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Here is a Kota scene! Enjoy!

Curling further into the arm of the couch Izumi smiles softly down at the letter resting on her knees, remembering how she met the young boy.

Izumi jerked to a stop behind Katsuki and his friends, head tilting, as she quickly crosses the street and follows the pull of her quirk, the person's pain screaming to her. Taking the path her quirk tugs at, Izumi finds herself standing under the archway for the park she used to visit with Kacchan. Carefully she enters, eyes searching the deserted park until she catches sight of a small figure huddled on a bench, black hair twisting in the wind.

Settling down next to the young boy, Izumi simply hums as she gazes up at the sky. The sobs shaking his body slowly stop, loud sniffles filling the air. Turning, Izumi meets the black gaze with a gentle smile.

"Would you like to tell me?" She whispers, holding out a tissue for him. Black eyes narrow before jerking away.

"Do you think the Hero duo Waterhose were heroes?"

"Yes, but no." At her words his face snaps back to her. "They were heroes, no doubt. They actually pulled my mom out of a burning building. At the same time, they should have not tried to take on a villain that was as high ranking as Muscular - at the very least one of them should have stayed back." Kota scoots closer to her, actually leaning against her arm. "Your parents loved you Kota, never doubt that. No matter what anyone else says, they would have preferred to come home to you."

Izumi spends the next twenty minutes holding the sobbing child in her arms. Looking up she meets Katsuki's gaze as he leans against the entrance. She watches him stop the Wild Wild Pussycats from entering for a moment. A vicious smile pulled at his lips as he seemingly tore into them. Izumi stands up, careful not to wake the young boy. Slowly walking over, she hands the young child back to his family. As they walk away, Izumi smirks to herself. She had placed a small paper with her contact info into his pocket before the Wild Wild Pussycats had shown up. If they couldn't be there for him, she would be.

"What's got you so happy?" Mitsuki pulls her out of her memory as she walks by ruffling the greenette's hair on her way to the kitchen.

"Kota sent me a letter."

"Isn't he the son of Water Hose?" Her voice calls over the sound of cooking meat.

"Yeah, they're the ones that spoke to you about mom. His aunt is the one taking care of him, well her and her team. It seems like they are trying to get him to celebrate with them on the anniversary." Izumi rests her cheek on her palm, hair cascading over her shoulder. "They still don't get that he lost his parents."

"Well fuck 'em." Mitsuki states, "Katsuki! Get down here for dinner!"

"Don't have to yell, Hag." Katsuki vaults over the back of the couch, "I hear they're still fucking up?"

"Yes," Izumi sighs. "How hard can it be to understand that, yes, they may be heroes, but they were parents first and they failed?"

"Too hard," Mitsuki frowns.

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