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The next three years go by in a flash. Izumi and Katsuki spend them training and doing school work. Dabi made his debut by snatching a villain out from under Endeavor's nose; before he completely disappeared from the public eye. Izumi does run into him again though at night, Katsuki walking beside her as they head back home from one of her healing travel sessions. He gives them both his phone number, stating if they ever need him to let him know - not too long and a flame charm made from a larimar crystal is hanging from her wrist.

"Izumi! Hurry up, you won't get breakfast if you don't come down stairs right now!" Mitsuki hollors.

Loud thuds come from above them before said young girl is flying down the stairs, her wings rebalancing her at the end before folding up along her back. Green locks hanging down her back as she slips into a free spot.

"Now don't forget to pick up some onions and drinks for dinner tonight before coming home. We won't be back till late, so have a good day brats." Mitsuki brushes a kiss against Izumi's head and runs her hand over Katsuki's head before rushing out the front door to the waiting car.

"Can you do my hair before we go Kacchan? There is going to be a test in gym class today."

"Fucking fine I guess," Katsuki huffs from the kitchen as he puts his plates away. Walking back he stands behind her as she finishes up her breakfast, his fingers making quick work to tie her hair into braided space buns.

Rushing out the door, the pair barely make it onto the train, Katsuki grabs one of the hanging straps and lets Izumi grab his arm. Leaning back into his chest, she holds her phone up so he can see as she scrolls through Hero News.

"It's the anniversary of Water Hose's death. Can't they just leave it alone? It's been two years now, their poor son does not need to keep being reminded by this."

"The public doesn't fucking care Zumi."

"Well they should!" She huffs as they get off at their stop, walking to school.

School goes quickly till they finally reach homeroom, their teacher smiling down at them all - a stack of papers in his hands. Izumi sighs as she shares a look with Katsuki, high school applications. The class erupts into noise as the teacher throws the papers into the air. Izumi ignores all of them as Katsuki starts up as well, her eyes flickering to the clock.

When the bell rings Katsuki meets Izumi at the front, the two switching back to their outdoor shoes before heading to the gate.

"I need to go meet up with Dabi before his next shift, he wants to see if I can help his mom." Izumi explains at Katsuki's look as she starts splitting off from him.

"Alright, but as soon as you're done come meet me at the store. The two extras want to go to the arcade." Katsuki growls stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"If you don't like them tell them to leave you alone!" Izumi hollers after him as he just waves at her over his shoulder. "Really," she giggles before turning and heading to the meeting spot.

Glancing back down to her phone to double check the room number, Izumi heads in - head held high, smiling softly at the nurse behind the front desk as she passes by to head into the elevator. A chuckle escapes her as the door shuts just as the nurse jumps up to rush over to her. Stepping out she follows the signs to room 575; taking a deep breath she knocks softly.

"Come in birdie," Dabi's voice calls. Slowly she opens the door, eyes falling from her friend to the tired looking white haired woman. Haunted grey eyes pull her further in, the door falling shut behind her.

"Hello Midoriya-kun, it's lovely to meet you."

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