I don't know if any of you glorious bastards watch Fudge Muppet, but I recently started fucking around with their Fallout 4 builds, and the Overboss one really caught my eye. And thus this fic was born, although the Overboss will have a few tweaks and differences from the Fudge Muppet version.

Gage and a small group of raiders, three Disciples and three Operators, including Savoy, and a kidnapped local who seemed to know the area, were moving through the forest, coming up on their target. The target in question was a pre-war military bunker far to the north of the Commonwealth. They would've had a larger force of men, but the Overboss didn't consider this a big enough concern to allocate those numbers.

The Overboss himself was currently at the Institute doing who knows what with the division heads. Turns out whoever was in charge of the SRB found out a rogue synth was hiding out in this old bunker. Despite the Railroad's destruction, these bastards kept finding ways to escape. And since the bunker was outside the Commonwealth, and consequently the range of their Molecular Relay, the Overboss sent Gage and some raiders to track the synth down while the eggheads underground did some more research on the place. Eventually, they found the bunker entrance embedded in a small cliff face.

"Hold it." He ordered the raiders to stop. It looked like all the other bunkers in the Commonwealth, with a solid concrete wall, no windows, and a rusted metal door. But this one didn't seem to have any external defences. With normal people, that would've been reassuring, but his years of Raider experience caused him to be put off by this.

"Somethin' ain't right." He motioned to one of the Operators. "You, go peek your head in there and see what there is."

The raider sighed but obeyed, sneaking over to the door with his rifle raised. He lightly pressed the door, and was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. He opened it just enough for him to stick his head in, but was unpleasantly surprised to find the place to be pitch black. He ran his hand along the wall and found a light switch. He flipped it, but nothing happened, and the lights remained off. He returned to Gage and informed him of what he saw.

"That's gonna be an issue." He turned to the rest of the group. "Alright, we're gonna go in there and hunt down the synth bastard so we can all go back to the Commonwealth and get back to raiding. But while we're in there, keep a sharp eye out for traps, and for God's sake, don't touch anything."

With that, Gage and the group entered the bunker, wary of what they might find. They turned on the flashlights taped to their rifles, except the captive who didn't have a flashlight, and entered the bunker. As they swept their lights across the room, they saw it was a security room, with multiple screening stations and desks. But what made them freeze was the walls being lined with dozens of occupied Protectron charging pods, and a few mag locked doors that undoubtedly held Assulatrons behind them.

"Ho-ly shit. Move slowly, and be careful." Gage whispered. This was some serious security, and for all he knew, they had sound activation or something crazy like that. As they explored the large entry room, they found three doors. Two were regular blue metal doors that both led to bathrooms, but the last one was a large metal sliding door. It was a little stuck, but with help from Savoy, Gage was able to get it open. So far they hadn't found any traps.

As they opened the door, it revealed a long dark hallway with no doors on either side. They flashed their lights further in and spotted a pair of heavy duty double doors on the opposite end of the hall. They were about to open those as well, but they were stopped by a blue flash and a loud bang. They all whipped around and illuminated what made the noise, and were all surprised to see a figure standing there. But upon further scrutiny, they realized it was the Overboss himself. His thick armor and terrifying mask along with the long metal blades welded to his armor were evidence enough of his identity.

"Boss, I thought you were busy dealin' with the eggheads?" Gage questioned.

"I was." He said, his deep voice resonating through the hall, sending shivers through one of the Operators. Gage had forgotten that not all the gang members had met the Overboss, at least not face-to-face. "They pulled up some info, and turns out this place has some powerful pre-war tech, though they don't know what." He started walking towards them, his large frame becoming more apparent as he got closer, his powerful rifle propped over his shoulder. "So I decided to come here personally."

"Well, it's a good thing you're here, boss." Savoy spoke up. Aside from Nisha, the Overboss seemed to be the only other person the mostly silent brute genuinely respected. "We have no idea what's here, and we also have to babysit this bitch, since she seemed to know the place." He gestured to the captive girl, and the Overboss turned his head to her. The only thing visible behind his mask was some of his black and scruffy beard, and his single, bloodshot eye. She shrank slightly under his silent gaze, before he turned his attention back to the door. He grabbed the handle and threw it open, clearly eager to see what was inside. "Just remember not to touch anything." The Overboss reminded.

Inside to the left was a large platform with a large console, but only one terminal interface. To the right was a table holding about two dozen devices that looked like pulse grenades, each marked with the title "Emergency Return Device" and having a small battery bar on the side. And in the center was a machine that looked a lot like the Signal Interceptor the Overboss had built and used to initially get into the Institute, though three times as large and looking far less makeshift. The Overboss went up to it and examined it. The wiring was remarkably similar, and it looked to have the exact same purpose. The console on the platform most likely controlled it, but he didn't see any kind of satellite dish anywhere in the room, so he wasn't sure how it would receive signals.

Suddenly, the lights in the room turned on, temporarily blinding everyone. The sounds of pods opening and heavy metal footsteps echoed down the hall.

"Shit! Gage, get that door shut!" He yelled as he readied his rifle. Gage immediately slammed the door just in time to block some laser shots. He and one of the Disciples held the door shut. The Overboss looked up at the platform and saw the captive girl from before backing away from the terminal, a worried expression on her face. Then she saw him staring at her with murder in his eyes, and her face went pale. Before she could react, he vaulted over the console and grabbed her by the throat pinning her against the wall.

"You stupid fucking bitch, what did I tell you!?" He drew his combat knife and was about to stab her in the eye, when the Signal Interceptor burst to life, blue energy arcing from the device and hitting the floor and walls, leaving scorch marks. One arc hit one of the Operators and he vanished. He didn't turn to ash, he completely disappeared. "God fucking dammit!" He tossed the girl off the platform. "Everyone, grab one of those devices and use them!" In a last ditch effort, each of the Raiders grabbed one, except Savoy, who grabbed two, leaving the door unblocked. But before they could use them, the Signal Interceptor look-a-like exploded, engulfing everyone in the room in a ball of blue energy, leaving nothing behind. The robots' programming detected a lack of intruders, and so they returned to their pods, awaiting the moment more intruders arrived, the bunker power shutting itself down as they did.

Some time later

The Overboss awoke at the same time as everyone else, along with a splitting headache and in a rage. He stood up, shaking his head while growling and looking around. He saw the girl from before and began marching over to her. She tried to stand up and run, but he shot her in the knee, crippling her and making her scream in pain. He holstered his rifle and unsheathed his knife, this time not letting anything interrupt him. He grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and started stabbing her repeatedly in the abdomen, her cries for help becoming weaker as she lost blood. He finished her by slitting her throat, letting her blood splatter on him. He tossed her to the ground and stood up, aggressively wiping his blade on his pants and watching as she bled out on the ground.

"Uh, boss?" He heard Gage call behind him.

"What is it, Gage?!" He yelled, whipping around. He stopped when he saw what he was referring to. They were in a forest clearing, which wasn't strange. What was strange was the fact that all the trees were lush and covered in thick green leaves. The Overboss was immediately hit with memories of pre-war America, and it took every fibre of his being to keep from looking shocked.

Not long after, a creature none of them had ever seen before burst out of the treeline and charged right at the Overboss. It looked like a werewolf but covered in pitch black fur and with bits of bone armor covering its body, most prominently it's head. It was making a beeline right for him, almost like it was attracted to his rage. The Overboss simply lined up a shot and fired, the high powered bullet punching right through its skull. It went limp and started sliding along the ground, stopping right at his feet. He placed his boot on its head and put another round in it for good measure. Upon further inspection, he noticed a few other things. It's eyes were glowing red, though the colour was rapidly draining. Along with that, it had a series of bone spikes all over its body. A row on each bicep and forearm, one single spike on each of its knees, and a long row running along its spine. He took his foot off once the creature started disintegrating, and that's when he knew something was wrong.

"Where the hell are we?" He asked to no one in particular.

"I dunno boss, but it ain't natural, that's for damn sure." Gage responded, unnerved by everything that had happened. The Overboss took out the "ERD" he, along with everyone else, had picked up. Savoy tossed one to the guy who had been hit before he had the chance to get one, him mumbling a 'thanks' as he caught it. He examined it, but was annoyed when he saw they were dead, the energy bar filling agonizingly slow. They would have to wait for them to recharge before they could be used. The Overboss pocketed his ERD before addressing the rest of the group.

"Let's find a place to hold up in before we go looking around. None of us have any idea where we are, so don't stray from the group, or I'll leave you behind to get eaten by whatever that thing was." With that, they decided to head in the opposite direction the beast came from to minimize the risk of running into more. As they walked, the Raiders looked around in hidden wonder, secretly amazed by the lush, life filled forest. None of them had ever seen a tree that didn't look withered away before, although there were rumors of multiple places in America that had been left untouched by the war.

After an hour of walking in silence, they came across what appeared to be a town of some sort, though it looked like it had been attacked. It was surrounded by a wooden wall that was as tall as two men, but had a large hole blasted in it. They entered and the place looked ransacked, the streets strewn with dead settlers and burned out houses, some still alight.

"Now this looks more like it." One of the Disciples said with a chuckle.

"Everyone spread out!" The Overboss ordered his men. "Look for survivors and supplies! Bring anything you find to me!" With that, everyone began looting a different house while the Overboss inspected the corpses. Some looked like soldiers and police officers, but they didn't look like any he'd ever seen before. Quite a few even had animal traits, like wolf tails or cat ears. Upon closer inspection, they looked very natural.

"This doesn't look like radiation." He mumbled to himself. He drew his knife and cut off the ear of a wolf girl to bring back to the Institute, see if they could make any sense of it. A lot of the people had wallets that looked like the kind commonly used pre-war, but instead of caps, they were filled with these strange plastic cards. They said they were "Lien" and each card had a different colour and number, signifying different amounts. It was clearly currency, so he pocketed as much of this Lien as he could find.

After a few minutes, the sun was beginning to set.

"Hey boss, I found a survivor!" He heard behind him. He stood up from the corpse of a cop and turned around. He saw Savoy walking towards him with someone slung over his shoulder. When he reached him, he tossed the poor bastard onto the ground roughly, him groaning in pain while clutching his abdomen.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" He kneeled in front of the man who only stared at him defiantly. He had dirty brown hair with a clean shaven face and sharp green eyes. He didn't look like anyone from the town. In fact, he looked like a Raider, with makeshift armor and everything. "And who might you be?"

"Fuck you." He struggled out before spitting on his mask. He looked at him blankly before drawing his knife and casually planting it in his leg up to the hilt, as if he were simply putting it in a table. The man screamed in pain while clutching the area around the wound, but not the knife itself.

"Didn't your whore mother tell you not to disrespect your betters? Now I'll ask you again, who are you and what were you doing here?" He asked with more force, twisting the knife slightly.

"I-I was with the Branwen Tribe. We were raiding this place when some bastard got me good with a shotgun. They thought I was weak and left me to die." The Overboss thought about this man's explanation. So they weren't the only Raiders around here? That wasn't surprising, but he never liked competition. He reached into one of his pouches, the wounded raider flinching. That was good. People will obey when they're afraid. He produced a Stimpak and showed it to him.

"Since your last outfit didn't give two shits about you, how about you come with me? There's way more of us where we came from, and I'll give you a hit of this if you do." He said, the man looking at the Stim with confusion.

"What the hell is that?" He asked. The Overboss just sighed before removing the knife and plunging the Stimpak right above it. He jerked in pain, but the red liquid started rapidly healing the wound, and he looked at it amazed. The boss chuckled.

"You want more?" He already knew the answer.

"Yeah sure." He said with slight desperation. The blood loss was starting to get to him. He grabbed another Stim and stabbed him near the shotgun wound, the buckshot popping out and the wounds closing.

Nodding to Savoy, the large man hoisted the new blood up and supported him as he took him to the nearest intact house.

The Overboss turned to Gage, who had finished looking around. "How much food do we have here?"

"Enough to get by, for now at least."

He nodded. "Set some food aside for him. Don't worry about me, though." He looked at the corpse he had been inspecting with hunger in his eyes. "I'll make do on my own." He kneeled down beside it and started using his knife to cut off chunks of flesh before eating them raw. Gage had a look of disgust, but knew better than to make his disgust known to the boss.

"I'll never get used to him doing that." Gage thought to himself as he headed to the house the others had started using to store food.

Meanwhile in the Commonwealth

The Institute had already secured the bunker with the use of Synths. Dr. Li had gone there personally after the place had been cleared so she could inspect the device that had seemingly taken the group sent here. She didn't like working with raiders, but the Nuka-World raiders were far too powerful by this point to take out. They had the manpower and the know-how to easily destroy the Institute, not to mention Father had chosen their leader, his father, to be the next Director, not truely realizing the kind of man he was until it was too late.

Dr. Li was fascinated by the device. It had the same wiring and general internal structure as the Molecular Relay, but much more powerful. She estimated it was powerful enough to send people and objects off Earth. She went to the terminal and searched the data on it. It was still locked to the previous coordinates it had used, and was set to a location she didn't recognize. There were the coordinates followed by the name "Remnant." If the name was put in, that meant the scientists working here had been there before, and knew what it was called.

Along with that, she was beyond relieved to find a complete, and highly detailed, copy of the blueprints to the machine. It was called the "IDT", though it didn't say what that meant. She copied the blueprints on a holotape and requested a relay back to the Institute. It was time to rebuild this machine, though this time with a few Institute improvements.

And there you have it. The Overboss's inevitable conquest of Remnant begins. Tell me what you think, and I'll see you lads later.