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The day of the exam they are rushing; pushing through the crowd at the station. It takes them a few minutes to make it from the station, Izumi side stepping a loose stone as they make their way inside. The written portion goes by quickly, Izumi talking quietly with a purple haired boy next to her. Granted she has to coax him to speak to her instead of sleep, but it seems to be for the best. His quirk isn't made for the test, but she does offer advice.

"The test is made for people with physically strong quirks. But it wouldn't be a heroics test if that was all it was, would it?" Her voice trails off as she says goodbye, heading to Katsuki. The boy watching her walk off with a contemplating look.

Standing outside the gate, Izumi takes a deep breath. Looking around at the other contenders, her gaze lands on a brunette who seems to be on the verge of a panic attack. Just as she is about to start walking a large hand lands on her shoulder - reacting she pivots and grabs the arm, flinging the body over her shoulder and to the ground. Surprised red eyes stare up at her.

Placing her hands on her hips she narrows her eyes down at the boy standing up. "Don't you know better then to just grab at someone! I could have really hurt you or you could have sent someone into a panic attack!"

"I apologise for that, but I didn't want you trying to distract that girl." The boy pushes his glasses up his nose.

"Distract her? Like what you choose to do to me?" Izumi snaps, pointing a finger at him. "I'll have you know it is completely rude of you to assume you know me, let alone what I would do. This is the first time you have ever met me."

With a sharp jab of her finger to his chest and a huff, Izumi storms off the gate, ignoring the sputtering boy behind her. Not even a minute later and they are rushing the gate. Izumi swerves off from the main square and streets, looking through back alleys. It doesn't take long for her to start racking up points, having grabbed a pipe from the ground.

Sweat pouring down her back and face, Izumi parkours up to the roof from an alleyway. Flipping and running across the roofs, stopping as she reaches the main square. A smile tugs at her lips as she listens to the other contestants calling out their scores. Just as she is about to head off, the very ground begins to shake. Hitting her knees Izumi glances up to see the zero pointer.

"Holy crap," she breathes. Stumbling up she rushes to the edge of the building, eyes flying over the street. The other contestants are running away, but it is the tug of her quirk that lets her know someone isn't.

"Ow," turning her head, green eyes find a brunette stuck under a boulder. Her hand trying to reach it but the pain flaring up whenever she does.

Jumping down, Izumi lets her wings flare out guiding her down - dust flung away with each beat of her wings. Running over she kneels down next to the girl, keeping an eye out for the robot.

"My name is Midoriya Izumi, I need you to stop trying to move. Can you do that for me?" Pain clouded eyes gaze up at her, before the girl nods. "I'm going to move the rock then pick you up. Do I have your permission to touch you?"

"Yes, yes. Please." Her voice cracking as she lays her head down, body going as limp as she can make it.

"Okay," Izumi stands back up, her wings dragging behind her. Crouching down, she gets a grip on the rock - seeing the robot starting to reach down towards them. With a growl Izumi lifts the rock, her wings softly flapping behind her - pushing she throws the boulder at the robot. A golden dome surrounds her and the girl as her wings disappear back inside her. Turning to the girl she lays her hand down on the girl's back. "Take a deep breath for me, this may feel strange." Green light flashes from Izumi's hand, as she fixes the hairline fractures along her spine. "Okay, I'm going to lift you now."

Gently Izumi lifts the other girl up into her arms. Walking slowly to the gate, the sphere followed along with them. Izumi lets the sphere go when they make it close enough to the gate to hear Recovery Girl.

"Thank you, Midoriya-chan. My name is Uraraka Ochaco."

"Of course Uraraka-chan. Take care and I hope to see you at UA." Izumi smiles as she sets the girl down, letting Recovery Girl take over and leaving the gate.

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