Hey guys, its me CT7567Rules coming at you with another Star Wars story. This time it is a crossover between the Force Unleashed series and RWBY, focusing on Galen Marek. Now I will admit that I like the Force Unleashed 2, but I will be honest I really wished they made it so that Galen survived. Still, I want to try my hands at a story involving the 'Original' Starkiller before Disney wrote off the series.

Compared to other stories with a concept similar to this, I am going to be taking a cue from my Lone Wolf Series involving the fates of a few clones and our favorite Togruta padawan, but that's a long way off. So, without further delay lets get this thing started. Disclaimers are the same as always.

Chapter 1: A New World

Anger, hatred, revenge. All these feelings were strong inside of Galen Marek's mind as he stared down at the defeated Emperor Palpatine. He had him at his mercy after saving Rahm Kota, his ally and mentor from the Emperor's Sith Lighting.

The old man looked up at Galen. "You were destined to destroy me. Do it. Give into your anger." The Emperor goaded to Galen who ignited his lightsaber. Its bright blue blade shown brightly and more than anything, Galen wanted to put an end to this man's life for all that he had done to him, Vader and the galaxy. He wanted to make him suffer like he did.

"He's beaten. Let it go." Rahm Kota, one of the Jedi survivors of the Clone Wars and the first Jedi Galen was forced to hunt down said softly. He became Galen's second mentor, after he was betrayed by Vader.

"It's a trick! He's stronger than you know and he deserves to die for what he's done to me." Galen hissed.

"Maybe so, but if you strike him down in anger, you'll be right back where you started." Kota countered. As much as it pained Galen to admit it, Kota was right. If he struck down the Emperor in anger, everything he had done to become a Jedi like his parents would be destroyed and he would fall back to the dark side, a mistake he would not make ever again.

"Get Bail and the others out of here. I'll be right behind you." Galen spoke, shutting down his weapon as the Rogue Shadow, his personal ship descended outside the throne room of battle station being constructed. Both he and Kota failed to notice the Emperor raise his head and in a roar of anger, shot lighting towards the general once again for his interference. Knowing that the general was key to the Rebellion, Galen lunged forwards intercepting the lightning. "Go hurry! Protect the Senators!" Galen shouted, noticing that Vader was getting back to his feet as Stormtroopers arrived and started to shoot the fleeing senators and general.

Screaming in pain, Galen charged towards the Emperor willing to risk his own life so they could get away and unleashed everything he had. The explosion of Force energy killed every Stormtrooper in the area but also caused Galen to black out.

When he awoke, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. Instead of the massive space station that was being constructed he was lying in a dark and dirty alley of a town. When he tried to use his commlink and contact Juno, he got only static. It was then he noticed that some of the people walking past the alley had animal like features, such as tails and ears. "Either I'm dreaming, or I'm on another planet." Galen said to himself. He saw that he still had his Lightsaber with him so if he ran into any trouble, he would be able to defend himself.

Exiting the alley, Galen walked around the city trying to get his bearings. "Either this place is stuck in the dark ages, or that blast must have sent me to someplace the Empire hasn't plundered. Though I kind of doubt anyone here has heard of the Empire." He surmised.

His stomach soon growled and a quick check of his pouches revealed that he had no ration bars left. "Great. I need to find something to eat, but I don't have any money." He groaned mentally to himself. His thoughts were broken when an alarm of some kind started to ring around the town.


People started to run away in terror as dozens of black furred and bonelike spine creatures with blood red eyes charged towards the settlement while several of the people charged towards the creatures with swords and ranged weapons Galen had never seen before. Some of the incoming creatures were killed by the defenders but the sheer number of them got past the defenders and headed further into the settlement.

It became clear to Galen that these creatures, these Grimm were attracted by the fear of the people of these people and got stronger with each negative emotion. A swipe of one of Grimm's claws killed one of the people fighting back while another Grimm lunged at another settler and sunk their fangs into the neck of the settler, killing them.

"I have no idea where I am or what these things are called, but I know these things are pissing me off!" Galen declared and reached out with the force and grabbed one of these Grimm that was about to kill a child with these animal features and stopped the creature dead in its tracks. Igniting his lightsaber, Galen pulled the Grimm towards him slashed the creature apart only for it to dissipate into a black vapor. The other creatures heard the igniting of the lightsaber and looked towards Galen who had a fire in his eyes. Seeing this, the Grimm charged towards Galen.

Holding his saber in his preferred reverse grip position, Galen waited for these creatures to get in close before he swung his bright blue blade across the chest of one of the creatures before ducking down to avoid getting hit by one of these creatures' sharp claws.

Throwing his lightsaber towards another creature, Galen backflipped out of the way and leapt into the air before he called on the force and sent lighting towards several creatures which shrieked in pain from the electricity before recalling his lightsaber back to him. A few of the townsfolk rushed towards the Grimm with their weapons, but were stopped when a blast from a weapon killed one of the creatures.

Looking back, the townsfolk saw the shooter was a man in his late mid to late thirties, with graying black spikey hair, vermillion eyes and a stubble along his jaw line. The man wore a tattered red cloak, gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants and boots, a ring on his right index finger, two other rings on his right ring finger and a necklace with a cross-shaped pendant around his neck. In the man's hands was a great sword with two barrels by the blade. "Stand back folks, I'll handle this." The man said and headed into battle.

Galen had killed his fifth Grimm when the man who told the people to stand back leapt in front of him and much to Galen's surprise, changed his sword into a scythe which cleaved one of the Grimm completely in half. "Look kid, I get you want to become a huntsman and all that. But you need to learn that when you face this many Beowolf's you should keep your eyes peeled for an Alpha Beowolf." The man told Galen, killing another Grimm with his scythe or sword weapon.

"Beowolf? Huntsman? Alpha?" Galen asked in confusion, lifting one of the Beowolf's up and threw his lightsaber into the creature, impaling it in midair.

"You don't know about Huntsman or Grimm? You've been living under a rock for all these years with that fancy weapon and skills of yours?" the man asked, blocking a Beowolf's claws with his weapon before firing the ranged feature of his weapon right at the creatures face, killing it.

"Look I don't know what you are talking about, but if you can give me some more information about whatever you're talking about I would really appreciate it!" Galen counted before he dashed forwards and slashed several of the Beowolf's apart with a single strike. He soon came face to face with what he could guess was an Alpha Beowolf. Compared to the basic ones, this one looked to be stronger and more durable than usual.

"I take it that's an Alpha?" he asked.

"Yep." The man answered and configured his weapon back to its sword mode and quickly blocked a strike from the Beowolf. He was quick to block the attack, but not quick enough to counter the swipe of the Alpha's other claw. "Ok, that's going to leave a mark." The man groaned before the Alpha raised its head and roared loudly. Rolling out of the way, the grey-haired man avoided getting hit by the creature's claws before it started to get shocked from behind. Looking back, the man saw Galen sending lightning from his fingertips which caused the Alpha to turn away from the man and focus on him.

"Stupid kid, get out of there!" the man shouted, but Galen didn't move one bit. Instead, Galen grabbed the creature with the Force and lifted it into the air, slamming it into the ground numerous times before sending another jolt of lightning into creatures' body. The lighting stun the Alpha long enough for Galen to rush towards the creature, slice off its hands before thrusting his saber into the creature's chest killing it. "Woah." The man said in amazement as the Alpha dissipated into black mist.

The townspeople saw this as well and cheered for Galen's actions while the man got back to his feet and stored his weapon behind his back. "Damn, that kid is something." He said to himself.

Later that day, the mayor of the settlement approached Galen and thanked him for saving both the town and his people. He would have offered Galen a reward, but all Galen asked for was if there was a place where he could rest and get something to eat. The mayor gladly asked the owner of a local inn to give Galen anything he needed. As he ate his meal which consisted of vegetables, meat and glass of water, the same man from earlier took a seat across from him. "Well I guess it's time I hold up my end of the deal we made while fighting the Grimm." The man said, pulling out a flask from his pocket and drank some of what was inside it. "Names Qrow, Qrow Branwen."

"Galen Marek." Galen answered.

"So, Galen. Where are you from?" Qrow asked bluntly. "Sanus, Anima or Solitas? I've never seen a weapon or semblance like yours before and I've been a huntsman for quite a few years."

"Ok, first off what's a Huntsman?" Galen asked, putting his utensils down.

"Wow, you really are out of the loop. Folks must have been living outside the Kingdoms. Huntsman and Huntresses are the protectors of people from all the nasty things out in the world. The creatures of Grimm, that's what we protect the people from." Qrow began. "The best and brightest warriors that Remnant has, ranking higher than the military and police in terms of strength and skill. It's an occupation that's been around since the end of the war."

"The Clone Wars?" Galen asked.

"What? No, I don't even know what that is. No, the Great War a conflict that was fought over eighty years. I'm not the best at history and all that, but people who choose to become Huntsman and Huntresses train at one of the four academies across the kingdoms. Atlas Academy, Shade Academy, Haven, Academy and Beacon Academy. That last one is where I went to in my youth." Qrow continued. "Though if I were you, I would avoid going to Atlas. Place is more along the lines of a military base and the students are trained to be soldiers or at the very least join the military."

Galen kept on eating and listened to Qrow who continued. "But its not just the Grimm people like me have to deal with. In recent years, there's been increased activity from the White Fang, a Faunus terrorist group that used to be peace activist group a while back."

"I take it that theseā€¦ Faunus are those who have animal traits?" Galen asked, looking the direction of a waitress with a bushy tail.

"You catch on quick." Qrow answered after taking another swig from his flask. "Its also because of these traits that the Faunus are regarded as little more than animals by most of humanity. People have been exploiting them for years and using them as cheap labor sources by a few companies across the Kingdoms. More specifically, the Schnee Dust Company, the biggest producer and exporter of Dust all across Remnant. And no, I'm not taking about dust that you would find on a dirty table. Dust is an energy source used for both fuel and ammo for weapons. Its triggered by the Aura of Human's and Faunus and it comes in forms of electricity, fire, ice and gravity."

Qrow then paused for a moment before he continued. "Anyway, the White Fang used to fight for equal rights for the Faunus, using peaceful means before five years ago when their old leader stepped down and was replaced by someone who had a different point of view. Their peaceful protests have now been replaced by terrorist attacks on those who constantly mistreat the Faunus, use their people as cheap labor and robbed a lot of shipments of Dust from the Schnee company, especially since they've been mistreating the Faunus for years since the new head of the company took over a while back. Now, their goals of equality have been replaced by the goal of completely dominating Remnant. Heh, bunch of idiots, all this is going to do is lead to another war and worse treatment of the Faunus." He added.

"So then, all of the White Fang have the same goals of being superior?" Galen asked.

"Hah, you wish. I've heard rumors that some in the White Fang, even their new High Leader are starting to realize that if they go down this path, things are going to get a lot worse for all of us especially with the Grimm." Qrow said with a chuckle.

"You keep mentioning these Grimm, what are they? Were they those black creatures?" Galen asked, finally finishing his meal.

"Yep. Those Grimm you fought were Beowolf's, but there are many other types of Grimm out there. They are the enemy that we huntsman and huntresses are trained to fight. If you didn't notice during the fight, the Grimm feed off of negative emotions, fear, anger, sadness and other emotions like that and it makes them stronger." Qrow answered. "Alright, that's all I can give you, so why don't you tell me about yourself."

"I don't think you'd believe me if I told you." Galen said with a chuckle.

"I know for a fact that your weapon there, its been mentioned in a lot of stories from the past. About people from the stars with powers far beyond anything we've even seen before, weapons and technology included." Qrow said, getting Galen's attention. "Look, if you don't want to talk about it that's fine, considering you're not from around here so I won't pry." He added before tossing Galen a device along with a wallet. "That's a Scroll, it's a communications device as well as a computer. If you need any information about our world, you can find it on there, just don't believe everything you read. As for the money, that's Lien it's the currency we use. Take my advice and find a job so you can at least make a living and not end up on the streets."

"Thanks. Maybe we'll run into each other again someday." Galen replied.

"Doubt it, but where are you going?" Qrow asked.

"Where the wind and the Force takes me." Galen answered and left the settlement.

As Galen left, Qrow took out his scroll and called an old friend. "Oz, its me. Listen, I think I just found a Jedi on our world." He said into the scroll. "Got it. I'll keep a close eye on him. Oh, and while it pains me to say this, I think we ought to let Jimmy know about this. Knowing him, he probably won't trust Galen right away."

A couple of days passed by and Galen continued wandering around this strange new world, passing from settlement to settlement and helping those settlements from the Grimm and the White Fang. Word had started to travel around Remnant about his skills and he started to earn a name as the 'Wandering Huntsman.' Since he told no one about his origins, seeing as they would think he was crazy.

As he continued on his journey, he felt like he was being watched and came to a stop. "I know you're out there. Why don't you come on out and stop hiding like a coward." Galen spoke out loud.

Coming out from behind the trees were dozens of armed White Fang members armed with rifles and swords. Each of them hid their face by a Grimm Mask, to conceal their identity. "I'm guessing you all are the White Fang I've heard so much about?" Galen asked, igniting his lightsaber.

"You got that right human." One of the White Fang members said, raising their rifle at Galen while several other members of the Faunus terrorist group surrounded Galen with their swords ready for battle. "And we know who you are. The 'Wandering Huntsman', you've taken out a lot of our brothers and sisters over the course of a few days and now its time you pay for what you've done."

"You guys used to be peaceful activist group and now you've turned into a bunch of terrorists who go around killing humans and increasing the negative emotions and drawing the Grimm closer to the places where both humans and Faunus want to live in peace." Galen spoke, keeping his eyes on those that surrounded him. "I've fought against people who claim to be fighting for a better world for a long time, but you guys, you're just a bunch of terrorists. Those brothers and sisters of yours, they were just murderer's, I did them a favor and leaving them alive for the local authorities. I could have killed them all, but I didn't." he added.

"Like that makes a difference." Another White Fang member said. "All you humans are the same, you look down on us and think we are little more than monsters. Well, maybe its time you all learn your place and it starts with your death!"

Charging towards Galen, the White Fang grunt attempted to attack Galen from behind, but the brown-haired Jedi swung his saber around, destroying the sword held by his opponent with his lightsaber's blade. Using the force, Galen sent his attacker back into a tree, knocking them out before doing the same to the other White Fang grunts wielding swords. "Kill the human!"

Dozens of projectiles flew towards Galen who started to use Soresu to slice apart the projectiles before he dashed towards the gunman. Getting in close to the shooters, he swung his lightsaber and destroyed the enemy weapons before knocking out the White Fang grunts as he did before.

Suddenly, Galen sensed something and quickly dodged. Turning around, Galen found himself facing a Faunus wearing black and red clothing, reddish horns on the side of his head and a Grimm mask much like the others he had just fought. This Faunus was armed with a sword, but something inside Galen told him that there was more to this person then he knew.

"So, the 'Wandering Huntsman' is just as strong as many of my brothers and sisters said. Tell me what your real name is." The newcomer said.

"Its Galen Marek."

"Well then, Galen Marek. I am Adam Taurus and I will be the one to kill you." The now named Adam Taurus declared and drew his sword. "And when I kill you that weapon of yours will be mine."

"Sorry, but you aren't getting my Lightsaber or killing me." Galen stated and brought his saber up just in time to block an attack from Adam. Much to his surprise, Adam's sword didn't break when it came into contact with his lightsaber's blade.

"Lightsaber? Well, when it becomes mine it will serve a much better purpose then what you use it for." Adam answered, taking his sheath and fired off several rounds at Galen who dodged all of the shots before the human boy used his abilities and sent a rock towards him.

Dodging the rock, Adam used his semblance and swung his blade horizontally hoping for an easy kill. To his surprise, Galen leapt into the air and dashed out of the way of attack and only succeeded in cutting down a tree.

"You have a lot of anger inside you. Tell me, who was it that pissed you off?" Galen asked.

"Who do you think?" Adam answered, swinging his sword at Galen who blocked his attack yet again. "It was humans like you who made me what I am today. All of your kind look down upon us and treat us as little more then animals. We are the true masters of Remnant and the humans know it. That's why they put us down like monsters, they are afraid that in time the Faunus will be the ones calling the shots and they will serve us." Adam stated.

Breaking the block, Galen leapt backwards and landed in a small river bed. "And you blame all the humans for what only a few have done?" he questioned before quickly going on the offensive. "I've heard that a lot of humans have been trying to lessen the divide between their kind and yours. You're mis directing your anger towards those that want to help you." He countered, throwing a nearby log towards Adam.

Adam leapt out of the way before the log could hit him and landed safely on a nearby rock. "Every single human is our enemy. There are no innocent humans in this world, no matter what we hear. All humans will pay for what they have done." Adam snarled and unleashed his semblance again at Galen.

Galen dodged the blow, but didn't dodge the rounds fired from Adam's sheath and ended up taking a hit. "You're certainly skilled for a human, I'll give you that. But you only delay the inevitable. I'll let you live for now." Adam said, sheathing his sword before throwing a grenade towards Galen who was quick to redirect it with the force before it exploded. This gave Adam the chance he needed to escape but Galen soon found himself surrounded by dozens of Ursa's bear like creatures of Grimm.

"Great, they must have been drawn in by that man's anger must have brought all of these Grimm towards our location." Galen huffed, gripping his saber tightly as the Grimm started to circle him. Two of the Ursa's lunged at him but were quickly killed by several Shii-Cho slashes across their center but the sheer number of creatures made it possible for some of the Ursa's to score a hit on him.

"Damn it!" Galen cursed as another Ursa knocked his saber out of his hand with a swipe of its paw. "Alright, that's enough!" Concentrating his force energy, Galen unleashed a powerful Force Repulse that not only disintegrated the Grimm but the surrounding tree's nearby. The blast wave soon settled and Galen quickly recovered his lightsaber. As he left, he looked back to the destruction he caused and sighed. This was something he wanted to avoid doing, but he was grateful that he didn't kill anyone aside from the Grimm. He didn't know that his entire battle had been witnessed by a woman with black hair and red eyes.

And that completes my first chapter. I'll let you all in on a little secret, when these games first came out, I didn't want to play them since you were playing as a Sith Lord, but after I watched a playthrough of the first game, I changed my mind. Plus, I like Galen's voice actor who also happened to voice the Son and Maul in The Clone Wars and Rebels, along with Emperor Palpatine in the second season of Rebels.

Please, tell me what you think and if you have any ideas that you want to see in this story, please leave them in a review and I will see you all next time.