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After Light had been handcuffed to L out of suspicion, some arrangements had to be made. After investigations for the day had ended (with the Task Force, at least), L had dragged Light up to his room in headquarters.

"You will be staying with me. I originally used the other bed built in this room for storing things, but I suppose we will have to push them closer," L said. Indeed, the suite room had two beds. One only had a laptop and voice modifying-microphone on it; the other was covered in the rest of L's junk.

Light walked over, quietly sighing. "Do you mind if I move your stuff off? You may not sleep, but I'd like a spot to sleep," he said.

"Be my guest," L replied. He watched, panda eyes transfixed on Light as the brunette moved everything off of the bed. Then, he pushed the bed closer to L's, so the handcuffs would have slack. The black-haired man walked between the much smaller gap, noting that his hips brushed against the beds.

"I'd like to take the handcuffs off for five minutes," Light said. Immediately, L looked to him. "Why?" was his first question, rather than an automatic rejection, which was his other option.

Light sighed. "I'm not Kira, and I cannot stress that enough, before you accuse me. Right now, I just want to shower without you watching me. You can sit outside, if that makes you happy, but I don't want to be handcuffed to you," he explained.

However, L didn't seem phased. "I won't undo our handcuffs. Rather... we can shower together," he said. Light felt his heart skip a beat and a blush consume his face. "My, how red your face is," L commented.

"Just... come on, let's get this overwith," Light mumbled. He gathered some pajamas, then headed towards the bathroom with L behind him. "I have never done this with another person before," L said.

Light felt his cheeks still remain warm as he put his pajamas and a towel on the counter. "Neither have I. Just... please, don't make this any more awkward than it has to be," he said. Then, he disrobed. It was after he'd kicked off his boxers that he noticed L staring at him, shifting his weight from side to side.

"You look... very handsome," he stated flatly. He took off his clothes. Whereas Light was about average in his physique and skin tone, with a few little scars here and there from falls as a child or assorted marks on his skin, L was different.

Being in the nude made him look even paler than he normally was somehow, and Light could see his rib cage from how underweight he was. But what was most alarming was the scars. Scars on his torso, dark, but faded from time.

"You've been staring at me for approxiamately two minutes now."

L's voice caught Light off-guard. "It's nothing. Let's get in," the brunette said. Then, he turned on the water, cranking the heat up. Light felt it, adjusting the temperature a tad bit. "Does this feel alright to you?" he asked.

L felt the water. Despite the heat, his skin remained as white as snow. "It's alright," he said. So, they both got in. "I think people wash each other in these situations," L stated.

Light inwardly cringed. "Just shower," he said, reaching for shampoo. As he turned away from L, massaging the shampoo into his hair, he felt a wash cloth rub across his back.

For some reason... he didn't mind it. He actually, in all honesty... kind of liked it. So, he said nothing, rinsing his hair and letting L wash his body from behind.

When Light turned around, he was suddenly met with L slamming his lips into the younger boy's mouth. At first, Light was obviously shocked. But he found that he didn't necessarily mind it. After a few seconds, L pulled away. "I've never done that before," he said.

"I'm not surprised. Anyways, turn around and let me wash your hair," Light said. So, L turned around to comply. He smiled to himself as Light's fingers rubbed into his scalp. He didn't get very much human interaction, and although he liked that... well, some interaction was nice, on occasion.

Before long, L had rinsed out his black hair and washed his body, and the two got out of the shower. They both dried off in silence. "...again tomorrow night?" L finally asked.

Light nodded. "Yeah."

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