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Part One

"Remind me again why I'm watching you?"

"Because I'm sick and no one else was alive to look after me."

The way Near spoke, even if his voice was slightly altered by his nasty cold, made Mello turn away. It had been some time since the newspaper-confirmed death of Watari, and even longer since they'd heard of L's death.

After those events, Near had become a drifter with no other true place to stay. He still went to Mello, who was now in with the mafia, every time he needed something and hadn't been with some family or some person that pitied a small child, walking barefoot with a small bag of old toys.

Currently, Near was sitting on the floor, playing with robots, sniffling and sneezing. However, he looked up when he heard the sound of Mello's phone ringing.

The blond didn't recognize the number, but he picked up regardless.


"Mihael, are you alone?"

Wait, that voice was all too familiar...

"L, I thought you were dead!"

At the mention of L, Near moved closer. Mello put the phone on speaker.

"Answer my question. Are you alone?"

"It's just me and the albino rat at the hideout. We're the only ones listening. Why?"

What followed wasn't necessarily a response. All Near and Mello could really make out was a series of muffled groans and curses. It sounded like something bad was happening to their mentor. They both were worried.


"Nn... I'm just in pain right now, you two. I know how to handle myself. But Mello, you can drive, correct?"


"I'm at the old Whammy's House that you, Near, and myself were raised in. Come pick me up."

"I'm on the way, and I guess this little brat is coming along too."

"Just hurry..."

Before L could say anything else, he hung up. Mello and Near looked at each other. They might not have gotten along, but they both cared for the mentor who'd helped to raise them. So it was no surprise that, when Mello ran for the door with his keys, Near was right on his heels.


The abandoned Whammy's House was probably in a better shape to be condemned. The door wouldn't even open properly; Mello had to kick it in so the boys could get inside. "L!" he called out.

He and Near searched their old home until, upstairs, they found one shut door. Both boys heard strained grunts and curses. Near paled, looking a little more sick than before. Mello grabbed the younger boy when he tried to go inside, holding him back with an iron grip.

"What are you doing?!" Near hissed, elbowing Mello in the stomach. Before the blond could punch him into submission, both boys heard something unexpected.


A baby's crying.

In a panic, Mello kicked the door in, and Near almost tripped over himself running inside. Sitting on one of the old beds was L. He was soaked in sweat, despite the fact that he was only wearing his white shirt and that the room was a little chilly. And he was tending to a tiny, squirming newborn, resting on the mattress between his legs.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Mello quite appropriately yelled. Near looked a bit woozy, and not just from his cold. L looked at his two potential successors, exhaustion across his face. Then, he looked back to his newborn. "Bring me that box," he said, motioning to the small box sitting in the corner of the room.

Mello brought it over and sat it on the bed. L cut the cord and dealt with the afterbirth, using a water bottle to rinse the newborn off before wrapping it in a tattered baby blanket. "A girl," he murmured.

"We didn't even know you were capable of having kids," Near said, snapping out of his stupor. L looked at him for a moment. "...you don't look well," he commented. "He's got a cold. Anyways, come on. Let's get you back to the hideout before someone hears your kid. And you gotta explain this, and everything else!" Mello said.

L gently laid his daughter on a pillow, then forced himself to stand and pull on boxers and pants. He was clearly still in pain, although the hardest of his work was done.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Near asked. Mello shot him a look. However, L didn't seem to notice as he scooped up his newborn daughter.

"Just take me back to the hideout. Then, I'll explain everything."

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