The Many Lives of a Self Insert

(Edit:8/4/2020: forgot to add the Code to the list of abilities, and to explain the mental bonuses my character gains.)

Right, so I've jumped around a bit. This is a fic that relies on power creep. Basically my character is reincarnated from world to world, gradually gaining power, usually in the form of Essences from that setting. I've limited the setttings a touch, mostly so I'm not bogged down with options.

At the start of the story my character has:

All mental boosts/similar abilities stack.

He possesses several universal abilities:

His powers cannot be copied, weakened, nullified, blocked, overcharged, stolen, etc. without his explicit permission.

His ability to learn languages is greatly boosted even before other intelligence boosts.

Essence of the Infinite Adventure:

Allows him to reincarnate, incarnate, or drop in to other worlds. He gains abilities, knowledge, and power from every world, and once he moves on from the world (i.e. Code Geass to To Aru) their abilities function as they would regardless of physics, metaphysics, etc.

If trapped in an inescapable time loop or something similar he is forcibly reincarnated.

Essence of the Power of Kings (Code Geass):

He gains immense genius and godlike charisma, perfect memory, infinite parallel thought processes and multi-tasking abilities, with instant recall and superb indexing. his information processing is increased to such a level that his capable of "reading a thousand page novel in ten minutes".

He starts with Geass in both eyes, naturally because he lived through a life relying on Geass and Code as his only supernatural powers, and can use any Geass in official material. He also has a mental archive of every Geass ever activated from the Code Geass Multiverse. This is mostly an excuse to use completely custom Geass. His Geass are under his complete control, and are mostly vector unlimited. The only restriction to original geass (and official geass) is that they must work within the rules of reality even if only through pseudoscience bullshit. For instance my character uses a Geass that is basically discount Kotoamatsukami from Naruto. It works similarly to Lelouch's only shifting the commands into the subconscious so the person thinks its their own idea and are compelled to follow through. He knows exactly how each Geass works and how best to use it.

He also gains a copy of the Sky Fortress Damoclese, a copy of the Ikaruga, and a custom Knightmare Frame. All have infinite batteries and regenerating munitions. They also come with a complement of absolutely loyal soldiers and technicians to man the things and keep them running smoothly.

He can bring along any people that are within the buildings and vehicles that follow him from world to world so long as they are within them when he transfers. He didn't obtain the vehicles from Code Geass until his after his first transfer.

He gains a Code, which grants Immortality and Eternal Youth via Absolute Regeneration, the ability to grant Geass to others, and it removes the natural limiter on the human body. Between the regeneration it grants, and the limit removal he can go through dbz style weight training and actually thrive. Should I be reincarnated as an infant or child the eternal youth is disabled until i hit my physical prime. where as Geass must function within realities laws the code is blatantly magical/supernatural. Using the Code near a spiritually significant location can grant him access to the World of C within which dwells the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, which powers the Code and Geass. Within the World of C, he can speak with the dead, teleport globally via "Thought Elevators" and should he choose, he can kill God/Collective Unconscious causing the collapse of humanity as we know it, creating a hive mind version of humanity with no desire or ambitions.

Essence of the Academy Individual (To Aru):

While within a To Aru-verse he has access to all esper abilities, any that are not already Level 5 are upgraded to match a Level 5. He has the ability to use magic, and can use it without being harmed by being an esper. When not within a To Aru-verse, he has permanent access to any ten esper abilities. Once outside his first To Aru-verse he gains the ability to use any form of magic regardless of metaphysics or other requirements like magical circuits or a magical core.

He has chosen: Accelerator (Vector Control), Misaka Mikoto (Electrokinesis), Shoukuhou Misaki (Mental Out), Kakine Teitoku (Dark Matter), Hokaze Junko (Rampage Dress), Musujime Awaki (Move Point) [Four Slots Remaining]

He also gains Imagine Breaker, though he cannot use it at the same time as his other abilities.

He gains a companion in Aiwass and Anna Sprengel who took up the rolls of heads of the Esper and Mage division respectively.

He gains a copy of the Windowless Building filled with all the tech of the To Aru-verse, and a group of followers half Mage and half esper, as well as a bunch of technicians to keep everything running smoothly.

As a child I was offered the ability to go on an infinite, never ending adventure in a dream. Naturally dream-child me accepted. After choosing my first two worlds I naturally woke up and promptly forgot all about it. That is, I forgot out about it until I died naturally in my sleep after a life of indulgence. I was completely surprised when I awoke in a dark void and was presented with my already selected choices before being booted into a portal and waking as I was being born in the world of Code Geass. Apparently my child self didn't care if he was reborn as a girl or guy so when I was reborn as the eldest daughter of some Britannian family you can bet I was surprised. Thankfully I was never particularly attached to my gender so adapting went easily. By the time I chose to move on I had a harem of women at my beck and call.

The second time, I was reborn as a man in the world of A Certain Magical Index. Using Charles zi Britannia's Geass I copied over Index's memories of the grimoires but aside from that I kept out of the plot living a fairly simple life far outside Academy City where I practiced magic and settled on what esper abilities I would keep. I eventually decided and chose to move on. Boy was I surprised when I dropped out of the sky into a massive battle. Between my Code, Rampage Dress, and Vector Control I thankfully emerged from the fall unscathed.

Standing, ignoring the pause in the battle as everyone involved took a moment to realize that, yes, an eighteen year old just fell out of the sky from a portal that exploded into shards of kaleidoscopic light. Said portal appeared to be several hundred feet across and appeared nearly two thousand feet in the air, he flopped through the air as though he was unconscious, and hit the ground creating a crater a dozen feet across and several feet deep before waking, standing up and looking around in a daze but otherwise completely unharmed.

Looking around my eyes sharpen as I my mind engages, I start sweating when I spot the thirty foot tall, top heavy, semi reptilian monster that seems to disappear from its original position only to reappear within feet of me, its eyes staring directly into my own. I'll be honest, between Vector Control and Mental Out giving me conflicting information I can be excused for my reflexive action. That is attempting to punt the damn thing as far as possible.

"Oh! So that's where I am!" I exclaim in understanding, staring into Leviathan's eyes before pulling my leg back and punting Leviathan as hard as I could and between the Code removing my physical limits, Rampage Dress-granted super strength, magical reinforcement, and Vector Control aiding everything in working better even Leviathan seems to gape in awe as it is blasted into space, vanishing in the blink of an eye as I manipulated its trajectory to miss the moon.

"Right, that's that. Now where is my building?" I comment, turning in a circle trying to spot the Windowless Building I could bring with me from the To Aru universe.

"Excuse me?" a man with wavy brown hair and a square jaw, wearing a skintight white and blue featuring white lightning or flame designs and wearing a blue and silver mask that only conceals his eyes asks, floating over to me his hands wreathed in bright yellow energy that I memorize with my Vector Control.

"Yes Legend?" I reply absently, still scanning the city expecting to see the tower. I'm startled when a large explosion occurs over the horizon. Looking over, I see that it was the Damoclese being torn apart by the Simurgh.

"Damn, that could've come in handy." I mutter. Suddenly a technologically advanced halberd appears in my hands.

"Nope, not gonna let you do that Armsy" I quip, my voice in a sing song tone. I twirl the halberd briefly admiring its balance before slamming it into the ground. I can hear peoples cries of surprise, having noticed him about to attack a girl with long brown hair wearing a dark armored costume surrounded by a swirling swarm of insects.

"Lets see… there it is!" I cry finally spotting the windowless tower out on the very outskirts of the city.

"Where the hell did that come from!?" I hear the girl scream in surprise.

"It came when I landed in this universe!" I yell back at her as I make my way towards it leisurely only to be blocked by Legend.

"Sorry sir, but who are you?" Legend apologizes. The female instincts from my second life kick into gear and categorize him as hot as fuck, my memories remind that part of me that he is gay making them shake their head in disappointment before withdrawing. Shaking myself, I ignore those instincts and focus on answering him.

"My name is… hm… what name should I go by this time?" I mutter to myself.

"Uh sir? I need you real name." he interjects to my annoyance.

"My original name wont be in your database, your public one or your secret one," I wave away that excuse before stopping and looking him in the eye, "and unless you want to force everyone to reveal their civilian identities, not that their much of a secret to most people anyways mind you, I wont be revealing my actual name." immediately he backs off that line of questioning, hearing my mutter about the secret database he pales.

"Anyways you can call me M.M., pronounced M-Two, spelled M-dot-M-dot. My cape name is Esper" I announce, using Vector Control to push my voice over the area before teleporting away and into the Windowless Building. Immediately I'm greeted by the group of followers that will follow me from world to world.

"Boss on site!" I hear cried by a nondescript man wearing a suit and sunglasses and echoed throughout the first floor the instant I materialize on the ground floor entrance way. Within minutes a group of a hundred people are kneeling before me. Half are wearing the nondescript garb of the original man and are emanating psychic power, the other half are dressed in more varied garbs between traditional mages robes and pointy hats, to biblical priest garments, to shrine maidens and Buddhist monks.

"Espers, head to the control room and engage the omniscience protocol! I want to know everything there is to know about every person in the town. Ignore the rest of the world for now, our major focus will be the town.

Mages, I declare Protocol Gold Morning, Sub Plan Anti-Grey Boy active!. As with the Espers your immediate focus will be to rebuild Brockton Bay. After Brockton Bay has been rebuilt we can focus on the rest of the world. As per Sub Plan Anti-Grey Boy avoid using temporal magic. This world had a chronokinetic that routinely put people in time loops where they were tortured." I belt out orders, ignoring the gasps when I activate a protocol I had preferred not to. As a contingency I had designed a set of protocols to activate based on specific scenarios. Should I not appear within a week, they are to utilize the Omniscience Protocol to observe the world from afar and determine what state it is in. depending on the world, I have devised many contingencies. Protocol Gold Morning is to be activated if we enter the Worm Universe. It means that should they use their abilities in public they are to wear masks and declare themselves members of the hero team Judgement.

Sub Plans are additional contingencies, usually along the lines of not using certain specific abilities, or not interacting with certain organizations, things like that. As noted Sub Plan Anti-Grey Boy restricts the use of Temporal magic and Chronokinetic abilities.

While I make my way up to my Living Quarters I pick up a tablet and order the fabrication facilities to fabricate me a costume and mask. I quickly design something based on Zero's outfit in the Code Geass world only more armored and less… girly, instead of the bulky helmet I'll have a visor. Don't get me wrong Lelouch looked good in Zero's outfit, but it wasnt very practical outside of a knightmare as shown by all the times he was injured in the show while in it. Its also in my preferred colors, black and red. When I reach the Living Quarters I fall into bed having reflexively teleported my clothing off of me and into my clothes hamper, and fall right to sleep.

Slowly waking up, I look around the room in a daze overlooking the glowing woman that materialized in a chair.

"Mornin' Boss! The Esper Division has reported complete infiltration of the city via the Omniscience Protocol. This world is so weird by the way!" she says, fiddling with a futuristic smart phone as I queue up a coffee and get dressed. In my second life I favored fine suits when I go into public and a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt when I can stay home. Once I've settled I finally remember I'm not alone in the room.

"Aiwass? Couldn't get enough of me huh?" I quip mentally reviewing what she said as I sip my coffee. I hold in a chuckle as she blushes. Noticing me holding back my laughter she pouts.

"Right, I suppose we should properly register as a hero team." I mutter. Looking around I notice my costume neatly laid out on a nearby table, putting it on, I notice that there is a link the surveillance systems on the hud. That should come in handy, quickly I scan through the dossiers of every hero and villain in town then I scan through their reactions in the last twelve hours or so. Apparently Coil has decided to take the soft approach, sending Skitter to recruit me. Good choice, even leaving aside that I saved her yesterday. She has a certain force of personality, when she isn't offloading her emotions into the swarm.

Honestly I would have preferred arriving pre-trigger or at least immediately post-trigger, but I have to work with what I am given because working with what I wish for isn't very productive. Of course Coil has contingencies in place if I don't join, apparently between the Omniscience Protocol and my own magic precog abilities don't work very well around me. As such he hasn't been able to work out everything I'm capable of, it helps I've been able to conceal my active Geass behind my visor and that I haven't used any obvious Geass abilities yet. I guess he hasn't been able to push me that far. I think he's gone the gas route, as in if I don't agree he will gas me. I can't tell if hes decided to gas me with sedatives or poison though I can tell that there are plans for both.

In other news, Armsmaster has gotten one hell of a chewing out, despite my dealing with Leviathan the Truce hadn't been called off yet, as such when he made to attack Skitter he broke the truce. On one hand I'm surprised the villains haven't called for his head, on the other they probably realize that he is too good a tinker and too highly regarded to kick to the curb.

Apparently the Triumvirate got together while still in town and are appropriately uncomfortable with my knowledge, Alexandria and Eidolon more so than Legend. Other than being uncomfortable they've decided to hand off the problem to Doctor Mother and Contessa to deal with.

Kaiser lived through the battle apparently, though he was grievously wounded. He seems favorably inclined towards me, partly for my arrival saving his life and partly because he recognizes power and wants to recruit me. I foresee that going badly. For him.

Other than that there isn't much, apparently Legend passed on the PRT that I claimed to be from a different universe. He is of course suspicious given I seem to know more than I should if I wasnt from here.

"Hey Aiwass, wanna come with me to register?" I offer the inhuman being. Despite the years spent with me when she wasnt trolling Aleister she either still hasn't worked out how to seem human or simply enjoys fucking with people. I honestly suspect she simply enjoys fucking with people.

"Would I ever?" the energy being chirps, shifting her form so she is wearing the uniform of the Esper Division: a nondescript tailored suit, sunglasses, and a pair of nice dress shoes.

An interesting quirk I've noticed is that the pseudo-magical particles that the Omniscience Protocol uses can extend the range of my Geass abilities. As the piercing crimson bird symbol blazes to life in my eyes an invisible wave of energy extends in a sphere around me. Thankfully no one was driving as the wave stopped a person's perception of time, its also a good thing my Code keeps me from dying because Rolo's Geass also stops the heart of its user during use. Teleporting both Aiwass and me, the Geass disengaging, we vanish and seemingly appear at the entrance to the PRT Building in between blinks of an eye. Immediately someone curses before turrets descend from the ceiling and agents point firearms at us.

"Impressive reaction time." I murmur to Aiwass who nods, hiding her desire to giggle. As the soldier calm themselves and start to stand down, the receptionists start to climb out from under their desks.

"Can I register a Hero team here? Or do I need to go somewhere else?" I ask dryly, ignoring the agents still pointing nozzles connected to packs containing what I can assume are containment foam.

"Uh… ahem. Yes. If you will follow the agent there he can get you sorted out." funnily enough I sense a spike of irritation from the agent after being referred to as a "he" considering the agents mind and even what I can discern of her biosigns point to being female I can only assume the PRT plays by the "Official" rule of No Girls Allowed. Its a decent if flawed strategy. Nodding to the receptionist Aiwass and I follow the Agent down a hallway into a conference hall where not only Armsmaster is present, but Miss Militia, Dauntless, and Velocity, on top of the Deputy Director of the PRT.

Sitting down at the table Miss Militia moves towards the corner just behind me and to the right while Velocity moves behind and to the left. Not taking chances then, good. Wouldn't help them if things turned hostile, but good planning all the same. Renick, the Deputy Director is looking through a few papers my visor's link to the OP informs me is what little they could gather of my abilities and personality.

"Esper, right? You wanted to register a Hero team? As far am I'm aware you arrived at the battle alone?" Renick fishes, ignoring Armsmaster's wide eyes. He had just finished scanning me, good luck outside of the magic and Code I'm a base human. He had moved on to Aiwass where I could tell his scanner is throwing a fit.

"Indeed, as I move through the worlds there are certain constants. I eventually gain abilities from the world, and I often obtain more physical rewards. In my first world I obtained a copy of the Sky Fortress Damocles, a small space station capable of in-atmosphere flight, an A141F5 Ikaruga Carrier Ship with an onboard compliment of mech frames, troop transports, and so on, and a custom combat mech. All with regenerating batteries, munitions and the like. If destroyed I can resummon them in twenty four hours. The Ikaruga and Damoclese come with a standard compliment of soldiers and technicians to run everything and keep it working smoothly." I explain, enjoying their flabbergasted looks. Aiwass can stop giggling.

"In my second world I obtained a duplicate of the Windowless Building, as it was known. Within it contains all the unique tech from that world, as well as the tools required to fabricate them. I got a group of subordinates, split half and half between the major powers of that world, and a group of technicians to keep all the tech running smoothly. Naturally it wouldn't do to lose my subordinates and so they become naturally immortal. They can die, but they revive the next day at dawn. It is these subordinates that I will use for my Hero team." I finish, absently teleporting a mug and pot of coffee from the mess hall to the table.

"Coffee?" I offer, with a slightly smug smile after pouring me a cup.

"What are you?" Armsmaster cuts in, eyes wide in horror, looking at Aiwass.

"I am Aiwass, a being from the Aeon of Horus. An extradimensional energy being, I was summoned by Aleister Crowley in M.M.'s second world. I eventually discovered M.M. and decided that he was interesting." she explained calmly even as nearly everyone went for their weapons only for her to snap her fingers turning all the weapons in the room into jello duplicates. She giggled at the look on their faces before dissolving into particles of light.

"I apologize for Aiwass, she can be a bit of an acquired taste. She found me interesting because around me she didn't require aid to materialize. A few years later she formed a Contract with me. In exchange for following my orders and aiding me in achieving my goals, she can siphon a bit of my power so she can materialize at will. If she wanted or I ordered her to she could probably deal with the Endbringers herself." I comment, idly examining my nails. Ever since I was reborn in the world of Code Geass as a girl I've been more conscious of my appearance, something I haven't been able to shake. I look up into horrified faces, though I can sense horrifying levels of desperation.

"Right… I'm just going to forget what you just said. Fill these out, and get out." Renick tosses a pile of paperwork in front of me while pinching the bridge of his nose. Taking a pen I fill out the paperwork as much as I'm willing.

Team Name: Judgement

Leader: Esper

Second: Aiwass/Anna Sprengel (Priestess)

Esper Division Head: Aiwass

Mage Division Head: Anna Sprengel

Parahuman Division (Planned)

Esper, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Teleportation. I have others but I wont be putting on here.

Aiwass can fill it out herself, don't be surprised if it changes after you put it in the system without alerting you.

Priestess, Magic (I'm not kidding and I'm not explaining more than that), and Channeling.

"There we go, I'll see you later." I say before teleporting out, completely ignoring the barriers meant to block that kind of thing. I reappear in the center of the town standing on a roof. Ignoring the way people had immediately noticed me and started videoing me I raised my hand towards the sky and snapped my fingers. The sound echoed clearly around the now silent town as a massive glowing circle filled with arcane symbols etches itself into the sky.

Raising my hand, I prepare to snap my fingers when I notice a swarm of bugs have formed on the roof opposite me. When it disperses, I see the Undersiders. Snapping my fingers, the circle brightens before flashing three times and dissipating. Before their eyes, building seem to repair themselves, where buildings were missing chunks of materials the surrounding material seems to grow back, where there are holes, material seems to grow from the edges in. within minutes the city has had what wouldve been several months worth of constant repair work done in the space of five minutes. I can hear people cheering, those nearby shouting for me to make a speech. For the record, I loathe speeches, but I wave my hands, motioning for people to settle down. Clearing my throat, I take a moment to think before I begin.

"I hope you'll forgive me, I didn't plan to make a speech today so I'll probably ramble a bit," I start, getting a few chuckles from people, "Im not from this reality, in fact I'm not even from this cluster of realities. Where I'm from there are no Parahumans, no Endbringers, no supernatural at all. When I began my journey I tried to help people. In my second world I helped a prince end a global superpower's tyranny, in the third I admit I mostly took it easy. I did my part, showed up, but stayed away when I wasnt needed." as I talk, people slowly quiet paying rapt attention.

"In my original world, we didn't have any of this. No Parahumans, no Endbringers, no supernatural. What we did have was Chronicler's, people who's jobs, whose sole purpose in life was to see into and record the multiverse. They did this in a variety of ways, books, telivision, movies, you name it. We all knew it was real, there was a tacit if unstated understanding that what was seen was actually happening somewhere. Of course even if we wanted to help, we didn't have the technology. So we recorded, we ensured that there would always be a record of what happened, and in the event we managed to create a technology to help? Then we would know when and how to. When I began to travel through worlds I had previously witness through a chronicles records, the worlds I went through honestly didn't have much wrong with them and what was wrong would fix itself. I prevented a number of tragedies true, but the overarching problems solved themselves. I didn't change much, only made things easier on those who would go on to change the world themselves." hearing this I can hear mutterings of discontent, though most seem in awe.

"So when I was dropped into this world by a malfunctioning portal, I knew there was a lot I could do to help," at this point news crews had arrived and were setting up to film me, "I figured I would start by fixing the town. I know Brockton Bay has been, to be frank, a shithole for years now between the recession, the tanker blocking the bay entrance, and the gangs, notably the ABB and Merchants though I don't agree with the E88 either, I mean their Nazis!" I shrug, getting some laughs from the audience which had grown to a few hundred people since the last time I checked. Observing the crowd, I spot a number of the Esper Division keeping an eye on things and I can feel powerful wards being set up around me.

"That said, the town is now at least structurally sound. My next move will probably be to do something about the Boat Graveyard. Either that or I start dealing with the gangs, and I think the city has seen enough combat for now, let things calm down for a week or two before we start fighting over the city again, eh?" I shrug, a wry smile crossing my lips as the audience breaks into thunderous applause.

"Seeing the reporters, I suppose now is the time to answer questions?" I ask, laughing when the reporters nod wildly before gesturing for them to speak.

"What do we call you and are you joining the Protectorate?" a female reporter loudly asks, making herself heard over the general clamor.

"Right one at a time, I've got all the time in the world, but for expediencies sake I'll limit reporters to three questions and non-reporters to one.

My Cape Name is Esper, make of that what you will. Taking a naming convention from my second world my civilian identity as much as I have one considering I wasnt dropped into this world in a costume is M.M., pronounced M-Two.

I have no plans to join the Protectorate at this time. However I am the Leader of the newly registered Hero Team based right here in the bay: Judgment. In my third world, Judgment was a law enforcement agency much like the protectorate only it employed non-parahumans as well. The team will be based out of the Windowless Building on the outskirts of town. One more question from you." I explain, motioning to my building before turning to look at the reporter. She bites her lip for a moment, thinking hard before speaking up.

"How many people have you recruited for Judgment?" she asks hesitantly. Giving her a magnanimous smile I answer her.

"Currently Judgment consists of nearly two hundred people. Only half of them are field agents though, the rest are support and logistics." I explain, ignoring how I just said that I have more than three or four times the total number of Parahumans present in the town. Someone, not a reporter, decided to bite the bullet after the audience descended into worry.

"How strong are your team members?" he shouts, ignoring the dirty looks as he glares defiantly at the naysayers.

"I am the strongest on the team, followed by my seconds, Aiwass," saying her name she materializes next to me in a shower of golden light, "and Priestess. After them, the power levels drop dramatically. The three of us, that being myself and my Seconds can qualify as reality warpers when we go all out." I answer, soothing the crowd.

"Are you single?" another female reporter asks. This one is caked in makeup, and looks like a classic bimbo. Tracking her movements via OP, it seems she's a reporter for one of those teen fashion rags.

"Strictly speaking I am taken. However I am not monogamous, being in a relationship with both of my seconds, and a number of other women in both my second and third worlds." I explain causing the men in the crowd to mutter how I was a lucky bastard, and women to call me a pig. To head that off I quickly explain one of the reasons I can't be with a single woman.

"Yes I have a harem, no its not because I'm a misogynistic pig," I glare at the women who said that, "one of the abilities I gained during my time in the second world was effectively infinite stamina. The only members of my harem who could keep up without killing themselves were similarly enhanced and were perfectly okay with me seeking out other women to add to the group. The only member I can't outlast is Aiwass, and she genuinely doesn't care if I seek out other woman. She may appear human, but she isn't, she possesses a very alien mindset that can make her difficult for the average person to get used to." I explain, getting squeals from the women and more grumblings of being a lucky bastard from the men, but they werent calling me a misogynistic pig anymore so I would take it. Looking around I don't see anyone else so I turn to leave.

"You said you know this world. If so, what advice do you have for the immediate future?" someone yells. Turning back, I think for a moment before shrugging.

"considering I don't arrive in the version I know you should take my advice with a grain of salt. Are the Slaughterhouse still around?," I ask, getting gasps and nods from the crowd, "in that case, I would expect them to make their way here. They did in the version I know, and if they are like the version I know they tend to go after people who attempt to make the world a better place and notable heroes, both of which I qualify for. Considering the version I know puts them somewhere in the middle of the US it will likely take them around two weeks to get her if they meander a bit on the way as they usually do, and maybe a week if they head her directly. I would suggest that any who can leave make plans to leave in the next few days for around a month." at this I chuckle, prompting people to wonder.

"Why are you laughing? You believe the S9 are after you!" someone asks. At this both Aiwass and I burst into laughter. As the crowd begins to doubt our sanity we recover.

"Sorry, sorry! But really? The S9 aren't any threat to me," I say causing the crowd to gasp. Several members at the back run away probably to pack their stuff and leave, "weren't you listening? My Seconds and I qualify as reality warpers when going all out. I wasnt going all out when I punted Leviathan into space. That was more a reflex than anything…" I mutter the last bit, but its clearly overheard considering the crowds silence after my announcement.

"Right now, the only members that might pose a problem is Crawler and Bonesaw. Crawler because he might be a touch difficult to put down and Bonesaw more for her habit of implanting plagues and viruses into her body." I explain, getting a disbelieving looks from the crowd.

"In case you didn't notice Jackie Boy, that was me calling you out. I suppose we'll see who comes out alive when you get here. This is Ver-" the screen of the TV was smashed by the glass flung into it.

"That mother fucker! That rat bastard thinks he can call out the Nine and get away with it? Lets show him otherwise!" a man in his late thirties rants, whipping a knife back and forth devastating the scenery. As they pile into their car and drive off, they never notice the sparks of golden light that coalesce into a glowing winged female figure before dissolving once more.

Sending a mental order to Aiwass, I have her drop a note telling Skitter and the rest of the Undersiders that I will see them later. Teleporting away, I engage a Geass that renders me completely undetectable. I have a mental archive on what Geass's exist, surprisingly the number is damn near infinite. Considering that a natural Geass takes the form of its users innermost desires, they are all over the place.

The Geass I'm using belonged to a heavily bullied nerd in highschool. His biggest desire was to be ignored. Of course he made heavy use of it and it went runaway on him. After that it continued to strengthen to the point that even technology ignored him.

Between it and a Geass that allows me to implant commands telepathically I managed to sneak into Coil's base. Truthfully I could have simply teleported in, but I didn't want to cause a fuss. Looking around I finally spot Coil's office. Stepping inside I borrow a Geass that allows me to put everyone within its range into an unbreakable sleep, putting Coil to sleep at his desk. After, I go around the base and kill every mercenary in residence, incinerating their bodies using magic. After finsihing up with the mercenaries, I return to Coil. Removing his mask I peel open his eyelids and use Lelouch's Geass to make him my slave.

"Wake up!" I yell, smacking him in the face simultaneously releasing him from the effects of his forced sleep. He jerks in surprise reflexively going for a gun before he realizes who I am.

"My Lord! I wasnt aware you were visiting. Please how can your lowly servant aid you?" he bows before seating himself behind his desk.

"I want you to give me everything. All your money, all your property, everything. You will do so in such a way that you are not suspected. After you are finished you will alert me and await further instructions." I order feeling Lelouch's Geass pulse.

"At once, My Lord." he complies. As my slave starts typing frantically I head over to his sofa and sit, a leg thrown over its arm. An hour later my new slave gets my attention.

"My Lord, I have transferred everything. What shall I do now?" he asks falling silent but gazing expectantly at me.

"First you will give me Dinah Alcott. Then you will assume your previous disposition and arrange a meeting with Tattletale and Skitter somewhere suitably private, you will act in such a way that Tattletale will not pick up that you are mastered. After you will arrange transportation to the meeting for the both of us. When you are finished you will await further orders." I order, shivering when I feel Lelouch's Geass pulse again. It seems its getting stronger, I might need to watch it. Ignoring my slave as he stands and retrieves Dinah, I try to figure out how I will cure her. As he returns, I hear a prepubescent girl asking about "candy". I have to stifle my rage, knowing that is how she has rationalized her addiction. Walking in behind him, I see her. Her hair has gotten longer, presumably due to not having to cut it, and she is wearing a hospital gown. Snapping my fingers, a magical circle etches itself into the air above her, with her in the center, before it lowers itself to the ground. As the circle passes over her, her hair is cut and styled and she is clad in a cute sundress and flats. I didn't touch her underwear, the spell simply isn't that accurate,

"Hello Dinah, do you know what is going on?" I softly say, seeing her look between Coil and I.

"Are you here to use my power too?" She asks, her head tilted in curiosity.

"No. I'm hear to get you better and then get you home." I say, hoping she isn't completely broken.

"really?" she asks, hope sparking in her dulled brown eyes.

"Really. All you have to do is come with me. Whaddya say?" I say, offering a handshake. I can see that she isn't really trusting me, but at the same time she seems to know she doesn't have many other options.

"What about him?" she asked gesturing with one hand towards the silent Coil. She seems surprised when he doesn't react, reflexively flinching as though expecting to be hit.

"He wont be a problem for much longer, and for right now he is under my control." at this she looks at me warily.

"You're a Master, a Human Master." she pointedly asks, her eyes narrowing.

"Technically I'm a Sentient Master. As long as it can understand commands I can Master it, but yes. I am a Master, among many other abilities." I admit, shrugging my shoulders. She seemed surprised that I admitted it so nonchalantly.

"How do I know you aren't Mastering me right now?" she asks, still distrusting of me.

"You don't. I honestly have so many methods to fuck with peoples minds that there is no way to know if I'm Mastering you. The form I used on Coil makes you a slave to my commands, it damages the memory immediately before, during, and after the victim is released from my control. Thats about the only way to know if I've used that version on you. Considering it requires either eye contact, hence his mask being gone, or you hearing me speak you can't be under that one." I explain getting a slow nod from her.

"How do you plan on getting me healthy again?" she asks, changing the subject though she winces for a moment before her expression returns to stoicism. She probably asked her power for the chances I was either intending to or currently Mastering her. Naturally that is zero. Though I have been debating sealing her memories of this conversation.

"Well, I intend to take you to my base. There is a fairly advanced medical infirmary there, hopefully it has a method, I honestly haven't checked. If all else fails I will either call on Aiwass to heal you or arrange for Panacea to see you." I answer, shrugging when she looks incredulous only for her to try and scramble backwards and fall on her butt when Aiwass appears in a shower of golden sparks.

"You rang?" she says, wrapping her arms around me, hanging off my shoulders. Wordlessly pointing at the gaping child she turns to examine her.

"Oh my! What have they done to you child?" she says, despite being an inhuman energy being beyond human comprehension she has a fondness for children, enjoying their endless creativity and wonder at the world.

"He," I say, pointing at Coil, "kidnapped her during a bank heist he had the Undersiders run, got her heavily addicted to opioids, all because of her power, and regularly refers to her as 'pet'. I'm planning on having him killed later but at the moment hes of more use alive." I explain, getting a terse nod from her.

"Her power?" she asks shushing Dinah with a look when she moved to answer.

She is able to divine the chances of something happening in the form of percentages. She is also able to use her power to inspect a specific timeline to discern what needs to happen for a specific result to come to pass," I begin, quickly cutting Aiwass off when she goes to ask an example, "she is forced to answer should someone ask about the chances or odds of a specific event coming to pass. She is notable for being the third most powerful precognitive in this universe. First being the Simurgh, and second being Contessa whose precog power is complete bullshit." I pout at the though of Contessa's bullshit power, getting a giggle from both Aiwass and Dinah.

"Its not funny! Contessa's power is basically an I-Win button! So long as there is even an absolutely remote chance of success her power will guide her either through nudges or actively puppeting her body to achieve success." at that they stop giggling going wide eyed.

"That is complete bullshit!" Aiwass confirms, getting an envious nod from Dinah.

"Anyways, one way or the other I need you to take Dinah to the base to have Medical look at her. Id rather not use your abilities if we don't have to. In the meantime I'm having Coil set up a meeting between Skitter and Tattletale. One way or the other, Coil wont be a problem afterwards and maybe we will be able to recruit them." I cheerfully explain before throwing an apologetic glance at Dinah. Catching her gaze Charles's Geass flashes once, sealing and warping her memory of me being a Master before they disappear with a flash of light and I motion to Coil to set up the meeting.

And thats a wrap for the first chapter of this. I wont guarantee anything, but for the moment its the target of my muse.

Next chapter: the meeting with Tattletale and Skitter, getting Dinah healed, dealing with Coil, and more.