Getting The Truth Out Book I: Final Destination

Characters: Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Valerie Lewton, Todd Waggner, Terri Cheney, Billy Hitchcock, Carter Horton, Agent Weine and Agent Shreck

Time-line: The night of the accident and after the premonition ends

Synopsis: After the vision comes to an end, Alex decides check a few things on the plane and decides to go to a real discussion with his teachers, the co pilot, and the steward. Hearing his opinion, they decide to see if he's right, as they, as the situation starts to develop they now see that Carter Horton's remark carries a double meaning to it in their eyes.

As the truth to what happened the night of the accident reveals the repercussions now as Carter's words take on a more heinous meaning. The group realize now that their stalker that killed their friends has possessed Carter. To save themselves they decide to keep him away from them starting the next night.

Warnings: The story is going to follow the movie, before it hits the accident, and from here it has Alex looking like the straight one. But from here and forward the roles are in reverse, as this covers their arrival at the airport. And their check in and boarding, before the vision starts in the next chapter.

Though he's able to save their lives, the one that doesn't make it is Carter, the following year as he gets nailed by the sign. But from here it's covering what his day was like berore the flight that night. As this also covers another reason for why Carter lost his temper when came out of the premonition right noe.

With this chapter, before it reaches the airport now, it's going to follow his packing the night before and his day at school. As this gives off the added chemistry lesson he needed to give to Carter. And show off to the group regarding the contraband that Carter and his gang brought with them.

So a fast lesson, before it jumps to French class and English and then jumps forward two hours to the airport now. Before it hits their trip to Paris and a last minute discussion between himself and his chemistry teacher. As the quartet make their appearance, before things in the signals start going off.

As it reaches into going to cover their arrival at the airport, and then goes through each indicator he sees. But his reaction after the premonition is going to be less violent, as his teachers see it immediately now. That his reaction is not like him and could be seen as attempted sabotage in their eyes then.

So his reaction is going to be more subdued and the rest of the story is going to be a what if instead of a panic attack. That Alex decided to jump over it and tell them gently, as he prevents a scene. In his case, as Carter's reaction points to him as the terrorist in the eyes of the two agents investigating their case now.

And in Alex case as he recovers physically from it as this gets the finger pointed at someone else, when they see he's right. And as the weeks go by, as they start to see that the threat that Carter gave him. It now had a double meaning then as everyone in earshot of their group see Carter as the raving lunatic.

And Alex as the straight one as the warning has stuck with the members of their cabin that saw and heard the outburst. With the added add on that the meaning to his warning suddenly becomes clear as they discover a cache of contraband. And with it, why Carter's reaction to his warning starts getting more violent.

As they decide to put his opinion to the test and put the plane on autopilot to launch it right now. As, making contact with the agents as they bring them home now, they get to their families as for the next week. It's the trip is called off until they can adjust now, from how close a call it was for the sextet.

As they make sure that the quartet of arrested teenagers on their side gets the consequences now. Knowing that their supposed loss was enough as they prepare to make contact with their families. And the fact Alex had saved them all by getting them to double check then had the point driven in to Carter.

With this story, I'm going to include the translation to the conversations between himself and Murnau, so only they and Hammond know what is being discussed now during the next two chapters.

Disclaimers: The movie does belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie company.

Chapter 1: Getting Ready, School And The Arrival At the Airport

Getting ready that night, and knowing this was going to be mostly a field-trip, he packed several things needed for his class, along with the travelers checks. That his father gave him, before he heard a call out from his mother as she walked into his room then. And as she said it gently to him as he packed up everything that he needed for it then.

"Alex, Todd and George's father just called: he's picking you up at 3:30, bus leaves for the airport at 5:00." she told him and he nodded to her smiling as his father walked in then. "My old suitcase working out for you?" he asked and Alex Browning nodded, knowing they were getting protective with him like he was then as he hid a smile.

Knowing his parents cared about him, but reluctant to let him out of their sight. 'I know we're only being helpful, but this is my only cub, all alone and under the care. Of my best friend until he returns to me, I don't trust the little brats here. And in Horton's side of the team, but my son is a medical born and doesn't screw with the toxic chemicals here.'

'Young man I swear, you guys try anything and my son ends up in the hospital, before you can even leave tomorrow and your ass is mine. And I mean every word of that, I had it with your picking on my son and his friends. And after you keep getting in trouble with Dave, Jason and Jack and this is the end of the line.' he thought as he saw that look.

And on his wife, regarding his son's rival and his side of the football team, after his son's best friends had turned in the other boy for a health violation. When in the drinking and knowing it was about to cross the line as a result at the time. 'This just keeps getting worse, Horton is real creep that dad is getting overly protective at the moment.'

'Issues with being an only child and libra, my parents getting overly protective, but young in looks and very level headed and sensible. Tomorrow's my first trip away from home and with my friends, fortunately I got Uncle Eric with me right now for that.' Alex thought to himself as he turned and quickly headed off his mother tearing off the bag's old tag.

"Whoa mom, you got to leave that one on, it's like this tag made the last flight without the plane crashing or anything, so it should stay on or with the bag for good luck." he said and she hid a eye roll as she answered him. "Where would you get a nutball idea like that." she asked as she tore it off and the motion left a jolt of apprehension in Alex.

As Kenneth Jacob Browning said it with a chuckle then to that question. "I'm still here." he said and Alex smiled as his father leaned against the door then. "So 17, and on the loose, 10 days in Paris with your friends, in the summer now. Live it up Alex, you got your whole life ahead of you." he said and Alex hid a sigh then gently at that remark.

As he heard a blast of thunder outside the house then, hiding a shiver, then, after getting ready for bed he fell asleep after an hour. But it was around 1 in the morning that a loud blast of thunder woke him up, turning to check the time. He saw it was 1 in the morning, just before he saw a line turn the first zero into an 8 then as it now read out 180.

'One-eighty, or more accurately flight 180, what the hell is that supposed to mean right now, alright never mind, I need to get some rest. It's going to be a long day tomorrow, but whoever's doing that leave me alone, I'm a nervous flyer, I don't need this right now.' he thought sternly as he went back to sleep at that, 7 hours later he woke up then.

And got ready for school as his friends arrived to pick him up. "Hey, looking forward to the trip tonight?" he friend asked and he nodded to him after getting to the school, they saw the quartet waiting for them and moved to them. "The coach left the list of who is with who on the billboard, in the lab guys." Chris Peterson told them and they nodded.

"So who are we with if quartet are taking ten each exactly?" Alex asked and he explained that to him. "That's the big one, but Ms. Lewton is paired up with Mr. Murnau in terms of teaching combos, as for us and that's bad news. We just got the list back on it guys, bad news here, Carter's our side of the group." Billy Hitchcock told them and they nodded.

"Great, that's just great, who else is part of our side of the class, because I don't trust these guys right now over this?" Alex asked him and he crossed his arms. "Yeah me neither, but aside from him, none of the other guys tonight. But coach had that annoyed look of exaggerated patience when they had the list on his billboard right now too."

"But it's just Carter, Parker, Randolph, Hancock and Richardson are in the coach's side of the class, but we, Clear, Terri, Todd and George are in Ms. Lewton's side of the group. So us six, George, Christa, Blake and Janie, while, Murnau has Adam, Jake, Chris. Amy, Kristen, Derek, Dillon and Andy." he told him and Alex nodded in relief then to him.

"Coach has us on chemical reactions, but what are the chances they once again never pay attention and bring it along." he said and his friend nodded with a chuckle then. "Too late, the coach is going to be here pretty soon, but though separated now. And for the next 2 weeks from our parents right now, we still got supervision here though."

"But the coach is one thing we knew never to cross the limit, but of us at the moment, he's connected to you as he's your godfather." Billy said and he nodded. "Yeah and what happens if the rest of his old team is on board that flight as well?" he asked and Adam Wilcox started laughing at his remark as he answered him at the news then.

"Them or Hanson, but Hanson's on the flight as well and with him his team and they start a fight right now here after you bust him. Does he not expect us to turn them in for trying it here, when we realize he tanked it. Whatever it was whoever between us was drinking and when none of us touch the stuff." he said and Alex nodded in agreement

And to that as he answered him then as he looked in time to see the subject of their conversation arrive. "So you expecting trouble right now?" he askwd and they nodded sternly. "They try it and someone is ending up with their ass in detention for the rest of year, because this is illegal." Billy said, crossing his arms and he nodded in agreement.

"Yeah I know at the moment, but we got a long day, so before this gets worse, we better deal with it, but he starts up now. When we get there and we got another problem, but he's testing their last nerves right now that the coach finds out. Him and Murnau and he's going to kill him here, if I end up being the target for whatever get back prank."

"Or revenge tactic that they have, as this could land me in the hospital, what if someone has a oxygen tank on them, I mean someone loses their temper. And Uncle Eric is going to kill him at the moment, but I just got news in. I was accepted to the academy in Colorado Springs." he said and they nodded to that relief then at that news.

"Haven't decided yet on where you wanted to go yet?" he asked and Alex nodded to him gently at that question then. "My choices are between the academy, getting into the bureau, or joining the precinct later on, but either way to me. It's so long as I'm in the country to state protection, I don't think I'm leaving town or the state yet, right now."

"But frankly I want to stay close to my parents and the coach, less then three months left and honestly, it's I'm not ready to let go right now, separation anxiety, in their cases." he said and they nodded in understanding to that news as he answered him. "Yeah I get that, but you're the youngest of us, and I know you love him as your mentor."

"And in addition to your godfather, issues with being the type of student you are, though quiet at the moment, that balance was what kept you in check. You don't want to let go right now, but we've been together so long that the next four months are critical. Before we all leave for college right now." he said and Alex nodded to that remark gently.

"But these idiots do something and I'm going to kill them if their actions put the rest of you at risk, but getting the lists on who is with who. Well that's a relief, we all took this class, for the added credits, but I think these idiots wanted on this trip. Just to get a chance to get away from the scrutiny od our parents, the coach and the faculty."

"Let alone Goldberg, Hawkins and Ryan for a while right now, and we never get in trouble with the cops at the moment here." he said and Todd Waggner nodded in agreement to that. "Yeah that's an understatement, but what do these idiots take the coach or Murnau, for, a complete idiot right now, when we know all know you're not the type now."

"You don't take drugs or drink, calm, collected and quiet, that's you, and you're trying to keep yourself in balance. You're libra, you need balance at the moment right now, that balance keeps you in check, you're like a ninja. To maintain balance and stability you need your life in a normal pattern as that keeps it strong, so what happens now."

"If they screw with that balance so much it takes you months to get over something exactly right now?" George asked and Billy, Todd and their friends all nodded as they looked at him gently. "Don't know and I'm not waiting around to find out, but less then two months left." he said as they ended the conversation at that as their teacher arrived.

As Alex took his seat as Clear Rivers took the seat next to him then as they went to attention then quickly. 'Issues of being a weapons expert and when you're chemistry teacher that they got to go to a way to drive the point home. For the lame brains that never pay attention in class right now, regarding what they're screwing around with."

'These idiots forgot one thing and though a coach he never stops acting like what he is now, said is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. But us like his young troops, and the stupid idiots are going to get it if we have anyone. And from his branch on the plane right now.' Alex thought to himself as their teacher called out to the them as he got started.

"Alright guys, settle down, as you know, this maybe a class trip, but you're still being tested on how much you learned this year. Though you're done getting ready to go, the bus is leaving the school at 5 sharp tonight. So better eat something, before you get to gate, since we got 2.5 hour wait till we leave tonight." he said as his voice turned stern.

"Now I'm making this highly clear gentlemen, but there is absolutely going to be no playing around with the toxic chemicals right now, you're being put into four groups. Ten students each to one of the four of us, and boys, you four are under my supervision." their coach said sternly and the quartet nodded quickly to that news as he said it then.

"Young man, you maybe under Valerie's supervision, but that doesn't mean I'm not still acting as your coach here, so I catch you now. In trying to sneak something on board or they see it and you lose your temper in the middle of it. And you're staying put till the next leave time now, though a civilian, I still got connections here at the airport now."

"That one loss of temper at the terminal is having you kicked off the plane until you calm down, if there is anything highly dangerous involved, say that tank behind you. And don't start arguing with me or the duo over this, you're still under age. We make the decisions here." he said and their rival gang's leader nodded grudgingly at that remark then.

"Coach, you know if your old team is on this flight, I'm still weighing my options so I know what I'm getting into if I end up meeting your friends here?" Alex asked and he nodded as he hid a smile. "Yes and I got word back from Peter Carter, but Jim Hanson is also on this flight along with his team." he told and Alex nodded as he said it then gently.

"Let me take a wild guess, but Hanson is Hawthorne in military form?" he asked and the man nodded gently and the quintet swallowed hard at the news as they got it. "Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying son, in fact, he doesn't tolerate this, their actions. And anymore then Hawthorne does, which is why I chose Hawthorne in the first place."

"Now I maybe retired, but that doesn't change anything here as I've still got connections in the base just outside of town here, gentlemen. But you're pushing my last nerve right now, over these stunts, and you're all still under scrutiny. So that the first loss in temper blows you being on this flight at the moment, as the co pilot is like us right now."

"That he doesn't tolerate a loss of temper and assault out of non provocation anymore then Daniel and I do. But as a result right now and you guys are pushing your limits, you're not on the team for that right now. But you know, you don't pass and you don't graduate, one class or even two and you get held back a year and lose that scholarship."

"Same concept, lose your temper and start a fight, you're missing this flight and catching the next. So lose your temper and attack someone, just because you think they're lying for whatever reason and to me or the trio. And you're being arrested and removed from the plane, under guard, until you cool down and you're taking the next flight out."

"And I had that arranged already with the airport security and Luke Parker at the moment, But if there is a problem tonight. And with me not getting to the flight yet, he turns that possible theory over to Parker and you lose it right now. And for whatever reason and when he is acting like what he is, and I'm not taking it well here now."

"And frankly I don't care why you lost your temper here whatsoever, it doesn't matter, as we have no clue who has something that could turn dangerous if it gets hit. So again boys, control that temper, and he tells me you did anything illegal. And you lose it, and it's being confiscated and you being arrested." he said with a stern tone to the quintet.

"Meaning I catch any of you with it on you, and you lose your temper he's the one treating you right now, but James Hanson is the Air Force version. And to David Hawthorne boys, he's the doctor at the academy and trust me. He doesn't tolerate this anymore then I do." he said and they nodded quickly to that as he got started then.

And they prepared for the latest lesson as he pulled a bottle out then and poured a small level of alcohol into it. "Guys you better be paying attention right now, because this is a piece you need to understand right now. So imagine this bottle is the clear liquid of the two fluids that Willis's chemist friend was showing them, this match is the red fluid."

"So what would happen if you mix this together." he said and Alex nodded. "A lit match inside of a bottle of straight alcohol, that's going to explode." he said and the man nodded as they quickly put their goggles on. "Rubbing alcohol, straight alcohol of the type you boys screw around with, so anything higher then 70% proof is flammable."

"But you understand what happens if this gets into the circuits." he asked and they exchanged looks at that as Alex nodded as Clear Rivers answered that. "That could cause a short circuit and cause a fire if it sparks." she said and he nodded. "Good, so which is more dangerous here, water or alcohol?" he asked and Todd answered that one gently.

"Water maybe dangerous where electricity is concerned, a downed wire, but alcohol is more deadly if it gets heated enough to explode. It gets into the circuits and causes a short circuit, or it combines with three other elements and creates an IED." he said and their coach nodded gently as he answered him as he looked between his class.

"Bingo, that's what I'm looking at, so what would happen if you combined it with the ingredients of what is on that plane?" he asked him and Alex answered that one. "If the plane was old and it's fuselage was falling apart the silicone tubing could rupture. While leaking into the engine, but one explosion could cause another to go now as well.

"And before it causes a chain reaction in explosions." he said and the man nodded gently to that remark. "But both together could cause something else to explode, say if there was an oxygen tank on board, the heat build and one spark causes it to blow. But combining that with the jet fuel and the oil, both of those now, it could create a bomb."

"And if someone doesn't disarm it and by removing whatever ingredients were added to it or the said bottle meant to create the fuse, it could go off." he said and he nodded gently to confirm that thought. "There that's it exactly, so be ready to cover up the second I do this guys." he said gently and they nodded as he poured a small amount on the table.

And put the bottle on top of it and then struck a match, and dropped it on the liquid and it caught fire immediately then. And then with a loud blast the bottle exploded and they nodded to that demonstration. "I'd hate to be the person that has to do that a second time here now, if someone was not paying attention to this in class this morning."

"And this time do it in front of Parker and the security guards so they know why I had to bring this to their attention tonight. But this, it was you gave the theoretical to us this morning and it went real." Alex said and he nodded with a chuckle then. "Yes and it's why you're my star pupil son, you know the hazards as I've been training you for years."

"In regarding this, but glass is dangerous, so is jagged metal, if it explodes and to actually go out there. And make it clear into why now, is an accident or injury waiting to happen after this. But again, I want to know why if this does happen again at the moment, okay, guys." he said and the quintet nodded to the orders gently at that.

"Then again, if it was directly under a chair, what would happen exactly?" he asked and he smiled. "The blast would send the chair flying across the room, but the fire itself would make the metal bars. And on said chair so hot, you had to wear safety gloves to keep from getting burned as a result." Alex said and he nodded as they exchanged looks.

And at the demonstration. "Boys I hope you're paying attention to this, as more then one could destroy something, so come with me please. Because this is on the test right now, so pay attention right now." he said and they headed for the courtyard then as he had a box of the amount sitting next to a box of dynamite and Alex nodded to that gently.

"You get the C-4 from the base so you can do this?" he asked and their teacher smiled as he answered him. "That and a couple sticks of dynamite, so destroy one, the other goes off." he said as he said it then. "Dave, whatever you do, don't panic, practical demo on the hazards of chemistry." he said and heard a fast remark from the police chief at that.

"Where do you have it exactly?" he asked and he explained that. "A half a mile away from the school, it's on the baseball field, so you're going to hear two explosions from this, first from the amount of alcohol bottles, and then a chain reaction explosion with a small batch of dynamite." he said and he heard a firm tone to the news then gently.

"Ten four." he said and they nodded. "Guys get behind the dug out." he said and the class moved over there. As he struck another match, and dropped it on a fuse, that lead to the bottle, and quickly moved behind the dugout with them. As they waited a minute and then with a loud blast it exploded, before they heard a secondary explosion then.

And as the dynamite went off then as well. "Jeez, so one box causes that, and then if it causes another, it could destroy something else." Clear said as she looked around the dugout and saw a small crater in the middle of the field and he nodded. "One heck of an explosion, imagine if there was more then one." George said and she nodded to that.

"Jeez, well if that doesn't make an impression and nothing ever does right now, but this was theoretical, if I have to do this for real. And we're not risking someone getting hit by the glass or the chair if it breaks a window after getting blown across the room." Alex said and she nodded as she took his hand and he squeezed hers at that in response.

"Yeah and the first person to learn this is me if you realize this, before it gets told to every adult in the room if his team are in the cabin. Then again, if means keeping us together I'm staying with you, because of this, but leaving your sister. But just what do they take you as our teachers for, idiots right now, if they never pay attention in class."

"That we're not going to turn them into you, and with you is Hanson and his team right now." she said and he nodded in agreement to that remark. "Yeah, but that's the reason, at the moment, this is theoretical, what we deal with in class later on is real. And if that plane is so old it could go in the launch." he said and she nodded to that remark gently.

"Yeah alright guys, I hope you were paying attention to this, because this is going to be part of the exams before school lets out." the coach said and they all nodded as Alex put that remark on, just in case he needed to use it, but hoping he didn't then. As they headed back to his class then as Alex said it to him with a smile at the older man gently.

"I don't know how Mr. Davidson lets you do these demos without it doing damage here." he said and the man chuckled to his remark. "I know, but my general at the base has a lock into the PTA saying I can do this once a year. And today was the big one with dealing with us dealing in a plane that looks close to it right now anyway so with that, son."

"You see any indication it could go tell us immediately now, in going on a ten day trip out of town, so this is going to be useful if you had to use it right now." he said and Alex nodded with a smile as he rubbed the back of his head then. As Clear hid a smile at the look of love in his eyes for her crush and she nodded gently as the bell went off then.

With that class done, it had switched to the next three as they went over everything with their teachers. "You notice that every class we have is connected tonight the trip right now, because how many times do they got to give these orders. Before it sticks for these idiots right now, if they cross the line at the moment." he said and they nodded firmly.

"Advanced Health and Wellness, that this covers anything that could screw with a person's health but did it ever occur to these guys since joining the team. That drugs and alcohol change a person's behavior right now?" Billy said and he nodded, just as he was answering him then, they heard the voice of their teacher then in bemusement then.

"Get ready this is going to be a long day right now, but anyone starts getting smart with us, is getting detention for a week and I'm not kidding right now." their biology teacher, Jane Hammond said and they nodded to the order. "You expecting trouble, as the coach already laid into the quintet?" Alex asked and she nodded sternly to that remark.

"Yes, but if they would just control their tempers and lay off the drinking, they wouldn't be on thin ice right now with us at the moment. We're giving them a chance, but the first prank or whatever if it lands one of you in the emergency room. And for whatever reason is getting them detention and for a month, but this is not vacation, but a field-trip."

"So you guys are under our care here, normal school day, clear." she said and he nodded to that remark then. "Just how many times do you guys need to say this exactly right now, we're on countdown for only 6 to 7 weeks left that the next stunt. That any of them pull could call off graduation in their cases, regarding us students that get it in trouble."

"As this latest stunt after Adam and George turned them into you guys, could be the one that get them arrested and get them held back a year here." he asked and she crossed her arms. "I know, but I'm not sure, but frankly I don't care either right now, when we had you guys as our students for 2 years in all your cases, that we know you too well."

"But injuries or a trip to the hospital here in town is one thing, out there, before we can even leave is enough to fry their case. When we know your personalities too well not to know this right now, but if you expect us to not know. That you're the one that pulled that stunt, in any of their cases, if he busts you and for whatever happens here."

"Then you lost it finally right now, because we will young man, and gentlemen I'm not kidding, you pull a stunt that lands someone in the hospital here. And you're being arrested and being held back a year for this, because this is illegal." she said sternly and they swallowed hard at that remark as Alex nodded firmly to that thought at this.

'Yeah they're all thinking this, that the quintet fall their classes, they get held back a year for it at the moment here. But with being one of 7 in their prize pupils, they don't have to worry in my case, as I never get in trouble here. And secondly I never break their rules at the moment, so I'm doing what they trained me to do at the time right now.'

'But these idiots are the brawn over brain types, that they never think with their mental muscles and with their real ones.' Alex thought sternly as he relaxed and as they went over what they were learning in her class. "Anyone ever consider this could turn serious, as the side effects of some of this crap act like any ailment in the medical department."

"That you're teaching us, mam." he said and she nodded to that as she said it to him gently. "One being it acts like the symptoms of heat exhaustion and that takes time to wear off at the moment right now." she said and he nodded in agreement. "I take it you felt the blast this morning?" he asked and she chuckled and nodded to him smiling.

"Yes we all did, but that drives the point home, of whatever it could be could turn dangerous if you're not paying attention here honey. But then he wasn't kidding though we use nitroglycerin for medical purposes. It's other form can turn highly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing." she said and he nodded with a smile at her then.

As the quintet watched them with jealous looks then. 'Teacher's pet, Browning is just trying to show off to them.' they thought in disgust at this. "No just a good student and our favorite cub, at least he pays attention to us when we want him to listen. And with it is not doing anything illegal or dangerous." she said and they paled at her remark then.

As they packed up for their next class which was French, and as their French teacher, Larry Murnau, looked at his side of the class. And said it firmly then, as he looked at the quintet sternly. "Before we get get to Paris now, there's going to be periodic tests to make sure you understand what what is being said with us taking a french airline now."

"So for those of you not paying attention in class, you're blowing your chances at graduation, so fail this class. And you're being held back a year right now, and that goes double for any acting out, gentlemen. And I mean that right now, because like Eric, I just about had it with these stunts you guys keep pulling, so to repeat his warning now."

"The first fight that gets started on the plane is getting you arrested and you're taking the next flight out after you cool down right now." he said and they nodded quickly, going over the sentences structures of what likely to be said Alex wrote down each translation. their final class of the day was their advanced English teacher: Ms. Valerie Lewton.

As she made the same announcement, before they got started on what they were working on in her class. 'Just fitting in putting the kids to their literary characters, Alex has always been seen this way to me and every teacher in the school. My favorite cub, only a few weeks left and it's going to go fast, I'm going to miss him when he leaves.'

'If he wants to keep in touch that's fine, as we have our student/teacher bond get replaced by beings friends for life now.' she thought, looking at him gently as their day ended as they left her class and headed home. As Alex made sure he had everything, as grabbed everything just as his friend's father, Adam Waggner, arrived to get him then.

Keeping Alex with him, till it was time to drive to airport the trio went over everything as they decided on where they were going to go. With them under Lewton's supervision, he was going to enjoy this. 'These guys better behave themselves at the moment, while they're gone, you wiseacres.' he saw in his wife eyes with a bemused smile at this.

As he watched the boy he loved like another son hug her then as he grabbed his stuff and loaded it into his car. 'Issues of being a parent when your cubs are on their first trip away from home and more then a state over, but across the globe. You're scared to let them leave, because something could happen.' he thought, driving them to the airport.

Arriving at the airport that night, Alex saw his best friend try and talk to two girls that were out of their league. "Hey Christa, hey Blake." he said and his brother smacked him. "What are you doing?!" he said and Alex hid a chuckle. "He's the man." he said and he nodded, bemused. "Yeah the man." he said and they exchanged smiles then gently.

"You sure you got everything?" Waggner, asked them gently again and George nodded to him. "Yeah we're all set, dad." Todd Waggner said to him and he nodded. "I hope Eric shows up soon, to control those guys." they heard from Lewton as Alex turned in time to see his rival pulling another prank on Billy as the weight knocked him over at that.

"Carter, you dick!" he snapped and Alex pulled Billy to his feet at that. "You okay man?" he asked and Billy nodded gently. "Yeah thanks, bro." he said and Alex turned to her. "You're not the only one, as we're just asking for trouble if he keeps this up right now." he said and she nodded in agreement as she was making sure of things then quickly.

So she was sure their side of the class was all accounted for then and as they heard someone else join them. "Is someone just waiting to target one of us if he's aggravating these guys?" he heard and saw Clear move up behind them. "Guys, I think we better keep an eye on these idiots." she said to him, nodding to Horton gang and he nodded.

"Yeah no joke, if he's drunk and he's going to get someone kicked off the flight, before we can even leave here." George said to that and he nodded in agreement. "You think he'd go so low as to try and drug one of us and for you turning him in?" Alex asked and he crossed his arms. "Yeah, but it better not be you." he said with a stern growl to that.

"The damn idiots are so supposed to be in rehab, what you want a bet, they're carrying and trying to sneak it passed the duo and the coach?" Adam Wainscott asked and he said it with a sigh. "No bet, I know they did, but they try to drug one of us as revenge for you and me turning him in and he's a dead man." he said, before hearing his coach say it.

"I heard that wise guy, but the first person that starts a fight is staying put till the next flight out until they cool down and I'm not kidding, gentlemen." he said sternly and their rival gang swallowed hard at the remark. "Thanks Adam, I've got the boys from here." Coach, nee Lieutenant Colonel, Eric Caine said and their father nodded gently to him.

As they heard the first test getting called out by their french teacher then. "Les estudients allons en France." he called out and Alex quickly said it. "Oui, allons En France." he said and their teacher smiled proudly. "Does that mean go?" he asked and the duo hid a chuckle as Alex answered him then with a smile gently at that.

"He's asking is everyone here for our trip to Paris and I told him yeah our side of the class is all here." He told him and the man nodded to that and stuck a 50 in George's shirt pocket. "That's for both of you." he said, before giving the duo a hug. "Have a great time." he said and they nodded as they hugged him and then got ready to go then.

"Alex, you take care of them." he said and Alex nodded smiling. "I will." he said over his shoulder to him as the six of them and their gang stuck together. "I didn't think anything would look worse then my yearbook photo." Todd said bemused, looking at his passport picture and George looked at him with a playful smirk as he answered him then.

"How do you think I feel right now, having to look at you all the time?" he said and they heard several members of their gang snickering as Alex and Clear hid a chuckle then. Before they heard an announcement of the intercom. "Avis aux voyageurs!" they heard and their teacher stopped and turned to them as he asked it gently at that.

"Notice to travelers." Alex said, translating and he nodded with a smile to that. "One of the good things about him being this good, he's not about to get smart with us right now. But young man, you're riding my last nerve, pull anything before we board and you're staying here till the next flight out.' Caine thought sternly to that as they stopped then.

"Entendenz classe, qu'est-ce que c'est l'annonce?" Murnau asked and the rest of the class exchanged looks, before they heard an annoyed tone. "What the fuck does he want?" they heard from their team rival and Alex rolled his eyes. And as his rival's girlfriend exchanged looks with Alex at the rudeness. "Shh!" she said to that as she hid a sigh.

'Young man don't push it, I heard that right now, you want to push me you're close to being left here, but I warn you, I catch you with it on you and you're busted.' Murnau thought sternly to that, as he exchanged annoyed looks with Caine at the remark. Before they heard that thought echoed in the voice of their favorite student and star pupil.

"I heard that you idiot, you trying to piss him off." They heard in a stern tone as he went to french at that remark. 'No kidding is this kid trying to piss us off, at their age, they're still dealing with the act of being cub. And I never tolerated the profanity when it class and he knows it too.' Murnau thought as the next remark was in french then sternly.

"Carter, vous chevauchez leurs derniers nerfs ici, mais vous êtes toujours sous surveillance, alors faites-les chier et perdez votre sang-froid. Et vous êtes dans un temps mort jusqu'au prochain vol, ainsi peut-il avec le blasphème." Alex said in response as he said it firmly as he watched the look on Murnau's face go stern at that remark.

"Eh bien, tout ce que je dit, c'est qu'il essaie de se faufiler, mais essayez-le et vous serez un homme mort quand j'en aurai fini avec vous." he said sternly in french and they saw a slightly stern look on his face at that remark as he waited as they heard the next remark at that and this time from Murnau, as he answered him gently at the remark at that.

In response then to that remark. "Tu peux me dire plus tard ce que ça veut dire fils, mais tu as raison, je les attrape avec ça sur eux. Et ils sont arrêtés pour ça, parce que je l'ai eu avec le nombre d'arrestations dans leur gang, mais ça en mène à une autre et ils perdent trois jours. S'ils font quelque chose d'illégal en ce moment."

"Respectez-vous les gars maintenant." Murnau said in response to that and he nodded to that. 'Yeah we got his respect, we maybe teachers of certain subjects, but to him, he loves us like another father, that he would do anything to keep from losing us.' he thought gently as he waited for it then as they heard the next remark firmly at this.

As they heard the announcement then. "Vos n'etes pas dans l'obligation de contribuer aux demandes des quemandeurs!" they heard over the intercom and their teacher looked between them as he waited for someone to translate. As the quintet of their rival gang exchanged looks and Alex nodded as he got what the next one was.

As he remembered everything they learned. 'The airport doesn't endorse solicitors.' Alex said to himself as he got ready to answer his question, before he decided. Then, to allow Clear to say it, seeing the annoyed look on Murnau's face he saw what went through his head. 'Gentlemen, you do realize you don't pass this class and you don't graduate.'

'I'm not letting you go with a C grade and neither will Eric, Jane and Val as this is no vacation, but a field trip.' he thought sternly as he saw the annoyed looks on his problematic student and the look of patience on his prize pupil. As he looked at his other prize pupil as he stepped back and she took over and he hid a smile as she said it to him.

As she was reading something as he looked at his problematic students, as she finally answered him. "The airport doesn't endorse solicitors." Clear said and he nodded with a smile then to that, and knowing Alex allowed her to do that one. As he hid a chuckle to that as he watched him looking at her gently with a tender smile then.

As he nudged her and she smiled at that as he pulled her close then and she leaned into his side. 'I think we both know what we get out of this?' he said to her with his eyes and she nodded. 'Yeah, but out loud or not, our teachers already figured it out, with us acting like this when around each other.' she said and he nodded gently to that.

'Yes he doesn't want just any girl he likes her, and she likes him, so he's acting like a protective guy friend now with her.' Murnau thought to that as he watched him nudge her and she smiled at him then and he hid a chuckle. As Alex wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she leaned into him gently in response at that as Todd sighed at that.

And their teachers exchanged smiles at that response then. 'We could be having a chance to get it on with Christa and Blake and he wants a girl like Clear Rivers.' he thought and Alex gave him a warning look as as he pulled her closer to him and he nodded. 'I've had a crush on her for four years, but never got up the nerve to ask her out, Todd.'

'She's who I want.' he said with his eyes to him. 'Yeah I don't want just anyone, I want her, she's who I love, whether I say it or not.' they saw in his body language then and nodded. 'Yeah good kid, not just anyone, but someone that understands him this easily right now.' he thought smiling at that response then as she stayed next to his prize pupil.

"Tr'es bein Clear, tout droit, c'est correct." he said and lead them further up then, walking further up Alex paused as as he checked the flights out and saw his leaving in two hours before some strange man walked up to him then. "Death is not the end." he said, passing him a flyer and Alex swallowed at that, at the same time that his teacher spotted him.

And quickly moved to intervene then, before something happened at that. 'Oh god what now, hey, get away from him right now!' Lewton thought sternly, seeing the uneasy look to Alex then as she moved to them and said it with a warning tone to him then. And as she pulled Alex closer to her and as he relaxed immediately at her arrival then.

"It will be for you, if you harass my students." she said as she took Alex's hand as she guided him away from the man as he heard a mutter. "Hare Rama." the krishna said coldly with a nasty look to her and she mouthed 'fuck off' with a smile. As Alex leaned into her touch and they rejoined the group as he said it gently to her at that.

"Thanks, I'm edgy enough already and without adding some lunatic like that guy to it now." he told her and she nodded as she rubbed his back to help him relax and that did it as he relaxed a second time as they rejoined the class then. "I heard that remark, what was that about?" she asked and he said it firmly as he kept his tone low then to her.

"I have reason to believe he snuck it in and in both bags, but he may try something in the middle of this right now. They all did, but he starts a fight, because he thinks I'm lying to you about what happens on that plane, before we even leave. And this triggers the coach's remark at the moment." he said and she nodded to him as she said it gently.

"Uh huh, well if something happens and I know you're not the reason for whatever happens, though he is. But with you guys being our side of the class, and they did something to cause worse then an outburst along their area and I'm staying with you. If they throw him off the plane and we have to get you to the hospital for that now."

"Or for whatever reason that you needed medical attention right now, but whatever they pull is something I'm not letting go of right now. Especially when you're my favorite cub, just what does he take me for exactly, you don't take drugs or drink. So what happens on the plane is not the you I know here." she said and he nodded as they ended it at that.

After getting to the ticket counter, he passed the clerk his passport and his ticket, before he heard several clacks. And turned to see the terminals changing positions as it read out the departure times. 'Come on just relax, it's either nerves or just my fear of flying but either way right now.' he thought to himself, as he heard the clerk call out to him then.

And as he refocused then. "Mr. Browning?" she said and he nodded as he refocused at that remark then."Have your belongings stayed in your possession this entire time?" she asked and he nodded. "Oh yeah." he said and she nodded. "Have you received any packages from any persons unknown to you?" she asked and he held up the flyer he got.

And she nodded as he turned a second time and a saw a sentence that jumped out at him 'Final destination'. 'They really got to give that a different name as that remark could be taken the wrong way for someone who is a nervous flyer here.' he thought to that as he heard her call out to him a second time then as she passed him his ticket then.

"Same as your birthday." she said and he looked at her confused. "What?" he asked and she pointed out the time they were leaving then. "September 25, 9:25, your birthday is the same as your departure time." she said and he nodded to her gently at that. 'First my clock flashing up my flight number, this guy passing me that flyer, the wire.'

'And now she tells me my birthday is the same time as our departure time, what's next exactly right now. Well that doesn't make this any less strange right now, what is going on here right now, because this is getting X-files weird right now?' he thought to that remark as he heard a final few clatters and then saw the panel with the word terminal 1.

'Yeesh, one after another tonight, whoever is sending me a message I got it, but back off and take it down a notch please.' he thought as he headed for the security checkpoints with the duo and Clear just behind him. After getting upstairs to their gate, their class was checking out a few things up there, as a fight between Todd and George started.

Just before Lewton stepped in to end it then. "Hey alright knock it off, you two." she said and that ended it, as Clear took a seat and dropped her book, before someone picked it up and gave it to her. "Thanks." she said and heard a voice say it gently. "You're welcome." he said and she lifted her gaze to see Alex moving passed her gently.

As he looked out the window then. 'Yeah getting nervous, down here is one thing, but actually being up there without some sort of support anything could happen. And I don't blame him for being nervous, not an easy flyer myself right now.' she thought as she heard several conversations going on at once, as she saw him head for the bar then.

And ask for something to drink then after getting a medium sized cup of orange juice he just stood at the window looking out it then, before Todd came to join him then. "You okay?" he asked and he sighed as he told him the truth then. "I'm not sure, but I think someone is about to try something I can't get this feeling to go away right now."

"The way those idiots keep looking at me, something is really bugging me right now." he said and Todd nodded to the remark as he looked at the quartet in the Horton gang. "If you're feeling sick you better let me know that, before we board here right now. As to why, it's because if they start panicking and we know they were connected to it."

"But I don't trust these bastards around anything you were drinking right now, if they tanked it though they do and it's enough." he said and then said it firmly. "I think we got one chance if they did decide on revenge by drugging one of us. And after George and Adam turned him in for that health vio, but cross and double cross right now."

"They drug either of us end it's now resulting in causing a scene, as the quartet know this like we do, we never see you like this." he whispered and Alex nodded in agreement. "But we're going to be on that plane for at least 7 hours, and the bathrooms in coach are barely ventilated closets alright, if that." he said and Alex nodded as he went further.

"So let's say halfway through your body wants the airplane food out and after you, I mean right after, walks in Christa or Blake. You want them to associate you with that watery sting in their eyes, that reflexive gag in the back of their throats." he said and Alex nodded and headed for the bathroom then as he took a bathroom break.

While at the same time passing his drink to Adam and he nodded as he got what they were preparing to do then. As he set it on the bar counter, as he waited for someone in the Horton gang to grab it or try something. In the meantime, while Alex was in the bathroom, he heard a song start playing on the the radio and nodded gently to that.

"Rocky Mountain High, Johnny Denver." he said as he recognized the song and then it hit him then. 'Wait a minute I saw a van with the..., the numerical code of the beast and now this, this is going too far.' he thought sternly as he read it out. "Denver died in a plane crash." he said under his breath, before he heard the intercom go off then finally.

"Ladies and gentlemen thank you for you patience, at this time, we would to begin the pre-boarding of Vol'ee flight 180 to Paris, through gate 46." he heard and felt his uneasiness start getting worse. As he quickly finished up then as left the room as he grabbed his pack, before finishing off 2/3's of his orange juice.

And then tossed it. 'That's off, this tastes like a mimosa or some sort of mixed drink, oh you didn't, so to get back at us, you're trying to frame me for drinking right now.' he thought sternly as he heard Lewton. "Has anyone seen Billy Hitchcock?!" she called out then as he heard his french teacher counting in french to run a head count then.

Before seeing Hammond and quickly moved to her at that. "They did it alright, my O.J. was tanked with something made of alcohol." Alex said in a whisper and she nodded. "If there is anything else in that fruit juice and their asses are ours right now. Once we get in there, sit down fast, before it hits you." she said and he nodded to her gently then.

"Anyone consider that the authorities would consider drugs as a reason for what happens, before we even leave?" he asked and she crossed her arms. "I doubt it, but if he's trying to leave before the cops get here, that only makes him look guilty. And in the eyes of the cops and authorities right now." she said and then said it gently to him then.

"Well what happens next on that plane we know is not you, you don't take drugs or drink, you're the quiet one, and we know you never reactions like this. So the first one that responds to whatever the steward in our section says to you we know is the culprit now. But for right now we just see what happens once we get in there at the moment."

"Better get in line, honey." she said just as Todd and George moved behind him as he waited patiently then and then saw Hammond as she moved to Lewton then. And as she caught Lewton by the arm and said it in a whisper into her ear and she nodded sternly. At the news as she locked gazes with Murnau, who also nodded with a furious look then.

As Alex passed his ticket to the agent, he felt apprehension come over him then, as he looked down the tunnel of the hall that lead to the plane. Before Todd nudged him and he headed down the tunnel, with the duo directly behind, as he froze a second time. As he saw the door and saw rust and scratches on it as he tried to control his apprehension.

With this being the first chapter, before the discussion on the plane next between them here is what is being said Alex and Murnau. There is going to be a direct translation, if you're wanting to understand what is being said here.

(Carter, vous chevauchez leurs derniers nerfs ici, mais vous êtes toujours sous surveillance, alors faites-les chier et perdez votre sang-froid. Et vous êtes dans un temps mort jusqu'au prochain vol, ainsi peut-il avec le blasphème)

Carter, you're riding their last nerves here, but you're still under surveillance, so piss them off and lose your temper. And you're in a time out until the next flight, so can it with blasphemy. "

(Eh bien, tout ce que je vois, c'est qu'il essaie de se faufiler, mais essayez-le et vous serez un homme mort quand j'en aurai fini avec vous.)

Well all I see is he's trying to sneak in, but try it and you'll be a dead man when I'm done with you.

(Tu peux me dire plus tard ce que ça veut dire fils, mais tu as raison, je les attrape avec ça sur eux. Et ils sont arrêtés pour ça, parce que je l'ai eu avec le nombre d'arrestations dans leur gang, mais ça en mène à une autre et ils perdent trois jours. S'ils font quelque chose d'illégal en ce moment.)

(Respectez-vous les gars maintenant.)

You can tell me later what that means son, but you're right, I catch them with that on them. And they are being arrested for that, because I had it with the number of arrests in their gang, but it leads to another and they lose three days. If they are doing something illegal right now. ., Respect, you guys, now.