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Especially Diavolo… the reason for him acting so differently?

The guy freaking survived Requiem!

He wasn't supposed to escape his inevitable fate.

Lorenzo got so wrecked, that even Crazy Diamond couldn't fix him!

He was a broken man, beyond repair.

We don't know how long he has been trapped there.That event must have definitely been traumatic for the man.

He is slowly learning his lesson the hard way.

The former Boss is still coming to terms with his great loss.

The God's tried their best to heal his mind, body and soul.

Ok, not so much the body.

Traumatic events mostly change certain individuals, for better or worse.

The God's also might have done something to him…

Diavolo knows that he is being watched by the Divine.

So the former Boss knows that he has to behave.

If Lorenzo were his normal self. Things might not have gone smoothly in his new journey.


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Diavolo was running for a very long time.

Things were happening too fast for the Italian and he didn't like it!

Eventually he decided to slow down and catch his breath.

Lorenzo seemed to have ended up in the richer parts of this town. Which were located on the higher grounds of the district. The houses looked much larger around these parts and were quite lavish.

While observing the new location, Diavolo noticed that there wasn't a single soul anywhere.

Almost all of the houses looked abandoned.

Upon closer inspection, the houses really were abandoned!

'How strange… Perhaps nobody could afford to live here or something else entirely... it doesn't matter…' the former Don was pondering, whilst observing his surroundings.

The eerie silence of this district swallowed him.

He was aware that his own paranoia was one of the reasons, everyone in his previous life was rebelling against him in the first place.

Diavolo's true goal was never to hide firsthand, it was to ensure that he was in absolute control!

The Italian slowly realized that his motives in the past had amounted to pure megalomania.

His old pathology led him to his downfall. The Zeppeli's irrepressible desire to achieve absolute power in order… to control his own fate.

Diavolo looked up at the clouds in the sky coming and going.

Sadly, he learned that mistakes were inevitable. They were persistent and constant.

Over and over they breached his walls that he built. The walls were supposed to protect him from them.

To make sure he never made the same mistakes again.

But Lorenzo overestimated himself. It was that overconfidence that invited mistakes.

Regret is a curious thing. By its very nature, it only hits after you've done something.

He can't hide forever, not in this new world. Best course of action is to hide in plain sight. In other words, to blend in with society.

People won't be too nosy.

It does have its advantages and disadvantages.

Diavolo was also wondering, 'Since when have I become so self aware? Damn those God's... '

The Italian shook his head. 'Too much thinking doesn't help anyone.'

He failed in his previous life, but sometimes not all failures lead to dead ends.

Lorenzo must learn to be flexible in his beliefs… reverting to his ways will not help the situation at hand now.

"Diavolo?" came a sudden gentle, shy voice.

Lorenzo spun around really fast. Also instinctively summoning his Stand.

When he realized who it was. He immediately calmed down.

"Oh, it's just you…" the Italian man began to calm down.

'I was so preoccupied with my damn own thoughts, that I forgot to check my own surroundings…' an irritated Lorenzo thought.

Diavolo realised that the girl wasn't a threat.

It was Yunyun, the poor girl looked like she was going to collapse any minute.

The Crimson Demon was leaning forwards, trying to catch your breath.

' She must have been searching for me… but why? Hmmm… since I am her savior, from that previous incident. This child must feel indebted to me...' Diavolo was trying to figure out this strange child.

Who knows how long Yunyun was running. This girl seems to be the relentless type. When it came to chasing people.

He noticed that the Crimson Demon had regained her composure.

Then something caught her attention, she was looking at Lorenzo's side.

The Italian followed her gaze. Yunyun was looking at his Stand, which was floating next to him.

King Crimson had undergone a very bizarre Metamorphosis, again.

Still retaining it's new silhouette-like humanoid form, but with noticeable changes.

It's body is still all black. But now it has a white outlines around the body.

The hands were glowing white.

It also has tiny white star-like dots scattered around it's form.

The Stand's face only consists of green eyes with no pupils. Which were staring right back at Diavolo.

'How is this possible? It looked much darker in the alleyway.' The pink haired man was looking at his Stand from top to bottom.

Yunyun was truly amazed and slightly terrified. Looking at her saviors' Magical Summon? The strange entity looks like a night sky, full of stars.

'Just what is going on with my Stand?' Diavolo was utterly baffled.

It didn't make any sense to Lorenzo. He wondered why his Stand had mutated again.

' Could it be the exposure of the light? Saving this girl? Fighting those low life's? It could be anything! '

Diavolo ran his hands through his hair and sighed.

The former Don took a deep breath, closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. Trying to ignore the audible quiver of the air escaping his lungs.

'I don't have the power to control fate now… never have... Can't see the future or manipulate time… no more. Can't cheat fate, not anymore.' Diavolo truly hated feeling powerless. It was truly unbearable.

King Crimson dissipated, leaving a bewildered Yunyun.

' What kind of magic is that? Is it even magic? Hopefully I will find out…' the young girl was fascinated.

Lorenzo glares at the Crimson Demon. "What do you want, Kid?" he asked rudely.

The future Chef jumped slightly and looked away uncomfortably.

"SorーI'm sorry, that's not what I meant to say…"

Aside from Megumin, she never confronts others due to her shyness. Poor girl is trying her best right now.

The reason why Yunyun wanted to find Diavolo was because she really wanted to show him proper gratitude.

Also, the young girl was curious about the mysterious man.

Maybe, just maybe, to hopefully befriend her hero.

The brunette looked away shyly, trying to find a proper answer to Diavolo's question.

Then her eyes widened upon realising where she ended up. The Crimson Demon was unaware of her surroundings before.

Poor girl was still a little tired from her crazy marathon.

She carelessly got separated from Megumin and the gang. While she was searching for Diavolo.

Yunyun looked right back at Lorenzo swiftly. Which nearly caught the Italian off guard.

"Yo- You know where I live?" the young girl blurted out loudly.

The former Don raised an eyebrow at her odd question. Yunyun looked away rather embarrassed, after her sudden bold outburst.

Lorenzo realised something, he turned to his right and guessed that this might be the young Crimson Demon's domain.

Diavolo didn't notice before, he stood really close to a quaint two story red brick house.

It looked similar to the other buildings around, but slightly different.

The paneled shutters of the windows were a dark red almost black oak, along with the front door. It was as standard and normal as you could get, yet it had something special to it.

"No, I don't know- " Before Lorenzo could finish what he was about to say…

A sudden explosion could be heard in the distance and then a large jolt shook the very foundation of the town.

Which was followed quickly by more strong shaking.

Yunyun quickly used her own house to balance from falling further.

Diavolo swiftly used King Crimson to prevent himself from falling down.

This shaking felt violent and it was very difficult to stand.

Eventually the sudden upheaval came to an abrupt halt.

The surrounding buildings didn't receive any major damage strangely.

Both Lorenzo and Yunyun recovered from that bizarre incident.

The Crimson Demon looked at Lorenzo. "Are you alright?" she asked, concerned.

Diavolo blinked and turned towards Yunyun.

" I'm fine child…" the former Don reassured.

It's been a long time since someone bothered about his well-being. He was almost flattered, but quickly got rid of those pitiful feelings.

Then he looked around, Lorenzo was baffled, the Italian was trying to figure out what just happened.

Diavolo's face scrunched up in confusion.

" Was that an Earthquake? " he questioned.

Yunyun also looked puzzled. 'There haven't been any earthquakes in ages… unless…'

The young girl's eyes widened. Before she could voice her opinions-

"Emergency broadcast! Emergency broadcast! Attention to all Adventurers, please prepare all your equipment and gather at the town's main gate! Get ready for battle!" The emergency public announcement resonated throughout the Town.

It was the first time Lorenzo witnessed an emergency announcement in Axel.

The Adventuring Guild were utilizing the city's various spread speakers.

Suddenly the duo heard a thundering roar in the distance. It was unlike anything Diavolo had ever experienced.

Yunyun has fought many great beasts in the past. So she wasn't overwhelmed by that monstrous cry

"I knew it…" the Crimson girl muttered solemnly. She was looking towards the horizon.

Lorenzo snapped his head towards Yunyun. He heard what the girl had said.

" What is it girl? Do you know what caused those tremors? " Diavolo demanded answers.

The Crimson Demon jumped abruptly looking at the older man, who caught her attention.

Then she remembered; "We're supposed to meet everyone at the main gate. Let's go Diavolo!"

Without warning, Yunyun ran down another path. Heading towards the main entrance of Axel.

" Wha- Hey! " Lorenzo could only watch in disbelief.

Diavolo found the audacity of that girl, running away from him to be very rude. Then again the Italian did run away from her earlier.

The Italian began to comprehend the importance of her actions.

' So that child must be an Adventurer. Then there should be a Guild around here somewhere .' Lorenzo concluded.

The Zeppeli looked at the retreating figure of Yunyun. He started to chase after her. Deciding to catch up with the young lady.

Diavolo's true intentions mostly revolve around gaining personal power.

The Crimson Demon might help him achieve that.

He was sort of acquainted with Yunyun and could tolerate her existence at least.

' That girl is either brave or foolish enough to run head-first into dangerous territory... ' Lorenzo admired her courage.

He let a slight smirk cross his face, whilst still moving.

Diavolo noticed every citizen of Axel was running around in panic toward their homes before closing everything.

The Knights of Axel were trying to bring order, but they failed miserably. Some of the poor law enforcers got stampede over.

While every single Adventurer was running towards the announced position with a grim expression painted upon their faces.

' It's unavoidable, once again. In order to survive, I will have to fight. Prove that I am worthy to the Gods. This is only to fulfil my own ambitions.' Lorenzo resolved.

To be alive at all, involves some risk.


Arriving outside of the entrance to the city. Diavolo stood behind a crowd of Adventurers.

The Warriors of Axel were all staring off into the distance. Waiting for whatever is about to appear on the battlefield.

Diavolo's eyes scanned the area outside of the town.

It was mostly a broad area of relatively flat land. There were also large mountains in the distance.

He then took a good look at the small army. Trying to evaluate the type of individuals he might have to deal with in this new world.

While Lorenzo was still observing, he spotted Yunyun. Who was further away from the crowd.

He didn't know anyone else but her. It was the logical choice to ally himself with the girl.

The Italian didn't know much about this kingdom. To get assistance from a resident of this new world, will benefit himself greatly.

Diavolo walked over and stood next to the child.

Yunyun didn't even realise that someone was standing by her side.

The Italian wasn't too pleased with the girl, being so oblivious to her surroundings.

Diavolo was having some doubts now.

" Looking for someone?" Lorenzo asked sarcastically, trying to grab the younger girl's attention.

Yunyun nearly jumped out of her skin. She didn't even realize that the older man was in her presence.

She was actually looking for her Rival; Megumin. Hoping to team up with Team Kazuma.

Lorenzo stared into her eyes unblinkingly, with apathy. Yunyun stares back curiously.

' This child is an outcast. Just like me… ' Various emotions played across Diavolo's faces.

Yunyun wasn't expecting the pink haired man to suddenly gain a melancholic look on his face as he stared forward. His eyes wandered towards the cloudy skies.

Yunyun was glad that he came seeking her company. But she also wonders why he's acting like this?

Perhaps he was also frightened or it could be something else entirely. She decided not to disturb his reverie.

The Crimson Demon reminded Lorenzo of his younger pathetic self, there were a few similarities.

It was almost sickening, to remember his accursed past again.

Maybe this is why Lorenzo could place a little bit of trust in Yunyun.

He could sympathize with her, and understand the feeling of loneliness.

Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks.

Giorno did have a team of his own to help him on his journey. Team Bucciarati put their trust in Giovanna and had each other's backs.

The duality of Giorno and Diovolo's life decisions as a whole, made the world of a difference in their fight.

' One often meets his destiny on the path he takes to avoid it.' the Zeppeli decided to be more positive.

He looked back at Yunyun, the brunette was patiently waiting for him.

The Crimson Demon found Diavolo to be a very pensive individual. Always engrossed within his own thoughts.

" I know that we just met and that you might distrust me." Lorenzo caught the young girl's attention.

" The truth is, I lost everything due to my own mistakes…"

The former Mafioso really didn't want to be reminded of his humiliating losses. But he was trying to pursue someone here.

Yunyun was curious about what mistakes Diavolo had made. But she didn't want to pry. It seemed like a very touchy subject.

" I've only just arrived in this town today... I could really use some of your assistance, Child." Lorenzo was trying to be sincere. At least he's trying to be mostly honest.

The Crimson Demon looks like she was hesitating. Dealing with her own inner conflicts.

' I feel like Diavolo can be trusted. I already used Aura Sense, without him noticing…' Yunyun ponders.

His was… she didn't know any words to describe it perfectly. His aura was conflicting, but not wicked.

Aura Sense is an Arch Wizard skill that allows the caster to sense an individual, whether they are good or evil.

The Italian noticed that the girl seemed to be making her own inner decisions. He didn't blame her, the Italian is a complete stranger after all.

But now he was beginning to slowly lose his patience.

' Diavolo gave me a fighting chance. I can at least return the favor.' the Crimson child thought optimistically.

Lorenzo was beginning to lose it, but quickly calmed down.

"Not to worry, I don't have any atrocious motives. I only harm those that are deserving, like those thugs. Also… "

Yunyun found his confession to be a tad strange, but didn't comment.

Suddenly it started to get windy. Diavolo's hair started to flow dramatically.

The Adventures found the weather to be quite peculiar. It wasn't helping those who are wearing hats either.

"One of my main goals in this new life is to destroy the Devil King." the Italian said, looking very serious.

Yunyun's eyes widened, hearing the bold declaration. Her clothes and hair were slightly moving with the wind.

' What did he mean by new life? Did the Devil King harm him in any manner? ' the bewildered Crimson Demon might ask him later.

She quickly remembered the true nature of the current situation.

"Then you will need help. One of my missions is to also defeat the Devil King." Yunyun spoke boldly, placing a hand by her heart.

The Crimson child was planning this for awhile, she realized this is the perfect opportunity to act now.

" I would be honored to join you on your quest! " she exclaimed.

Diavolo just stood there bewildered, his eyes were widened.

' When was the last time someone had joined my cause willingly? Not since…' The Italian was eyeing the young girl with some level of appreciation.

She walked towards Diavolo and extended her hand out, for a handshake.

Lorenzo was a little bit surprised by her action.

"This is happening so fast… can't believe-" the young girl shook her head.

The Zeppeli wasn't amused with her antics.

Yunyun got serious, she looked towards Diavolo with a determined look.

"I also want you to join my party!" the young Arch Wizard exclaimed loudly.

Lorenzo was astonished, he was staring at her for a while.

' Things are going according to plan. She's just a means to an end. I'm going to need all the help that I can get anyways. Can't do it alone this time… ' the Italian had a content look.

" Very well… I will join your party. " Diavolo internally smiled and nodded. While he shook her hand firmly.

No matter how Yunyun looked at it, teaming up with a stranger was ridiculous. Even if they did have the same immediate goals.

As crazy as it sounded, she trusted the pink haired man. Well, it was less that she trusted him and more that she believed he wanted

It looked like Diavolo wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that, but the point still stood.

This was a way forward, Yunyun believes.

It was stupid and reckless and preposterous, and maybe – just maybe – it was a little bit exciting too.

Things would never go back to how they were before, so why shouldn't she shake her life up?

"I'm okay with this." she said, before she could change her mind.

"Just don't hold me back, child." Lorenzo looks sternly at the brunette.

" Don't worry, I will help you in any way I can! " The Crimson Demon was happy.

Yunyun hasn't been able to join any party. Again due to her shyness, a rare trend amongst her clan.

To confront and ask people if she can join.

The young girl will often run away when a party she saves tries to thank her or ask her to join their group.

Disregarding the bandits from earlier. Yunyun was just being reckless and desperate for attention.

Everyone heard a small commotion by the town entrance.

A well-endowed woman with fair skin, wavy blonde hair tied back in a bun, and gold-colored eyes appeared on the scene.

The Adventurers immediately recognized who the woman dressed in the Guild staff uniform.

Her name was Luna.

Also behind the Blonde woman, were her fellow co-workers.

The guild staff members were pulling a carriage full of useful items, for the upcoming quest.

They stationed themselves closer to the entrance walls, where it was mostly safe.

Luna swallowed her reservations and stood in front of the large crowd.

"Thank you for coming, everyone!" she proclaimed loudly.

The older woman is the famous receptionist who helps Adventurers find quests and events.

"I have terrible news from our Scouts! Reports indicate as of right now, a Behemoth is approaching our town." the beautiful woman cried out to everyone present.

Everyone's dread became outright terror now.

Loud mutterings and terrified glances were shared amongst the Adventurers present.

Diavolo was lost in the implications of the horrible revelation.

Everyone knew what a Behemoth, except Lorenzo.

The uncertain Italian turned his head towards Yunyun, she noticed his gaze.

Lorenzo was hoping for an exclamation. The former Mafioso had an idea as to what this creature might be.

But he needed more information. Diavolo obviously wanted to be prepared.

" What is a Behemoth child? " he asked the brunette girl.

Yunyun gawked at the Italian man.

' How does he not know? Maybe he's also a foreigner, just like Kazuma… '

She wanted to ask the older man so many questions. Hopefully the Crimson Demon will get a chance later on.

Yunyun decided to answer the Zeppeli's question anyway.

She explained to Lorenzo; the beast was powerful enough to violently shake the land itself.

It severely renders prey with long claws and horns.

Lastly the monster uses razor-like sharp teeth to deal the killing blow.

Some were rumoured to even use high-level magic.

The monster was considered undefeatable.

It's extremely large too.

Yunyun gestured grandly to the last path of her explanation.

The Italian was frowning, while trying to process all of this information.

If Diavolo said he wasn't a little scared, then he'd be lying.

But Lorenzo pushed his fears away. The Italian began to clear his mind, knowing he would need every bit of focus he could muster to win the upcoming battle.

No matter the foe, Diavolo will have to defeat them sooner or later.

Lorenzo will be forced to get stronger, in order to defeat the Devil king.

All of this, just to remain free…

The Italian decided to formulate a plan with Yunyun, who was listening eagerly.

Everyone else were making preparations for the upcoming fight.

Luna was discussing about the rewards, for defeating the beast. Which seemed to motivate the Adventurers greatly.

Yunyun and Diavolo wasn't really paying attention.

Lorenzo's razor sharp mind processed the constraints on his person and new partner. Diavolo was hesitant at first, to be discussing his abilities.

He realized that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yunyun was astounded that the pink haired man wasn't an Adventurer like her.

She also briefed him about the Adventurers organization, which provided various services to those who were part of the guild.

Lorenzo was very impressed, regarding what the young girl was capable of.

The amount of spells she knew. Made her quite the formidable wizard.

Diavolo also got to acquire the knowledge of magic. Which was a method of attack or defense used by certain job classes.

Yunyun finally got to learn about Diavolo's Stand. Which is an entity psychically generated by it's owner.

To her disbelief, stands don't require mana.

Lorenzo is not even sure himself, if his new Stand requires magic or not. The Italian will have to find out later.

Once he becomes an Adventurer in the near future.

The Crimson Demon was also coming up with her own useful strategies, much to Diavolo's satisfaction.

While Yunyun was checking her own supplies in a pouch around the back of her waist. Which the older man didn't even realise she owned.

The Italian glanced elsewhere, noticing someone familiar.

It was that boy he bumped into earlier, standing with his comrades.

Diavolo couldn't care less about anyone else's well-being. Unless they align with his personal goals.

Lorenzo resented doing more for others because he felt that it can impede his own needs.

Meanwhile, Kazuma noticed that Megumin was looking awfully guilty. He knew damn well what the mischievous wizard was capable of.

" Did you do something this time again? " the Weeb asked with twitching eyebrows.

Kazuma knew what a Behemoth is; due to him reading about it from a monster encyclopedia.

"Wh- why are you blaming me? I didn't do anything!" Megumin exclaimed, while averting eyes from her Leader.

"Technically, few of the problems we've encountered were caused either directly or indirectly by you." Kazuma was being frank.

Then the two loony friends got into a loud quarrel.

Aqua tried to counteract their passionate arguing, but it only got worse. Both girls ended up bullying the Japanese boy.

Some of the guild members found their tomfoolery to be very amusing. It brought some of the tension down at least.

Darkness stood a short distance in front of the small army, both hands rested on her sword that was firmly planted into the ground.

At that moment, the female knight gave off the very picture of what an ideal knight would look like. But not for long…

"I was expecting to be assaulted by multiple enemies at this point. Now, a great beast is approaching- Oh the pleasure… " Lalatina's cheeks flared with heat.

The last thought brought about all sorts of fantasies for the Knight.

The Adventures looked amongst themselves, momentarily thrown off by Darkness.

Some of them were used to her unruly behavior. While others just didn't know how to handle the Crusader.

Diavolo found the Blonde Knight to be revolting. He knew that type of nature all too well.

She was definitely a Masochist. The former Don had a few subordinates, like that in his previous life.

They were easy to manipulate and extort.

He found their sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain and humiliation to be very disgusting.

Suddenly an unholy roar could be heard. Everyone turned in the direction of the sound.

In the distance by the mountains. A colossal sized quadrupedal beast could be seen slowly approaching Axel.

It was a large purple, canine-esque creature with two bull-like horns and flowing manes. The monstrosity was larger than a Destroyer!

"…what the hell am I getting myself involved with?" idly wondered Diavolo, his eyes never leaving the form of the incoming danger.

Lorenzo can't run away from every challenge. Just because it suddenly gets difficult.

Diavolo knew that everything was a-

' ... trial. Impossible is for the unwilling.' he thought to himself determined.

The Italian glanced at Yunyun. The young girl was focused on their enemy. She didn't even look nervous at all.

He's partnered with a powerful comrade.

" Our survival starting today is dependent on teamwork, child." Lorenzo said seriously.

" Yes, I know. "

Yunyun nods her head.

Then she turned her head towards Diavolo.

" I'm glad that we get to fight together." the Crimson Demon looks on in earnest.

" Hmph, I only choose to battle alongside the worthy." Lorenzo remarks in a cheeky voice.

The Italian had no idea why he said that. Diavolo quickly consigned to oblivion.

Yunyun was not prepared for that! She was really glad that someone got to praise her.

" You remember the plan? " Diavolo asked quickly, trying to focus on more pressing matters.

" O- of course! I'm ready when you are." The Crimson Demon was ready for action.

" Then onwards we go! " Lorenzo exclaimed, charging ahead. With Yunyun following him closely.

Everyone else could only watch in bewilderment. As the strange duo run past them.

' Hopefully these fools will follow our example.' Lorenzo thought bitterly.

Diavolo and Yunyun drew nearer and nearer to the seemingly unstoppable Behemoth.



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Ah yes… Doomguy and Isabelle

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Lorenzo is usually partially ignored when discussing JoJo villains.

This is a real shame, as he had a lot going. In my opinion, he is one of the better villains in Jojo.

The Italian was able to hold his own among the best of them.

My man Diavolo had a very big connection with the modern Jojo world. (Part 3, 4, 5 and 6.)

He was the guy who stole and sold some of the arrows.

As a result, he was responsible for DIO gaining a stand and continuing his feud with the Joestars.

Indirectly caused the drama in Morioh and DIO'S boyfriend to achieve heaven.

Diavolo was the secret architect of all of the modern day Joestar's woes.

Which Lorenzo didn't know about, at all.

Similar to how Kars was the source of the mask.

This helps to clarify the connection and clash between Giorno and Diavolo.

The distant and unique Joestar deals with the distant and unique enemy of the Joestars…



Yunyun is exclusively for holding hands and headpats only.

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