Hey guys, here is a new chapter for you! This one takes place when Alex Rider is an adult but does not take into account Never Say Die nor Nightshade because I did not read these books.

So, for this chapter, Ziva has always been part of Mossad and Alex is kind of a free agent, in the sense where any agency can borrow him from MI6.

The Mossad are in need of a British person to infiltrate the place where rogue United Kingdoms' Royal Air Force soldiers plan to destroy Israel by striking repeatedly their country.

The Mossad asked the MI6 if Alex Rider was free to borrow and if they could train and use him for six months and being listed as reserve after this period of time, which has been agreed between Mrs. Jones and Eli David, the heads of these two agencies, at the condition of having the best Mossad agent (Ziva David) as his teammate and mentor and to add K-Unit in the Israeli Special Forces training camp alongside Sayeret Matkal and Unit 217 (two counter-terrorism units of the Special Forces of the Israel Defense Forces) in order for these different Special Force troops to learn from each other.

Then, the MI6 convoqued Alex and told him of his mission for the Israeli agency, as well as giving him files about the Mossad and his new teammate, plus his flight ticket to Tel Aviv. Before leaving Liverpool Street, he went to see Smithers who gave him some gadgets as usual.

Once his plane landed, he has been brought in the Mossad headquarters by car, where the Mossad director, Eli David, told him what was expected of him during his six months in Israel, concerning his training as well as his mission.

Specifically, he will have to know how to handle and shoot with the more common guns and being better in fighting, while his mission consists of infiltrating the group of the rogue armymen and to transmit how many they are, their names, their motives, their plans and the material they have to Ziva who will be undercover as an Israeli who hates her country, who will then transmit these informations to the Israeli Intelligence Directorate as well as the Mossad, and these two entities of the Israeli Intelligence Community will work together to rescue Alex and/or Ziva in case of need and to arrest the rogue soldiers when the time is right.

After this briefing, Alex is sent to live with Ziva to meet and learn to know each other, and to discuss spy stuff for all the time he will be here.

The mission takes place perfectly and Alex and Ziva decided to start a romance relationship with Alex staying in Israel and leaving MI6 to go to the Mossad.

Alright, that's it for now guys! I'm really sorry to not write the mission, but I do not know how to write an action scene, I leave this to anyone who wants to take this chapter and make a story by themselves.
Please tell me what you thought about it!