The cast of all the star ocean games are gathered together to watch yuki sing. It was her idea to perform a concert for everyone and it felt like it was the best way to bring everyone together.

"Ok everyone I hope your ready for the performance of the century. " Yuki said as she and her band got into position. All her friends were watching, people she didn't know, and a lot of people on other planets were watching too. It was nerve racking to say the least, but nevertheless she wanted her voice to be heard.

I'm the last hope for this world

The weight of this burden on my shoulders

Crashing down, is the isolation

I feel like it's too much

But I'm too afraid to say

That I can't handle this

Every decision I make

Is black and white

There's no good or wrong

I want to throw away my anxiety

I feel the futility in even trying

If I make the wrong choice

Who will hold me in my darkest hour?

I'm the last hope for this world

But I won't go alone

I'll shoulder the pain

And keep going strong

The stalwart days I took for granted

Are coming to an end

My very first departure begins

Travelling back in time

To cure the disease

That's plaguing my world

Through each twist and turn

Through every trial and error

Through every single path I've chosen

I would always find something new

Every secret

I treasure in my heart

Even if I can't go back

I'll always forever

Remember the steps we've taken together

The second story begins

We've evolved from the past

Stepping out of the shadows of the old

I've sincerely wanted to shine

But no one saw the real me

No one saw me for me

Always in your shadow

I'm no hero at all

I can't bare the burden alone

So please don't be disappointed in me

Your the light of my life

By my side since day one

Always giving me hope

So I'll be the hero that you need

My Faithlessness in myself

My lack of integrity

It's all cracking

I couldn't succeed in life

No matter how hard I tried

I tried to be better, but to no avail

So many disgusted eyes

Pointed at my back

I'm so sorry

For bringing you shame

We've done the best we could

With what little we had

In the end I hope you can forgive me

Learn from my mistakes

Don't follow in my wake

Be better than the me right here

Till the end of time

The stars are dying

Our light, our hope just here toys

This is our final run

Let's with a bang

Shine on our final star

I've no regrets in this life

I've lived my life in pure happiness

No matter what or who

My life is my own

Keep on flying

Keep on running

Keep on fighting

Till the end of time

We are all together

Let's shine brightly

Like a dying star

To be born again

Ohhhh... NaLaLaLaNaNaNa

Ohhhh... LaNaNaNaLaNa

Ohhh... Ohhhhh...

The song had ended just like that. Everyone had clapped for the beautiful heartfelt song Yuki had sung.

The End.

Authors note: Wanted to write something different, plus I heard the opening theme fur tales of vesperia and I had to write this.

I hope second evolution comes to ps4 and that we get a new and better star ocean game.