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For Teddy's tenth birthday, Harriet took him and four year old Jon to Moat Calin. She only told Ned she had gone to see it's progress, leaving out that the keep was done. It was filled with the items she brought with her from her world; the hallways lined with blood red carpets, and walls sporadically covered with tapestries of magical creatures and forests. The main meeting hall, stretched long with an obsidian throne sitting at the end and hanging above it the Peverell Coat of arms - a thestral in a blue sky and the deathly hallows symbol behind it.

The library was Teddy's favorite, a four-storied room covered with books. There was a small sitting area in the middle of the giant room with a fireplace with a portrait of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna. When asked about people who can see it, Harriet softly booped Jon's nose and told him magic would make the ones that did not know see a portrait of us and a black haired male.

Jon's favorite room wasn't actually a room, it was the second stable. Warded against anyone besides them, the door opened to a large nest area. At the very center, warming, were four dragon eggs. When Teddy had first seen them, he had questioned why they hadn't hatched yet. The answer was simple. The new world they were in had changed the conditions for them to do so. They spent two moons at the keep, learning the ins and outs and hiring staff to care for it. Harriet made all of them swear a blood oath not to betray Jon, Teddy or Harriet.

Teddy rounds the corner heading to Jon's bedroom, eyes flashing gold as maids start exiting the small room with fabrics and toys. A growl makes them all freeze. Striding closer, as his hair starts shifting in an unfelt wind, he stands as tall as his ten year old body will allow.

"What are you all doing? These are my brother's things." His lips twitching up as he fights the snarl.

"We were told by the Lady to empty this room out." A young brunette states, hands holding folded sheets. "Lady Stark-" The maid jerks back as a loud growl rips out of Teddy's throat, the other maids huddling behind her.


The maids look at eachother, eyes wide before a different one steps up. "We didn't question her, I'm sorry my lord."

Turning on his heel with a growl, Teddy runs around corners and skids past other servants. Gliding past the library, he has to turn back, walking fast into the room. Tilting his head he listens before making off down the aisles. Stopping just shy of the group of adults around a table covered in papers.

"There should be about...Hello there Edward." Ned smiles as he stands up along with Maester Luwin and Sir Rodrik. Harriet turns to look at him, black locks swinging around her hips as bright eyes pin him. Curtsying swiftly at Ned, Harriet steps away from them and leads Teddy a small ways from the men.

"What's wrong Teddy?" Harriet asks softly, her hand cupping his jaw. "Your eyes have gone gold, love."

"The maids are taking all of Jon's things out of his room!"

Harriet blinks at him, her hand falling back down next to her side. "I'm sorry, but did you say they are taking his things?"

"I asked them what they were doing and they said the lady told them to do it, then said Lady Starkā€¦" Teddy trails off, fingers digging into his palms as hot tears gather in his eyes. "Why is she doing this? Jon hasn't even done anything to her!"

"Oh Teddy," Harriet pulls the crying child into her, combing her fingers through his hair.

"Just last week Jon called her Lady Aunt and she raised her hand like she was going to hit him! Rob stepped between them before pulling them away."

"Why didn't you tell me this before Edward?" Teddy pulls slightly away, letting watery amber eyes gaze up at her.

"I didn't have any proof, Rob told me about it."

Harriet sighs, cupping his face she brushes his tears away with her thumbs. "You must understand. Lady Stark came from a different area, with different beliefs and it is hard on her because of her religion. On top of that she seems to think Jon is Ned's child."

"But you didn't even meet him until he came for Lyanna's body."

"I never said she was thinking straight, Ted." Her words pull a small chuckle from him. "Go find Jon and Rob, head to the Godswood and spend time in there love. I'll go talk with Lady Stark." Smiling softly she places a kiss upon his head, then watches as he runs back out. Turning around she walks back to the table. "I'm sorry but there is something I must attend to before I can continue."

"Is everything alright Lady Harrie?" Ned asks from his place in a chair, grey eyes filled with worry.

"Nothing that can't be handled, my Lord." With another curtsy, Harriet turns and slinks out of the room. After a while she finds herself in front of the Lady's parlor. Knocking, she opens the door and steps inside. Glowing green eyes sweep over the maids milling about (catching sight of the toys that were Jon's, ones she had made herself for the young boy), touching on the red haired child sleeping in her cot and falling to Catelyn herself. Catelyn places her needlework down in her lap. With a wave of her hand the maids are dismissed from the room.

"What can I help you with?" Catelyn asks, brow slightly raised.

"You can return all of my son's things back to his rooms to start." At her clipped tone, Catelyn's eyes widen. "Did you really not think I would find out? Come now Lady Stark, neither one of us is dumb."

"He is of an age where they are no longer needed."

"Jon's age and what he has is of none of your concern. He is my son," at this Harriet's magic flashes out, making sparks fly about her fingers. "It is up to me to decide when he does not need the toys I hand-made for him, not you. No matter your station, you have no right to dictate how I raise him."

"I am Lady Stark of Winterfell!"

"If that was all it was, you would also be taking the same liberties with the others in this household. However you are not." Harriet stands tall, hands clasped at her waist. "You will return all of his things to his room today."

"You do not order me around Lady Peverell, I do not follow your word."

"Then you will follow this threat." Black locks start twisting and twirling as the air fills with static. "If you do not return all of his things to him, Lord Stark will find out you lifted your hand to a child and the only thing that stayed your hand was his own heir." Turning Harriet pauses before opening the door. "You have till nightfall."

A few months later, Catelyn knocks on the Lord's office doors. Being told to enter, she is met by Lady Harriet and Maester Luwin standing around the desk. Lady Harriet is standing closer to the fire while Maester Luwin stands beside Ned. Striding to the front of the desk, Catelyn folds her hands across her stomach's noticeable bump.

"I wish to have a septa brought here to teach our children." Catelyn states, never letting her blue gaze to shift, even when she hears the shifting of skirts from Harriet's direction. Ned's face goes blank, grey eyes hardening into silver.

"This is the North, Lady Wife. We follow the Old Gods and no other in this house. There will be no septa brought north. You will not teach our children of your gods." Ned leans back in his chair, elbows braced on the arms and his hands clasp. "I do not mind you practicing it, but it will not be done with our children. Do you understand me?"

"Why? Do my Gods threaten yours?" Catelyn snaps, lips pinching. Ned's eyes narrow at her, before he holds a hand up. Maester Luwin nods his head before walking to the door and locking it, a cold wind sweeps the room from the direction of the fireplace.

"They will be the death of my house, so they are not allowed here."

"Death of your house?" She blanches, hand against her chest and the other clenches the fabric around her middle. "How could you possibly know this?"

"Because they speak to me," Harriet states, stepping forward. "They send me dreams and whispers in the wind. Things that are to come and ways to change it. The Old Gods favor the Starks, they always have."

Catelyn's gaze turns icy and she flings it at the other woman. "Why do you take the word of this woman? What could she have possibly done to deserve that level of trust?"

"She kept my sister alive long enough to say goodbye and eased her passing, then kept Lyanna's body for the travel home and killed a large number of thugs with a baby strapped to her chest." Ned speaks plainly, eyes narrowed at his wife. "Why do you not speak plainly Lady Wife and tell me why Lady Harriet bothers you so."

"Lady Peverell is your bed partner." Catelyn states, icy gaze flashing to her husband as her hands fist at her sides. "Jon is your bastard. I am not stupid. You brought your," her eyes trace over Harriet as he lip pulls back, "lover into our home!"

Ned sighs heavily, hand pinching his nose as he slumps back into the wooden chair. Harriet scoffs, striding over to them. Waving her hand. a small portrait appears in her hand. Staring up at them is Harriet holding a younger Teddy with an older male. The male's black hair hangs to his shoulders in curls, a large grin lighting up his face as grey eyes seem to dance.

"This was my husband, the one I told you died when I first arrived." Harriet states holding the portrait out. "He is where Jon gets his eyes. Edward was his nephew through his brother. Is that proof enough for you Lady Stark? Or are you going to start spouting off more nonsense because you aren't getting your way?"

Catelyn's mouth shuts tight, as she hands the picture back to the woman. Turning back to Ned she bows her head and curtseys shallowly. With a twist of her heel, she exits quickly, the door slamming shut behind her.

"When will she realize, Maester?"

"She is still getting used to the North my Lord."

"It's been four years and I leave in a few days time for Robert's new war." Ned turns to look at the two standing in his office. "Will you both make sure she doesn't try anything while I am away? I do not want to come back to find out she has brought a septa or taught Rob and Sansa anything of her gods."

"We will do our best, Lord Stark." Luwin states with a bow, Harriet nodding as well.

~One year and three moons after Ned left for war~

"The Father's face is stern and strong, he sits and judges right from wrong. He weighs our lives, the short and long, and loves the little children. The Mother gives the gift of life, and watches over every wife. Her gentle smile ends all strife, and she loves her little children." Stopping just outside the door, Harriet gently pushes it open. Catelyn sits doing needle work with Sansa, singing a song of the seven. The lady's voice soft as a feather as she stops to have Sansa repeat her. "There you go my sweet."

"I hate to break this moment, but Sansa is due her lessons with Maester Luwin now." Harriet states, eyes pinning Catelyn down as she goes to speak. Sansa smiles as she places her needlework down before kissing her mother and running from the room. Harriet waits before the echoes of footsteps stop. "You are not to teach anything of the seven here, your Lord forbade you."

"I am the Lady of this house! What I say goes while my husband is away at war." She snaps, lips pulled back in a small snarl.

"Your husband's word is law, do not overstep your bounds Lady Stark." Harriet speaks, eyes glowing. Turning from the room she exits and heads to the library, smiling at the sound of the children learning.

~Two years later~

"Lady Stark?" Maester Luwin asks standing up from his table.

"I have a missive to send to my lord father." Catelyn states, holding a folded parchment out to him. "I would like my lady maids to be sent up here, some type of comfort from the south. Considering I was forbidden from teaching my children about my faith, I would like to have someone I can speak with about it."

"Of course my lady," Master Luwin states with a bowed head. Taking the letter he ties it to a raven before letting the bird go. "It shouldn't be too long before a missive is sent back."

"No, they will just come. My father was never one to write back." Catelyn states before turning and leaving.

Down in the Godswood, Harriet turns her head up as a raven flies over head. The wind rushing through the leaves, as the tree seems to groan.

Three moons pass in relative peace. Catelyn does not try to teach any of the children anything about the seven. The kids learn quickly in their studies, Sansa even trailing after her brother and Jon as they head down to the training grounds. She simply sits and watches as they are taught their paces, Teddy in the next ring over practicing his sword play. Harriet smiles from where she is in a window before turning to watch the gate. A carriage with the Tully crest is driven into the courtyard, stopping a ways from Lady Catelyn and Maester Luwin.

When the last woman steps out, her head covered in fabric Harriet feels a surge of energy hit her before the world goes dark. Down in the courtyard, the women let out screams as the sound of thunder echoed. Harriet's body appears before them floating five feet from the ground, her hair whipping around her and turning red at the ends. Dark red sap slipping down like tears, as a pale hand points at the last woman.

"It was decreed by our favored that no teacher of the southern gods be brought here." The voice that leaves her body, echoes with multiple deep voices. "This place is ours, she shall be banished back to her own lands. Be thankful for our mercifulness."

Another loud boom of thunder rocks the keep, when they turn to look the septa and carriage are gone. Maester Luwin rushes over to the men lowering Harriet's body to the ground after catching her. Catelyn pales, eyes wide as she takes in the new knowledge. The Old Gods are real and they are not pleased with her.

"Mama!" Harriet turns to see Jon rushing to her, tears streaming down his flushed face. Kneeling down she pulls the nine year old into her arms, picking him up as he hides his face in her neck. Green eyes take in the worried blue eyes of Rob staring up at her, from his spot next to her.

"What's wrong my little one?" Harriet whispers, nuzzling into Jon's dark locks as she leads Rob into the godswoods.

"It was my mom, Lady Harrie." Rob pulls her attention with a soft tug of her skirt. "She called him a demon when he caught a falling candle and didn't burn."

"Did she now?" Harriet breathes, laying a soft hand on the auburn curls with a small smile. "Thank you for telling me. Wasn't Teddy with you both? I could have sworn he was watching you."

"He stayed there, I heard him yelling when we left." Jon's voice brushes against her neck, his hands grabbing tighter.

"Well, why don't you two stay here." Harriet sets Jon down next to his cousin. Gently, she brushes the tears from his face. Leaning closer she touches her forehead to Jon's, letting her magic sweep around them in a warm breeze. Pulling back she presses a kiss on his brow and stands up. "I'll send Teddy to you both, so stay here."

Smiling gently at them, Harriet turns and slowly walks out of the godswood. As soon as she steps out of the sanctuary, her magic flares out - her hair whipping in an invisible wind as sparks fly from her fingertips. She ignores the people pressing themselves against the walls to get out of her way as she storms through the keep following the tug of Teddy's magic. The doors fly open as she approaches the Lord's office. All eyes turn to her, Teddy's face morphing into fear-tinged relief. Catelyn's face pinches as she raises her chin in defiance. Harriet ignores them as she strides into the room and stops three feet from the woman.

"Let it be known I will not strike you. After all, you are the Lady of Winterfell." Harriet's voice carries over the quiet room. "But do not think for one moment that you can use your sick logic and twist what happened to punish my children. You call my son a demon because he does not burn. When his cousin stands up for him, you bring him here with lies that are unprovoked." Harriet's magic lashes out, the mysterious wind beginning to howl and tear at the other's clothes and hair. "You dare take out your anger on my children again, and I will punish you by way of the Old Gods. Lord Stark's own heir, your son, even knew what you did was wrong."

"Lady Harriet," Ned calls half standing up from his seat.

Glowing black eyes pin the lord to his seat, tears of red flowing down her cheeks. "You will find her a teacher of the old ways or we will force the knowledge on her ourselves." Her voice echoes with the multiple, deep voices of the old gods. Shaking her head, her eyes turn back to their normal green. She holds her hand out, Teddy rushes to her and lets her lead him from the room.

"Benjen, contact your lady wife." Ned states, his brother nodding to him. "It seems even with two northern children she still needs to understand."

It took two moons for Benjen's wife, Lady Arsa to arrange their keep and pack before she could travel to Winterfell. When she arrived, Catelyn was quick to take the other woman into her confidence. Arsa was happy to teach the new Lady of Winterfell the ways of the North. During the second moon of her stay, she stormed off from the Lady's rooms, eyes shining in the torch light as she fled to the Gods' Wood. Benjen had stopped with the boys' sword training as he caught sight of his wife running past. Harriet had simply brushed her hand against his arm before following the other woman.

Striding into the sanctuary, Harriet closes her eyes briefly as a calm washes over her - her magic reaching out into the nature surrounding her. Toeing off her shoes, Harrie heads further in - catching the sobs. Quickening her pace, Harrie finds Arsa kneeling next to the pond. Settling down next to her she takes the distraught woman into her arms, letting her magic swirl around them freely.

"What happened?" Arsa pulls back and dabs at her cheeks with the handkerchief handed to her.

"I just mentioned the sacredness of the godswoods, how nature is what is worshipped. She made a snide comment about the ugliness of the Weirwood." Arsa cries, arms wrapped around herself. "When I tried to explain how it is a holy symbol and she shouldn't mock it, she snapped that there is nothing holy about praying to nature and may the Mother protect me."

Sighing, Harriet turns her face skyward. "You need to understand something if you are to continue to teach her." Glowing green eyes train on the wide red rimmed amber. "She is threatened by all the change around her. There will be fighting for some kind of control, but for the good of the North - she must learn."

Slowly Catelyn took to the North, finally giving up on her dreams of one of her children wanting to learn about her own religion and where she is from when Arya and Sansa both disregarded her stories after learning how the women just stood to the side waiting. She became more upset when Bran stated he wanted to be like his Uncle Ben, helping his own brother when Rob becomes lord. Her hopes were completely dashed when at just five moons old, Rickon took to trying to crawl into the hound kennels and godswoods, proving his wolf's blood when he was found wrestling the hounds. All mentions of the south and their ways completely stopped after that.

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