Getting The Truth Out Book I: Final Destination

Warnings: The story is going to follow the movie, before it hits the accident, and from here it has Alex looking like the straight one. But from here and forward the roles are in reverse, as this covers their boarding and 1/3 of the events. Of the vision, as he wakes up from the vision when the girls wake him up.

And with it, the more darker view regarding Carter Horton as a result now, as their attitudes. Trying to get the cops and their teacher's attention off them, it results in nearly killing the entire class. And landing Alex in the hospital

As Carter and his gang get the consequences as a result of their psychosis, as this results in nearly killing the quartet. And gets Carter arrested for attacking him and leaving him marked by both Lewton and the duo. And for the rest of the year now, as he gets the finger pointed at him then as this continues.

So with this chapter, it's going to cover 1/3 of the premonition, before he wakes up and realizes it hadn't happened yet and he quickly suggests getting the plane checked as he realizes the quartet and Carter drugged him. And instead of the panic they wanted, he goes to a more rational explanation as a result.

And in his case as this gets the finger pointed at someone else, when they see he's right. And as the weeks go by, as they start to see that the threat that Carter gave him. It now had a double meaning then as everyone in earshot of their group seeing Carter as the raving lunatic, and Alex as the straight one.

And as the warning has stuck with the members of their cabin that saw and heard the outburst. As they decide to put his opinion to the test and put the plane on autopilot to launch it right now. As, making contact with the agents as they bring them home now, they get to their families as for the next week.

Now, the trip is called off until they can adjust now, as Alex recovers from the side effects of their gang trying to sabotage his own gang. But from here the FBI and their precinct were now keeping their scrutiny focused on Carter. While Carter's behavior only gets more volatile from this point forward.

As they make sure that the quartet of arrested teenagers on their side gets the consequences now. Knowing that their supposed loss was enough as they prepare to make contact with their families. And the fact Alex had saved them all by getting them to double check then had the point driven in to Carter.

Disclaimers: The movie does belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie company.

Chapter 2: The Premonition And The Arrest

Boarding, he walked down the tunnel, and looked at the door, that had several scratches and was looking rusted. 'Yeah that is not leaving the nervousness behind and not making me any less relaxed. But can't they get this cleaned up or is this plane so old that this is it's last flight.' he thought to that as he felt his nervousness growing then as he stopped.

And as he looked at it then, as he stood frozen, as the duo stood behind him then, as they exchanged looks then. And before Todd nudged him and he walked in, as he heard some crying and saw a baby and he smiled softly. "Eric." he said and they smiled in relief. "The Taylors are on board the flight, who else." Todd said and he nodded gently to that.

"That's a good sign, the younger, the better, it would have to be a fucked up god to take down this plane." George said and as they reached their cabin, they saw a young man, who was heavily disabled and wearing a breathing tube and he said it under his breath. "A really fucked up god." he said and Alex said it gently to the man's sister smiling.

"I take it you couldn't get anything smaller in the tanks, if this was a last minute trip, Rachel?" he asked and she nodded as she answered him gently at this. "It was either this or cancelling the trip honey." she said and he nodded. "Lovely, who is else from our town is on board?" he asked and she smiled as she answered him gently at the remark.

"Seventy five from the town, plus your class honey." she said and he nodded to the news. "Lovely, hey guys you also here?" he asked, raising his tone slightly and heard ten preteen voices. "Yeah big brother, we're here." they said together and he lowered his head smiling at the title as Rachel chuckled at the response as he said it to that.

"Gang trip for two weeks, son, but we booked it at the same time you were on your field trip, so though two separate things, you got to see us." A man said and he nodded as he gave him a hug at that remark as the man tightened his arms around him then. "Like always these guys are my life, that I would protect them from anything right now."

"And with those words in mind, does he expect me to take it lightly when our families have been the best of friends for 30 years?" he asked and the parents of the ten kids nodded in agreement to that. "Us, Sarah and Claire and the youngest cubs are in the first class section with the added side effect of that." Rachel said and he nodded gently then.

"Great, then you better keep an eye out, these guys could lose it in the middle of the boarding for whatever reason." he said and her boyfriend, Jared Dennison said it firmly. "If they do and it's because of whatever they did to one of you could result in knocking this over if a fight starts." he said and he nodded in agreement to that remark gently.

"Then we better make sure to get that tank secured, before the launch." he said and the man nodded in agreement to that. Feeling a jolt of heat shoot through him then, Alex quickly moved further back and sat down, as he felt like he was suffering a hot-flash. As he turned on the air, to try and cool down as he heard a fast conversation then.

'Todd must have been trying to get them to separate, but these two are practically locked at the hip, give it up man they're out of our league.' he thought as he heard his friend say it gently. "Er, I would, but I got a bladder thing, it's urinary tract infection." he said and Alex hid a chuckle. 'Subtle man, they know.' he thought as he heard it then quickly.

"Let's go ask Alex." he heard and then heard a gentle voice. "Alex could you trade seats with Blake, so she and I could sit together." she asked and he looked at Todd, who was miming hanging himself as she went further. "She asked Todd, but he said he had some sort of medical thing." she said and he nodded as he answered her gently at that.

"Sure." he said and she smiled and nodded as he heard a gentle praise from the duo and rolled his eyes. 'I'd rather be sitting near Clear anyway, she is who I like, but god help the poor soul that gets singled out for special attention by these two.' he thought as he saw the irritated look on Todd's face as he answered that look on his face, bemused.

"Did you really think we were going to tittie fuck them all the way past Greenland or something?" he asked him as he sat down as he looked at him then, as if in answer to that. The tray dropped in front of him, as he tried to put back up, the latch came off in his hand. 'That's 6, god how many more.' He thought as he tried to put it back up.

And as Todd answered that with an irritated look at that remark then. "You know, because of you, I got to sit here and watch fucking Stuart Little, that's great thanks man, thanks." he said and as the tray collapsed a second time, as he saw the rest of the class, start taking their seats, watching as their teachers got to their spots then gently.

Just as Billy arrived and pointed out his seat to the stewardess and she nodded as he tried to go around and their rival, Carter Horton. Then left his legs up with a smirk and he went around to get to his seat as they all got settled. And as Alex tried to relax as they closed the door then, as he felt the engine rev up then and started increasing in pitch.

'This should be good, but looks like half the class is not used to flying at the moment.' Murnau thought as he heard a squabbling match start up two rows over, as he heard Caine say it then. "Alright guys, break it up right now over there." he said and it went quiet at that and they heard a chuckle start at that remark and he nodded gently.

"Teenagers, they never know when to quit." they heard and he nodded in agreement to that. "Looks like you guys got your hands full with 40 students." they heard and he nodded in agreement. "At least it's not their entire senior year class." they heard in response and the quartet nodded in agreement to that remark in relief then.

"Yes, but 4 teachers on 40 students, if it was the entire school it would take the entire faculty to control these kids right now. And when 5 of the 40 get in trouble for health violations way too much and one of us is also a former soldier too." Caine said and the trio nodded as they heard a stern tone to that remark four rows back at that.

"Yeah and of 40, the problematic students are the ones that never learned from the amount of arrests they get right now." they heard with a stern tone and Caine and Murnau nodded in agreement. "Yeah no kidding, but whoever starts another fight is ending up in their room till they cool down." Hammond said and the group nodded to her.

Closing his eyes, he waited till the take off was done, before he relaxed then as he opened his eyes, before the plane jolted and Murnau turned to look at the steward. 'It's fine' he signaled to him and Murnau nodded slowly as he checked his students. That were closest to him then, and knowing some of them were getting nervous at the turbulence.

Before the shaking stopped and they all relaxed at that, as he smiled in relief then, as everyone was going about their normal business. As the plane settled and he relaxed, as he looked around the room, checking on the rest of their class. Before turning to look at Alex, Todd and Clear then who nodded and he gave a gentle nod, just as light turned off.

Deciding to get the kids in the mood for what their trip entailed, Murnau called out then. "Attention vetre voyage est sur le point de commence!" he said and their class cheered at that as they all relaxed in relief as they settled in as he heard 30 conversations going on at once. 'Well there's my cubs being themselves.' he thought hiding a chuckle to this.

'Cubs, the topics are getting a bit crazy right now in the conversations at the moment, but all of you take a break right now. And whoever is screwing around here between you guys, they better get it together. And the first play fight that gets started is being called out here right now.' Caine thought with a bemused smile at their students reaction then.

As Alex relaxed finally, before they heard something shatter and he looked up at the bins right above him. "That was a glass bottle, Sir." he said and Murnau nodded to him, before he could answer him at the news a sudden sizzling and then a blast as something shorted out then. "What the...?!" Alex started say as they heard something explode then.

Before they heard several more till the bin hatches broke open and their carry on luggage went flying all over the place. "Whatever caused it to break open is connected to that explosion we just heard!" he shouted over the noise of the turbulence and they all nodded, as the steward, tried to get to hatch closest to him to close it at that.

As the next explosion they heard resulted in glass flying across the cabin, before the plane suddenly pitches sideways, as the light turned back on. Before he saw the call button sign turned on and then shorted out...

The Premonition-Nobody's POV:

"Uh guys, I think whatever the idiots did just hit him now." Adam said and the trio quickly turned as they saw sweat breaking out on his face. "What the hell, did you notice anything, before he sat down?!" the soldier snapped from across the aisle and he quickly said it. "No, but someone did something." he snapped and the quintet nodded to him.

"What did you guys do exactly?" George snapped and Carter quickly snapped at him. "We didn't do this!" he said sharply and Murnau quickly said sternly. "Never mind, just stay out of arm's range till he comes around." he snapped at them as he quickly thought it over as the quartet across the aisle from them said it with a fast warning tone.

"Aw crap, whatever this is, just turned into the Elm Street movies, whoever drugged him turned it, whatever he's dreaming about, so real. That explains this, either that or something else, Captain what was Hanson's other study?" George asked and he said it. "He was doing studies in biofeedback, but it must have triggered a side effect here."

"Don't touch him, who knows what it was they drugged him with, just try to wake him up, but stay out of arm's range." the quartet's team medic said sharply and they nodded. 'God son wake up, whatever it is you're seeing it's not real, wake up.' the soldier thought gently, knowing whatever it was it was connected to what their doctor said then.

"Best guess, it's mescaline or acid, which explains this, but he doesn't do drugs or drink?" Clear snapped and he nodded sternly. 'God what is he seeing exactly, baby wake up, wake up, it's not real.' Hammond thought, knowing if they tried to wake him up physically the jolt would have him react without thinking as that did it for his peers.

As Christa took charge at that. 'God I hope this works, because I'm not about to touch him, if they drugged him with something, Alex come on, wake up.' she thought as she said it gently. "Alex." she said and when she got no answer from him, she raised her tone quickly at that. "Alex!" she said again and that did it as he woke up finally at that.

The Attack And The Arrest Alex's POV:

After coming out of the vision, he woke up with sweat running down his face, before he heard a voice and saw one of the girls that his best friend was trying to impress. 'Hang on girls, just give me a minute, I'm normally not a morning person. But this time, I'm definitely not right now, so could you wait on that.' he thought as she said it gently.

"Alex, could you trade seats with Blake so she and I could sit together, she asked Todd, but he said he had some sort of medical thing." she said and his gaze shifted to his best friend who mimed hanging himself. "Please?" Her friend said and he nodded as he quickly stood up without answering, he moved around her without saying a word then.

Watching his reaction, and as he jumped over him to check something, at that in response. 'I don't have time for this and we launch in like 20 minutes after everyone gets settled, if I can delay a little longer, we can run this plane through the ringer now.' he thought as he quickly moved to Todd's row to verify the next indicator in that dream.

Before he felt the uncomfortable sensation of a heat flash hit him and quickly tried to make it to Todd, before he collapsed on them. 'No not yet, not yet, just give me 30 seconds please, I have to get this information to the others.' he thought as he moved to Todd as the jolt of what he saw was shooting through him as he decided to double check.

As Carter exchanged looks with his gang at that quickly. 'Oh god, what went wrong?' he thought, knowing they were going to get blamed for this as they knew he never had a reaction like this. 'Oh god what now, son easy, easy.' Murnau thought quickly at that as he turned at that reaction, as Alex watched as the tray collapsed then on him then.

And as he tried to put it up and the latch came off and in his hand and nodded. 'Yeah alright that's two, then this means Billy is next and running late. Alright so either that was really screwed up dream, or someone drugged me, enhancing the effects. And of whatever that was, alright, alright relax, not real, not real, but it doesn't hurt to check.'

'So delay till the next flight time and we run this plane through the ringer.' he thought, trying to calm down as Todd looked him over gently at that. "Buddy what's wrong?" he said softly and he said it in a whisper to him as George also leaned over the aisle as he said it to them as Clear also stood up and leaned over the seat at that.

"What did George compare what just happened to, exactly." he asked him and George answered that from across the aisle. "The Elm Street movies." he said and Alex nodded. "Remember what Depp's character said on that, I was double checking a few things, but so far everything matches up here." he said and they nodded ad she answered him.

"By that you mean her questions to him, before Krueger killed him and her mother next?" she asked and he nodded. "Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying you normally never see this in me and secondly the girl had a dream someone's trying to kill her. And the next night it happens, same difference, but that was no dream I just had right now."

"It was a premonition, but drug related or not, the idiots just turned it so real, I feel like I got caught in the middle of an explosion here. It's like the dream like premonitions that Hamilton was having after she destroyed her son's bodyguard double, honey: Terminator." he said and she nodded in shock as she said it softly at the news then.

"What's wrong exactly honey, you look like hell at the moment, Alex?" she whispered and he said it quickly to her as she leaned over his seat then quickly then. And as he explained that to them gently at this. "I'll explain later, but we could have a problem and this plane could be a death trap, but I just got the conclusion, but not the cause here."

"Especially if we don't get the damn thing checked for everything, leaks, shorts and so on, at the moment, it just got worse, I knew I was right. That these guys had some sort of idea, but their plan just backfired at the moment. So it's worth wasting a half a day to make sure the entire class and manifest makes it there in one piece right now."

"But that vision, dream, whatever, felt so real, that I feel like I had one of the dreams in the nightmare series here." he said and he nodded, before Clear quickly answered him then as the group that saw it nodded. "Well you better say it now, as that reaction got all of our attention, Alex." she said, as the trio exchanged looks at the news then firmly.

"And I find what just happened to you strange and on any number of levels, that when you break out of the you we know. Well then we know we got to take it seriously, because you never suffer reactions like this. But you don't drink or take drugs, you never get in trouble and you're the quiet one, so just what makes anyone think here."

"We're not going to take your warning seriously, it's like the dreams focused on Krueger, but the barrier between dreams and reality. That line was just broken, so before doing anything, we need evidence to back it up, she got that evidence. By yanking it out of her dream, his hat, we just got to find the evidence it could go for any number of reasons."

"Though the most likely in my eyes is a chemical reaction, what the coach just showed us this morning, or 2) the plane is so old. That the fuselage is about to start falling apart, till the silicon connector rips and start dumping fuel. And right into the combustion chamber and lights up after starting a fire." Chris Perkins said and the trio nodded in agreement.

"Well that's irony for you, that the lesson we got this morning, ends up being the one that could destroy the plane, as they weren't paying attention, again." Alex said and the quartet nodded in agreement. "Just relax, remember fire in a crowded theater, don't lose it or everyone not from our town is going to think you're strung out on something."

"But why take the risk it could go in the middle of the launch, this is the you we know, so yeah we can take two hours. So long as we get there in one piece, what does it matter right now, you're a pre academy anyway. This is your job to protect us buddy, we take it the quintet, Coach's team." George said and Alex nodded as the quintet sighed gently.

'Cub there is a pre academy cadet, Eric, if he's your's, just what did you teach him exactly?' the medic thought with a bemused smile at that, before the soldier next to him said it gently. "We can wait to find out on that question, but with what he just described, Jim's not going to like this." he said and he nodded as he looked at his teacher at that.

'I know only a few recreational drugs that have the victim feeling like they did 30 minutes in five, but turning it so real it feels like a nightmare from a horror movie. Who the hell drugged him exactly, because if she hadn't woken him up at the moment. Then the next reaction is a panic attack next right now.' Murnau thought in shock to that remark then.

As he waited for it, but knowing the young man was trying to control the reaction. 'Easy son, easy shh, it's okay, it's okay, shh.' he thought softly as he saw the same look on the other members near them of the manifest. As the medical technician of the soldier team looked at him. 'He's not looking so good.' he mouthed and Murnau nodded to him gently.

'Damn it, who did this, and what did he see if he's looking like this right now, whoever drugged him is in serious trouble. Damn it, this is exactly what we don't need.' he thought sternly at that as he turned slightly to look over the top of the seats. Just to get a look at him as he saw him drenched in sweat and his eyes narrowed in concern at that.

'Son stay put, don't get up or you're going to collapse if that crap wore off.' the soldiers all thought together at the look on his face. 'He doesn't drink or take drugs, so what the hell did these guys do this time, he would have told us if he was sick. And he did say that his O.J. was tanked with alcohol, what did you do?!' Lewton thought sternly at that news.

As Alex ran his hand through his hair, feeling the sweat running down his neck. "It just got worse, I tasted what tasted like alcohol in my orange juice, but this. I think they did it alright, but whatever they drugged me with, caused something I don't know what. In fact right now, but it's definitely not speed or anything they screw with at the moment."

"It combined with that, whatever that was and made it feel so real, I feel like the kids on the movies." he told the trio and Todd nodded in shocked anger at that. "God, you're drenched in sweat right now, you think it was a speed-balling case here. Just to frame you right now, because this is dangerous?" she asked and he nodded as she went further.

"Yeah but you know this about me..." he said and she nodded in shocked disgust at that. "You're a medical born and you don't drink or take drugs, but combining those two, whatever it was they drugged you with. Did they ever consider it could put you in the hospital here, damn it, they're crazy here." she said angrily and that did it finally then.

"I don't think it's just a simple speed-balling, if that's what they tried, but how long was I out for, before Christa woke me up?" he asked her and she quickly said it to him. "Five minutes give or take." she said and he nodded quickly. "They drugged me with an hallucinogen, but the effect triggered something else in the process right now as well."

"But it felt like 20 minutes to me, from now to when we barely got out of the airport right now, I saw enough to make sure he gets it now. If he was the one who drugged me, but to put this bluntly I know only one drug that you feel like did 20 to an hour and a half. From the second you take it, but the side effect if you never screw with this stuff."

"Is it triggers an ailment similar to heat exhaustion or iron deficiency, but it's like the hot flashes you suffer from. But getting up too quickly causes a serious rush of blood oxygen to leave your head causing dizzy spells, but the effect hit me. And barely 10 minutes after I sat down over there." he said and she nodded as that did it finally then.

"What I just saw could have been a symptom of what they drugged me with, but better safe then sorry. We need to delay and get the plane checked from top to bottom, I'm wrong we leave at the new time. But right and we get the new checked out and then leave at the news time now." he said and the quartet nodded in agreement to that.

"Yeah I agree with that, but with what just happened to you, they're going to want to delay anyway, so we can find out what the hell it was they drugged you with. Because close confines means the temperature in here just went up at the moment. And you need to cool down and rest, before we leave anyway." she said and the duo nodded to that.

"You looked like you were trying to clear your eyes, you also had sweat running down your face." George told him and he nodded. "Not wearing a jacket, I'm not wearing anything that constricts the blood flow into my mind." he said and Adam quickly undid the top on his second water bottle and passed it to him and he took several swallows.

As he pressed it to his forehead, as he felt himself shaking as the adult trio watched that reaction. 'Easy baby, easy, don't get up or you're going to collapse.' Lewton thought gently as a man grabbed a steward and pointed to him. "Something's wrong here." he whispered to him and he nodded and he quickly moved to check on him then.

And as their teachers all turned at that and the quintet paled at that remark as she went further at that remark. "The effect just did a 20 minute circuit, and I think I passed out the second I sat down back there, if that explains this." he told her and she nodded as their biology teacher thought it over and then felt her heart turn over at that.

'Oh god no, I know what just happened here to him.' She thought and quickly turned and said it sharply to the quintet as the entire group of adults in the class nodded. "You realize something like this for someone that never does that crap now. Said never takes drugs or drink, that speed-balling causes a dangerous side effect for that person."

"And it can put them in the hospital and for Orthostatic Hypotension?!" she snapped at them and they paled at that. "The symptoms mimic heat exhaustion and what just happened a bit ago, right now if you weren't paying attention in my class. He can barely stay standing without getting dizzy, a high body temperature that has him drenched."

"In sweat right now, but if he passed out, and the second he sat down back there, before nearly collapsing the second. The second now, that he sat down here with Todd, then this ailment mimics dizzy spells. And what looks like iron deficiency, if you idiots drugged him here right now." she said and the steward crossed his arms as he went to him then.

'We got to get him off the plane, before that happens again, because he needs to cool down and rest, easy buddy just rest, but don't stand up too quickly.' the soldiers listening to that thought at the news. "Honey you better stay put for now, just in case you get hit a third time by that." Hammond told him and he nodded to the orders as he sat down.

"Yeah their plan backfired big time, because I'm not feeling so good here, but this is why I knew better, regarding that crap." he said to that remark and they nodded gently at that news. "If you idiots land him in the emergency room and so help me god, you're all being expelled for this." Lewton said with a furious tone to that remark then sternly.

"Yeah that's my thought, but their plan clearly had several holes in it, not the least of which if what if it hit that tank. It could go off and destroy the wall of this plane, what if this hit me before we could even leave and the flight gets delayed. And you had to take me to the hospital as a result of their idiocy right now, but those two now here."

"How about a fight getting started too close and someone gets hurt, there are so many holes that they're screwed either way." he said and she nodded sternly to that remark. "What happened just now, if you had that reaction, what you see exactly, because I felt it at the same time you saw it?" Clear asked softly and he said it in a whisper to her.

"No kidding, but did it ever occur to them, that 1/5 of our town is on board this plane?" they heard and the quintet paled at the remark. "Or one of them had the very thing that could destroy something if it gets knocked over in the struggle. Contents under pressure can explode if it gets too close to an open flame or the heat rises enough to cause it."

"Said it, a tank of air to combust, too much of this kind of air is dangerous and can turn toxic if the level is over 4.5." Alex said in response and Hammond nodded as she finished his sentence. "Yes and there are so many variables, so many holes in this little plot, they could kill someone if we never took your warning seriously at the current moment."

"And I heard your conversation with the boys and Clear, baby, but if you're right, and it's worth looking into, a 2.5 hour delay is worth it, so we can exchange planes. And after we're sure, that the worst is over in your case right now." she said and the duo nodded in agreement to her thoughts at the remark as she exchanged looks with the soldier then.

"Before this makes me sound like a lunatic, and I know he was hoping for a more violent reaction then what you just saw. I only saw the conclusion of what caused this plane to explode, but not the cause at the moment. Though considering my premonition was possibly drug influenced it got worse, but said cause could be anything here."

"And I mean anything, that I have to label out the usual suspects here at the moment now, though a real possibility is these idiots cause it. Not a real bomb, but possibly a improvised one, that these idiots could have created one. And by sneaking contraband on board the plane, you hear his remark to Terri?" he said and she nodded to him gently.

"Yeah I did, but did he expect Mr. Murnau or Ms. Lewton not to hear that before you got intercepted by that prophet guy. But this crossed the line, did they expect you not to let your guard down after you ran into that character. That she got you away from, we both know you left your cup with Adam, but it's pretty damn clear what he was up to."

"And all that says is he was hoping to sneak it passed the duo right now, and instead of leaving on schedule. It's you got them arrested for sneaking the ingredients of an IED on board, let alone drugging you here. Or this puts you in the hospital right now for what she just read out to him right now." she said and he nodded sternly as he said it gently.

"Yeah and it's because he never pays attention in class to know that what they brought could seen as the ingredients of an IED. I'm training to get into the academy, but he's a spec ops, and any normal soldier can create weapons out of house hold chemicals. But what if what they brought on board could cause the crash, they ever think about that."

"The coach already gave us that chemistry lesson but that was theory, this is the real thing, what if that bottle shatters. I have to show the guards just what the real threat is, if they did drag it on board and with it the co pilot. But the coach made clear of the consequences if a fight breaks out and if the fight gets too close to that tank."

"What if the reaction hurt someone, did they ever consider they just killed themselves if I'm right, you all know this. I don't take drugs or drink, so what else could it be if he loses it to save himself when I suggest we put this flight on delay till the next flight time?" he asked and she nodded in agreement to that sternly as she answered him.

"And whatever they brought on board could end up mixing it with the oxygen tank, causing it to act like C-4 and it could act like a seeker missile and destroy the closest thing that it comes into contact with. Said is either door in this cabin, and it could kill someone if it does get knocked over and goes off in the middle of the struggle."

"So yeah I agree with you better safe then sorry, as one bottle can cause a chain reaction explosion that could hurt someone. Looks like you're going to have to drive it home for him, that alcohol bottles are made of glass, but a chain reaction explosion. That could kill someone if it hits them in the neck, everything they serve is made of plastic."

"And liquor bottles are made of glass, so if that bottle explodes, and it could hurt someone too." she said and he nodded sternly. "Yeah and glass under heat explodes and we all know those alcohol bottles are made of glass. But I saw Mrs. Hammond get hit in the neck, directly at the carotid artery, and it sprayed the wall as a result here."

"And following it was it looked like someone ended up in a blender, but that explains the sick look you saw on my face. When I snapped out of it, but what if that vision was enhanced by whatever they drugged me with and it makes it unreliable now. So we all know that gets a bit shady, so back to the old fashioned stand by, and check everything."

"And as we put it to the test." he said and she nodded in agreement to his thoughts gently. "I think we were both waiting for this, but if you felt it, or saw it, and at the same time I did now a bit ago here. Then you're who my inner wolf just imprinted on here, Clear." he said and she nodded with a gentle smile at his remark as she answered him.

"Yeah and I'm siding with you, but with a few kids younger then us by 7 or 8 years, we go to fire drill status and double check right now." she said and he nodded as he gripped her hand at that remark. "Yeah I agree with that myself as well guys, but if we don't get you off the plane, and the added side effects could hit you now, man, come on."

"So we better wrap this up." George said and he nodded as Todd decided to stay with him then. "You getting off with me, if Carter loses it next?" he asked her and she nodded. "Yeah and if you're right and I believe you here, as whatever you just saw, the link went to empathy, reason being as I felt your fear and everything that came with it."

"But the link was just established between us right now." she said and he nodded as he looked her over. "God you're soaked in sweat right now, great we got a bounce back effect between us." he said and she nodded to that remark gently at that. "Great that is just what we need right now, the only difference is what they drugged you with."

"It didn't end up in me, but we better get you off the plane and tell Parker, there could be a problem right now. He loses it next and I think he was the one to cause that, and they were hoping for a bigger reaction and more. Now then what you just gave us right now, though how the coach takes this is anyone's guess." she said and he nodded gently.

"Yeah said to get their attention off him and his gang and on someone else for once, and it looks like I'm the said someone. But we got 9 kids no older then 10 on board this plane, I'm not raising a panic, so back to being who you know me as. Though he puts my cubs at risk, and I'm going to kill him." he said and she nodded and squeezed his hand.

'That must have been one hell of a nightmare or someone drugged him to have that reaction right now.' the steward thought as he said it gently to him. "Is there a problem Sir?" he asked gently and they heard a fast remark from his rival then. "What's your fucking problem?!" he asked, trying to control the fear in his voice, at that question.

And the adults crosse their arms sternly and Alex ignored that as he answerd him. "Oh I don't know, maybe it could be a symptom of, oh let's say, someone drugging me?" he said sternly. "Watch the language you idiot, we've got kids in the cabin here, they don't need to hear this type of language from a drunken tenager right now and with that."

"Bad word for it Carter you forget your surroundings here, as we're not alone, right now." Alex said sharply to that and they all nodded sternly at that remark then. "Yes and did you also forget that you're surrounded by adults in this cabin. And several of us don't take kindly to profanity here, kid?" the soldier asked sternly as he looked at him then.

"Young man, are you trying to end up in detention for language?" Hammond said sternly to him and he swallowed. "The one not making a scene is him, but you are by that kind of language, but in case you're not paying attention. It's not just you as high schoolers on this plane, but kids younger then 15." Lewton said with a warning tone and he paled.

And knowing their side of their teachers was going to know it was him immediately at that. "Young man, were you paying attention to who was in here right now?" Dennison said as 60 adults got up at that and he paled. "In case your mind is not firing on all cylinders, here's the reason for the following remark." he said as 10 children stood up.

"And with those words." the mother of one of the kids said and the plane crew nodded. "Watch your mouth." the steward said with a warning tone at that remark and he paled at that remark. "Alex, Qu'est que'cest?" Murnau asked gently in french and Alex hold up his hand as he closed his eyes to pull himself together then gently at that remark.

'Yeah alright I consider two possibilities but 1) someone dragged on a dangerous amount of contraband and that caused a short that started a fire. Combining with the tank over there, it blew a hole in the wall and struck one of the engines. Or 2) and the more likely possibility right now in what I saw as I heard and explosion and something shatter.'

'It's this plane is so old that the fuselage is starting to fall apart, the silicone connectors in it are starting to deteriorate. And it's allowing engine fuel to get into the combustion chambers causing a fire and then an explosion and that also destroys the plane. So go with the more likely possibility and tell them we got to delay till the next flight time.'

'So go with the first one and tell them it could mix with the engine and explode, if it gets into the system. As the plane electronics haven't been turned on completely yet, but he attacks me, because I'm just attacking a cadet and he's dead.' he thought as he answered him gently as he saw the looks on his rival and his gang and hid a stern nod.

As he shifted his gaze to his rival and the steward nodded slowly as he and his side of their class in teachers nodded sternly as he went to their class default then. And as he took on the act of his being his prize pupil then as he said it to him then firmly. "Qu'est que'cest?" Murnau asked again and Alex explained it to him gently then to him then.

And in french then as he said it to him. "Préparez-vous pour sa prochaine réaction avec ce que je dis ensuite." he told him and he nodded to him gently. "À quoi servait exactement cette remarque. S'il a l'air effrayé, tu vas me dire ça?" he asked in response and he sighed as he knew they were not going to like this if this continued.

'He's not going to like this right now, once he and Lewton hear this right now.' he thought sternly as he answered him then. "C'est parce qu'il sait qu'il perd son sang-froid et que la remarque du coach frappe maintenant." Alex told him and he nodded as he said it gently at that remark as he looked at him as he went over that remark gently.

"J'ai entendu une pointe de peur dans sa voix quand il a dit cela, mais il prie pour que ce qu'ils aient fait ne soit pas la raison de ce qui vient de se passer. Puis à nouveau leur est-il jamais venu à l'esprit que pour quelqu'un qui ne joue pas avec ça." he said gently and Alex nodded to him firmly as he answered him gently at this remark.

"Cela pourrait avoir des effets secondaires dangereux en ce moment, mais cela explique sa remarque, il sait qu'il est éclaté, ce qui explique le blasphème ici. Quand il m'a dit ça." he said to Murnau who nodded to him gently at that. "Si cette remarque dit quelque chose et avec le fait que nous avons des enfants plus jeunes que toi."

"Dans cet avion, il sait qu'il a des ennuis, tu vas bien maintenant, fils?" he asked him again at that. "Ouais je le suis maintenant, mais tout ce qu'il a fait explique cela." he said and they both nodded to him. 'Oh god, what the hell is he talking to him about right now?!' The quintet thought shaking at that as Hammond crossed her arms at that.

'Yeah I don't blame Alex for that remark at the moment, but this crossed the line if this lands him in the emergency room next.' she thought to that remark as she looked at Lewton, who nodded firmly to that mental remark. 'If that is not enough to scare these idiots nothing is right now, but this is enough to make it clear in why he's our star pupil.'

'At least he pays attention in class right now, but that just made it clear, Alex was warning him of the possibility Carter is about to freak and his remark to him. That gave him away to us, but he's in trouble, again for that language right now.' she thought trying to keep from laughing at the fluent conversation they heard between them.

And as the steward nodded sternly as he translated what they were talking about mentally as he switched it to English at that. 'No kidding, but the first one of you brats that starts the fight is being arrested and thrown off the plane. Now control those tempers and stay put right now.' he thought sternly as he said it out loud then

"Are you saying he was the one who drugged you if he had that response to your reaction when I said that now, son?" he asked and Alex nodded to him gently at that. "Oh I know he was the one who did it, but here's the bad news right now, but it's not just drugs. But there was a very strong taste of alcohol in it as well, but a case of speedballing here."

"The stuff is whiskey and even better that I know only one brand these guys are addicted to, these guys and it's Jack Daniels, but they're supposed to be in rehab right now. And every adult in my town knows I don't drink or take drugs, so what does this look like to you." he said and the steward nodded as he crossed his arms as they nodded to him.

"So these little punks drug you to get our attention off themselves and on you for once by tanking it?" the soldier asked, crossing his arms. "Yeah, but this catch you just saw was a matter of turning it into a roomful of witnesses. And as you see what their actions cause, as one of you is medical technician." he said and the man nodded sternly to that.

"Let alone the fact that when you don't have reactions like this that every adult in the cabin finds this strange on any number of levels. Then we know this is a set up if he reacted that fast to Sanderson's question to you. And then starts swearing in the process, so yeah this is a set up." Lewton said crossing her arms sternly as the quartet nodded.

"Yes and with you just telling me that, what if you collapsed before you got to your friend's seat huh, this could have put you in the hospital. Before you could tell us what is was that you just saw right now." the medic said sternly as he crossed his arms. "You remember the catch of cross and double cross?" he asked and the quintet paled at that.

"That's this as well, and too late guys, but cross and double cross, try to set me up and we just set you up here, you're screwed right now." he snapped and the adults watched as the quintet paled at that. "What?" one of the quartet said in shock and the trio nodded sternly as Hammond crossed her arms as she stood up as she looked at them sternly.

"He told me and I told the duo, young man, as it started bouncing from adult to adult in our town, he was in conversation. And for 5 minutes with his family gang and his mother's friends, Rachel Taylor, Jared Dennison spotting cub up front. At least he minds his surroundings to set a good example." she said and they swallowed hard at that.

"I was waiting for one of them to expose themselves by saying that right now, in hoping they were admitting it, but the fact he reacted that fast. And to your reaction and to Sanderson's question it says he's the one who did it right now to all three of us." Murnau said sternly and he nodded in agreement, as Carter paled at that remark then.

"You honestly expected us never to realize that you not only brought it on the plane with you, but you also drugged him right now in this case now?" Lewton asked and they paled at the remark then as she went further. "We warned you, but what if this, whatever just happened to him is a symptom of what you drugged him with here right now."

"You ever consider that, we have to delay anyway so he can rest, so because of you, half a day is wasted right now. But that's no big loss, so long as we made it there safely, so thank you very much, gentlemen. That makes whatever he saw unreliable and we now have to go to double check?" Hammond said for her sternly and they swallowed hard.

"Not Alex, you, all you, you cost us half a day, if some of us get kicked off this plane." Todd said as everyone in their class, Murnau and Lewton crossed their arms. "So don't even think about it, attack him and Eric and our warning activates." Lewton finished as she watched the quintet sternly at the remark as she nodded to Alex then firmly.

"I turned you in for drugging me, once I realized it that was tanked boys, her first and she then told our side of the class. There is no getting out of this right now, you just exposed yourself as the one who did it. You try to set me up and we set you up long before we boarded the plane." Alex said firmly as Hammond finished the remark sternly.

"Yes that's right, that's the reaction I was waiting for alright now, but try to get our attention off you and on someone else for once now. You think we didn't know, that Larry and Valerie never told me you guys could be carrying or drug one of your rivals. To get our attention off you for once by one of them having your reactions at the moment."

"If you were hoping for a bigger reaction in his case, then you're out of your minds, he knows what do to do, but why is he our top student. In every class he is our top student, well it's because he actually listens to us in class. He knows what is needed to prevent a scene and he's a cadet in training, but this turned into a psychosis now in your cases."

"And if this was a case of speed-balling that caused that reaction and whatever you drugged him with it could backfire so highly. That you idiots could put him in the hospital next right now, and I don't care why you did this. It doesn't matter, as this is completely cold blooded." Hammond said sternly and their side of their teachers nodded sternly.

"Just what reaction was this kid hoping for right now?" the steward asked him and he sighed. "Of the level that would have you thinking I was taking drugs, and had a panic attack with the following sentence, but just the engine, probably right now. But my teachers, they know what just happened is not me whatsover right now here."

"Knowing you would think that what I just told you as you thinking I lost it completely right now, they were hoping for a more violent reaction. One that would have you think I was on drugs, drinking or suffering an acid trip right now. Resulting in one thing at the moment, as this was payback for him getting arrested at the current moment."

"But no, there is not a chance, I need proof to confirm that thought, IED, or the fuselage itself, I don't know. As what would have been said is like screaming fire in a crowded theater and causing a panic, so not going to happen right now. To prove that theory I need to find what could cause it, if they brought it with them in the first possibility."

"So you mind right now guys, I can check the bins containing your stuff?" he asked and the entire cabin nodded to him as he turned to the steward. Said who gave a nod to the request gently at that. "You guys ever consider that they could see these items as pieces of an improvised bomb, boys because straight alcohol has a yellowish clear look to it."

"But as does jet fuel, but we could have a member of the ATF on board right now?" he asked and the entire cabin watched as the quintet paled at that. "Chemical reactions we already went over this in class this morning, coach made me promise. I see something wrong to tel them and the fact you still brought it with you, you could destroy the plane."

"If that bottle gets shattered and leaks into the electronics, simple case of chemistry becoming deadly if you don't pay attention." he said and the soldiers nodded. "The Cadet's right gentlemen, you want to get ahead you better start paying attention. When in class at the moment here right now." the medic said sternly to that remark then.

"Pre-cadet actually, Sir, I was earning credits, but my mentor trained me in everything you guys learned in advanced. And enough that could be considered a rebel terrorist attack at the current moment. Though with the fact they screwed up what I just saw, t hose visions are now unreliable starting now." Alex told him and he nodded gently.

"Yeah no kidding, but to answer you, would your mentor be Eric Caine by any chance?" he asked and Alex nodded to him. "Yes Sir, that's him alright, but doing my duty to protect everyone." he said and they nodded smiling. "Afterwards you're on stand down, after this cub." he said in response with a smile and their teachers smiled at that.

Before Alex carefully stood up, and checked the bin above him and saw it. "Did anyone bring their stereo with them?" he asked and a man of 25 raised his hand. "Well a certain someone's stupidity could have destroyed it and started a fire in the overhead bin. You better see this, Sir, Mr. Murnau." he said and pulled a bottle of amber colored liquid out.

"That could be seen as jet fuel or lighter fluid." the steward said, feeling his apprehension that the theory was started to make sense then fill him at that. "Mixing that with the tank, you're looking at a bomb waiting to go off right now. If that bottle exploded and taking the others with it!" the medic said and the quintet swallowed hard at that remark.

"Well his theory of this plane exploding in the take off right now is looking very likely, but who brought this stuff with them exactly. Do you understand how we could take this as that could be seen as ingredients to an improvised bomb. If there is anything else we find in these bins boys?" a passenger asked sternly and the quintet swallowed hard at that.

Here is the next few translations for the debate about to start now, as this continues as Carter and his friends, don't understand and everyone else in the room does as a result now.

1) (Préparez-vous pour sa prochaine réaction avec ce que je dis ensuite.)

Prepare for his next reaction with what I say next.

2)À quoi servait exactement cette remarque. S'il a l'air effrayé, tu vas me dire ça?

What exactly was this remark for? If he looks scared, are you gonna tell me that?

3) C'est parce qu'il sait qu'il perd son sang-froid et que la remarque du coach frappe maintenant.

It's because he knows he's losing his temper and the coach's remark is striking now.

4) J'ai entendu une pointe de peur dans sa voix quand il a dit cela, mais il prie pour que ce qu'ils aient fait ne soit pas la raison de ce qui vient de se passer. Puis à nouveau leur est-il jamais venu à l'esprit que pour quelqu'un qui ne joue pas avec ça.

I heard a hint of fear in his voice when he said this, but he is praying that what they did was not the reason for what just happened. Then again did it ever occur to them that for someone who doesn't play with it.

5) Cela pourrait avoir des effets secondaires dangereux en ce moment, mais cela explique sa remarque, il sait qu'il est éclaté, ce qui explique le blasphème ici. Quand il m'a demandé ça.

It could have dangerous side effects right now, but that explains his remark, he knows he's busted, which explains the profanity here. When he asked me that.

6) Si cette remarque dit quelque chose et avec le fait que nous avons des enfants plus jeunes que toi."

"Dans cet avion, il sait qu'il a des ennuis, tu vas bien maintenant, fils?

If that remark says anything and with the fact that we have children younger than you. On that plane he knows he's in trouble, are you okay now, son?

7) Ouais je le suis maintenant, mais tout ce qu'il a fait explique cela.

Yeah I am now, but everything he did explains it.