Getting The Truth Out Book I: Final Destination

Warnings: With the this one, the warning has stuck with the members of their cabin that saw and heard the outburst. As they decide to put his opinion to the test and put the plane on autopilot to launch it right now. As, making contact with the agents as they bring them home now, they get to their families as for the next week the trip is called off until they can adjust now.

They make sure that the quartet of arrested teenagers on their side gets the consequences now. Knowing that their supposed loss was enough as they prepare to make contact with their families. And the fact Alex had saved them all by getting them to double check then had the point driven in to Carter.

Disclaimers: The movie does belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie company.

Chapter 7: Medical Recovery And The Investigation

"That's the reason alright, he thought you were turning him into us, which was not the case, whatever they brought is what destroyed the plane." the guard sitting next to him said sternly as she looked at Carter at that. "Him and his gang, if they all did it right now." Clear said and Lewton nodded in angered stern-ness then at the remark.

"If they drugged me, these visions are now unreliable, but don't bring it up, I don't know how I knew, but I did right now at the moment. But I wasn't putting that to the test and with them on the plane and decided to call a halt, not a real bomb. But IED, created by these guys, the Coach is spec op, a trained weapons expert and our chemistry teacher."

"And he and my uncle were arriving, coach sees what just happened to me, all the time with Carter and his gang of drunks. But they're sick of the scrutiny, but I was going to them..." he said as they saw him shaking in grief then as he tried to say it. As, listening to the explanation the quintet exchanged furious looks at the truth then as he said it.

"To tell them, that we should run security checks and checks for leaks and shortages. That's all it was right now, whatever they brought did it, but don't make me go into what else was in that premonition, but what I saw, he basically was mocking their loss now." he said shaking and they nodded to the news as the manager wrote that down quickly.

"And if he never attacked you and had them too furious to think straight right now and the co pilot would have listened to you. And to me, we could have stopped this, if he never ticked them off right now." she said and he nodded to her and she nodded. "He's drunk, and attacked me in a non prov." he said to her and she nodded to that in anger.

"What did he think I was doing, delaying, so we could double check his stuff, if they drugged me, then this was..." he started to say and the sextet and the two guards all looked at Carter at that remark. "This was an attempt to get our attention off them and on someone else for once and it just backfired." she said slowly and the quartet nodded.

"And by reacting at all, they just blew their attempt and it possibly murdered our entire class and the entire flight manifest." Clear said and Lewton nodded in agreement. "His criminal charges are so high there is no getting out of this, you weren't creating a panic. But trying to warn us that it could go." the paramedic said to him as he arrived then.

"And by nearly starting a riot, he had the trio too furious to think straight, his fault, all his fault, if not for him distracting me. I could've convinced them. Or get Murnau to listen and he decided to double check and get my godfather and the co pilot out here." he said as the tears ran down his face as the man nodded as he saw the shattered look to him.

'God, the more the patient fights and the faster the sedatives take hold, he wouldn't get far with him like this right now. But we're not letting him out of our sight at the moment, but young man, we just got him to calm down. We don't need you making it worse, so keep your mouth shut.' the guard thought sternly as he stuck close as he let go then.

Trying to stay awake, Alex fell into Lewton, as he tried to straighten up, as the dose was pulling him under then. As, instead, he went with leaving his head against her shoulder then, as she stroked her hand through his hair. 'It's okay baby, it's okay.' she thought as she looked him over then, as she said it sternly to the doctor then at that.

While knowing that the jolt, Alex suffered through then was enough to put the other boy behind bars for what he did. "Instead of trying to get our scrutiny off them by simply drugging him, this jolt just barely killed him at the moment. And in addition to nearly murdering of 295 lives, they nearly kill him too?" she said and the doctor nodded sternly.

"I'm pressing charges for this right now and I mean that, but this crossed a line so far down there is no excuse for this right now. And don't try to convince you had a good reason for this, there is no excuse for this right now. If they survived this flight, all of you just got dropped as we get a 5 others." sne said sternly and he swallowed hard then.

"I want 'him' out of here, after you do that." she said and the doctor nodded firmly as Carter paled at her remark. "You just burned every bridge there is between us, Carter, so from now on, don't talk to me, you scare the hell out of me." she said with a stern growl as she stayed next to Alex then, as Carter felt his heart shatter at the remark then.

"God, his parents are going to kill these guys, if they survived the blast, but I don't care why they did this, it doesn't matter right now. But what I can guarantee is if we got company coming and they offer a way for me to reach them. I'm taking it, because this reaction crossed the line so far down there is no forgiveness right now for this here."

"Five students being sued here for nearly killing him, just what did you think was going to happen if the narrator's parents were still alive, huh. You think they would not sue the quintet, if the leader survived the assault huh, well no, they would. You little assholes are just like that quintet, why do you think I put you as playing the Soc that ends up dead."

"That was a message, George, Adam Joey, Chris, Todd, Alex and Billy, same difference, the narrator ended up in the hospital after 2 of his friends either died or were murdered. It took him months to get over it, so how long do you think it's going to take Alex exactly." she said and he paled as she ended it at that as the paramedics stayed close.

As the guards stayed close in case he collapsed as the one dealing with Carter left his hand on Alex's shoulder. 'One thing's for sure and said is this could mean that it's going to take time, I got to watch him.' she thought with a sigh. 'I really hope he doesn't try it twice, but between that sedative and possibly his leg, won't get far at the moment.'

'Easy cub, easy.' he thought softly to him. 'Yeah I would consider this the issue with Strode, just so he doesn't try to make a break for it right now. He's so wiped right now, he wouldn't get far with them in the heart of the terminal. And even if he did, we would find him, and long before he got out of the building and downstairs at the moment here.'

'Shh, easy, it's okay, it's okay.' he thought softly as he rubbed his back and that did as he saw it as he relaxed completely as he put himself directly behind him. And as he got ready to lean him back, knowing, if he got hit in the leg as well. He had to hold him still and steady him then as they got the piece of whatever out of his leg then.

"You want to tell me who in your gang came up with the damn idea, because this is serious right now?" the doctor said sternly to Carter and he paled at the question. "We can wait to find out, but I'm leaving the questioning to the agents that get involved." Lewton said firmly to that and as the guard gently pulled Alex into him gently at that.

'No, no guys, please.' Alex thought weakly as the sedative started putting him under, feeling like weights were holding his limbs down. While feeling a jolt of heat go through him, he finally relaxed as he felt the guard gently wrap his arms around him. 'Get up, get up.' 'Too tired, sleep, then go check.' he thought softly as he felt him gently rock him.

Feeling his heart beat still pounding from the last jolt, the guard knew that there was no chance of pulling free from him. 'Shh, it's okay, it's okay.' he thought to him gently. "You idiots really screwed up this time, so what makes you think we, as the military. Are not going to let this go right now, but to us you're a terrorist at the moment here."

"But you guys are terrorists, so just because he delays you, you lose your temper is that it now, a young cadet doing what he was trained to do. And nearly ends up being killed in the process and you're furious he got you arrested right now. I don't care if you think you're not, you're a suicide terrorist." the nurse said sternly and Carter paled at that.

"No, you are a fuckin' terrorist and don't tell me you didn't know this would be the damn result, as this is the cruelest thing you could do to a person. And simply because you're sick of the scrutiny, that little girl that said that earlier. She read it right, you guys are serious need of a psychiatric evaluation." the paramedic said as the doctor read it out.

"Damn right, guys, you take care of Alex, we got Carter." they heard and Alex lifted his gaze to his paternal uncle, who crouched in front of him. "It's okay." he said and Alex buried his head into his shoulder as he rocked him. "So let me get this straight, instead of his plan going the way he wanted it too, it backfired so drastically right now."

"That my nephew is so in shock and denial that he tried to get up there himself and you had to head it off, before realizing he's also hurt?" Lieutenant Jason Browning asked and they nodded. "They drugged him, but he still managed to get it out to us, before the effects caved just as the explosion hit." the guard said and he nodded at the news.

"There is no getting out of this young man, now that you got us involved and your friends, if they're alive, are being charged. And with 294 counts of murder and 1 of attempted, assault and battery open container, public intoxication. Destruction of airline property and that is just for starters." Chief David Goldberg said as he crouched then.

"And if you think we're bad just wait for the authorities to show up right now Carter, dear god, what the hell were you guys thinking. Have you completely lost your minds, just who's damn idea was this?" he snapped and Carter paled at the remark. "Never mind, I can wait to find out, but he needs to sleep it off right now, but what I will say is this."

"I guess you never considered the amount of damage you have done by this choice?" The doctor said to Carter sternly and the boy paled at his remark as he looked at him sternly. "You damn brats really crossed a line this time young man, but if you wanted us off your trail for once, you should have kept your tempers, now nothing is getting you out of this."

"What he told you is true, I am the doctor that deals with cadets your age, well let me tell you now. That this choice would have, if you're a cadet, thrown you right to Jason Warner as he then throws you and your little hotshot friends. Directly into the psychiatric department to be committed, but I don't care why you did this, it doesn't matter."

"Whatsoever right now at the moment, but I'm warning you, I find the rest of your little friends and all of you are under psychiatric close up till you're thinking straight. Because this is beyond cold blooded right now, that because you're sick of the scrutiny. That you try to set someone else up for the same exact thing, but you and your little friends now."

"Just what the hell did they ever do to you guys, for you to pull this, because that is the only chance you have of saving yourselves 10 years in a psychiatric hospital right now?" he said and they watched him pale and they nodded sternly. "There is no damn reason is there, you did this out of spite, well your ass is mine now and I mean that."

"You just did more damage then anyone ever could emotionally and frankly I don't care if you think you had a good reason to do this. You just shoved yourselves so far in that hole you're not getting out without a rope right now." he said with a stern growl at him as he ended it at that as he looked at his patient and knew he was drained in all areas.

'Yeah nothing left now, but not taking that chance as there could be one last jolt at the moment right now. Before this comes to an end completely right now, shh, it's okay, it's okay, shh, if they're alive, we'll find them, it's okay, it's okay.' the guard thought gently to him then as he wrapped both arms around him as he kept him close then firmly.

As he lowered his head, as the paramedic and Doctor worked on his arm. "That's going to need 15 stitches." the doctor said as he ran his hand through Alex's hair and she nodded as she pressed her forehead to his. 'It's okay, it's okay, shh, it's okay buddy.' the doctor thought, knowing the young man had nothing left as he worked on his arm then.

'Close to falling asleep, shh it's okay, it's okay, little guy needs to be the hospital for this one, but at least this is not like trying to chase him down out there. As trying that is a death trap, and even injured he wouldn't get far before we catch him. We just prevented a repeat of Carrey's chase down on the movie.' he thought with a gentle sigh to this.

"God, what they hell did they drug him with to cause that reaction exactly right now, because it crossed a serious line. But his teacher was right, it's one thing when dreaming about and another to see it for real right now. I can understand his reaction, in wanting to make sure now, but that would be a hindrance rather then a help right now.'

'We just got to keep him from trying that twice, with him recovering from his injuries, but this keeps him out for a few hours. Before we get results back right now, but we find Horton's little friends and they're going to be in deep shit when I get through with them.' he thought as he lifted his gaze to check on him then and he nodded softly then.

"That's the worst of it, he's going to be okay, he just needs to sleep this off now, though how Eric is going to take this is anyone's guess when he finds out right now. Is that the first one ever though, if he had that reaction?" he asked and Lewton nodded "Our mothers are nurses, so medical born, Doctor." Todd told him and he nodded to that news.

Seeing his eyes at half mast, and as he left his head against her shoulder and the man nodded softly. 'Kid is too tired to focus, but young man, we just got him to calm down, we don't need you making it worse. But as of this moment, you're under arrest and I mean that.' he thought sternly to Carter as he exchanged looks with her then firmly.

"Barely managed to prevent him from trying to get up there, but the effects of whatever they drugged him with are the reason for that reaction. But between the effects of that crap and then his getting hit, and we had to prevent him from leaving at all." the guard said as he nodded to her, knowing the boy was close to falling asleep then as he said it.

"Damn brat and his gang, just made things 100 x's worse right now, as a result here, as to anyone who never screws around with this crap. There is bound to be side effects right now, and he had a relapse in it as a result here." the guard said with a stern growl as she and her partner shot a furious look at Carter who paled and the doctor nodded.

And with a stern look at that news. "That's the second jolt in a half an hour, but unlike you, if you keep screwing with this crap right now, for someone who hasn't. This is the god damn reaction, if they're getting over the last, if this was your damn plan. Just to get your teachers attention off you idiots for once at the current moment right now."

"Then it backfired enough that you idiots could have killed him here, if we never headed off his attempted escape. I suppose when you set this plan up, you never considered all the factors that it could go wrong, that they would see it. Said it your reaction is a red flag as you're a terrorist." she snapped at him sternly and he swallowed hard at that.

"Did you ever consider this reaction when you drugged him, what if he took off before we could head it off right now. He could have bled to death, long before we found him and going out there with that plane coming down. That he could have gotten hit by it, damn it?!" the man snapped at him angrily and he swallowed hard at that remark then.

And as he kept his arms around Alex then. 'Sedated maybe, but there is always one last reaction, before these kids give up, every time. I'm not letting him out of my sight right now, shh, easy cub, easy, it's okay, it's okay, shh, it's okay, it's okay.' he thought gently as he looked him over then, before the leader of his companion team caught it then.

'Half panic attack, half shock, she and I are staying with him, just in case it wears off too soon right now.' he thought softly as he looked at Lewton. "My partner and I are staying with you six, while they got Horton, until we get these guys to the hospital. But going by this, could be a week long stay." he said softly and she nodded in relief to the news then.

"Not just his shoulder, he got hit in the leg here, which explains the limping, before we got him to the floor. I don't think the side effects of that crap quit, that he never caught that with his leg, but if this was in reverse. And it's having our visitors trying to find him themselves now." The man said and he quickly checked and nodded as he pointed it out.

"That's what worries me, any teenager never knows when to quit till we have to catch them ourselves or said team is acting as the legal guardian. And until the parents get home, but trying to escape the hospital is something where we have to find said patient. And before they make their injuries worse." the guard said with a sigh and he nodded.

Pressing his hand to his leg then to check, he pulled his hand back and saw blood on his hand and nodded. "The blast got him in the thigh, but the first gave him a laceration, it's the other we need to be worried about." his team mate said and he nodded to him. "He got hit three times, and we saw only two of them?" the female guard said, thinking fast.

As she got hit his shoes off, so she could check and saw his sock drenched in blood and nodded. "There's the second, it's cut into his lower leg, not enough to need surgery, but this must be the reason he can barely walk right now." she said and her counterpart said it with a firm growl at that as he touched his calf and the boy flinched and he nodded.

"That's not the only one, he took another to the leg, same place as the other kid, this is why he can barely walk, before we got him down." the guard said as he looked at his lower leg and the doctor checked and nodded. "And it's still in there, alright, tried to hold his leg still because this is embedded into the muscle." he said and they nodded gently.

As they laid him back as they put a pillow underneath his head, they could see the side effects caused him to break into sweat. As the guard wrapped his arm across him gently, he hid a nod, seeing him trying to keep his eyes open, they hid a nod. 'Yeah, he's not going to get free with him too exhausted to focus at the moment, shh, it's okay.'

'It's okay, just rest.' he thought softly as saw the look on Todd as he said it then. "Wait Mrs. Hammond mentioned some sort of ailment, Otho, Ortho something." Todd said and the doctor froze at that news. "Orthostatic Hypotension, is that what she dragged up, if she told you that?" he said sternly and Todd nodded and he quickly said it to him.

"Did he black out, before he had that premonition honey?" the nurse said sharply and Clear answered that. "He said it felt like 20 minutes before he came to, but to us, it was like 5 minutes, before Christa woke him up." she said and they nodded quickly. "Then someone, or Horton dosed him with mescaline and it triggered a severe case here."

"But between that, that reaction and the fact he possibly got hit twice, he's going to be in bed for a week to recover. But I want to keep him under observation for the next 48 hours, if that was the only thing he had to drink. Before this episode, he's also severely dehydrated, but did he get anything to eat and since you arrived at the airport."

"Because hypoglycemia just got added to it as well?" the doctor asked and Todd shook his head. "No he didn't." Clear said and they nodded with a sigh to that news. 'Yeah I got to get him on a saline drip to revitalize his fluid levels as we deplete that crap. Horton and his gang drugged him, with right now, if not for those brats at the moment.'

'His condition wouldn't be this serious right now, rest cub, it's okay, it's okay, going to be okay.' he thought as the guard said it. "In trying to save everyone else he forgot about himself at the moment. We're lucky we headed it off, because that happened for a third time we wouldn't have been able to find him." she said and he nodded to that remark.

"Little guy is a pre academy cadet." her partner said and the doctor nodded. 'Damn it, like any cadet, they never worry about themselves, but others. Alright cub needs to sleep this off, and he's being taken to the base hospital for medical attention right now.' he thought as he saw the reddish purple bruise in his upper cheek bone then.

Watching, they saw his hand tighten and the guard wrapped him arm across his chest, as another hit him and he tried to shift position. 'Stop, make it stop, no let go, no more.' the doctor saw him thinking as he tried to turn on his side. "Don't let go, I've seen a couple cadets try to make a break for it during this." the doctor said and they nodded.

'Shh, easy, easy, it's almost over, easy.' the doctor thought gently before the jolt stopped, as they saw him breathing hard as it ended then as they saw him soaked in sweat. 'Easy baby, just rest, that's it, it's over, it's okay, it's okay.' the guard thought gently as she ran her hand through his hair gently at that and they nodded sternly.

"You want to explain this young man, unlike you, he can't take the pain, because his body never built up a tolerance for it." the chief snapped sternly at this and Carter paled. "He going to be okay, Jim?" Browning asked and he nodded. "I'm keeping him under till his body is fully recovered, but two days in the hospital and he's on best rest for another week." he said and they nodded to the news as the nurse said it.

"But you think we're bad, wait till his parents get their hands on you, this is illegal, damn it." Browning snapped at him at that remark. "And my brother is going to kill you for this, but Eric is his best friend, you nearly cost them Alex along with Eric and Peter." he snapped at that and he paled at that. "Alex, George, Larry, you got three people who are going to kill you here." Goldberg said and the doctor in agreement to that.

"If we hadn't stopped him, you would be blamed if he got hit by the debris coming down, but she blames you for George, Larry, even him, how about the rest of your class, Eric, Jane?" he asked and Carter swallowed hard at the stern fury in her eyes as she ran her hand through Alex's hair then. "Nothing forgives this right now, as of now, just stay away from me, don't talk to me, you scare the hell out of me." she said and he felt his heart break

"Well who did this?" the nurse asked as she saw the bruise at his upper cheek bone and the guard said it sternly. "Horton did that, he lost it, because he thought Alex was lying after he suggested we take two hours. Just to check the damn thing, before trading out planes right now." The guard said to her and they nodded sternly to the news then.

And as her partner said it firmly. "Running a fever right now, from that crap they dosed him with." the guard said gently and the doctor nodded. "If it is mescaline, though now that we found that bottle at the moment that helps. But it's going to take a few hours to wear off, but check that cup, if it was mixed with something else beside the alcohol now."

"Though it was, that explains this reaction, going in and out of the side effects, the withdrawal from this crap has him beyond delirious right now." he said and Lewton turned and looked at Carter with a look of fury at that news. "Meaning the mixture just caused what looks like a severe reaction to screwing around acid right now in this case."

"Not only is he delirious from this crap, they barely murdered him that way?" the guard said and he nodded. "What you had a bit ago, before we got in here, is the damn crap caused a severe case of side effects. And if I never sedated him, we would probably would have to deal with that, but the one that drugged him nearly did at the moment."

"Instead of a foolproof plan to get out from under scrutiny, they very nearly did permanent damage in both ways. Because they don't understand the dangers of mixing the two together right now and for someone that doesn't do drugs. But whoever the ring leader was is the reason for that reaction." he said and they all turned to Carter at that.

"And I'm pressing charges for that young man, you nearly killed him, if you were in grade school and I would have. As his mother and I did that together, you may say I was your favorite teacher at the moment. But to me you're nothing, but a little hothead, just stay the hell away from us starting now." she said sternly then and as they saw the pale look.

On Carter's face, "Was there a spare set of pants, because these ones are about to be destroyed in order to do this?" the nurse asked and they nodded. "Well those clothes are now his hospital clothes until we let him out of the hospital. That's going to be a week, but no charge and you can tell his parents that." the doctor said and she nodded to him.

"Meaning you're taking him to the base?" Todd asked and he nodded. "The base hospital, as Eric never completely retired at the current moment here. So this is being covered under his medical insurance as a veteran at the moment. So free of charge and Eric would want it this way if he was training him." he said and she nodded to the remark.

"Get him on his side and stay behind him, so I can do this right now." he said and they carefully turned him on his side as Browning wrapped his arm across him. And as the doctor cut through the cloth to get a better look and saw what it hit. "That one's embedded in the muscle, I'm doing this one first." the doctor said and they nodded firmly.

And as they got him prepped for what was about to be a minor surgery needed then as he cut through the jeans and pulled a set of clamps from his bag. And carefully removed it, as he then stitched up the damage, before wrapping his leg in gauze. And injected a dose of tetanus vaccine into his arm as he looked at the guards firmly as he said it then.

"That's a piece of the plane itself, a pretty sharp one by the looks of it, alright give me another minute." he said as he pulled something else as he carefully filled the syringe and injected it into his thigh then. "What was that exactly?" she asked and he said it firmly. "Anesthetic, to numb that spot." he told her and she nodded to the news then.

"Going on record the one that had them too furious to think straight is him right now, but hopefully Eric managed to talk him into slowing it down. But they could be alive and if they are it's enough he's seeing them in the morning. But emotionally, the 6 of us are in no condition for dealing with whoever arrives." she said and the doctor nodded gently.

"Before you get the FBI up here, he needs to sleep this off, so 2 hours, 3 at the most, and take 'him' to the security detention center." the doctor said and they nodded. "One other thing, lock the building down, no one in or out until the rest of the town precinct. And with them, the FBI gets here as of now." he said to and the guards and the manager nodded.

"That doesn't sound like a normal..." Todd started to say as his eyes landed on the eagle wings of a colonel and then saw the light sky blue lapels of a member of their coach's branch. "Colonel, Doctor, James Hanson, son, Air Force, like your coach, my unit and several of his former team mates, we were all headed there at the moment now."

"But we missed it, the flight, but I didn't get a good look, they could have gotten off the plane, before it was launched. Though that's true, and he's seeing them in the morning, but don't push it, he needs to rest as this was too much. And of a shock right now, as dreaming about it is one thing, seeing it for real is another at the moment here."

"But looking at this, having to relive the death of a family member is hard enough already, but seeing it happen is even worse, same thing." The doctor said and Lewton lifted him up and they helped him to the medical department as they laid him on one the beds, removing his shoes, they covered him with a blanket, as he said it softly to them.

"Afterwards, check for what..., they drugged me with, one of them... has to have in their stuff, though that's true, and deliberately trying to sabotage me." he said weakly and they nodded. "Shh, just rest for now, I'll be here." she said softly as she ran her hand through his hair as he fell asleep and she sighed as she looked him over then.

"You better go it after one dose ends and we give him the next, because I think he's going to try and sneak off after this one wears off. Thought try that and there is no way out of the airport, let alone the infirmary. Because he lost three hours and doesn't realize your base is two miles out of town." the guard said and she nodded as the doctor said it.

"I'm keeping him under until that dose of whatever they drugged him with wears off for now, but we need to let him sleep it off for now. But if Eric survived the blast and I'm reporting to him tomorrow, once he sees him at the hospital for right now. But your mental warning to Horton just came back to haunt him in the worst way possible."

"They put him in the hospital for a week on this one, you better delay that trip if they did survive the blast right now. But this crossed a line these fools can't take back, their desire in trying to get out of your scrutiny. They did more damage then anyone ever could right now in this case." he said and she nodded in agreement as she said it to him.

"I'm not letting this go, if Carter had cooled off, Alex would have been able to stop this, but it's not just us, but 37 more members of our class. He also said we had 75 more members of our town on this flight, but in total. It's 119 members of the town as a result now, if they're alive, then that helps." she said and he nodded to her softly at the news.

"They arrive, before you get back up here, just tell them this now, but Carter burned his bridges in my eyes, I don't want anything to do with him right now. So any attempt to come see me, by him or by his gang, is getting them called immediately. Alex is my favorite cub, he's my first priority right now." she said and he nodded gently to her then.

"I'm going to double check and join the search, I'll let you know, but for now you guys stay here, just rest." he said and she nodded to the orders then gently at that, as she ran her hand through Alex's hair gently. And in response he buried his head into the crook of her arm as he slept then softly at that...

Arrival at the Airport-Weine's POV:

Getting to the airport, Agent Wesley Weine saw the amount of damage done. "I'd really like to know who bothered not to check that plane, before taking off right now. And because if he knew, then he was trying to prevent it right now..." he started to say as he felt his heart wrench at what this had done to the teenager and his teacher.

"The kid managed to talk us into it, but his rival, a kid named Carter Horton, basically had us so furious, that I think the entire manifest faked their murder. " the manager said and he nodded. "Pointing us directly at Horton, so our recruit, if we were one of his options, was off the hook?" Weine said to clarify and he nodded gently to him then.

"Horton and his gang, are the rivals to our kid, his name is Alex Browning, but he, and two of his friends, including a kid dressed in a blue and red jersey. They had this ongoing feud going on with the Horton Gang since they started high school. But you're looking at a repeated psychosis, Joseph and his brothers, these damn brats at the moment."

"Browning is beyond good, in terms of getting us to listen, one fast demo demonstrated the amount of danger in what these idiots were dragging along. Going by what the kid said to us, with them on board, they had a certain amount of liquor bottles. Getting the tag, we realized they were addicted to this one." he said, passing him the tag of it.

"Jack Daniels whiskey, well kid if you wanted to get away with this, you should have kept your mouth shut and stayed put. Because you losing your temper has our sights pointed directly at you and your friends. Especially if they survived the explosion tonight now in this." Weine said and the manager nodded as he went further in the next remark.

"Going by what he told us, he was getting ready to stop his teacher, before he left, but his rival had them too furious to think straight." the manager told him and he nodded. "The kid said that all he was doing, before Horton got them kicked off the plane for his attacking him now, let alone nearly starting a riot in the aisle of their cabin now."

"Was he was going to his uncle, who was one of the pilots on board right now, to discuss safety checks right now for leaks and shorts." he said and they nodded. "So if something triggered an explosion or short, this would be why his rival freaked out. As he thought he busted him, before he realized it now." Weine said and he nodded in agreement to that.

"And what caused that?" Weine asked, pointing at the darkened chair. "Practical demo to Horton on the dangers of having their bags so close together. Like the compound they created in the Die Hard movies, that the blast launched that chair across the room. And it ended up on it's counterpart chair." he said and they nodded with a bemused smile.

"Nice shot kid, I give you a 10 for good aiming, but I think you took your training by your mentor just a little too far right now." Weine's partner said with a bemused chuckle and he nodded. "That was his teachers opinion right now, but we gained enough off this, to actually see this as the brat, if he was trying to leave before we arrested him, he knew he was screwed." the manager said and they both nodded as he went further.

"Either that was on purpose or by accident, but nice aiming." Weine said and he chuckled as he said it. "He wasn't aiming for the other one, it just landed in the right place, but that did it for everyone listening to this conversation as they all found it funny." he said and Weine nodded. "Well so do we, but good aiming, knows just what we're thinking here, but this is going a little too far here."

"If that doesn't make it anymore serious, nothing does right now, but I think you over did it in the punchline, cub." Weine said with a bemused chuckle. "He had a slight smile at the nickname, right now, but this kid looks younger in looks. And more then going on 18, that what they pulled at the moment just made all of us overly protective right now."

"Kid is the sensible type, putting this to our thoughts on Horton's reaction on the plane, Horton doesn't realize how serious his situation has become." he said and Weine nodded sternly. "So this kid is deluding himself, making himself out to be the good guy and Alex wrecked his life, simply by catching him in the act?" he asked and the manager nodded.

"Alex made it highly clear right now us, getting to his mentor, his uncle and the quartet, we all decided to take a chance and the demonstration. It drove home the severity of what could happen if those bottles took the oxygen tank with them. But Carter is refusing to see this, thinking he's lying, in trying to bait him, Alex reversed the conversation."

"In arresting him for us, but that did it as we got it that he got him to say the words to point you, you and their precinct, at Carter." he said and they nodded. "Uh huh, alright so Horton was trying to save himself from getting arrested by baiting him. Alex reversed it and then got him to say the words to point a clear psychosis giving us a reason now."

"To keep him under scrutiny after attacking him in a not provocation and one that very, nearly destroyed the plane anyway. Well the kid certainly knows what he's doing after demonstration how dangerous just a single bottle could be. But more then one, that could kill a few hundred people if it blew." Weine said and the manager nodded to him.

"But it's pretty damn easy to see who is the criminal in this case though, Alex is beyond grief stricken. The damn brats did this out of spite in his case, determined to get us off the backs they chose a teenager who is a medical born. And who the teachers all see as their star pupil right now." the chief said and Weine crossed his arms at the news.

"In praying his friends and teachers are alive, it took us twenty minutes to head it off right now, the damn brats, despite being told by all four teachers. And to not to try it and they did it anyway, but attempted distraction. And by drugging him, that barely missed killing him." The said manager and they nodded as he answered his remark then firmly.

"But yeah that's what he thought too, but he asked them to run a fast check for anything in his system and it came back positive." he said and Weine's eyes narrowed at that. "So this kid and his gang drugged him right now, and to him that made this vision unreliable. Yes alright, well that makes perfect sense at the moment now in this case for him."

"He'd rather ignore ever having it then be living with the knowledge that were it not for his rival, then his friends and whoever else was on that plane. Would still be alive, to him, he knows everything we're thinking to realize where this would head. Alright so next problem, is if the sextet had a reason, all of them right now in this case now."

"Then what reason does his rival have for leaving the plane before the explosion, because his attacking him is leaving him as the prime suspect?" he said and the man nodded sternly. "There is no reason, his teacher was going to a new arrangement with the co pilot, his friend, the brother to his best friend evidently had him get off to check on him."

"The rival's girlfriend and one other kid were edged out the door and another girl, and like his friend, she decided to follow him out the door. And as for Browning himself, he was going to his uncle in talking about a delay. Just so they could leave at the new time, a fast delay, and do safety scans now." he said and they nodded to the news.

"He pretty much described what the annoyance would be if those visions started then stopped then started a second time. And in our eyes, but this was too much in his eyes right now, turning the remark around so fast and we heard the threat Horton gave him as well, the finger is pointed at the Horton gang." he said and they nodded firmly to him.

'Great that's just what we need, if they survived the blast, then he's not bothering with it and trying this another way till he has it working correctly. Just to pass us information, getting in cub's head is the easy part after we been together for a couple months. But it's Horron who's on thin ice.' he thought with a gentle sigh at the news as he said it.

"So his rival had no reason to get up or leave the plane, alright anything else." Weine asked as the man sighed as he crossed his arms. "We know they drugged him, but beyond that, we're not sure with what yet. But his reaction, he was intending to make sure himself, but if I could classify it as anything, he was feeling like the so called perp."

"In the first Elm Street movie, in going to check, and before guard Parker got a hold of him, the shock so bad, he's in denial right now, but he tried to arrest his rival himself. Before she and her partner separated them, but the kid is not only in shock, but he's furious enough to kill his rival at this rate." he said and they nodded firmly at that news.

"In the middle of it, we realized that the blast from the window shot him in the arm and leg, but the kid is so in shock that it took them 15 minutes. Just to deal with it, as we realized that his rival's gang also drugged him, but that had the effects of this vision. Becoming so real, that he, in his words felt like he was seeing the visions on the movie."

"Just before the doctor went to the same tactic at the moment, Horton's reaction is closer to Hamilton's after the guy's refusal, but Browning now, same tactic. That the doctor on the movie went to after learning his friend was gone, kid's too exhausted to focus. But Horton, he never reacted at all to the shock of it." he said and they nodded to him gently.

"The doctor treating Alex for this is in the Air Force, before you go to questioning, he wanted him to get a couple hours to rest. As the blast struck a vein in his arm, medical triage to give him a chance to recover, before we go to stage two." the manager told him and he nodded sternly at the news as they exchanged concerned looks.

"Well that only makes it more clear, the kid is innocent, if his rival had no reaction and you had to prevent him from getting himself killed. Out of grief right now, with him this grief stricken right now." Weine said, feeling concerned anger hit him. 'I'm going to kill this kid and his gang if we find the quartet alive.' he thought with a disgusted growl then.

"What happened exactly if you're telling me that?" he added and the doctor arrived in time to hear that as he answered him. "The drugs they dosed him with and this was his first reaction to this shit as well. He knew what was coming and tried to bolt, but it took us 15 minutes to deal with it, but seeing the scared look in his eyes then as well."

"This was the reason he never screwed around with this crap, he's seen what it does to Horton and his gang. Trying to get their teachers attention off them for once, they chose a medical born, who's mother is a E.R. nurse. But they just landed him in their own predicament, one that nearly killed him, and out of crossing this shit now too."

"With Ethanol, but they dosed him with Mescaline and tanked his orange juice with alcohol that he quickly got off the plane and before the reaction hurt someone." he said and the duo nodded sternly at the news. "First reaction in a withdrawal and rebound and they just scared the hell out of him as a result?" Shreck repeated and he nodded sternly.

"Yeah this is beyond cold blooded alright, just because they're sick of the scrutiny, they set up a kid who never touched this crap. For his own medical arrest right now, and he's so spooked it took the medical team close to 20 minutes. Just to calm him down at the moment, I find these little shits and someone is really going to get it for this."

"But these little brats are beyond murderous, what, does the safety of the manifest not matter at all right now?" he asked and and Shreck nodded in agreement. "Browning said the same thing, but he's beyond good and at seeing what we as the military and FBI do." the doctor told him and he nodded sternly as he answered him gently at that remark.

"Based on what his friends told me, the effects of this crap triggered a severe case of Orthostatic Hypotension, he blacked out for five minutes. And nearly collapsed a second time, before he could get to the seat his friend was in right now. But that black out was combined with that premonition, before he got hit a third time after I got to him."

"But these idiots don't realize how serious this is, they very nearly killed him by drugging him with that crap. But between all three, he's going to be in bed in the hospital for a week now, the damn brat has the entire group pissed at him right now. But Lewton made it clear, he, that's Carter Horton, tries to drop by to see her, and she's calling you."

"And immediately." he added and Weine crossed his arms at the news. "Great, he just pissed her off enough to bring us in to protect her at the moment. Well kid, you just made your position so serious that you now got us involved here at the moment." his partner said sternly and Weine nodded in agreement at the news as he said it sternly.

"Well get ready, this probably won't be the end of it, if it starts a second time, and this was a very close call if we find them alive right now. I barely prevented him from trying to get up there right now, though it starts a second time." he said and Weine nodded with a sigh, in knowing what he was saying, and knowing what just happened that night.

Had traumatized him severely. 'And I got to chase him down, before he walks into something or worse right now. This kid is three years to his 20's, I see him and the father in me just took total control, but becoming his new mentor. That's turned me into a surrogate father if his parents choose me, but this left the kid completely traumatized.'

'God this left a single fear in cub and it's matter of, if we have to go looking for him, the chase through the woods. He could break something or hurt himself, that we have to head it off, come on buddy. Don't do this baby, don't, don't fight me, come on, easy baby, easy, shh it's okay.' he thought softly to the sleeping teenager at that as he said it then.

"So instead of framing him for speed-balling, they very nearly killed him in the process of sneaking an unauthorized amount of contraband on board. Alex blows the first bottle to give a demonstration of how dangerous it would be if that bottle had shattered. And in trying to arrest the leader of this group's gang gets shot twice when the window broke."

"And with it a case of heat based dizziness, thanks to having this crap in his system right now, boy is the leader going to get it for this right now. Were it not for this brat, Alex wouldn't be in this condition, doing what he was trained to do. And these brats nearly destroyed his life, because they're sick of the medical scrutiny by the doctors and Caine."

"If they're alive and someone is going to get it, but if their coach doesn't kill them vocally well then I will at the moment for that stunt. Because these kids just put him in the hospital for shock and nearly poisoning him right now. Were it not for the ring leader, then Cub would not be in this condition." he said and his partner nodded in stern disgust.

"Not that I blame him, if this brat let it go right now, they would still be alive." Agent Maxwell Shreck said to that sternly and he nodded in agreement. "At this rate, as far as that vision, dream..., whatever, he's thinking it was influenced. And by what they drugged him with, so to him, this was a symptom of whatever they drugged him with."

"So it's unreliable and went to what his coach, who evidently is more then what we think at the moment, taught him now." he said and they nodded gently as he sighed. "Did he say anything else on that?" Weine asked to that news and he nodded. "Yeah and it's finding the evidence to make sure you can put his rival away for this, but all in all."

"If Horton had not provoked him and distracted him before they reached right above the lake he might have been able to stop this. But he blames Horton for this, I saw the same look in his teacher's eyes, she does to." he said and they nodded firmly to that news. "Yeah alright, thanks, where are they." Weine said and he said it gently to him then.

"The airport's medical wing, I got him sedated, so she's probably going to tell you this herself, but we're still looking right now. The only good news is we didn't find any blood or signs the explosion killed someone. But they could've jumped ship, before they launched it, though they did and Eric chose to frame these guys right now."

"And for their apparent murder." he said and they nodded. "Yeah alright I'm going to check on the sextet first then we deal with this, Horton is screwed either way. But if the black box survived the explosion then Horton's days are numbered. If the cameras caught the entire conversation and the audo was on." he said and the doctor nodded.

And they headed for the medical room then as he opened the door and they looked up. "How's he doing?" he asked her softly and she sighed. "There's been a few heat flashes, but nothing else, what the duo told you is just what happened at the moment. But Carter burned every bridge there is where I'm concerned here in this case right now."

"I don't care why he did this it doesn't matter, but we all agreed this was a good idea to get the damn thing checked." She said and he nodded as he saw the bruise at his upper cheekbone, as he looked at the teenager gently and hid a nod then firmly. "So what was the reason for that exactly?" Shreck asked and a boy moved forward at that question.

"Despite saying he was not going to fight him, he got up anyway and then socked him in the face, we all agreed with Alex's idea of delaying for two hours. But when he dragged up getting our precinct involved right now, Carter lost it completely." he said and they nodded to the news as Weine looked at Alex gently as he hid a sigh then gently.

'Yeah cub, I really hope I don't have to chase this kid down right now, especially if he's hurt, but what happened tonight. That only made it doubly clear that if he ends up in the woods in the middle of the night, we wouldn't be to find him. And till we realize there is only one place he would be going.' he thought as he looked from the brown headed girl.

To him and nodded as he got it then. 'And it's straight to her at the moment right now, Rivers is about to become his girlfriend right now. So we take him, we have to take her as well, okay that's fine right now, so he suggested to delay to get the entire scan ran. Horton attacked him, he tried to arrest him, and the blast destroys the window now.'

'Causing him to get shot twice by the damn window and the come down hits him, as he tries to get up there to check and they have to head off. Shh, it's okay, it's okay, if they're alive, we'll find them.' he thought gently as he looked at the boy as he turned a stern tone to Carter as he thought it then as he felt his anger growing by the minute.

"Alright got it, young man, you are in so much trouble, but believe me, I find your friends alive, if they're alive. And you're stuck in a psyche evaluation till you're thinking straight and I mean every word of that. But you just landed yourself into a heap of trouble right now.' he thought sternly as he said it gently. "I'm going to deal with Horton, but your brother is off the hook." he said and they nodded in relief then gently at that news.

"Frankly I don't care if Carter had a reason to do this, as nothing forgives this at all, all he was trying to do was make sure we got there in one piece right now." she told him and he nodded. "Well that only gives me another reason to keep him under psyche, but how long could these guys push it, before something worse then the cops shows up right now." Shreck said to her and she nodded in agreement to that.

"Kid's got a short temper?" Weine asked and she nodded. "Yeah and he was hoping to get away from the scrutiny for a few weeks, but the second Alex suggested we delay leaving, he started getting violent. Alex told him he wasn't going to fight him and he got up anyway and punched him, no threats, no insults, nothing, he just lost it out of his own accord." she said and he nodded sternly to that news then.

"Well that's another nail in his coffin of this open and shut case, but what did he say was possibly the reason?" he asked and she crossed her arms. "He gave two possibilities, 1) one was the level of crap they brought with them and it causes a short circuit or 2). And the more likely possibility was this, but the plane was so old that the fuselage was falling apart." she said and he nodded as he crossed his arms.

"He wanted to check that plane over, is that it?" he asked and she nodded to him then. "Yeah and we all agreed with this, but the entire class decided on this, but they didn't want to delay and the reason is we run a scan in their luggage and they were being arrested." she said and he nodded sternly. "Carter started panicking and then lashed out and you got him off the plane?" he asked her and she nodded to him at that gently.

"Yeah, but Alex was getting off anyway to tell the manager you spoke to, to delay the flight, as the soldiers were ordering him off anyway. But pre academy cadet, he was doing what was necessary to protect us at the moment." she said and he nodded. "Knowing if it wasn't us investigating this, then it was going to be the military, but these kids just lost their damn minds." Shreck said to her and she nodded sternly to him.

"Yeah and he said that the way you just phrased it, but this is enough to have them expelled, but before the plane exploded he, that's Carter. But he gave him a threat, and not realizing this, he just jinxed the flight, his remark was the match that lit the fuse. Alex never took the bait and changed the last sentence just as the plane exploded, but dreaming about it is one thing in my eyes."

"But seeing it go in the way he described is too much for us right now." she said and he nodded in understanding. "Once he's ready to go over it, we can do it then, but only then, but right now he needs time, as he's been beyond traumatized by what just happened." Weine said softly and she nodded gently. "Thank you, but right now Carter fried every bridge where I'm concerned, right now."

"But Alex gave the next theory, before he tried to get the group on the radio, as Alex is about to make sure nothing takes us away from him. And by always being with us every time, but we're together, he arrives and the next attack hits, but testing that out. Is the only way to make sure right now, as Carter is no longer my concern here now, but Alex is my first priority." she said and he nodded as he answered her.

"Got it, but who knows when it starts again at the moment, but seeing that theory proven, as only making his situation worse in our eyes, but we have a manslaughter charge. And one mixed into another charge nothing is saving him or them, if they're alive, from the manhunt that follows. As just seeing Alex, I know he's not the type right now to do something like this at the moment."

"Though what I will say is this, if we keep finding Horton at the scene, when you and Alex are also there and he's only making his situation worse right now, in our eyes." Shreck said for him and he nodded in agreement. "Alex is off the hook right now, but if you and he are interested in joining the Bureau, we can train you ourselves, young lady." he said to Clear and she nodded to him gently at that remark then.

"As of this moment, none of us want anything to do with Carter, but tell him from me, it's over starting now." the girl next to her said and he nodded to her gently at the request then. "You just broke up with him?" he said to clarify and she nodded. "Yeah, but my annoyance was aimed at him and not Alex, but seeing Alex was right, I realized that if he loses his temper this is going to keep happening." she said and they both nodded sternly at that.

"Tee idiot has everything in reverse, but giving us that theory, we're going to see if it's valid, but frankly if my brother is alive, every parent in the high school is going to fry them for this." the boy next to her said and he nodded. "Our families have been friends for 20 years, but my father made him promise to take care of us, but my brother told me to look after him and ordered me off the plane."

"But the only one responsible for this is Carter, as Alex did everything he could to stop this." he said and they both nodded. "Well nothing is saving him from ending up in court for damages, but the level of emotional damage this has done. These brats destroyed him emotionally and they're all going to pay for it, if the quartet are alive right now." Weine said and they all nodded sternly at his remark in agreement.