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I decided to write a story about our favorite Mafia boss.

There's not much Diavolo centric stories, or is there? Well, I haven't noticed any.

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'...What the... I'm still alive…?'

A man with long pink hair with leopard spots which parted in the middle with a zig-zag pattern.

He also wore a shirt of sorts made from mesh wiring that attaches to the belt with long chainlinks across the torso, and his pants also stand out with their vibrant purple color, with matching shoes.

A sudden jolt interrupted his thoughts.

Diavolo surprised, looks around for anything other than himself in this infinite blackness.

And when he looks down, discovering that he is... sitting?

Wasn't he just dying moments ago?

The man with long pink hair, started panicking.

'What's going to happen now!? When will it end?!'

His senses weren't fooling him. He was sitting on a chair somehow.

Diavolo is prepared, for whatever jumps out at him from the shadows.

...which never happened. Instead, a spotlight suddenly came on directly above him, blinding the former Mafia Boss.

He tried to get up quickly, but found that the gravity around him was heavy. He almost can't move!

'What is this?' Diavolo thought mystified.


"Ah, you have arrived."


The voice of a girl rang out all around him, in all directions.

"Who goes?! Show yourself!" he responded, making no attempt to hide his fear.

In response to his voice, another spotlight illuminated an area in front of him.

In that area was a girl with long silvery hair, wearing dark blue clothes. Something about this girl seemed off to him.

"Who are you?" Diavolo demanded, not trusting this girl.

"I am Eris, the Goddess of Fortune." the young looking Deity replied, while putting on an air of regality.

Diavolo wided his eyes, slightly dumb struck at the unexpected answer. How can some girl claim she is a Goddess?

The Goddess of Fortune continued talking.

"We had to take extreme measures, while we judged you… Lorenzo Zeppeli." The girl continued, her face was neutral.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW MY REAL NAME?!" he exclaimed immediately.

Diavolo erased everything about his past!

`Is the cause of this Golden Experience Requiem?` he thought frantically.

He couldn't figure out how this girl managed to know his true identity! No one can know his identity! Is she truly a Goddess?

Diavolo was about to question this brat further.

Suddenly it felt like the gravity around him was crushing him!

"Calm down, Mister Zeppeli. Now. " The young girl gave him a stern look.

Now, Diavolo was a merciless man. Who struck fear in even the most veteran gangsters, yet this girl...

Unnerving him, it doesn't help that she claims to be a Goddess as well.

'From what I learned about this man… he is no ordinary human. He has done the impossible.' Eris remembering everything she read about him. She is trying to comprehend what Diavolo is. While keeping a calm and collected face.

The pink haired man is still on guard. It's not helping that an unknown force seems to be squeezing the life out of him. It must be her doing!

"I will explain everything. Are you going to listen?" she questioned without agitation.

Diavolo was staring for a while at the young Goddess. He eventually nodded his head mutely. The invisible pressure around him seemed to come to a halt.

His instincts, honed from years of running the Mafia told him to trust this child.

He will have to follow his instincts! His instincts never lied!

The former Mafia Boss decided to listen to this child. Hopefully he will get all the answers that he needs and not die in the process… again.

The Goddess of Fortune nods her head and started talking;

"You are in the afterlife, your spirit has been saved from your terrible fate."

The pink haired man was flabbergasted, he was saved? It's too good to be true! Is the power of Golden Experience Requiem tricking him?

"Don't worry, you truly are free. You will see for yourself, later. I have noticed your expression. You have my word, as a Goddess." Eris reassured him, but not so kindly.

Diavolo calmed down slightly and scowled. She didn't sound very reassuring to him.

"Normally you would have options that you may partake in… but in your case…" Eris looked disappointed.

"I read your history…" her face hardened.

This got the former Passione bosses attention.

"You were constantly wreaking havoc by trying to keep your identity a secret. You also had this obsession with erasing any trace of yourself from history." she gave him a sombre look.

Diavolo really needed to stop getting surprised by everything she is telling him.

Eris continued speaking;

"In your lifetime, you sold drugs to hundreds of people, including children. You killed several of your subordinates, including other innocent people. You tried to murder your own daughter, and killed most of her companions." The Goddess of Fortune gave him a distasteful look.

This girl evaluating him started to irritate Diavolo, but he kept that internalized.

"Instead of suffering in your… purgatory. You will be given a second chance. You shall be reincarnated into another world, where magic exists. With your current body and memories."

The pink haired man's eyes wided. "A world where magic exists?"

Eris nodded her head.

"Your mission is to help defeat the Devil King."

That last part of her sentence caught Diavolo's attention greatly. Which Eris noticed straight away.

"The afterlife is in grave danger, as more and more corruptions from the Devil King are seeping in."

Diavolo scowled; 'This Devil King is going to be a real problem.'

"Some of the Higher-Gods decided to choose people like you, to redeem themselves by replacing your... lesser acts with greater acts." The Goddess explained.

'People like me? Are there more people from my world?' the pink haired man thought puzzled.

"Will you either accept... or resign yourself to your previous fate. Now, which would you choose, Diavolo?" Eris asked, she knew the answer already.

He won't be getting another second chance, like this!

The former Mafioso Boss knew that he only had two choices presented to him currently, and he was going to make the right choice.

"I would fight this Devil King, you speak of. I don't have much of a choice." The former Mafia Boss responded.

"I knew you would." the Goddess said, while looking at the pink haired man intensity.

Diavolo glared at the girl. Then again she is the one in charge here, sadly.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, you will learn the language of this new world. It'll be programmed into your brain. The language will be based on your will."

The pink haired man raised his eyebrow at that?

He was impressed, that will be very convenient.

It would have been a bother, to be in a new world and not understand the language there.

'Pretty ironic - The Devil of Italy, fighting off a Devil in a parallel world.' Eris thought to herself.

"Your distrust for people. That will have to change that in the future. It would get you far in the new world. You will need all the help you can get." the Goddess said, while poker faced.

"I will pave my own path. The way I deem so..." Diavolo replied stubbornly.

The girl continued, a frown on her face.

"There are a few rules." the Goddess said.

"I am free, no matter what rules surround me." Diavolo coolly replied.

Her face has turned into a grimace.

"You're not allowed to kill humans or take part in any transgressions that endangers or aggrieves society." Eris stated seriously.

The Goddess gave the former Mob boss a very harsh look.

"If you do, you will suffer a fate far worse, than Golden Experience Requiem." she said intensely.

The pink haired man stared in horror at the Deities unexpected declaration.

'How can it get worse then THAT?!' the former Mob Boss shuddered. He is already starting to have terrible flashbacks.

"You get to keep your stand. But, your time erasing and future seeing abilities will be restricted. If you can prove to us that you changed for the better. We may consider giving back some of your abilities." Eris calmly stated.

The long pink haired man was astonished, even more. He can use King Crimson again, but with restrictions?

"I shall send you to your new destination, now." The Goddess of Fortune, raised her right hand and it glowed a strange white aura.

Diavolo's eyes wided, wondering what she was doing?

A blue circle appeared under the pink haired man, who looked down noticing it.

Strangely, this made his hair stand on end slightly. He began to float up slowly.

The former Boss was definitely not expecting this!

"Remember, I will always be watching you, Lorenzo Zeppeli… Good luck on your journey.'' The Goddesses face was neutral.

Diavolo looked up and stared intensely at the goddess.

A bright light surrounded the former Mafia Boss, until he was able to see nothing else. Then, all his feeling stopped.

In mere moments, he was gone from the area. Once he was, Eris sighed heavily.

'What were Higher-Gods thinking? He-'

The Goddess decided to stop thinking about it. Already in this short time, it has been too stressful.

'Diavolo isn't a metaphorical namesake…' she seriously thought.





First chapter finished!

Noticed how harsh Eris was? Well, she was dealing with a criminal, who committed many evil deeds. So she had to be strict with him.

Our favorite Italian mafia boss wasn't innocent, after all...

Diavolo a Zeppeli? I just made it up.

Caesar Zeppeli had siblings, so I was just thinking… what if Diavolo was related to the family somehow.

Caesar's siblings must have had children, then their children had children and so on. Continuing the bloodline, in that regard.

My explanation does not make sense, but you get my idea.

They're all in Italy, and obviously the bloodline continues. So what if by random fate, Diavolo was actually a Zeppeli, related.

Pretty stupid, I know. Was aiming for irony. The family that was so noble and yet one of them is the most villainous being on the planet.

A Devil in human form…

It's random as hell, I swear.

But I will explore and hopefully expand the topic more, in later chapters.

If you don't like my story, just know that I'm doing it absolutely only for my own entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

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