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The first few weeks on the street had been hard for Izuku, trying to hold on to as much of the cash as possible he had slept in the playgrounds or in alleyways. Each time he was always chased away by other street kids or there were thugs starting things up. It was during one of the thug fights that Izuku was able to take another quirk.

Izuku awoke to a body slamming against the dumpster he was sleeping under. Green eyes watch the skuffle, silently crawling out from under the dumpster. One of the bodies fell to the alleyway floor just in front of Izuku's hidden body, the woman's hand reaching out toward something. The other person lets out a shout as they fall back, a loud howl echoing down the alley. The creature chases the other person out of the alleyway before coming back and curling up next to the woman. Izuku crawls the rest of the way out; ignoring the sticky wetness coating his hands now. The grey wolf turns its head before going back to watching the front of the alley.

Izuku crawls over to the woman, golden eyes stare up at him. She tries to sit up, but starts coughing up blood. Izuku whimpers, watching the light flicker inside her chest. The woman reaches up and softly wipes away his silent tears.

"Do-don't c-cry," her voice cracks. Blood leaking out her mouth.

"But y-you're d-d-dying!" He wails, grabbing onto her wrist. Her light flickers out for a few moments before coming back. Taking a deep breath, bottom lip trembling he clasps her hand in between his. "I can take your quirk, so something of you will stay."

The gold eyes flicker over to the grey wolf before meeting Izuku's watery gaze. "Please," she chokes out, tears falling down her face. Nodding at her, Izuku pulls at her light, before it transfers into his body. Her wolf disappears into flecks of shadow. "Thank you," the woman breathes.

Izuku stays there holding her hand past the point her chest stops rising. Taking a deep breath Izuku lays her hands on her chest, wiping his face as he stands up. He tugs at the new quirk, holding his hand out next to him. Soft thick fur rubs against his hand. Looking down he sees a young tiger staring up at him. Stepping away from the woman's cold body he walks further into the alleyway, toward the area he heard water coming from earlier. The tiger following behind, orange eyes glowing in the dark.

Leaning into the water drain pipe, Izuku washes his hands and face the best he can of the dried and flaking blood. Sitting down in the corner he pulls his knees up to his face. The tiger padding over to curl in front of him, his rough tongue rubbing across his cheek and into his hair before facing the front of the alleyway. Slowly Izuku fell asleep to the purring of his new companion.

The next three years see Izuku slowly growing, his animal companion always at his side - now named Rajah. Izuku had grown a small amount, the muscles on his body lean from all the running and climbing he has done. Curly locks hang down to his shoulders, usually tied back in a braid. The money Kacchan had given him when he first left has slowly dwindled, with only 11,000 yen leftover. Izuku sits on a park bench, pulling out his worn notebook. The first few pages are dedicated to his base quirk, then the one from his mom and Katsuki. The one listed next is the soul guardian, where Rajah comes from. He has gotten a few more from when he helped some older people back to their nursing home. One is mood nails, his fingernails changing color to match his moods - it's like having perfectly done nails. The only other one is a small regeneration quirk that was stopping the original owner from passing on - it takes three minutes to work, seven if the injury is bad.

After editing a few pages, he places it back into the old backpack. Placing it down on one end of the bench Izuku lays down, sleep taking him quickly. Rajah laying behind the bench, keeping a lookout.

"Kid," a rough voice calls out just before a hand lands on his shoulder. Jerking awake Izuku shoves back, the bench digging into his spin. A hobo looking man with a large white scarf stares down at him, eyes flickering back and forth between him and Rajah. "What are you doing out at this time? You should be at home."

"Don't have a home."


"I said," Izuku responds, hugging his backpack. "I don't have a home, I've lived on the streets for…What's today?"

"April, 2142."

"Three years than." Izuku nods, fingernails a sky blue. The man stares at him for a few moments after putting his phone away. His hand comes up and rubs between his eyes with a sigh. The man falls onto the bench next to Izuku, still watching him.

"Why'd you run away?"

"Why do you care?" The man blinks at him for a moment before holding out a card to him. Taking it Izuku sees a Hero ID: Aizawa Shota, Hero name Eraserhead, underground. "Oh," Izuku hands the card back. "My mom tried to attack me the day after my quirk came in. She wouldn't listen when I tried telling her I had one, just kept saying that the doctor already said I wouldn't so I won't. So, I grabbed what I could and left. I headed to my best friend's house to say goodbye, he gave me some money and I left."

Aizawa tugs slightly on his scarf, mind working. "What's your name?"

"Midoriya Izuku."

"You were declared dead a year ago." He sighs, brushing his hair out of his face. "What if you lived with me and my husband? We could get you back into schooling and you would not have to go back to your mother."

"What's the catch?"

"You tell me what your quirk is."

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So, the Guardian Quirk was not in the plans...but you know what, if that's where it went then there we go