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Chapter 92: Able

One-hundred miles off the coast of Anima, laid a series of volcanic islands known as the Daggers Teeth, a hazard to shipping. For years, the magnetic interference caused by the volcanic activity played havoc with the navigation systems of all ships, sending them into the jagged rocks that surrounded the island where they sank. If the sinking didn't kill the people on board, the volcanic activity did as well as the Grimm that were drawn to the negative emotions.

The volcanos were once again erupting as lave spilled down the sides of the mountains as something emerged from beneath the waves, streaking through the night sky leaving only contrails while something else on the side of one of the volcano's opened it's eyes.

Back in Argus, Caroline had taken a seat on the couch inside the Cotta-Arc residence while the others just looked at her. "I may be old, but my hearing is still as sharp as ever and I could have sworn that you just asked these kids for help." Maria said in confusion.

"Your ears aren't failing, Calavera. It's just as I said, I need your help." Caroline admitted, taking notice of the Faunus and Lop in the room. "I need all of your help."

"I'm sorry, but why should we help you?" Rose asked. "You refused not once, but twice to even give us a chance to explain our situation to you and would only allow Weiss to return to Atlas while the rest of us would have probably tired to smuggle ourselves into Atlas, which would have given us a criminal record that you would report to the General and probably for good measure, ban us from ever attending another academy when all is said and done, so I ask again, why should we help you?"

"Because the words of your companions, Mr. Galen Marek and the man in blue." Caroline answered, pointing to Rex and Galen. "And as much as it pains me to admit it, you are correct about the General. I may not agree with some of his choices, but I do agree that we need the assistance of the Jedi and the Demon Lord."

"So, you believe me? That I am the Demon Lord?" Galen asked.

"Yes, and it's largely in part to my son, Copper. A son you saved at Beacon and the Round Table." Caroline answered. "Do you remember the Strike Dagger you saved? The one that was trailing smoke from it's left engine at the Fall of Beacon? That was my son. I was proud of him when he joined the Atlas Air Force and when he was assigned to pilot one of Vale's Strike Daggers. But you cannot possibly imagine the feeling of knowing your child is dead and may not be coming home. You saved his life not once, but twice. I was a fool into not realizing it sooner, that you are the Demon Lord and the one he spoke highly of."

"So, you'll let us go to Atlas?" Ruby asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, I can't." Caroline answered.

"But you said…" Jaune began before air raid sirens sounded around the city as a flash of light in the distance illuminated the night. "Uh, sis, what the heck was that?"

"That… would be a big problem." Saphron answered.

"As I was saying, I can't let you go to Atlas even if I wanted to. Lately something has been launching a type of cruise missile towards Argus. Thankfully, the missiles haven't struck the city or the bases but each of those strikes is getting more and more accurate within the last several weeks. Every patrol we've sent out to look for the source has been destroyed. Not to mention it's cutting off the line that runs to New Argus." Caroline clarified.

"New Argus?" Hunter asked.

"It's a resort town fifteen miles down the coast that was constructed by an Atlas businessman twenty years ago. It's got practically everything from casinos, beaches and luxury hotels that only the wealthy can afford. My father often took my family there for vacation, which actually turned out to be a business trip and an attempt by my father to find someone I could marry, even at a young age." Weiss admitted.

"That much we can agree on." Caroline agreed. "I've also heard that your father has conducted many backroom deals in New Argus when it came to getting permission from the Mistral Council to mine for Dust in the area along the coast. Area's which are dangerously unstable if mined with less than adequate equipment and working conditions. I may say that Atlas is the greatest Kingdom in the world, but a man like Jacque will undoubtedly cause its destruction."

"That much we can agree on." Hardcase, Hevy and Arthur said at once.

"So, what do you need our help with?" Hunter asked.

"To put it simply, we detected a signal emanating from one of the one of the many abandoned mines located along the route to New Argus. This signal has drawn not only Grimm, but those machines you call Battle Droids to the old mine, and they have cut off the route from Argus to New Argus. Normally, I would send my soldiers to deal with the situation or call for local huntsman to deal with the situation, but the amount of missing or dead huntsman and huntresses as of late has limited my options and my men are severely lacking in supplies, ammunition and weapons. I can't risk the lives of my men by sending them to face an enemy they've never faced before, and I can't leave the city unprotected." Caroline explained.

"So, you want us to clear out the hostiles in the mine and find the source of the signal?" Kara surmised.

"Yes, and I would also request your assistance in dealing with the source of those missiles. If you help me, then I promise you that once we restore communications with the Kingdom of Atlas, I'll personally request that General Ironwood allow all of you entrance into Atlas so you can explain what it is you wish to tell him." Caroline promised before she turned to Galen. "It is the least I can do for the one who saved my son's life."

Galen thought for a moment before he, Ruby, Jaune, March, Rose, Arthur, Ren, Nora, Blake, Yang and Weiss excused themselves so they could discuss the matter privately. "Well, what do you guys think? Can we trust her?" Jaune asked.

"Well, she seems to be honest. Maybe it's because she knows she's talking to the Demon Lord." Ren suggested.

"I doubt it. She didn't even let us explain ourselves twice and now she comes around and promises that she'll grant us safe passage to Atlas when she was only going to allow Weiss? I say we take her offer and reject it." Yang said.

"I have to agree with Yang on this. I've met a lot of people from Atlas when I was in that kingdom with the old White Fang. The people we protested against always called in the military to either chase us off or arrest us even when they were the ones who fired first at us." Blake said in agreement.

"We could always contact Trigger's aunt and ask her to send us a ship to meet us further up the coast." Rose suggested. "But I'd feel pretty dirty in ignoring the Grimm and droids, same thing goes for that signal. I mean, what if someone planted a bomb in the mine and when it blows, it takes out both settlements in the process?"

"A lot of people will get killed if we ignore this. For all we know, this could be a plot by Salem and the last thing we need is for her to gain more of an advantage over us, especially considering the current fragile state the world is in." Arthur said gravely.

"Yeah, that would be a bad thing and we don't have enough supplies to help those who'd get injured, especially medical supplies." March agreed, thinking back to when his own village was attacked and destroyed by the Grimm.

"I say we go blow up the Grimm and droids! Let the old lady handle things on her own!" Nora exclaimed.

"But she seemed sincere about actually giving us passage to Atlas and when she asked for our help. I think we should help her out, don't you think so, Galen." Ruby voiced.

Galen was still deep in thought as he weighed the options. On one hand, if they refused to help Caroline then a lot of people would die and those that would survive would blame Atlas for not doing anything to stop it, resulting in more negative emotions that would fuel the Grimm, this would probably force them to either steal an airship or use the Marauder and Hellcats to transport themselves across the ocean.

On the other hand, it seemed better to help the commander out instead of getting a criminal record that would prevent them from getting their huntsman licenses. He sensed no hidden intentions from her when she mentioned her son or her request. If they could get in contact with Ironwood, then they could get the clearance to head to Atlas without any complications, especially if Atlas was Salem's next target. "I say we help her. It's the best chance we have to get to Atlas without being branded as criminals."

"Somehow, I don't think Dad would like it if we got a criminal record." Ruby said in agreement.

"Well, it looks like we're helping the military. Let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite us in the ass." March said with concern. The others agreed and went back inside to tell Caroline they would help her out. The elderly commander was delighted to hear that they had agreed to help her out and asked for them to come to the base in the morning to further discuss the situation.

When morning came, the group went right to the base which was having its gate repaired after Jaune's 'outrage' and this time, they were allowed inside the base without any complications from the guards as they made their way towards the command center, save for Boba who stayed behind to keep a drunken Qrow from doing something idiotic from the amount of alcohol he had during the night. "Thank you all for coming here today. First off, I would like to apologize for my words when you all came the other day. As I said, you were all correct about me and I will try to be a better commander and person than I was before." Caroline said sincerely.

"You can't change the past, commander. But you can focus on working toward a better future." Faye told the Commander. "It's what your son would want."

"I thank you for that, Master Jedi." Caroline said with a smile before she guided the group into the command center. "As I said last night, the issues we're facing involve the Grimm cutting off transport to New Argus, the signal emanating from the old mine, the source of the missiles and our radar. Without our radar, we can't detect approaching hostiles before they make it into visual range. Aside from that, I've been receiving word that someone in New Argus is selling Dust and weapons on the black market despite the Dust Embargo. I suspect that someone with ties to former councilman Chang after his 'departure' from the Mistral council, but he has denied any knowledge of this action, though I suspect he is lying."

"And I'm guessing that you can't send any men to New Argus to investigate because you need your men here to protect Argus?" Arthur surmised.

"I'm afraid so, as much as it pains me to admit it, I can't." Caroline admitted.

"If Chang has something he's hiding, then I want to take a crack at it. I ow him for murdering my father." Kara declared with a clenched fist.

"I'd go with, but I think the sarge has another plan for me." Wrecker said to the girl.

"You're right Wrecker. We need to get the radar back online, so we'll stay here with Terra and Tech to repair the radar." Hunter agreed.

"But who's going to check out the old mine and clear out the route to New Argus?" Jaune asked.

"Jaune. You take Ren, Nora, Lop, Cody, Oscar, Waxer, Boil, Alpha and Zett. Clear the line to Argus of all hostiles and see if you can get an analysis of the remains of the missile. We need to know what kind of missile is being launched from offshore." Thire told the members of Team JNPR. "Jek, Rhys, Stone, Thorn, Commander Keetri and I will stay in the city and search for any signs of Adam Taurus or those in the White Fang that still support him. He has a hatred for Atlas, and he won't stop with just the base, he'll probably target the city too and we all know what the negative emotions will bring."

"What about New Argus? We need to find out who's continuing the distribution of Dust and weapons." Kara asked.

"That's where you, Arthur and Weiss come in. You three go to New Argus and check out the city, incognito. People will recognize us from Haven, so it will make things a bit difficult for the investigation if they find out what we're up too." Thire explained.

"And while you do that, the rest of us will check out the mine and see what the source of the signal is." Galen added.

"You won't need to determine the source of the signal." Tech said as he pressed a few keys on his datapad. "I've already determined that it's a signal from a stasis pod. A stasis pod that landed on the planet twenty-one years ago when the medical frigate it was on was ambush by the Separatists. I still haven't determined who's in the pod, but if my theory is correct, it's another one of us."

"If it's another one of our brothers, we can't leave him in the hands of the Grimm or Clankers. Cinder's allies might torture him to get revenge for her death." Rex said.

"Rose, Ahsoka, March, Ruby, Yang, Blake. You're with me, Rex, Fordo and the boys in blue. We'll take care of the mine. Get your blasters and weapons loaded up. Yang don't use that lightsaber yet. You don't know how to use it properly yet and the last thing we need is for one of us to lose our heads." Galen said before he turned to Kara. "Kara, you know that thing we found in Cinder's room at Haven, I think it's time you put it to good use."

"Got it. Guess I'll be doing some sneaking around this time." Kara said in agreement before she mentioned something about wearing fancy clothes to Arthur and Weiss. "Commander Cordovin, you think we could get a lift to New Argus by any chance?" she asked.

"A Manta or Bullhead would arise to much suspicion. However, a local train is heading for New Argus in about two hours. When you've met someone like Trigger, you know a few things about railroad timetables." Caroline said with a smile.

"You know Ray?" Ahsoka asked.

"Of course, he's stopped by Argus before when he was training with the Galm Team. He's quite the pilot and he has certainly earned the right to pilot that S35 the general gave him." Caroline said proudly before she turned to Kara, Arthur and Weiss. "I suggest the three of you find some clothing that will allow you to blend in with the of the people who live there."

"Thank you, Commander." Weiss said politely.

"Alright, let's get to work." Ruby exclaimed. "Oh, ah, sorry about that. I uh…"

"It's fine, I admire your enthusiasm, Miss Rose. Once the matter is resolved, I'll contact the General and request that he allows you entrance to Atlas." Caroline promised with a smile.

"Let's get moving then." Galen shouted as a certain gunship with the mouth of a Rancor landed outside the bases gates which nearly caused Caroline to order the men at the base to shoot the vehicle until Fordo assured her that the gunship was friendly. Once that was taken care of the groups split up to head to their objectives.

Once the gunship was in the air, the pilot flew at tree top level in the event that the droids had placed anti-air weaponry in the forest surrounding Argus. Smoke from a distant passenger train was spotted in the distance as the gunship neared the old mine before it landed several kilometers away from the old mine so as to avoid getting the transport shot down. Once they exited the ship, Galen, Ruby and the rest of their team proceeded towards a cliff that overlooked the old mine.

Taking out her trusty scythe, Ruby configured it to its sniper mode and peered through the scope. She spotted rusty old narrow-gauge rail tracks, mine cars that were derailed or broken, rotten wooden buildings and three old narrow-gauge locomotives that were still in working condition, one a saddle tank locomotive with an 0-4-2-wheel configuration, the other a well tank engine with an 0-4-0-wheel configuration while the last one was a narrow-gauge tank locomotive with a tender and also an 0-4-0-wheel configuration, attached to several freight cars and a brake van. Grimm prowled the mine while battle droids patrolled the grounds, looking for any sign of intruders while some of them entered the mine shaft which seemed to have been reinforced. "It looks like they've got Beewolves, Usra's and Beringels down there. I'm also seeing a lot of Super Battle Droids and B'1s below, some of them are entering the mine which seems to be large enough for two of those old trains down below. I don't see any rocket launchers or grenade launchers, but there might be more enemies inside the mine." Ruby reported before she ducked back down to avoid being spotted by the enemy.

"You think Salem's looking for the same thing we are or is it just a coincidence?" Hevy asked.

"Not sure, but I don't want to take that chance and leave a potential ally to be interrogated by her and who knows what else. But I sense something else in that mine, I hope it's not a Rakghoul." Galen remarked.

"What's a Rakghoul?" Yang asked.

"They're basically a Sith-spawned species that turn other species into Rakghouls by bite or scratch, leading to slow and painful transformation into one of these creatures. Think of them like zombies." Ahsoka answered.

"Space Zombies created by the Sith?" Blake asked. "Why would anyone want to make something like that?"

"I got no clue." Galen answered, his eyes fixated on a Landstalker that was in perfect condition as if it were shipped directly from the factory. "But the droids got a Landstalker down there and it looks like it's fresh off the assembly line. Didn't Weiss tell us her father has some sway in the military and is able to use them to guard his assets?"

"She did." Fordo answered. "But with the Atlas borders closed to everything but the basic everyday supplies like food and medicine, it would be impossible to send anything from that kingdom to the rest of the world. I don't like it."

"Guess that means Weiss's old man is a lot dirtier than we thought. Glad I punched him in the face before we left Atlas." Hardcase chortled. "That was worth it."

"What about the signal? Are we still picking it up?" March asked.

"Yeah, but it's further in the mine than we thought. We might be running into a few more hostiles then expected, and we don't know what else is in the mine." Rex confirmed.

"First thing we need to do is clear out the hostiles guarding the mine entrance. March, Hevy, Hardcase, Yang and Jesse will secure the entrance and set up a field of fire so that whatever else in the mine doesn't escape. The rest of us will proceed into the mine and find the source of the signal as for the mine itself, we either blow it up or secure it." Rex ordered.

"Wait, you want to blow up a mine?" Rose asked.

"Only as a last resort. The Commander said she can send in some miners depending on what's left in the mine. That narrow gauge line runs to a mining town so that's our escape route if things go south. Rose can fire up engines before we enter the mine, so they'll be ready before hand." Rex added.

"Good call, Rex." Ahsoka said in agreement before she turned to Rose. "Rose, get that rifle of yours ready. We'll need you on sniper support with Ruby. Galen and I can soften up the enemy. The rest of you will repel down once we engage the enemy, and we need to make sure we jam the enemy communications, so they don't call for back up or alert the enemies in the mine."

"Good call, Commander." Fordo told the Togruta who placed her helmet on her head. "You really do look like a Mandalorian wearing that armor. Then again, it makes sense since Trigger's a Mandalorian and all that."

"Thanks, Captain." Ahsoka said with a smile underneath her helmet before Rose and Ruby readied their sniper rifles while the other clones locked in several ascension cables on the ground. "Time to get started."

"Let's not keep the enemy waiting." Galen said in agreement before he jumped over the cliff and down towards the mine, followed by Ahsoka who along with him landed with a massive force shockwave that alerted the Grimm and droids to their presence.

"Look! Jedi! Fire!" one of the droids shouted.

"No wait!" another droid shouted but several droids already fired upon Galen and Ahsoka who ignited their lightsabers just in time to deflect the blaster shots back at the droids. "I knew that was a bad idea." The droid groaned before it had its head blasted off by a well-placed shot from Rex who led the charge.

"Yang! Blake! March! Focus on the Grimm! We'll deal with the clankers!" Rex shouted as he fired his pistols at the droids before he took cover behind a wooden crate. Taking a droid popper from his belt, he primed it and lobbed it towards the droids, short circuiting them and taking them out of the fight which also gave Rex a clear view of a fuel tank. "Check your fire! If you hit that fuel tank, we're all dead!"

"Got it, Captain!" Yang shouted as she landed a fiery uppercut on an Ursa's chin and blew its head clean off, followed by a series of fiery punches that were sent towards multiple Beowolves which burned to death. "Anyone want to take a guess that there might be some kind of weapon hidden in the mine that Salem is after?"

"Doubt it!" Blake argued as she swung her sword through a Beringel in half before she leapt from the back of another Beringel and threw her weapon it it's sickle form around the chimney of one of the old buildings, swinging around before she drew one her Westar's and fired it at Ursa's. "If there were a weapon down in the mine, then Ironwood should have recovered it by now." She added.

"Let's just focus on current matter at hand before we go guessing what's in the mine." March reminded before he used his semblance to get behind the enemy and opened up with his heavy blaster rifle, mowing down multiple Grimm while sniper fire from Rose and Ruby nailed a few Grimm in the head. "Glad we left the ladies with the sniper rifles on the cliff."

Fives, Echo and Hevy concentrated their fire on several Super Battle Droids while Jesse, Hardcase and Kix got on the flank of the droids and blasted them down. The commando droids amongst the enemies rushed towards the ARC-Troopers with their blasters raging, only for Fordo to roll on the ground and down them with his twin pistols. "Fives! Echo! Hevy! Droid poppers, we got rollers inbound!" the ARC-Captain shouted as multiple destroyer droids rolled from the mine entrance. The three Domino Squad Arc-Troopers threw several ECD's before the destroyers could even uncurl into assault mode and short-circuited allowing Jesse, Hardcase and Kix to gun them down in seconds.

Galen deflected blaster fire back at the droids before he noticed a couple of them going for the Landstalker. Reaching out with the force, he grabbed an empty crate and threw it towards the droids wrecking them before he dashed towards the walking tank and leapt on top of the machine. "Don't let them get this tank online!" he shouted as she fired lighting at several hostiles and electrocuted them.

Ahsoka followed his lead and moved up, covering Rex and the others as they moved up. "Jesse! Kix! Hardcase! Move up into that office building! Suppress those clankers!" Ahsoka shouted as her blades carved through an Ursa like it was butter. "Five's! Echo! Hevy! Keep up the pressure!"

"Sir, yes sir!" the clones shouted as they followed Ahsoka's instructions. Jesse and his group managed to enter the old office building and smashed the windows open to rain down blaster fire on the enemy while the three Domino squad survivors kept their focus on the droids before they took fire from the side.

Rose and Ruby reloaded their rifles, nailing several more hostiles with accurate headshots before the last droid fell while the final Grimm vanished into mist. "That's all of them! Let's get down there!" Ruby exclaimed as she grabbed Rose and used her semblance to transport the both of them to the bottom of the cliff. "That was a little too easy." Ruby noticed.

"What do you mean?" Blake asked.

"Wouldn't they have more of those destroyers guarding the entrance? They only sent out like four of them. Was this really all they had?" Ruby answered.

"Whatever it is, we need to find whatever is in the mine before Salem does. Hevy, Hardcase, Jesse, Yang and March! Set up a permitter and get those locomotives steamed up. The rest of us will head into the mine. Keep your commlinks on and be ready to make a fast exit." Rex ordered.

"Got it, Rex." Hevy responded and whipped out the combat rifle that Kara gave him and Hardcase while Jesse rotated one of the double-barreled blaster turrets the droids were kept from using by the sniper support around to face the mine entrance.

The others looked at the mine entrance which was then lit up when Five's tossed a flare into the tunnel, revealing the skeletal remains of multiple people who were no doubt the ones who went missing when they went to investigate the mine. "Anyone feel like their will is being zapped away?" Blake asked.

"No, I don't sense an Apathy down in the mine. But we should proceed with caution." Galen advised. "Probably be a good idea to use close-quarters weapons from here on out." He said to the clones.

"Lucky for us, our assault rifles and blasters are good for medium to close range." Echo chuckled as he checked the scanner again. "That can't be right. According to this, I'm picking a life sign of a clone trooper, but I thought all of our brothers were accounted for when Galen found our ships?"

"Probably a droid trick, but we should still check it out. Let's move." Rex ordered as he turned on the headlights on his helmet and lit up the way. Fordo, Echo, Fives and Kix followed suit while Galen and Ahsoka ignited their lightsabers. "Stay close and don't stray from the group."

"Like we were going to do that." Ruby remarked, holding Crescent Rose 3.0 in it's shotgun mode while Blake had her Westar-35's out and ready. "Uh, is it just me or do the tracks look like they're brand new?" she mentioned.

Fordo looked down and touched one of the narrow-gauge rails. "She's right, these are brand new. If this mine is supposed to be abandoned, then why isn't there a trace of rust on these rails? Something doesn't add up." He said in agreement.

"Maybe Weiss's old man was trying to reopen the mine because he thought there might be more Dust down here?" Echo guessed.

"I doubt it, I think this was Salem or Maul's handy work. Maybe there trying to frame Ironwood for breaking his own embargo and cause some internal chaos. Not like I know what they're thinking, so we better keep moving." Fives mentioned, checking a corner for any sign of hostiles.

"Whatever it is, we need find that signal." Rex reminded his brothers, his fingers poised over the trigger of his rifle. "If one of our brothers is down here, we need to find them quickly and then get the hell out of here before we run into something nasty."

The group continued down the shaft for about a half hour before they came to a break in the tracks, one track led to a dead end while the other continued further down. "Fives, pop a flare down that tunnel." Ahsoka ordered.

"Got it, commander." Fives replied and tossed a flare down the tunnel. "Again, it seems the rails are new, like the old man planned on mining something here in secret." He noticed.

"Let's just keep moving. Fordo, you and Rex take point. The rest of us will cover the rear." Ahsoka added. Fordo agreed and took point with Rex who also had his rifle at the ready. As they moved down the shaft, Ahsoka felt something through the force. They weren't alone down here.

As they kept on moving, they came to a large central chamber where they found multiple Dust crystals hanging from the walls and ceilings which remind Ahsoka of the crystal caves on Ilum. "Looks like this mine isn't as abandoned as we thought." Galen realized as he noticed several carts full of dust crystals ready transport stood by a control panel. "Something tells me no one knew about this, not even Caroline."

"If she didn't know about this, then it's a first for her." Fives suggested before he took a scan of one of the crystals. "These crystals are all unstable, one wrong shot and this whole place would explode and take everything with it. Was Salem planning on using these crystals as bombs?"

"Let's see what the terminal can tell us about your theory." Echo said as he walked towards said terminal and turned it on. "Looks like this thing still has power. That's a good sign. Now let's see what we got here." He typed in a few commands and brought up the reports from when the mine was active. "Looks like this mine was built when Weiss's grandfather was running the company. This is a report shortly before he was forced to retire, he received word from the workers here that the Dust in the mine was highly unstable. Just the process of mining the Dust could result in an explosion, so he shut the mine down, but it appears that it wasn't the case."

"Let me guess, the new head of the SDC ordered the workers to continue mining the Dust, despite the complaints from the workers?" Blake asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. Only a month after Jacque took over, there was an explosion in another cavern that caused it to collapse, all the workers in the cavern were killed and no effort was made to even save those who might be still alive. After that, the workers up and quit, not wanting to risk their lives for Dust. Jacque only cared about the lose in profits and seeing as he was losing more workers, he quietly hired Faunus workers to continue mining in secret, using the rail line to transport the mined Dust to refining facility that the first head of the company built in the mountains. Dust was mined for years without any warnings of exposed Dust, deep shafts or Grimm activity before Jacque finally pulled out of the mine, after so many workers quit. At least until recently." Echo continued.

"Let me guess, he decided to continue mining the Dust in secret after the embargo was placed and his miners picked up the same signal we detected?" Galen theorized.

"Yeah, but even before then, the Grimm have been hiding in these shafts and people who fell in the shafts ended up dying down here, because of the Grimm." the Arc-Trooper added before he found another entry, a recent one. "Looks like the mining detail sent here after the embargo was placed failed to report in five months ago, but before that they were investigating the signal's origin and managed to excavate a pod of some kind that they found in a recently opened cavern, along with the remains of a ship of some kind. They were excavating it when all contact was lost with the detail. Pretty sure we all know what happened to them."

"Salem." Ruby deduced.

"That's all there is on the terminal, but it looks like the guy in charge of the mining detail was planning on going public with the SDC's activities when he got back to Atlas. Fat load of good that will do him, the SDC's got a lot of hold on the Atlas council, they can cover up anything with the right amount of money and kickbacks." Echo finished.

"Where's that signal coming from?" Fordo asked.

Echo checked his scanner and confirmed the location of the signal, down another shaft where the mining detail reported they found the remains of a ship. Once they had the location, they continued on their way before they found the source of the signal, a stasis pod containing a single clone trooper with the original phase one armor worn at the beginning of the clone wars. "Pop the pod, get him out of there." Rex ordered.

Fives and Echo wasted no time in opening the pod while Kix checked the clones' vitals. Incredibly, the clone was still in good health despite being in stasis for twenty-one years. The moment the trooper came to, their eyes snapped towards Ahsoka, Galen and Ruby when he noticed their lightsabers, particularly Ahsoka. "General Ti? What are you doing here? And why do you look so young?" the clone asked.

Ahsoka was taken a back before she cleared up the confusion. "I'm afraid you've got me confused. I'm not Master Ti, I'm Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Padawan and commander of the 501st, padawan… padawan of Anakin Skywalker."

"General Skywalker had a padawan?" the clone asked in confusion. "How long was I in that pod?"

"You've been in that pod for about twenty-one years. You're on Remnant, a planet in the unknown regions that's come under attack by an enemy far deadlier than anything you've seen during the war." Rex answered. "The name's Rex, but you'll call me captain of sir."

"Sir, yes sir. I'm CT-1707, my brothers call me Able. I was assigned under General Ti's command when I was wounded on Kamino. I along with the rest of the injured were being transported to a medical station abord medical frigate TB-99. What happened to the rest of my brothers?" Able asked.

"TB-99? Rex isn't that…" Kix realized.

"Yeah. It was." Rex confirmed before he turned to Able. "I'm sorry to tell you this, Able. But the rest of your brothers are dead. We checked the records found on the terminal in the main cavern that everyone onboard the ship was killed when it was crashed. Your ship was ambushed by the clankers and the last thing anyone heard about that ship was that it made a jump into hyperspace." He explained.

"My brothers are all…" Able said before he fell back in shock. "I can't believe it. I survived and they all died, it can't be possible. I've got to report this back to command and let the Republic…"

"I don't think that's possible. The galaxy has changed since you were in that pod. We can explain it in further detail later, right now we need to leave the mine before the enemy comes back. Can you walk?" Kix asked the clone.

"I can walk. Don't need to worry about me, I'm right as rain." Able confirmed, grabbing his helmet that was recovered from the wreckage and put it on his head. "So, where exactly are we? And why does that girl have another set of ears on her head?" he asked.

"A mine that isn't as abandoned as we thought. As for my ears, I'm what the people call a Faunus, a being with animal traits. It's also the reason we're discriminated by many of the humans, especially those from Atlas." Blake answered.

"We can go into further details later, right now we need to leave." Galen said before pulled out his commlink. "March, we found the source of the signal. It was a stasis pod from a wrecked medical frigate. We've got a survivor and are outbound now. We'll be out as soon as we can." He said into the commlink.

"Copy that, boss. Be advised, Jesse is picking up a lot of movement down in the mine, so you better get a move on." March said through the commlink.

"Copy that." Galen replied before he put his commlink away and headed back the way they came. They didn't get very far before Galen stopped in his tracks the moment they entered the chamber. "You sense it to, don't you?" he asked Ahsoka and Ruby.

"Yep." Ruby confirmed.

"There's something here, I can't see it, but it is here." Ahsoka added, drawing her lightsabers which gave the clones the notion that something was wrong and raised their weapons as did Blake. In a flash, Galen swung his lightsabers at what appeared to be empty space, but to the surprise of the Remnant natives a slash mark appeared out of thin air and falling backwards was a droid with red armor plating, blue sensors that shut down the moment it lost all power, three laser cannons on its chest and four spider legs. "Chameleon Droids." Ahsoka realized.

"Chameleon Droids?" Blake asked, thinking of Ilia for a brief moment.

"Droids designed for covert operations. Sabotage, assassinations, you name it. They've killed a lot of our brothers with the mines they lay. Not to mention their stealth systems make them completely invisible to the naked eye." Able explained. "I remember these droids, they're the reason I was put on that medical frigate in the first place."

"Uh, guys? I think we've got company." Ruby said. The rest of the group looked up and saw they were surrounded by dozens of Chameleon droids and the Grimm known as Centinels, a centipede like Grimm with segmented bodies each with clawed legs, no eyes, a large jaw with four small claws and the capability of spitting acid, acid which was eating through the terminal they had used earlier. "I think we're in trouble."

"What was the first clue?" Fives asked.

"What the hell are those things?" Able asked, referring to the Grimm.

"Those are the creatures of Grimm, Centinels if I remember correctly from Ports classes. They can spit acid and if it isn't killed fast enough, it grows into a creature called a Cenitaur." Galen explained. "Looks we'll have to fight our way out. Make sure you check your fire and don't hit those crystals. We'll all be dead if hit them."

"Got it, General." Able replied and aimed his carbine before he fired at one of the droids. The other clones and Blake followed suit, taking cover behind an overturned set of mine carts as the droids opened up on them. "Any reason why you're using a slug-thrower, captains?" Able asked as Rex and Fordo.

"Tell you later!" Fordo shouted as a pair of ECD's were thrown towards several droids, short circuiting them long enough for Fives, Echo, Kix and Able to blast them down with a concentrated barrage. "If there are Chameleon Droids here, then that means they probably laid some mines."

"Like those?" Blake asked, pointing to the ceiling where hundreds of mines were planted all over and primed. "We need to get out of here!" she shouted before acid was spat to her location, only to end up hitting her shadow clone before she gunned down the Grimm that spat the acid at her.

Galen, Ahsoka and Ruby deflected blaster fire from the Chameleon droids while occasionally slamming some of them into the side of the wall, away from the Dust crystals. Ruby separated her saber in two before she dashed in a flurry of rose petals and carved a path through several Grimm and droids, creating an opening. "This way! Hurry!" she shouted.

The others bolted for the exit, but the Grimm and droids were continuing their pursuit as the mines began to beep faster and faster, forcing the group to blast and slash their way to the exit. "We're coming out hot!" Ruby shouted as they saw daylight ahead of them.

"What's going on?" March asked before he saw the Grimm chasing them. "Oh, that." He realized before he raised his blaster and was about to pull the trigger when his rabbit ears heard the mines beeping. "RUN!" he shouted.

Rex, Fordo, Fives, Kix, Echo, Able and Blake pumped their legs as they ran faster, followed by Ahsoka and made it out of the mine, but Galen and Ruby were still inside when they heard the explosions. Realizing they didn't have enough time, Ruby and Galen slid to a stop and pulled down a section of the mine with the force, trapping the Grimm and droids inside the mine. The makeshift rock wall shielded them from the blast, but not all of it as a smaller explosion sent both force users flying backwards and landed in a pool of mud formed from the melting snow.

"Well, that was a blast." Yang joked. "What happened down there and where are Ruby and Galen?" she asked.

"We're right here!" Ruby called out as she emerged from the pool, covered in mud, some of which was in her hair. "This is not the kind of mud bath I took with Zwei that one time." She remarked, wiping the mud off her face.

"Be glad you weren't on Felucia. The mud there was a lot dirtier than this." Galen remarked as well. "I think we're going to need a shower when we get back."

"Oh! Do the two love birds plan on sharing a moment while naked and in the bath?" Yang teased, only to get a smack on the head by Rose. "Hey!"

"Not the time for a joke." She scolded before she smelled the stink of mud. "Trains are all ready and we've got a few empty cars hooked up. Tracks go to Argus, so it won't be that long of a ride. But uh, you two might want to ride in the back, so the rest of us don't gag from the smell. We better tell Caroline about the Landstalker here. I think she'll need it."

"Good idea." Ruby and Galen said at the same time before they climbed into the brake van while the others climbed into the cars. As for Rose, she climbed into the cab of one of the 0-4-2 locomotive and pulled the regulator. The wheels on the locomotives slipped as it fought to grip the rails before it finally lurched forward and down the tracks. Rex looked back at the collapsed mine and couldn't help but think that there was something else going on.

Han Solo-Harrison Ford

Peter Port-Anthony Sardinha

Bartholomew Oobleck-Joel Heyman

Glynda Goodwitch-Kathleen Zuelch

Cardin Winchester, Tuckson-Adam Ellis

Russel Thrush-Shane Newville

Coco Adel-Ashely Jenkins

Yatsuhashi Daichi-Joe MacDonald

Velvet Scarlatina-Caiti Ward

Hei 'Junior' Xiong-Jack Shannon Pattillo

Malachite Sisters-Maggie Tominey

Rebel Soldiers- Christina Rumbley, Steve Blum, Timothy Omundson

Imperial Soldiers- Lex Lang, Corey Burton, Jamie Glover, Tom Kane

Rahm Kota-Cully Fredricksen

Sun Wukong-Michael Jones

Neptune-Kerry Shawcross

Sarah Drirn-Emily Neves

Wyn Vypern- Brittney Karbowoski

Dominique Brud-Carli Mosier

Olivia Tagy-Margret Lewis

Battle Droids-Mathew Wood

Cad Bane-Corey Burton

Roman Torchwick-Gray G. Haddock

Kali Belladonna-Tara Platt

Ghira Belladonna-Kent Williams

Ilia Amitola- Cherami Leigh

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