Hey all, I was thinking of doing a series based on different characters from anything. Whether it would be TV or Games, the story will have each of them doing a race around NASCAR Road Courses AND how any lapss they do. I'll do a story based on that series or game or movie. It should be fun. Hope you all enjoy it. The rules are simple. They will race around the track and how they will do that is that is that by the number on a card. If they have the most points, they are in the lead. By the end of the race, whoever has the most points wins the race and gets the most points for the overall standings. At the end of the season, whoever has the most points at the end claims the trophy of champions and wil move on to the Grand Championship for a chance at one million dollars. This HOWEVER will be limited as I can take so may things. Tell me how many you want THEN tell me what is it. Ok guys I hope you all have a RAWRing ad prideful day and I write to you all soon. Bye