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"Perks of First Days."

First days suck.

School, high school, work, you name it.

Still, Annabeth Chase was not known for giving up, for letting fear get to her.

Recently, her life had been all about firsts. First day in New York after living all of her life in California. First day living in a house after being used to apartments where she had the best sights of the city around her.

And now, first day in a new high school.

She had woken up that day with butterflies fluttering around in her stomach, butterflies that seemed to be threatening to make her throw up. She sat up, looked at the time on her phone, saw all the messages on her Snapchat from her friends back at California and looked out the window, noticing the freezing rain falling down from the bleary sky with a grimace.

Then, deciding to get a move on before the panic and dread got a hold onto her, she decided to give herself a five-second' pity party before leaving her bed with a weary sigh, remembering the warm days in California with nostalgia as the cold wind filtering through the glass' window brushed past her bare legs.

She walked straight to her laptop, which she had strategically placed on her desk by the other side of the room in order to be forced to get out of bed in order to begin her empowering routine, and opened Spotify, going straight to her playlists.

As 'Lost In The Wild' began to blast through the room, Annabeth walked towards her wardrobe and opened its doors unceremoniously, setting her eyes on the chaotic mess that were her clothes with a small smile.

"Bring it on, high school," Annabeth whispered with determination before kneeling down to inspect the pile more closely.

Her first day wasn't actually that bad.

Her new high school was attended by just under a thousand students so really, Annabeth was able to easily blend with her peers, her focus set on getting straight from one class to the other, trying to use the map given to her in the Administration' office as little as possible in order not to be mocked.

Not because she feared what the others would say, of course, but because she didn't think it would look good on her record if she punched some asshole on her first day at a new school.

All in all, her day wasn't that bad. Her peers weren't blatantly stupid - or at least the ones she'd noticed so far -, her classes had been interesting and the library was enormous. She was really excited about checking out the places near the school to study and drink coffee but for the moment, she was just glad the high school' campus was really nice. She figured it would give her the inspiration to carry on with her building' sketches and blueprints.

It all took a turn for the worse during gym class.

Annabeth had always wondered where did movies and books get the inspiration for all the stereotypes they showed. Like, the nerd girl who was too shy to speak up but somehow managed to get all of the hot dudes at her high school into falling in love with her, or the mean girls who were mean to the protagonist only because they were actually jealous of her, or the jock who seemed to reform himself seemingly the moment his eyes fell on the cute, new girl.

So far, everything had been normal. The gym teacher explained some things, made them run a few laps, and then, as it had been the first day of school, he allowed his students to play any game of their choosing until the bell rang.

Annabeth had been relieved. She was actually quite good at sports - and quite competitive, admittedly -, so it would give her a chance to have some fun before the school' day was over and she was free to go home.

Eventually, they all agreed to play basketball. Teams were chosen, the ball was handed, the whistle rang, the game had started, and the gym teacher had disappeared behind his study's door, which was adjoined to the gym itself.

Annabeth was quite good at blocking the other team so before too long, she had managed to get the ball for her team and she was dribbling as fast as she could towards the other side of the court, her eyes on her team and the enemy' team in order to successfully assess the situation before her.

Player after player, she managed to dodge all of her opponents until at last, she was facing a tall boy with jet black hair and piercing sea green eyes. Of course, usually that's the last thing she would have played attention to while playing but really, the dude was gorgeous. She couldn't just ignore that.

"Hey, you're new, right?" the boy breathed as he followed Annabeth's advance, preventing her from getting a clear shot.

"I am," Annabeth replied breathlessly in return, trying to distract the boy. She glanced towards her sides, and noticed with exasperation that all of her teammates were blocked by the opponent' team. "What about you? Do you talk to strangers while playing basketball?"

"I'm Percy. Thought I'd introduce myself," Percy replied, his voice faltering as he suddenly reached forward, intending to grab the ball, yet failing at the last minute as Annabeth twirled away from him and dribbled away from him and towards the basket. "Thought that's the thing you're supposed to do with new kids, you know?"

"Of course," Annabeth nodded before smirking and changing the direction towards which she was running just as she felt Percy reaching her. Without fail, she heard Percy curse as he stumbled behind her, and took the opportunity to make a perfect shot. As the ball fell through the basket, she turned and smiled sufficiently at the boy sprawled on the floor. "You're also supposed to focus during a game."

Percy chuckled warmly as he raised to his feet before her but, before any of them could continue the conversation, a whistle was heard from the bleachers.

"Looking good on those shorts, new girl!"

Annabeth twirled on her feet at that, her blond hair - which had been tied into a ponytail -, slapping lightly against her neck from the sudden forcefulness of the movement. Her eyes fell on a blond guy with cruel, clear eyes who was laughing with some of his friends by the lowest bench of the bleachers.

"What did you just say to her?" Percy growled. He walked past Annabeth, his fists already clenched as if ready to fight him.

"You heard me, Jackson," replied the blond idiot by the bleachers. "What, are you going to fight me over your girlfriend's honour?"

Annabeth decided to intervene then. She stalked her way towards the group and stood before Percy, her eyes glinting with passionate desire for murder as they settled on Luke. "Percy, I can deal with him. I don't need you fighting my battles."

Percy looked at her, his eyes softening when Annabeth only straightened proudly, refusing to let anyone defend her. But then, another person intervened.

"Hey, you're right. Besides, Jackson, your grades are already bad as it is. We don't need you getting another detention," a petite, intimidating girl with sky blue eyes and hair the same colour as Percy's mused as she strutted her way past Annabeth and Percy and towards Luke. Then, as she was nearing the latter, she suddenly twirled on her feet and smirked at the pair. "Still, that doesn't mean a woman cannot support another woman."

And, without further ado, she connected her fist with Luke's jaw.

"You bitch!" Luke screamed as the class began laughing at his expense. He seemed ready to stand up and carry on the fight but then, as if summoned by the general hilarity, the doors to the gym teacher's study opened and, after taking a look at the scene before him, he sent Luke, Percy, the girl who punched Luke, and Annabeth to the principal's office.

"Awesome first day of school, huh?" the girl smirked as she fell onto step with Annabeth and Percy. She offered the blonde girl her hand to shake. "I'm Thalia, this loser's cousin. I think we're going to be quite good friends, what do you say?"

Annabeth glanced at Percy with an amused smile before shaking Thalia's hand. "I couldn't agree more. I'm Annabeth."

The reason movies and books are usually filled with stereotypes and clich├ęs was because they actually happened in real life.

Still, as Percy offered her a shy smile and Thalia winked at her before entering the principal's office, Annabeth could only think about the fact that, sometimes, those kind of moments weren't actually that bad.

Besides the detention she was surely going to get, of course.