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"Izumi!" The young girl jerks her head around to see Katsuki and Mitsuki rushing towards her. Letting out a cry she runs right into Katsuki's arms. "How the fucking hell did you get all the way out here?"

"I don't know, I just woke up standing outside here!" She whimpers, shoving herself further into Katsuki's arms, her wings wrapping around them both.

"Alright, well let's just get home and in the morning we can try to figure it out."

Waiting for the lights underneath Auntie and Uncle's room to go out, Izumi then slips from her room - feet padding softly down the hall. Softly opening Katsuki's door, she slides under the covers next to Katsuki who turns over and blinks slowly at her.

"Umi?" Katsuki mumbles, grabbing her hand. "What's wrong?"

"I remembered something…"

Katsuki rubs his eyes, squeezing her hand once. "You can tell me."

"It was a dream...well it felt like a dream." Izumi whispers, moving slightly closer. "There was so much pain, I couldn't breath, but I knew it wasn't mine. I could feel them dying, they needed me - so I went to them," Izumi's voice wavers as her hand tightens around his. Katsuki pushes their foreheads together, squeezing her hand back. "There was someone who had tubes, so many tubes, sticking out of their side - lying on a bed with a man crying next to him. So I walked up to the bed and touched the person laying down and the room glowed green. Next thing I remember is being outside the hospital and calling you."

"Maybe it wasn't a dream," Katsuki whispers. "We're always finding new ways to use your spheres, this could just be a new part of your quirk."

"Can we not tell anyone?"

Katsuki's gaze searches her own, a small frown pulls at his lips. "All right, our secret until you're ready."

These dream healing sessions continued to the point that Mitsuki and Masaru commissioned a tracking bracelet for her to wear. It allows her to simply squeeze any of the charms - each one representing one of her contacts (explosion for Kaachan, thread and a sewing needle for Uncle Masaru and a photo album for Aunt Mitsuki}. Once squeezed the charm will send off her location to that person's phone, allowing them to bring her a change of clothes.

During the day, Katsuki and Izumi practice this healing ability - on bruises, small cuts and the pulled muscles from Katsuki overusing his quirk. Slowly over time, the dream wanderings stop. Instead she starts to wander in the middle of the day toward the pull, which leads Izumi to just about everywhere around town and the main city. Even though she has been pulled to the beach dump where she met a pink haired girl, with a large cut on her wrist from digging through the garbage, the strangest place she found herself was in a rundown alleyway holding the gaze of a young adult with multiple burn marks all over his body.

"Hello," Izumi states. Keeping an eye on him, she settles down on a box.

"What...why is a kid in the middle of the city during a school day?" Electric blue eyes pin her as he steps closer.

"Part of my quirk brought me to you." Izumi states, her wings fluttering softly behind her as they resettle along her spine. "Which means you have a lot of pain and need help."

The man steps closer, his hands hanging at his sides. "You're a really strange child." Izumi simply shrugs at him smiling, her hair cascading back down her back. "How old are you?"

"I'm twelve and have been doing this for four years now. So, will you let me heal you?"

"It'll be worthless, any time I use my quirk - it burns me."

Izumi tilts her head, watching as the man settles down a few feet from her. She clasps her hands together before opening them in a cupping motion. A small golden sphere appears in her hand. "Why does your quirk do that?"

"My mother has an ice quirk, sperm donor a fire one. I got the fire quirk but a body made for an ice quirk." His blue eyes watch as she tilts the sphere back and forth in her palms.

"What if I could change the effects of your quirk?" Izumi looks up into his wide gaze. "Would you let me try?"

"If you can do that, you'll be my hero."

Nodding Izumi throws the sphere up into the space between them, as it twists in the air it grows to surround both of them. Izumi's freckles begin to glow with a green light; her eyes close as small hands reach out, tracing and moving something unseen. The man lets out a small grunt as the burnt skin falls off, showing fresh unblemished skin underneath - the staples clattering to the concrete. After five minutes, the green glow disappears along with the golden sphere.

"There, that should do it." Izumi huffs, leaning back. "Try your quirk now."

With a raised brow the man holds his hand up, an icy blue flame flickers into his palm. "That's not the same color...it doesn't hurt."

"Instead of being a super hot flame, you now have a flame so cold it can burn. Tada!" Izumi laughs, shaking her open palms slightly.

"Damn," the man laughs, face stretching into a smile. "I go by Dabi, but my name is Todoroki Touya."

"Midoriya Izumi."

"Well Izumi, you are my hero." Dabi laughs, his fingers dancing across one of the boxes - coating it in smoking ice.

"Wait, your sperm donor is Endeavor? The guy who chose a hero name that means to achieve a goal?" Dabi barks out a laugh, eyes shining.

"Yeah kid. That's the one. Though I can't say I ever heard someone mention him that way before."

"Well it's a stupid name. Who names themselves with a word that means that? More over when he can't even do what he is trying to achieve. Trust me, my best friend wanted his name to be Lord Explosion Murder, I know bad hero names." Dabi grins brightly down at her as she looks up at him. "So, now that your quirk doesn't hurt you - are you going to try to get your hero licence?"

"And why would I do that?"

Izumi grins as she walks off, looking over her shoulder before she exits the alleyway. "To stick it to the sperm donor."

She leaves the alleyway to roaring laughter, a small content smile on her face as she pulls out her phone to message Katsuki back.

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