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Here's the Starter!


It was a bright sunny day. The birds were chirping, the leaves were rustling and the students in the academy in Konoha were silently chatting while one of the sensei's was taking class. The markets had a few people roaming around shopping different kinds of things. The vendors shouted out the name of their goods and try to reel in customers. The entire village was filled with life and sound. However all these sounds were triumphed by the sounds coming from namely one place. The Arena.

The Arena had various amounts of people ranging in it, ranging from a boisterous and loud kid to a decrepit old man drinking and laughing. However all of their attention was towards the stage occupied by three.

It was the first match of the final stage of the Chunin exams and who better to be on stage than our favourite blonde gaki in a hideous orange jumpsuit that screamed for attention and a headband that had a leaf insignia. He was wearing his usual blue shinobi sandals.

The twelve something year old teenager wearing it had a determined look but with a smile of confidence. On opposite to him was a teenager who was nearly the same age as his. He had black long hair and was dressed in a white jacket and black shorts. He had the same headband as his opponent and was wearing black shinobi sandals. The unique thing about him however were his eyes that had no pupils. They were completely blind, if one didn't know they would assume he was blind. He had a stoic face that said nothing about him. A true professional.

The proctor, Genma was standing between them had a toothpick in his mouth looking cool. He was wearing a bandana on his head and a green leaf jounin jacket. He said, "Are you both ready?"

"I was born ready"

"Yes Proctor"

Genma nodded his head and said, "Let the First Match Begin!"

(In the audience)

"Ha! That blonde haired kid is going to lose!" said one of the spectators.

"You said it! The kid is paired up with a Hyuuga! No way he is going to win this one!" said the second spectator.

A pink haired girl who had been near them bit her lip. Her light blonde haired friend said to her, "Hey Sakura, come on! Don't look be so glum! Aren't you at least going to cheer Naruto on?"

Sakura who heard that had her face lightened. Her friend who saw that said, "That's more like it! Not like that the poor runt has a hope in hell against Neji."

Sakura who heard that said, "He's not that bad, Ino!"

The now named Ino laughed and said, "Are you kidding? 'Not that bad'? Is that the best you could do?"

Away from them the two rather well known gate guard duo of Konoha talked among themselves.

"Who would have known that little squirt would survive this long?"

"Yeah, he's been one lucky kid so far."

"The kid's luck is going to run out though, he's about to face one of the Hyuga's."

(Meanwhile on the stage)

The match had started and both opponents had yet to make a move. Both were calmly analysing each other. Neji had adopted a stance while his opponent just stood there.

Neji did not wait any longer and activated his Byakugan. He then began to closely move towards Naruto trying to close the distance between them, once step at a time.

Our blonde haired gaki was just looking at him while standing there. He then decided to move by making a cross seal and shouted,

"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Immediately 20 clones of the same teenager emerged in a plume of smoke and moved in to attack the Hyuga.

Neji blocked all of their attacks one by one dispatching the clones rather easily. His opponent meanwhile took some distance and tried to spring a surprise attack on Neji. However Neji blocked off his attack and gave a counter immediately. Naruto then took some distance once again. He was gauging his opponent.

Neji then said, "Is that the best you can do?"

Naruto did not respond. He then performed the cross hand sign once again and created more shadow clones and launched them at Neji while he tried to catch the guy off guard. Neji then noticed that some of the clones had surrounded him. The original ordered the clones, "Now!"

The clones then threw kunai and shuriken at their opponent.

"Got you now!" said the original

Neji saw that he had no way to dodge or deflect all the attacks and thought, 'Seems I need to use the technique quite early.'

He then took a stance and shouted,

"Eight Trigram Palm: Rotation!"

Neji then started spinning at high speeds forming a spherical dome. All the kunai and shuriken thrown at him were deflected by the dome.

Naruto who saw that shouted, "What the hell was that!"

(In the audience)

A man wearing a white hakama under his dark green jacket and with a young girl in black were sitting alongside each other. Both had the same white eyes as Neji. The young girl asked the man,

"Father, isn't that-"

"Rotation" said the father. He then thought, 'A skill only known to the members of the main branch. How did he learn it?'

"Look at that!" said the young girl and the father who was brought out from his thoughts looked back at the match.

(On Stage)

Naruto was having a hard time against Neji. He was using all the tools in his arsenal but none of them worked. Meanwhile Neji was able to close the distance between him and Naruto. He then hit Naruto after shouting

"Eight Trigram Palm: 64 Palms!"

"8 Palm!"

"16 Palm!"

"32 Palm!"

"64 Palms!"

He continuously jabbed Naruto at all his chakra points sealing off more than half of them. Naruto who was having a hard time spat out blood and then fell on to the ground. He then tried to get up. Neji who saw that said,

"Give up. I have sealed more than half of your chakra points. You cannot win. You're lucky to be breathing."

Naruto thought, 'Come on! Get up!' He then slowly got up with pain evident on his face. He then said,

"Oh yeah? Who said that?"

"Destiny. You were destined to lose." responded Neji.

"Sorry, but destiny could kiss my butt. I don't play by its rules. I am the ones that sets up his own destiny."

Neji who heard that said, "It is futile."

Naruto then asked, "Why is it so? Why do you think that destiny is the one that controls us?! You said the same shit to Hinata. What did she ever do wrong?! Isn't she your cousin for god sakes?!"

Neji who heard that said, "You wouldn't understand."

Naruto then said with determination ever present, "Then make me understand."

Neji looked at him for a moment before he decided to remove his headband. On his forehead was a sealing jutsu shaped like a bird on it. Naruto who saw that asked, "What is that?"

"It is a sealing jutsu that is applied on all branch members of the Hyuga clan by the main branch so that the branch members never go against the wish of the main family. If a branch member refuses to listen then they will feel immense pain which will ultimately kill them. There is only one way to free ourselves from this seal and that's Death."

Naruto who heard that was shocked but asked, "But why? Why would they do that?"

Neji said, "To maintain the distinction between the two but it was not just that. The seal had made sure that the Byakugan will not be accessed by our enemies after our deaths. It will automatically erase all evidence once the user has died. "

Naruto did not say anything while Neji continued his story, "The name of this sealing jutsu is called the Caged Bird seal. It was applied to me when I was 4 years old. The day when Lady Hinata turned three. There was a celebration within the family during that time as Kumo had finally agreed to a peace treaty after years of skirmish and tensions between us. A delegation from Kumo had been sent to Konoha to participate in the celebration. However that was a ruse. The ambassador they sent was there not to create a peace treaty but to kidnap one of the main family members to discover the secrets of the Byakugan. It was Lady Hinata that was kidnapped. However the ambassador's luck ran out when Lady Hinata's father Lord Hiyashi confronted the Kumo ambassador and killed him."

Neji then continued, "Tensions were at an all-time high again as Kumo had shamelessly asked retribution for their delegation's death denying the kidnapping attempt all together. They wished for the corpse of Lord Hiyashi. However the main family who refused to hand over the secrets of the Byakugan had decided to use a scapegoat. The scapegoat they used was my father, Hizashi, Lord Hiyashi's younger twin brother. The main family killed my father and surrendered his corpse to Kumo while using the caged bird seal to remove the Byakugan after his death. Kumo accepted the corpse and war was prevented."

Neji then tied his headband again and said, "You want to know why I said that destiny controls us? That's why. We are nothing but caged birds."

Naruto who remained silent all this time said, "I get that what happened to your father is wrong and the whole main family branch family distinction among members of the same family is wrong. But what does Hinata got to do with this? Did she ask to be kidnapped?! Is she not your family?!"

Neji then said, "Like I said before, she's a failure because she is destined to be one. She will always be a failure. Just like you." And to rub salt on his wounds Neji then added, "And what do you know about familial ties? You're nothing but a clan-less orphan. You don't know what it feels like to lose your family!"

Naruto who heard that turned silent. Some of the audience who heard that snickered as they down right hated Naruto's guts. Neji then said, "It seems you finally accept your loss." He then moved away from Naruto and walked toward the exit.

Genma was about to call off the match when he saw that Naruto stopped him with his hand. He said, "Don't call off the match yet."

Neji who heard that turned back and said, "You still haven't given up? Are you that willing to die so early?"

Naruto said, "You're wrong."

Neji who heard that looked confused, "?"

Naruto said, "You were not wrong when you said that I don't know what it feels like to have a family. Truthfully I don't. The closest thing I ever had to a family is that old geezer who is sitting on that seat smoking his pipe beside his fellow kage. Aside from him, the only ones that ever came close are the Ichiraku family and Iruka-sensei."

"However you were wrong on one part, I maybe an orphan but I am not clan-less. I did have a family and I do have a clan."

Neji turned amused, "Is that so? Nevertheless you are going to lose here."

Naruto did not say anything but all of a sudden Neji saw thin golden hued wires coming out of his hands. Neji shouted out loud, "What is that?!"

(In the audience)

The hokage who saw that turned surprised. He thought, 'It can't be!How….How come I don't know about this?!'

The 'Kazekage' who saw that did not show any sort of reaction but one can detect a minute amount of surprise and amusement form is face.

Ino who saw that asked, "Sakura?! What did Naruto do?! Why are wires coming out of his body?!"

Sakura said, "I-I don't know!"

(On stage)

Neji had been surrounded by the wires that caught him quite easily preventing any sort of moment. They pierced his skin at certain areas and made him unable to move. He tried to turn around but couldn't do so. He said, "W-what a-are these wires made of?!"

Naruto who heard that said, "Nice aren't they? They are a slight divergence from my clan's bloodline ability. Usually they are chains instead of wires but hey! You get what you get."

Neji tried to move around and tried to cut the wires but Naruto said, "It's useless. Those wires are made to seal away and subdue chakra. Even a tailed beast would find it difficult to break through once it has been caught."

Neji then noticed something, 'These wires….they are absorbing my chakra!'

Naruto said, "It seems you noticed. The wires also have a passive ability to absorb chakra from whatever it touches and use it to maintain itself. Once a shinobi is caught by it, he will be incapicated."

Neji was silent for a few moments and then asked, "Why?"

Naruto had a bewildered and yet amused expression on his face, "?"

Neji then asked, "If you had such a trump card then why didn't you use it beforehand?!"

Naruto who heard that said, "Well truth is I didn't want to reveal my skills that easily. Especially to my enemies in the future. After all, the first rule of being a shinobi is deception. Second point being that I never planned to reveal my skills in 'this match' and just win using my current skills somehow to save energy but you just had to pull the 'clan-less' card on me. It did make me quite angry."

Naruto then continued, "Though I do intend to thank you. I have been working on something for a while and I had hit a dead end. I needed some help in locating some of my chakra points as chakra control ain't my strong suit. It took you hitting me with your 64 palms but I at least got the locations of those 64 points. It was simply a hassle to locate them using a textbook when it just mentions the general area and not the precise location."

Naruto then replicated what Neji did and poked his chakra points once again like Neji did in that exact same order with his fingers and removed the effects of the sealing. He then let out a reinvigorated sigh and said,

"Yosh! Now I can finally move properly again!"

Neji who saw what Naruto did was stunned. He thought, 'He was able to unseal all 64 of his chakra points that I sealed after seeing me use my technique only once! Impossible!'

Neji then asked, "Who the hell are you?!"

Naruto gave a fox like grin and said, "I am Naruto Uzumaki, 69th Clan Head of the Uzumaki and a Shinobi of Konogakure no Sato!"


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