Katsuki takes his time to watch All Might as the two teams start; noting that the hero doesn't take his own gaze off of Zu. Stepping closer, ignoring the questioning look sent by Kirishima - slightly waving his hand at the other boy. He stops so he is to the left of the hero and can easily see the full of the hero's face. Katsuki does make quick eye contact with Tenya who is standing off to the other side with his partner - the gravity girl.

All Might's face pinches as he watches the whole building coated in ice except the room Izuku and Yaoyorozu, Izuku's hands coated in Solar Fire to stop the spreading of the cold. His eyes flick to where he last saw the boy's tiger, it is still free - it's orange eyes locked onto something. The tiger pounces, a small shriek filling the air - Izuku and Yaoyorozu seem to perk up waiting.

"I give!" Hagakure screams into the com.

"Hagakure is captured and unable to continue." All Might states, his eyes going back to Izuku and Yaoyorozu.

The two villains have now tied the string to a ceiling beam, Izuku crouched just behind the door with Yaoyorozu positioned in front of a large metal contraption the size of the bomb. Todoroki calmly walks into the room, his eyes widen slightly at the unaffected room. He stops ten feet in the room allowing Izuku to shut the door behind him. Todoroki turns to look behind him, Izuku standing there with his head tilted slightly as green eyes seem to pierce his soul.

"Well, well…" Izuku utters, his voice sending a chill down everyone watching - minus Katsuki and Tenya. "Lookie, we have a visitor my dear." Yaoyorozu seems to steal her spin as she twirls the weapon in one hand, her own face taking on a sinister grin.

"What's the little hero want? We are very busy right now."

"Surrender, we have the place surrounded." Todoroki states, the air starts to chill.

"Ooo, he wants to play!" Izuku giggles, fire dancing across his fingers as he waves them. Yaoyorozu lets out a little giggle, her eyes not leaving the two-toned teen. Izuku's face morphs, Katsuki catches All Might's body tightening. "But you see, we have a bomb that is floating above the city right now. So that would mean we have hostages."

The whole class goes silent as they watch Todoroki's face drain. Izuku's grin stretches, another laugh leaving the small teen.

"I can freeze it before it will even touch the ground." Todoroki states, his eyes tracing the path of Izuku. "Once I defeat you it won't take long."

"Oh it wont?" Izuku snarks. Suddenly the shorter teen seems to trip, falling forward. Todoroki takes a small step closer before cursing as Izuku pushes himself up, letting his hand brush across Todoroki's ankle. Standing back up Izuku's grin is widder. "How will you do that now without your quirk?"

All Might has leaned over the table, his hand positioned over the button, his eyes burning. Katsuki clenches his jaw, fighting off the explosions trying to go off in his palms. Todoroki's jaw drops as he tries to access his ice before reaching for the fire, nothing. Izuku whistles, pulling the two toned boy to him. The white haired teen holds up his hands, ice in his right and fire in his left.

"How long will it take now? Tick, tock." Izuku giggles. Todoroki holds his hands out, a grimace on his face. "Good choice. Yaoyorozu would you do the pleasure?"

Yaoyorozu smiles putting the quarterstaff down as she pulls out the capture tape. As soon as she stops in front of Todoroki he grabs her, flipping her around, holding the tape against her throat. Izuku's face goes blank as he stares back at the other teen. Yaoyorozu doesn't move, her eyes wide as the tape tightens.

Katsuki stands up, catching sight of how the tape is digging into the girl's skin - the murmurs of his classmates showing he isn't the only one. All Might doesn't move to call the test off, Tenya glances at Katsuki who after a moment shakes his head - let the man ruin his own image. The class seems to pull slightly away from the number one hero, their eyes still trained on the young woman who is now turning red.

"You loose," Izuku growls. An ice knife flies from his hand, slicing into the two toned boy's hand forcing him to let go of Yaoyorozu - who falls to the ground holding her neck coughing. Instantly Todoroki is encased in ice, Izuku stooping down next to his comrade - brushing his fingers across the back of her neck. A small layer of frost coating her skin, onyx eyes turn to him with unshed tears. "It's alright now."

"Villain team wins!" All Might's voice echoes across the building. Standing up Izuku walks over to Todoroki letting his right hand land on the ice - shifting it into water.

"Here," Izuku lets his other hand touch the boy's shoulder - transferring the quirk back. "Your quirk is versatile, you need to accept that."

"It's two quirks." His voice is soft as the water in his outfit turns to steam. "Fire and ice."

"No it isn't, I can see quirks by lights. You have one single light that sits here," Izuku pokes the center of Todoroki's chest, just under his ribcage. "A bright blue light and a dull red one swirl together. If you aren't careful you'll lose control of it."

Izuku turns around and helps lift Yaoyorozu up, letting the taller girl lean against him. Rajah comes looping into the room, his orange eyes brushing over Todoroki before he steps up on the girl's other side - offering his back. Izuku smiles at the large tiger before helping Yaoyorozu settle down on him, her eyes wide as the tiger starts walking with Izuku helping keep her steady.

The whole group comes back into the observation room, Hagakure standing on Yaoyorozu's other side. Katsuki stays where he is, crimson eyes tracing over Izuku before flying back to All Might as he walks over. Izuku holds up his hand, green eyes flashing as he looks slightly to the right of the number one hero.

"I'm taking my teammate to see Recovery Girl, she has severe bruising along her neck." Izuku starts leading Rajah through his classmates, they part to let him through - Todoroki following behind. "Todoroki as well for the cut on his right wrist."

"Young Todoroki can take Mrs. Yaoyorozu to see her. You will stay my boy." All Might states, standing up straight. Izuku freezes at the door, his body stiffening before he whirls around.

"I'm not your anything!"

After that Izuku turns back around leading Rajah and Todoroki out. All Might stares after the group before turning back around and calling the next group out. The class murmuring to each other, worry evident in their gazes. Katsuki nods at Tenya as the taller teen walks out for his turn. All Might fucked up.

Izuku leads them silently through the halls, tears blurring the colors around him. Todoroki silently stands on Rajah's other side, his brows pinched as he thinks over the exchange between the number one hero and his classmate. Yaoyorozu holds out one hand, letting it brush against Izuku's arm. Without thought, he grabs the hand, squeezing gingerly. Another ten minutes and they are walking into the infirmary. Recovery Girl looks at them from her spot by a computer.

"What seems to be wrong, dearie?"

"Todoroki has a cut on his wrist. It isn't too bad, but the blood does need to be stopped. Yaoyorozu has deep bruising around her throat, it would cause severe pain if she tried to talk right now." Izuku states, helping her off Rajah and onto one of the beds. Giving the tiger a quick scratch under his jaw, Izuku dismisses him.

Recovery Girl sets Todoroki down on another bed, quickly kissing his hand before rushing over to Yaoyorozu. Pulling the girl's hand away from her neck, the frost still coating it, Izuku reaches over and pulls the frost over his own hand letting the nurse see the damage.

"You're lucky you put ice on this, it could have been worse." Recovery Girl mumbles, Izuku's gaze is pulled to Todoroki as he flinches slightly. "How did all this happen?"

"All Might," Izuku's voice turns bitter. "He's teaching our hero glass today. When I took Todoroki's quirk to stop him he tricked us by seeming to give in. When Yaoyorozu got close he pinned her to him with the capture tape around her neck, I doubt he knew how hard he was holding her. Our teacher never called our win, we were playing the villains, until I coated Todoroki in ice."

Recovery Girl's face pinches before she smiles softly back at the boys after kissing Yaoyorozu's head. "Well it's not the fault of any of you. As a teacher he should have known to call it at that point. Excessive force may be needed in the field but you are all learning and that is a move that takes time to learn."

With a small smile she has Yaoyorozu lay down after eating some gummies, sending the two boys back to class with their own gummies. Izuku stops halfway back, leaning against the wall before bending over - silent tears streaming down his face. Todoroki freezes next to him, before stepping slightly closer. When Todoroki puts his left hand on the shorter boy's shoulder Izuku throws himself at the other boy, his body shaking as he cries into Todoroki's chest.

"What's wrong?"

"It's my fa-fault!" Izuku whimpers, hand clenching tighter on the back of the boy's hero suit. "All Might hates me!"

Todoroki's eyes widen as he gazes down at the younger teen, pulling him closer with his left arm and letting his right hand press against his head. "Why would he hate you?"

"I don't know, he told me I couldn't be a hero with my quirk." Todoroki feels a chill go down his spine. It was the opposite of what he was always told but still similar. "I don't like him, he scares me." Izuku's voice is small, his body trying to curl into itself against Todoroki's chest.

"Let's go to Aizawa-sensei, he needs to know." Todoroki states, keeping his arm wrapped around the smaller boy. He may not have been able to protect his mother from his own father, but he wouldn't fail his classmate.