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Pushing the horse faster, Harriet quickly checks over her shoulder to see Teddy following on his own horse - not too far behind. Turning back she sees the tower gleaming in the sunlight. Not waiting for the chestnut horse to stop, Harriet jumps off, her bag in hand as she rushes the steps. The kingsguard's armor flashes as they move out of her way; Teddy's footsteps follow as she rushes past them.

"Sir Arthur, Sir Gerold." Teddy nods, climbing the stairs with the rest of Harriet's bags.

Flying into the room Harriet quickly takes over, throwing the old lady out of the room with a scowl. Within moments Harriet has cleaned up the bed and Lyanna with a few whispered words. Teddy is already standing by the young woman's bed feeding her blood replenishers at Harriet's quiet nod. Harriet scowls as more blood seeps into the bed.

"Sir Arthur!" Harriet's voice calls. Pounding comes from the stairway as the man runs in, dark blue eyes wide as he takes in the scared women hugging the wall and Harriet kneeling at the foot of the bed. "Don't just stand there like a fool! Hold her hand and place a cool cloth on her head so Teddy can come help me."

Jolted from his stupor, Arthur switches places with the young boy grabbing the small pale hand into his larger one. Pain fogged grey eyes find his face as tears stream down her cheeks, her hand squeezing harder as a scream leaves her throat. Curses flow through his mind at his prince, as he replaces the cloth with a cooler one, grey eyes flying to his face again. A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips, the pain still blatantly covering her features - such a strong woman.

"Don't let my son die, please." Lyanna's voice fills the room, tears choking her.

"I don't plan to let you die either, Lyanna." Harriet states, "Just one more push, now!"

With another scream from Lyanna's throat, another wail joins her's. A flash of silver and Teddy quickly takes the baby over to two tubs of water; Harriet back to whispering strange words, her eyes glowing as her face pinches.

"It's too late Harrie," Lyanna chokes out, tears streaming down her face. Harriet curses as she banishes Lyanna's blood from her own body and takes the young wolf's other side.

"You have a son Lya." Harriet whispers, green eyes flashing up to Arthur's meeting his wide eyed look. "Hold on Lya, your quiet one is coming. Just hold on a little longer, he will be here soon."

They both whisper to her, Teddy guarding the baby in his arms as he watches on with silent tears. Lyanna turns her head as a thud pulls their attention to a tall man leaning against the doorframe. Arthur stands up and slowly walks over to Teddy, blue and grey holding till he stops next to the young boy. Eddard Stark falls next to his sister, ignoring the young woman standing from her other side.

"Let me see young Aemon, Teddy." The young boy hands the baby over, Harriet smiles softly as grey eyes glance up at her - a little hand reaching up to grasp at her finger. "Hello young prince."

"If Stark is here, it isn't safe for Aemon." Arthur whispers, glancing at the young lord whispering to his sister and the other north man standing in the doorway. "Harriet-"

"The best thing is to hide him in plain sight, don't worry." Glowing eyes flash to meet his, her hands pulling the baby closer to her chest. "If it's within my power, nothing will happen to him."

A small cough has Harriet turning and walking back to the young lady in the bed, with a wave of her hand she has Lyanna sitting up. Harriet helps her hold her son, grey eyes gazing into grey. She hears a choked sob from the young lord, looking at him she sees his eyes gazing between the two people in the bed. Keeping one hand on the back of the baby she gently places her other hand on his forearm, wide tear filled eyes snap to her. Harriet offers him a small smile before she quickly turns back to Lyanna and takes the baby.

"Protect him Ned, please! Robert will kill him. Promise me."

Ned glances at the baby sleeping in Harriet's arms before looking at his sister again, fresh tears streaming down his face. "I promise."

Nodding once, Lyanna's body folds in as her breath leaves her. Ned's tears stream down his face; Harriet turns and hands Teddy Aemon before starting to care for Lyanna's body. Ned is pulled back by his friend as Harriet's magic sweeps over the body; cleaning it and keeping it fresh for the trip to the north. Once done, she nods and steps back closer to Arthur and Teddy. More north men come in at their Lord's call; they ignore the three huddled together as the women rush out into the desert.

Ned watches them carry Lyanna's body out of the tower before walking over to the three, stopping at Arthur's stance - his hand on his sword hilt. Harriet brushes her hand across Arthur's arm as she steps up with Aemon in her arms. Ned steps closer glancing down at the baby, reaching out a hand to brush it across his face.

"No one can know," Ned states.

"The women that have left will find their memories wiped of what happened when they get two miles from here. Edward and myself will be coming with you to the north, Aemon will be my child not your bastard." Harriet states, chin tilted up in challenge. "His eyes will have darkened enough that they will match Edward's. Besides, your new wife would be nothing but cruel to him if you claim him as your own."

Ned's eyes flash to glance at the young boy standing slightly behind Harriet, his amber eyes flashing in the sunlight. "How will grey darken enough to match amber?"

"I'm able to change my features." Teddy states, eyes changing to match the baby's and his hair lengthening to reach his mid back before shortening back to his shoulders turning pitch black to match the tufts on the baby's head. "It's a gift from my bloodline."

"I'm going to assume Sir Arthur is coming with?"

"No," Harriet states, turning to meet wide blue eyes. "He is going to cross the ocean to help take care of Aemon's aunt and uncle; to make sure none of the insanity of the Targaryens has been passed on. If it has, he is to protect his prince by dispatching the threats."

Arthur searches her face before bowing his head, brushing his fingers once more across the child's head. "Very well, my lady." Teddy holds out a small mirror to him, at his look he only gets a grin.

"You can call my name when looking into this and my mirror will alert me. Do you really think I would send you away without a way to contact me and your prince?" Harriet smiles. Arthur chuckles before giving them both a bow and leaving the room. Ned turns to her with wide eyes. "I am a witch, sir. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Was there nothing you could do for my sister?"

"I tried, but the woman they had helping her before I arrived did irreparable damage to her. There was nothing but easing her way at that point." Harriet states, smiling grimly as Teddy packs up their things. "We will travel north with you."

Along their travels the north men quickly learned not to mess with Harriet or her sons. Only Howland and Ned know the truth of the babe in her arms. They had been surprised by a group of bandits, none able to run to the woman near their lord. But they were all shocked to see her brandishing a gleaming silver blade with her babe tied to her torso; dead bodies surrounding her. After that some even recalled seeing her young son flashing in and out of the bandits with gleaming knives, their bodies hitting the ground before they could even realise who it was that took them down.

The further along they went the cooler the air got and the looser the men's tongues got. Harriet joins in with their banter, even Teddy joined in. Slowly, their party got smaller as each lord veered off towards their keep; offering their condolences to Ned and open rooms for the blackette and her small family.

"Your men are very loyal to you Ned." Harriet smiles, waving the last lord off.

"The North demands nothing but the most loyal," he replies, resetting them off. "We aren't far from Winterfell now. Another fourteen days."

"How did they feel when you took a southern wife? From what I hear, it isn't something the north does." Harriet speaks, settling her horse alongside his own. Her free hand pulls the hood further up Aemon's head, resting there afterwards as the babe sleeps on. "Bringing the faith of the seven to the north doesn't settle right, even with me, I must admit."

"It was the only way to win the war, Lady Harrie." His brow furls as his breath leaves him heavily. "I do not think she will settle well here, in our ways. The way the north runs is not the same as other places."

"Then do not let her think she can change the north. It wouldn't look good for a lord to be bowing to his wife, even more so - his southern wife." Harriet sits taller in her saddle, the wind rushing them - her hair whipping around her. "You have been through much. Not only have you had to take up a role you never thought you would, you've lost your father and brother. Forced to marry your brother's bride and found your sister dying."

"Lady Harrie," Ned begins glancing at the woman next to him - the sun turning strands of her black hair into blood, her eyes seeming to glow.

"Do not let the southerner turn your north into anything like them. It will end badly for you, Ned." Harrie turns her glowing eyes to him, a soft smile on her lips. "Your job is to protect and guard the North, don't forget that."

Ned blinks softly at her before looking back to the road. The next week and a half is spent in companionable silence; Harrie watching with warm eyes as Teddy learns how to wield a sword and hammer from the north men still with them. It isn't until they are a day away from Winterfell that Ned approaches Harrie, settling down near her. Harrie glances up at him as she feeds Aemon, before moving the babe to burp him.

"What can I do for you Ned?"

"Do you really think bringing the Faith of the Seven up here will bring ruin to us?"

Harriet settles Aemon against her as he settles down before meeting Ned's solemn gaze - searching his face before closing her eyes and tilting her head back, soaking in the bit of sun peeking through the clouds.

"Yes, my magic is interacting with the Old Gods'. Their magic still runs through the ground from Moat Cailin to further north. Do not ruin their hold here, when they already can't see further than five feet from their weirwood trees in the south." Harrie turns her sad gaze to Ned, a small smile gracing her lips. "Your job is to protect the North, protect it."

Ned simply nods his head before he stands and walks back to his men, helping them pack for their last day of travel. Teddy comes over to her, his eyes a dark black similar to Aemon's darkening eyes. "Ready for our next adventure?"

"Teddy, don't go causing too much mischief or the poor lady will try to send us away."

"Like she won't already," his voice comes out as a bark of laughter.

Pulling to a stop at the gates, Harriet watches as Ned unmounts and gestures for the rest of them to do so. Green eyes meet wide blue eyes, the woman's eyes flashing down to the babe in her arms. Harriet's narrow, daring the woman to judge her.

"Lady Harriet," Ned calls smiling at her, his own son in his arms. Walking over, Teddy at her shoulder. "Lady Harriet, this is my wife Lady Catelyn Stark nee Tully. Lady wife, this is Lady Harriet Peverell and her nephew Edward Remus Peverell."

"And the child?" Catelyn asks, eyes flashing back to her husband from the babe.

"My child, Jon Peverell. His father died in the war." Harriet states, chin up as she stares right at the woman. "I was charged with helping Lady Lyanna, sadly there was only so much I could do."

"Lady Harriet and her children will stay here with us." Ned commands, walking through the crowd. "I need our stone worker to make Lyanna's statue to go in the catacombs and have the maids make up two rooms in the family wing for our guests." At the looks of Sir Rodrik, Maester Luwin and his wife, Ned stands up straight grey eyes flashing. "Did you not hear me?"

Quickly Maester Luwin and Sir Rodrik rush to do as directed. Lady Catelyn does not move, her gaze fixated on Jon. "Is that child your bastard?" Catelyn questions her husband, loud enough for only Harriet and Ned's ears.

Harriet's upper lip pulls back in a snarl, startling the other lady as she steps closer to her. "Did I not state what happened to my husband? Do you have no class?" With one more glare Harriet storms off towards the doors, leaving Catelyn standing in her wake as Ned steps up to his wife.

"You will learn not to question me in public. Go instruct the maids as I have stated. If you have questions, you ask them in private." Ned states, heading to his own lodging with his son still cradled in his arms.

Catelyn is left standing there watching her husband walk off, fighting back tears. With a quick shake she fights the lump down and heads inside to get their visitors' rooms made up. Already she had done something wrong, this could not bode well for her.

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