotted something down on his clipboard. He took my blood and handed off the vial to a nurse.

Wirth clapped his hands together, "Alright. In a few days, we'll call you with the results." Ben stood to shake Dr. Wirth's hand.

"Thank you for everything, doctor."

"I want you to keep resting up, Peter. At least for the remainder of the week."

"We'll make sure he gets it. Thank you again, Wirth." Aunt May rose alongside Zoey, and I followed them out of the room. Despite the doctor's orders, I was itching to get back to school.

"Are you hungry, Pete?." Uncle Ben kept an arm draped across my shoulders as if I was going to collapse at any second.

"Yeah, actually quite a bit."

"We'll stop somewhere on the way home after we drop Zoey off." I climbed into the backseat of the car, my knees touching the back of the driver's seat.

'This is going to take some getting used to.' Zoey scooted in the seat next to me, her eyes studying my face. With my eyes seeing so much better... I realized how pretty Zoey actually was. Her eyes had flecks of gold throughout, and there was a near-invisible trace of freckles across the upper bridge of her nose, fanning out along her cheeks.

"Pete?." Her voice sounded different now too. I blinked real hard and turned my gaze back to her after I focused.


"Are you sure you're ok?."

"I'm fine, Z. I feel great." I faced the front, not entirely believing what I said. For the rest of the ride, I could feel Zoey's eyes on me. She was worried... and to be honest, I was slightly as well. When we pulled up outside Zoey's apartment, I jumped out, following her up.

"I'll be right back, Uncle Ben!." I walked behind Zoey and rode the elevator up to her floor. Before we rounded the corner into the hallway, Zoey grabbed ahold of my arm, stopping me.

"Alright, are you going to tell me what's wrong?. I don't know how Ben and May didn't even notice. And why are you taller and... fitter?."

"Z, I honestly have no idea. I'm not complaining." I laughed, spreading my arms out.

"I can breathe without having to be worried about any asthma attacks. I feel so much better and stronger." I rested a hand on my stomach and did a double-take. Lifting my shirt, I saw a faint trace of abs lining my stomach.

"I don't know what happened, but I have no complaints."

"Peter, be careful ok?. Don't push yourself too hard." Zoey gave me a quick hug.

"I'll see you at school." I watched her leave down the hall and turned back to the elevators. My eyebrows furrowed when I felt a faint buzzing in my skull.

"What the hell?." I glanced up, thinking a fly was buzzing around my head. The elevator doors opened, and the buzzing only increased. Standing inside was Grayson and Gwen.

"Peter, oh my God, you're awake!."

"I just woke up a few hours ago." I looked over at Gwen, waiting for her to say something. But her eyes were fixed on me, unwavering. I felt the buzzing again, and I felt my eye twitch.

"It's good to see you up. You look really good." Her tone didn't match her words, and she kept eyeballing me. I was getting really uncomfortable now.

"Well, I should head back down. May and Ben are waiting for me."

"No worries. We'll see you later, Pete. Take it easy." Grayson patted me on the back as he passed, and Gwen kept staring at me until the doors closed. The buzzing immediately stopped when the elevator started to drop.

"That was weird." I wasted no time rushing to my room when we got back home. I needed answers as to why this was happening. No spider venom had this effect on anyone. I didn't know it now, but no amount of searching could prepare me for the world I was about to join.

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