After the exam the three met up and went to a ramen shop down the street, sharing how they thought the written and practical part were. Each sharing their own stories; Katsuki almost spitting out his bit when Izuku confirms Tenya's story of Izuku gaining a new quirk and saving the person he took it from. They promise to meet up again once they all have the letter to open them together, agreeing to meet at Katsuki's home.

Izuku heads back to the school, waving at Auntie Nemuri as he heads to the offices. Walking in he is faced with a skeleton of a man turning his head to the door, shadowed eyes piercing into him. A familiar feeling sinks into Izuku, as he notices the quirk settled in the man's chest - a ball of light with seven smaller lights orbiting it. Quickly Izuku rushes over to Hizashi and the yellow sleeping bag. He stands at just the right angle to hide from the strange man. Hizashi softly pats his head, complaining when his hand comes away with dust and sweat.

Shoto climbs to his feet, still wrapped in the yellow sleeping bag. Stepping out of it, he calmly folds it up and faces the two. His tired eyes softening at Izuku grinning up at him from Hizashi's side. Gently Shoto guides them out, shooting a glare at the strange male before leading them away. Settling into the back seat Izuku laughs as Hizashi starts singing off key to the song playing on the radio. Shoto simply shakes his head before closing his eyes, listening as their son joins in.

The week goes by slowly as Izuku helps around the house, Hizashi and Shoto both still having to head to UA during the day. While alone Izuku stays up on his regular workout routine; watching hero news and adding to his journals - all written in code that his papa had taught him in case they got lost or stolen. It is that Friday that Shoto came in with Hizashi complaining loudly behind him about something.


"In the living room Papa!" Shoto sinks down next to him on the couch, Izuku sinking into his side. Hizashi dropped his jacket over the back of the chair before sitting down in it. "What were you complaining about?"

"Who should give you this." Shoto holds out a thick envelope with a familiar insignia on the front.

"Have the other letters gone out already?" Izuku questions, taking the envelope from his papa. Shoto nods his head pulling Izuku closer.

"It can wait till tomorrow," he states nuzzling the long wine red locks. "Besides, it's family night."

Smiling softly, Izuku sets the letter down on the coffee table curling in closer to Shoto letting Hizashi have room next to him. Fifteen minutes pass before Hizashi comes back, his hair hanging wet in a braid down his back. The three curl up together watching a horror film, a musical and a hero movie from the pre quirk era.

Waving at Auntie Mitsuki as he rushes past and up the stairs, Izuku skids down the hall before throwing open Katsuki's door. Tenya looks up from his place at the desk; Katsuki hanging upside down on the bed with a controller in his hand, pauses his game to glance over. Izuku holds up his letter.

"Did you get your's?"

"Of fucking course we did," Katsuki states tossing the controller onto his pillow sitting up correctly now. Izuku throws himself down next to the bed, grinning up at Tenya as he turns holding his own letter. They all nod and rip open their letters; a metal disk slips out from them.

"I am here as a projection!"

"Oh fuck no," Katsuki growls glaring at the image of All Might.

"Looks like he will be teaching at the school."

"Papa won't like that." The three slightly ignore the projection's speech, until right towards the end.

"Welcome to your hero academia!"

"So fucking dramatic," Katsuki snaps shoving the disk back into the envelope. Izuku pulls out the letters with it, quickly finding the class assignment.

"I'm in class 1-A, what about you guys?"

"Same, thank god."

"It would appear that we are all once again together." Tenya comments, looking at the next paper, his brow creasing. "It would also seem that they are adding dorms to the school this year. So we will be having to pack and head there the weekend before classes start."

"I guess that makes sense." Izuku shrugs, placing the letter back in the envelope. At the incredulous look sent by Katsuki, Izuku laughs. "Just because we don't like him doesn't mean that there aren't people who would target us, with him as our teacher. This way we can't be picked off by ourselves."

"That is very true," Tenya states. "Very well thought out."

"So we have a week to pack before getting there?" Katsuki complains falling backwards on the bed, arm over his face. "I fucking hate packing."

"Grow up Kacchan!" Izuku laughs, shoving at his leg. "We can help each other, that way we get done faster. Unless there's something you don't want us to find?"

Katsuki slams a pillow down on Izuku's head, laughter ringing out as they all grab a pillow and start hitting each other. The next hour is spent tackling, tickling and smacking each other. Finally they all lay in a pile on the floor, Izuku squished in the middle, Katsuki on top facing the ceiling.

"Think someone will be homophobic?"

"Not if they want to stay in the school." Izuku responds, running his fingers through Katsuki's locks. "Besides, if someone is, we can just sic Tenya on them. I don't think Nakamura is still over that talking to."

"I would like to point out that he had it coming." Tenya states calmly from the bottom of the pile. "He should not have been dressed like that, let alone ignored the fact that the young lady wanted nothing to do with him."

"Our hero!" Izuku giggles. "Our knight in shining armor!"

Tenya groans from the bottom of the pile, throwing one of his arms over his face. "I told you it is based off of-"

"Your brother, we fucking know." Katsuki snickers. "Doesn't change the fact that you are a walking armory."

"If you're worried about being streamlined for running you know I would love to help!" Izuku states, twisting his body enough to look back at the taller teen. "I already have a few ideas drawn out in your section of my journals. I already fixed Kacchan's giant gauntlet grenade things."

"Those looked fucking cool as shit!"

"Sure Kaachan, because a victim wants to be saved by someone with grenades on their arms."

"Oh fuck off," Katsuki grumbles.

"When we go to pack for you, I will look at them." Tenya states.

"Awesome!" Izuku shouts before shoving Katsuki off him and jumping up. "We can start with my place! That way if you like anything we can send it in before they finish with your hero attire."

Katsuki groans before jumping up, pulling Tenya up with him. Izuku rushes out of the room, a bright smile on his face. "You know we will have a fuck ton of more idiots to deal with when his quirk comes out." Katsuki looks up at Tenya, his own arms folded behind his head. Tenya fixes his glasses, red eyes narrowed.

"Let them try."

This chapter was edited by my mom, Lisa. Stay safe y'all!