"Michael, I officially hate you," Linc says playfully as he tries to wipe the peanut butter and jelly stains from his white t-shirt, but instead unsuccessfully smearing it around. He sighs in frustration and gives up. "Dad, I hope you don't mean that," LJ says hopefully, mounting his bike and getting ready for the return trip. "Of course I don't. It's just what brothers do." LJ snorts.

"I wouldn't know."

Linc grumbles something about ungrateful kids and how they should like being an only child, then follows suit and hops back on his bike. "I never thought that the youngest one here would be the smartest," Michael realizes, kind of just trying to tick Linc off at this point. Linc just rolls his eyes and pedals ahead of the group.

"Mike, how's your work going?" LJ's so polite and considerate compared to the last time Michael saw him, which was about twelve years ago. "It's going great, actually. I'm on a different end of the spectrum now, though; I prevent people from getting out of buildings instead of preventing them from getting in. I work for some prisons and I secure some courtrooms, things here and there like that." LJ looks to his left at his uncle, who, despite everything he's done and gotten screwed over with, has managed to somehow make it and live normally again. "Wow. You know, that sounds like an interesting job. So you have, like, blueprints to the buildings, and then you find ways to reinforce them and make them inescapable?" Michael pondered the depth of his nephew's question. "Uh, sure, yeah, whatevs, blah blah blah. How much longer?" Linc is complaining from the front and is getting on Michael and LJ's nerves. "You guys know that I haven't been actually complaining, don't you? The only time I really got mad was when you threw the peanut butter and jelly at me. That was dumb." LJ and Michael think about the fact that this whole time, he was just bluffing. "Did you have to take it that far?" Linc laughs. "Yes. I absolutely did."

"Of course."

The men ride for what seems like days before they see the sign for the next town. "Oh dear God! 35 miles?!" Linc reads the sign from the distance in shock. "We must have taken a wrong turn. Shoot," LJ reasons, and Michael just stops on his bike and sits there, smiling his perfectly white smile. "What?" The Burrows men look at him like he's crazy. "We're going the right way. That's not the closest town, that's the end point of the entire trail. We already passed where we were going to stop. Relax, it's only a mile back." The guys look at Michael like he's the dumbest human being to set foot on the earth. "But first, there's a spot I want to show you. It's only half a mile from here."

The crew bikes the half mile and stop, laying their eyes on the most beautiful waterfall they've ever seen. "Holy... is that why we kept going? Because if so, it was totally worth it!" Leave it to LJ to keep it positive.

The three men stand on the bridge above the river, watching the waterfall until Michael took his socks and tennis shoes off and walked down to the river and waded in; the water only reached his knees at its highest point. "Ooh, this feels good!" Michael wades more toward the middle of the river until he was roughly ten feet from the waterfall itself. "Okay!" LJ strips off his shoes and socks, Linc soon following, and the three guys stand in the river, letting the cool water run over their legs.

"Nice day for a bike ride, pretty."

Their heads whip up to the bridge, where a familiar face looms down over them. "Shut up, T-Bag, no one likes you," Linc fires back, determined not to let T-Bag ruin his day. "I'm just sayin'..." Linc rolls his eyes as Michael and LJ sigh. "Then go just say something somewhere else!" Stupid T-Bag.